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Tax List - 1791

Hamilton Twp, Monroe Co, PA

Contributed by Dorothy M. Bond-Dittmer

Note: As the Federal Census is only taken every ten years, the County tax lists and assessment rolls have come to play an important part of our genealogical research. It helps to track the movements of our ancestors in or out of the county. It can also estimate death dates and some will even list the single men seperately. Here again - check for all possibly spellings.

Alexander, John
Arnold, Abraham
Arnold, Conrad
Arnold, Jacob
Arnold, Martin
Ashton, Thomas
Barry, Walter
Bellowsfield, William
Bittenbender, John
Brinker, Jacob
Bush, Henry
Bush, Post
Buskirk, Lawrence
Buzzard, Henry
Buzzard, Melchoir
Carty, Thomas
Conrad, Peter
Corn, William
Deiter, Henry
Deper, John
Dull, George
Echard, William
Fellener, John
Gillmore, Thomas
Gower, Ludwig
Hackle, Peter
Heller, John
Heller, Simon
Hoffsmith, Peter
Hoodmaker, John
Hueston, John
Keans, Anthony
Keller, Stofle
Kemmerer, Jacob
Kunkle, Lawrence
Logan, James
Lorr, John
McCormick, Henry
McDool, Robert
Miller, Abraham
Miller, Frederick
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Sarah
Mininger, Christian
Moyer, Ludwig
Parks, Derias
Patterson, Alexander
Pevyhouse, John
Pratz, George
Putts, Henry
Ramstone, Nicholas
Rhoad, George
Saum, Christian
Seely, John
Shafer, John
Shafer, Mathias
Shaw, Richard
Shivly, Barthol
Sterner, Jacob
Sterner, Michael
Stezer, George
Storm, Andrew
Storm, John
Switz, Henry
Switz, Jacob
Uhly, Henry
VanHorn, Benjamin
VanHorn, Bernard
VanHorn, Samuel
Weis, Henry
Willower, Christian
Woodling, Andrew
Young, Nicholas

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