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Mercer Soldiers Orphans School

Mercer Soldiers  Orphans



Established 1868


Closed 1889


Annual Report of the Superintendent of Soldiers' Orphans, of Pennsylvania for the Year 1880 -


In presenting our annual report for the year just past, we are unable to do so with any degree of satisfaction to ourself from the fact that this has been our first experience in an institution of this kind. The working order of the school was somewhat impeded for a time by a few changes in teachers and employes, and the consequent re-organization. In midwinter some two hundred of the pupils were sick with measles, and nearly all at once. School was suspended for a short time, and teachers and employes proved themselves kind and efficient nurses. All recovered to usual health. 

Notwithstanding these hinderances the year has been a prosperous one, and the school is in a wholesome condition. Honorable G. W. Wright, manager, and his associate proprietors have spared no pains to make the school the best possible. The educational and industrial departments have been intrusted to persons of experience and ability, and all have manifested an unusually zealous interest in promoting the  

Rachel Williams, a little girl six years of age, was brought here after a protracted illness, and while the system was in a feeble condition took cold, and in a few days died of typhoid pneumonia. The other, Charles Chambers, died later in the season of pneumonia. All time children are supplied with food and clothing, ample in quantity and of excellent quality.

The military department, with its drum corps, has been of unusual interest and profit to the school. The industrial features have maintained their usual excellence. Educationally, we have endeavored to acquire thoroughness and proficiency. Especial attention has been given to elementary language, and to methods of study and methods of teaching. The reference library has been well supplied and the pupils are making good use of it. Other reading material has been furnished and a taste for wholesome reading has been encouraged. The primary department has been especially commended for its proficiency and thoroughness.

In reviewing the year we feel that a kind and merciful Providence has dealt gently with us.  

Extracts from Reports of Principals, Annual Report of the Superintendent of Soldiers’ Orphans, of Pennsylvania for the Year 1880, pages 39 and 40.


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