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1881 Annual Report of the Inspectors of Mines
Second District - Shenandoah Fatal Accidents
Year ending December 31, 1880

Second District, or Shenandoah

(The order of the listing from left to right; Date of Accident;
Name of Person; Occupation; Name of Colliery; Age; Married or Single; Children: Remarks)

Jan 13 - MICHAEL HENRY- Miner - Girard- 27 - Married - ... - Remarks: Fall of coal at face of breast

Jan 13-CHRIST BENDOR- Miner - Shenandoah - 30 - Single - ... - Remarks: Fall of coal, through his own neglect

Feb 12- JAMES COLLINS - Repairsman - North Mahanoy - 55 - Married - .... - Remarks: Caught under gangway timber, that was knocked out by fall of slate

Feb. 18- JOHN PERRY- Repairsman - Lehigh, No. 3 - 40 - Married - 1 - Remarks: Fall of piece of bone coal, while engaged repairing gangway where a crush had taken place.

Feb. 18- WILLIAM JAMES- Miner - Turkey Run - Remarks: Caught by piece of coal he was barring down.

Mar. 5- JOHN O'LEARY- Laborer - Lehigh No. 3 - Remarks: Caught in dirt elevators, shoveling in coal dirt. Shovel slipped in and while endeavoring to pull it out, was caught by machinery.

Mar. 10- PATRICK LAWLOR - Miner - West Lehigh - 50 - Wife dead - 2 - Remarks: Fall of coal, while opening chute.

Mar. 18- HENRY ARGUS- St. Nicholas - Remarks: Fall of slate on gangway.

Mar. 23- PETER LUBEY- Miner - Girard - Remarks: Fell down manway in breast.

April 16- FRANK WRIGHT Door-boy - Plank Ridge - 14 - Remarks: Fell under a car wheel riding on it. Had been warned by day previous to desist from riding on cars; that if he left door he was attending, he would be discharged, which order he disobeyed, with fatal results.

April 19- WILLIAM BECKER- Laborer - Cuyler - 21 - Single - Remarks: A piece of coal, falling from pillar, struck him on top of head, causing death.

April 19- EDWARD MCDONALD - Miner - Conner - 24 - Single - Remarks: Piece of roof fell from between two props, caused by their being two slips, and which could scarcely have been seen by deceased.

May 4- PETER CLEARY- Ellangowan - Single - Remarks: In attempting to uncouple cars while passing around a curve, his head was caught, and jammed between them inflicting such injury as to cause his death on 7th inst.

May 7- JAMES BOYLE- Miner - Honey Brook, No. 1 - 45 -Married - Remarks: Fall of coal in breast.

May 7- JOHN GALLAGHER- Miner - Honey Brook, No. 1 - 25 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal in breast.

May 18- WM. HENDERSON- Driver - Packer No. 4 - 16 - Remarks: Supposed to have been tramped to death by a mule. A breast closing in, caused the mule to turn suddenly around, passing the car to which he was hitched, and thus catching the driver, Henderson.

May 26- THOMAS BURKE- Miner - Packer No. 4 - 21 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal in breast, inflicting injuries from which death ensued following day.

June 7- JOHN MCDONOUGH- Miner - Turkey Run - 26 - Single - Remarks: Fall of top coal.

June 9- HARRY RYAN- Starter - Bear Ridge, No. 1 - 27 - Single - Remarks: Rush of coal from battery knocked out center props, carrying deceased with it.

July 7- WILLIAM REESE- Miner - Eureka - 46 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal.

July 13- PETER DONNELLY- Laborer - Bear Ridge, No. 1 - 70 - Remarks: Struck in abdomen by tail-board of dirt wagon, inflicting injuries causing death.

July 19- GEORGE BURCHILL - Stanton - 20 - Remarks: Crushed between car and chute.

July 27- JOHN REESE- Dis.Supt. P.&.R.C.&.I.Co. - Kehley Run - Married - 8 - Remarks: Suffocated by carbonic oxide gas in water level gangway, where they had gone during the night to make an examination.

July 27- JONATHAN WASLEY - Superintendent - Kehley Run - Married - 7 - Remarks: Suffocated by carbonic oxide gas in water level gangway, where they had gone during the night to make an examination.

July 27- FRANK WILLMAN- Inside Boss - Kehley Run -Married - 3 - Remarks: Suffocated by carbonic oxide gas in water level gangway, where they had gone during the night to make an examination.

Aug. 9- JAMES EVERS - Laborer - Indian Ridge - 25 - Single Remarks: Fall of top coal in gangway.

Sept. 1- SIMON GREGORY - Foreman - Kehley Run - 45 - Married - Remarks: Suffocated by gas.

Sept 8.- ANDREW SERVER - Laborer - Packer No. 4 - 20 - Single - Remarks: Fall of slate. Died from injuries on 27th.

Sept 9.- JOHN MCGINLEY- Miner - Honey Brook, No. 4 - 35 - Married - 5 - Remarks: Fall of top coal in breast.

Sept. 9- JOHN RUDLOFF- Miner - Primrose - 35 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal. Engaged robbing back on turnout, he displaced collar, coal falling upon him.

Sept. 16- JOHN MANNELL- Miner - Kohinoor - 56 - Wife Dead - * - Remarks: Explosion of gas. Died from injuries on 24th.

Sept. 17- JOHN HENDRICKS- Laborer - Plank Ridge - 35 - Married - 3 - Remarks: Shot in adjoining breast broke through pillar. Deceased was standing at buggy dump in breast.

Sept. 18- JOHN DYER- Driver - Indian Ridge - 22 - Married - 1 - Remarks: Crused between wagons and side of gangway on trip from counter chute to top of plane.

Sept. 20- PHILIP WALTERS - Miner - Kohinoor - 25 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal from five feet bench.

Sept. 28- JOSEPH SACKLIESKIE- Miner - Kohinoor - Remarks: Fall of coal in breast. Died on October 18, in hospital in Philadelphia from injuries.

Nov. 8- JOHN HUGO- Miner - Knickerbocker - 33 - Married - 5 - Remarks: Fired a shot, and returned to work, drilling a hole in pillar, without making any examination of execution of shot. Corner of pillar fell on him, causing injuries from which he died following day.

Nov. 23- THOMAS JONES - Bottom-man - Kehley Run - 24 - Single - Remarks: Coupling between wagons broke, letting empty wagon run down slope, catching him at bottom, breaking both limbs, and injuring body, from which he died on December 1.

Dec. 1- WILLIAM BRITT Miner - Ellangowan - 31 - Married - 3 - Remarks: Had completed robbing back a panel chute in West Primrose gangway, but before leaving, tried to recover some tools that had been covered by a fall of top rock. In removing some loose coal from under fall, a piece of rock from top of loose mass fell, crushing him against top of chute, inflicting injuries from which he died on 5th instant.

Dec. 7- DANIEL MULL- Miner - Cuyler - 22 - Single - Remarks: Fall of coal. Fired two shots in top bench over gangway, which set top "working". It was then decided to leave the place until morning. While awaiting driver to come in, so as to ride out, the place settled off a little, when deceased took a drill and struck the collar under the loose coal, to cause it to settle more rapidly, that they might be able to resume work in the morning. The stroke started the mass of coal swinging out two sets of timbers, and covering all the man, killing Daniel, and slighlty injuring John and Lewis Mull and Joseph Flaherty.

NOTE:The information posted is all we have. If you would like to contact the Deep Mine Safety Office in Schuylkill Co. about receiving reports, you can phone 570-621-3118.
This list was submitted by Shirley Ryan at

List of Annual Inspectors of Mines Reports

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