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Tax List - 1847

Polk Twp, Monroe Co, PA

Contributed by Dorothy M. Bond-Dittmer

Note: As the Federal Census is only taken every ten years, the County tax lists and assessment rolls have come to play an important part of our genealogical research. It helps to track the movements of our ancestors in or out of the county. It can also estimate death dates and some will even list the single men seperately. Here again - check for all possibly spellings.

Antony, George
Antony, Samuel
Backer, John
Baker, Jacob
Ballinger, Stephen
Barger, David
Barlin, Joel
Barthomy, Martin
Bowman, Adam
Christman, Ephriam
Christman, George
Doe, John
Dorshimer, George
Dotter, Daniel
Dotter, George
Dotter, Henry
Dotter, Jacob
Dotter, John
Dotter, Machdahin
Dotter, Philip
Dotter, Philip C.
Fisher, Abraham
Fisher, Dewald
Fisher, John S.
Fisher, Lawrence
Fisher, Michael
Frable, Conrad
Gehoe, Solomon
Getz, Charles
Getz, Conrad
Getz, Melchior
Getz, William
Gregory, David
Gregory, Reuben
Gruber, Joseph
Hawk, Charles
Hawk, Conrad
Hawk, Edward
Hawk, George
Hawk, George C.
Hawk, George G.
Hawk, George S.
Hawk, Michael
Hawk, Peter S.
Heimbach, William
Heiny, Aaron
Heiny, John (estate)
Keiper, Henry
Kerchner, Frederick
Kresge, George
Kresge, George, Sr.
Kresge, Jacob
Kresge, Joel
Kresge, Joseph
Kresge, Philip
Kresge, William
Kunkle, Chjarles
Kunkle, George
Kunkle, John
Kunkle, Peter
Kunkle, Peter G.
Kunkle, Peter S.
Laufer, Adam
Meches, John
Miller, Frederick
Moyer, Philip
Moyer, William
Reily, James
Rishel, John
Roof, John
Roth, Thomas
Sehman, Philip
Serfass, Aaron
Serfass, Henry
Serfass, John B.
Serfass, John L.
Serfass, John W.
Serfass, John, Sr.
Serfass, Joseph
Serfass, Lawrence
Serfass, Peter (est)
Serfass, Samuel
Serfass, Thomas
Serfass, Thomas
Serfass, Wm. & Co.
Shupp, Aaron
Shupp, Charles
Shupp, Frederick
Shupp, Henry (est)
Shupp, Peter
Shupp, Peter G.
Smail, William
Smith, Abraham
Snyder, Daniel (est)
Starner, Samuel
Swartz, John
Switzgable, Lewis
Andrew, Peter
Barger, Edward
Bartolmy, Michael
Brotz, Frantz
Christman, Daniel
Christman, Jacob
Dotter, Cornelius
Getz, Conrad
Gruber, Isaac
Keiper, Jacob
Keiper, John
Lamb, Peter
Moyer, Philip
Neff, Henry
Serfass, Adam
Serfass, Jacob
Serfass, James
Serfass, John
Serfass, Jonas
Shafer, James
Shaffer, Ephriam
Shupp, Peter
Snyder, Michael
Starner, Jacob
Starner, Michael
Switz, Israel
Tacharias, Charles
Tacharias, John
Tacharias, Reuben
Single Men
Barger, Joel
Bartolmy, Daniel
Bartolmy, George
Bleyer, Michael
Brotzman, David
Edmonds, Charles
Getz, Charles
Getz, Melchior
Getz, William
Gregory, David
Gregory, Peter
Hawk, Peter
Kivler, John
Laufer, Henry
Meckes, Tobias
Moyer, Joseph
Serfass, Ephriam
Serfass, Joel
Serfass, Linford
Serfass, Reuben
Shafer, James
Shaffer, Jacob
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Joseph
Varkle, Isaac

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