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Mifflin County Schools
Lewistown High School, Class of 1922

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James E. Bigelow, Beatrice E. Aurand, Irvin A. Bupp

Marie E. Bearley, Sylvester A. Burd; S. Elizabeth Bender

Marie A. Houser, Ray H. Aurand, Sara B. Heider

C. Robert Kase, Mary Howe, Maurice Aurand

William H. Harris, Alma K. Miller, Harry Mertz

Mabel Marie Henry, Clayton Hook, Cecelia M. Lytel

Elsa Rupp, Charles Murfin, Letitia M. Brent

Mary A. Dughi, Willella Witter, Fred Lucas

H. Paul Riden, jr., Evelyn Sheerer, Madalyn R. Shunkwiler

Flo A. Peters, M. Luther Long, Marion S. Smith

Phoebe R. Stine, Blanche L. Taylor, Cark K. Harshbarger

Katherine Rothermel, Eleanor A. Smith, B. Penrose Rosenmund

Donald L. Stephens, Carolyn H. Rice, Rowena E. Shambaugh

Rith M. Peters, Pauline E. Weiler, Meredith C. Shimp

M. Pearl Mowery, D. Brown Sterrett, Ada L. Moist

George Weber, Ethel F. Wray, Ruth Nein

Janet Downing Mitchell, Theodore R. Kline, Marguerite Mateer

George N. White, Sara E. Kitting, Eugene M. Zeigler

Charles F. Nein, Roberta E. Jones, A. Kathryn McKillips

Grace Barnett, Ruth A. Hassing, Francis Prettyleaf

Rufus E. Harbst, Alexander Reed, Bernice Headings

Raymond Fultz, Ruby A. Wagner, Fred H. McClure

Mary E. Kauffman, Phillip Hallem, Glenn R. Fisher

Helen I. Price, A. Kathryn Decker, Martha W. Spanogle

Kenneth Hile

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