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Mercer Soldiers  Orphans



Established 1868


Closed 1889


List of Sixteeners, students who reached the age of sixteen and were discharged from the Soldiers Orphans School during the school year ending 31 May 1889. 


Aeppli, Jessie M. farming
Armstrong, Cullen farming, Coaltown, PA
Best, William at home, Hubbard, OH
Bortner, Daisy J. with Mrs. Bennett, Linesville, PA
Broocks, Nona A.L. at school, Clarion, PA
Burch, Nellie at home, Raymilton, PA
Cartwright, Manitta at school, Stoneboro, PA
Chambers, Robert in saw mill, Spartensburg, PA
Chase, Montrose in a store, Tyronville, PA
Comstock, Henry at home, Youngstown, OH
Covell,, Philip in lumber woods, Forest Co., PA
Davenport, Ulysses in a store, Kentucky
Davis, Frankie B. dressmaking, Leechburg, PA
Dilley, Alison E. farming, Sandy Lake, PA
Eckart, Catherine domestic, New Castle, PA
Espy, Fred S. farming, Cooley, PA
Fitzpatrick, Charles H. baking, New Castle, PA
Flannick, John V. at home, Taylorstown, PA
Gerard, James L. at home, Blooming Valley, PA
Hancock, Martha F. at school, Livermore, PA
Harper, John fireman, P.W.R.R
Harlan, Blanche at home, Beaver Falls, PA
Hays, Cora M. at school, Cochranton, PA
Hays, William A. clerk in recorder's office, Mercer, PA
Hilbert, John C. at normal school, Clarion, PA
Kerr, Ira C. farming, Kilgore, PA
Kilfoil, Kate at home, Erie, PA
Kissinger, John T farming, OH
Labar, Bertha at school, Franklin, PA
Lytle, Clark farming, Sandy Lake, PA
McCammon, Anna M. at normal school, Clarion, PA
McMillen, Blanche with mother, Warren, PA
Malone, Frank at home, Connellsville, PA
Miller, Della at home, Fairmount City, PA
Miller, Nora E. at home, Pit Hole, PA
Morford, George L. farming, Sharon, PA
Moses, Elida May at school, Sharon, PA
Range, Bertha A. at school, East Hickory, PA
Richards, Jesse J. at home, Edenburg, PA
Richardson, Alex T. farming, Cochranton, PA
Rivers, Elizabeth C. at home, Beaver Falls, PA
Say, Lot B. butcher, Clarion, PA
Schriner, Mary E. domestic, Mercer, PA
Shelar, Mamie at school, New Castle, PA
Shorts, Benedict W. barber, New Castle, PA
Smith, Anna domestic, Erie, PA
Stewart, John B. farming, New Castle, PA
Styers, Edith P. at home, Grove City, PA
Turner, John at home, New Wilmington, PA
Whittaker, Lizzie at home, Sandy Lake, PA
Zuber, Audly V. farming, Pleasantville, PA
Annual Report of the Superintendent of Soldiers Orphans of Pennsylvania, 1889, pages 68 and 69

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