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Mifflin County Schools
Burnham High School Honor Graduates, 1916-1927

Valedictory and salutatory addresses given at commencement.

1916—Theme: “Peace and Preparedness”
Salutatory: “Value of Preparedness" -- Otis Pandel
Valedictory: “Expediency of Peace” -- Brown Close
Speaker: Prof. F. C. Bowersox, Lewistown, Pa.

1917—Theme: “Woman - Success”
Salutatory: “The Woman of Today" -- Claire Shirk
Valedictory: “Upward and Onward” -- Martha Hamilton
Speaker: Dr. M. S. Kemp, Watsontown, Pa.

1928—Theme: “The Cross and the Triangle”:
Salutatory: “The American Red Cross" -- Amelia Harper
Valedictory: “Y. M. C. A. Work in the World War" -- Admiral Merts
Speaker: Dr. J. H. Yeager, Yeagertown, Pa.

1919-—Theme: “The End of the Great War”
Salutatory: “Peace" -- Marcellus Collins
Valedictory: “Victory” -- Reta Leeper
Speaker: Dr. C. C. Ellis, Huntingdon, Pa.

1920—Theme: “Reconstruction Problems”
Salutatory: “Past Progress and the Present Peril" -- Minnie Lynn
Valedictory: “Rebuilding the World by the Golden Rule" -- Margaret Nagle
Speaker: Dr. George P. Bible, Bellefonte, Pa.

1921—Theme: “A High School Education”
Salutatory: “Open Sesame" -- Frank Shirk
Valedictory: “Treasure Hunting” -- Paul Hamaker
Speaker: Dr. H. J. Whalen, Greensburg, Pa.

1922-—Theme: “Citizenship”
Salutatory: “The Citizen of Tomorrow—His Preparation" -- Harold Pursel
Valedictory: “The Citizen of Tomorrow—His Prospects" -- Margaret Patterson
Speaker: Prof. F. H. Gaige, Millersville, Pa.

1923—Theme: “Success"
Salutatory: “Traits of Winners" -- Louise Stewart
Valedictory: “The Message of a Noble Life" -- Bessie Mink
Speaker: Dr. Robert Bagnell, Harrisburg, Pa.

1924—Theme: “Democracy”
Salutatory: “A Religious Democracy" -- Martha Johns
Valedictorfi: “An Intelligent Democracy” -- Sara Dorsett
Speaker: Rev. L. E. Bair, Greensburg, Pa.

1925-—Theme “Home”
Salutatory: “Home—Its Fireside” -- Mildredd Hamaker
Valedictory: “Home-—Its Threshold” -- Margaret Jacobs
Speaker: Dr. M. G. Brumbaugh, Huntingdon, Pa.

1926—Theme: “The Sesqui”
Salutatory: “America—l50 Years Young” -- Mildred Sipe
Valedictory: “America-The Next 150 Years” -- Evelyn Bay
Speaker: Dr. Ezra Lehman, Shippensburg, Pa.

1927—Theme: “Our Alma Mater”
Salutatory: “A Dozen Years of Schooling" -- Ruth Pursel
Valedictory: “What's Next?" -- Ruth Jacobs
Speaker: Rev. Dr. J. E. Skillington, Altoona, Pa.

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