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Tax List - 1796

Middle Smithfield (now Stroud) Twp., Monroe Co, PA

Contributed by Marilyn

Note: As the Federal Census is only taken every ten years, the County tax lists and assessment rolls have come to play an important part of our genealogical research. It helps to track the movements of our ancestors in or out of the county. It can also estimate death dates and some will even list the single men seperately. Here again - check for all possibly spellings.

Name Occupation Land
ASHIA, Anthony (tailor) 20 acres
BAKER, Wm. (millwright) ------------
BARTON, James   20 acres
BARTON, Daniel   60 acres
BENSLEY, Wm.   10 acres
BENSLEY, Isreal   10 acres
BILES, Henry (weaver) ------------
BROTSMAN, Geo.   20 acres
BUNNELL, Benjamin   70 acres
BUNNELL, Gershom   60 acres
CARTON, John   -------------
CASEBIER, Soloman   15 acre
CHAMBERS, John   150 acres
CHAMBERS, Moses   -------------
CORTRIGHT, Jas.   -------------
CORTRIGHT, John   -------------
CORTRIGHT, Wm.   15 acres
COUNTRYMAN, Henry J.   --------------
COUNTRYMAN, Isaac   --------------
COUNTRYMAN, Susanna   --------------
COUNTRYMAN, Henry   30 acres
DEPUE, Nicholas   250 acres
DEPUE, Cornelius   100 acres
DEWITT, John   75 acres
DOLEY, John   -------------
EISENBERGER, Christian   40 acres
FIELDS, Azel   -------------
GONSAULES, Samuel   30 acres
GUSTIN, Benj.   30 acres
HALL, Benj. (carpenter) -------------
HANNA, Benj.   30 acres
HANNA, Robert   25 acres
HOAGLAND, John   18 acres
HORRENTON, Jesse   5 acres
HORTON, Richard   ------------
HUFF, John   4 acres
JAYNE, Isaac   75 acres
JAYNE, Ebenezer   55 acres
JAYNE, David   75 acres
JAYNE, Wm.   45 acres
JAYNE, Sara   ------------
KRISTNER, Conrad   50 acres
LA BAR, Geo.   30 acres
LANDERS, John   25 acres
MAN, Philip   50 acres
MICHAEL, Geo.   230 acres
MICHAEL, Peter   ------------
MICHAEL, Geo. J.   ------------
MICHAEL, John   ------------
MURREY, Jam.   ------------
OGDON, Gabriel   30 acres
OGDON, David   ------------
OVERFIELD, Paul   45 acre
OVERFIELD, Martin   25 acres
PATTERSON, Robert   15 acres
PENNEL, Joseph   30 acres
PLACE, Jas.   256 acres
PLACE, Peleg   4 acres
QUICK, Peter   -----------
REAMER, Jos.   ------------
REAMER, Abram   ------------
RIGGS, Philip   70 acres
SCHOONOVER, Rodolph   80 acres
SHRAWDER, Philip   60 acres
SMITH, Rodolphus   30 acres
SMITH, Wm.   50 acres
SMITH, Daniel   ------------
SMITH, Jas.   ------------
STRINGER, Benj.   ------------
STRINGER, Henry   36 acres
STRINGER, Jas.   ------------
SWALLOW, Jas.   ------------
TOCK, John   35 acres
TRACH, Peter   50 acres
TRANSUE, John   20 acres
TRANSUE, Elias   25 acres
TURNER, Jonas   55 acres
VANAUKEN, Jacob   50 acres
VANAUKEN, Casper   30 acres
VANAUKEN, Benj.   30 acres
VANAUKEN, Herman   ------------
VANAUKEN, Jas.   30 acres
VAN CAMP, Moses   8 acres
VANDEMARK, Henry   10 acres
VAN ETTEN, John   50 acres
VAN WHY, Henry   30 acres
WELFELT, Peter (smith) ------------
WILLS, Elizabeth   42 acres
WINANS, Jacob   10 acres
WINANS, Matthias (weaver) ------------
WINANS, Jas.   25 acres
WINANS, Isaac   ------------
Single Men
BOYER, Valentine
DEPUE, Samuel
KINTNER, Rudolph
LA BAR, John
MACK, Henry
MAN, Henry
McCAULEY, Andrew
VAN WHY, Chas.
Abstract of Gentleman's Land
Name Land
BURTON, Thomas (Dr.) 170 acres
DEPUE, Benj. (Esq.) 200 acres
HIRT, Tobias (Dr.) 800 acres
JARVIS, John 400 acres
JAYNE, David 6800 acres
MORRIS, Joseph 200 acres
OGDEN, Gabriel 400 acres
REES, Samuel 200 acres
STROUD, Jacob 1080 acres
TIELMAN, Isaac 200 acres

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