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~Through the Years~

Topics featured in the newsletter of the Rockwood Area Historical & Genealogical Society are area, town or business histories; marriages, deaths, biographies, obituaries, military, family histories or information; and unusual or interesting articles from the past, late 1800s to early 1900s. Back issues of the newsletter are kept in inventory for sale to the general public. Call (814)-926-1500 or Email Us.

Ankeny "Ankeny History" Volume 7, Number 1
Baker "Descendants of Jacob Baker" Volume 9, Number 3
Benford "Descendants of Archibald Benford" Volume 7, Number 1
Cunningham "Descendants of John Cunningham" Volume 6, Number 4
Dwire "The Silas Dwire Family" Volume 10, Number 3
Farling "John Henry Farling" Volume 8, Number 2
Gardner "Walter J. Gardner Family" Volume 14, Number 3
Gary "The Search for Peter Gary III" Volume 9, Number 1
Hennenkamp "Henry Hennenkamp Family" Volume 11, Number 2
Henry :Henry Descendants" Volume 5, Number 2
Hochstetler "Adam Hochstetler Family" Volume 7, Number 3
Marker "Descendants of Henry Marker, Jr." Volume 7, Number 2
Mickey "The Mickey Family" Volume 8, Number 3
Miller "The Edward E. Miller Family" Volume 9, Number 2
Phillippi "John Abraham Phillippi"
"Journey of a Photograph"
Volume 8, Number 1
Volume 11, Number 3
Putman "The Descendants of Peter Putman" Volume 9, Number 2
Schaff "The John Cramer Schaff Family" Volume 14, Number 1
Strong "The Strongs of Rockwood" Volume 8, Number 2
Weimer "Edward J. Weimer" Volume 11, Number 3
Wolf "The Wolf Family" Volume 8, Number 4
Wolfersberger "David H. Wolfersberger"
"The Wolfersberger Family"
Volume 9, Number 4
Volume 12, Number 4