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MOPH Chapter 190 helps Remember a Special Moment
Veterans of the Vietnam War

On the 8th of November, 1965, a company of riflemen of the 1st Battalion 503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade was ambushed by over 1200 North Vietnamese. Big & Rich, a Country-Western duo, are introducing a song to commorate the actions of the company that day. Their research showed forty-eight soldiers lost their lives and, in the words of the song “The 8th of November,” “few men were left standing that day.”

On June 13, 2006, Patriots of the Lehigh Valley Chapter 190 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart of the United States visited the Allentown, PA radio station CAT 96 to meet with Big Kenny and John Rich.

(left to right) Dennis Hein, VVnW Post 75; J.D. Breslin, VFW Post 9264; Chuck Jackson, Chapter 190; Don Johnson, Chapter 190; Big Kenny; Graydon (Woody) Woods, Chapter 190; John Furman, Chapter 190; John Rich; Charles Kowalchuk, Chapter 190; Clair Boatman, Chapter 190; Steve Glovas, Chapter 190; and Mike Mescavage, Chapter 190 (kneeling).

Shelly Easton interviewed chapter members concerning their war time experiences and the actions leading to the award of the Purple Heart.

Charlie Kowalchuk shares some of his more pleasant memories with Shelly Easton

Big and Rich shared their experiences in writing and producing this emotional tribute and in making a trip to War Zone D with the 173rd Airborne Brigade who inspired them to write the song. Chapter members shared their experiences with Kenny and John and expressed appreciation on behalf of veterans of all wars for producing “The 8th of November.”

Graydon (Woody) Woods and Charlie Kowalchuk (seated) share some of their WW-II experiences with Big and Rich while Shelly Easton (CAT 96), J.D. Breslin (VFW 9264), Chuck Jackson (Chapter 190), three CAT 96 associates, and Clair Boatman (Chapter 190) listen.

Charlie Kowalchuk told them “If you want to thank veterans, this is the way to do it. Music is a wonderful way for soldiers to find a moment of peace from combat. I remember from WWII soldiers from Tennessee singing songs like this late into the night.”

A video of “The 8th of November” is available on their website, A DVD of their documentary return to Vietnam, “Big & Rich The 8th of November - a true story of honor” has been produced and each of the Purple Heart veterans received a copy. Copies will by available to the public free of charge in WalMart stores later in the summer.

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