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Schuylkill County Events in 1885

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Pottsville and Schuylkill County, Penna

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Feb 16-Fire starting in rear basement of Bright & Co. hardware store, Centre St., next to Merchants Hotel (now Necho Allen) spread to adjoining buildings. Miners' Journal office, next to Brights on North side, escaped with smoke damage; Merchants Hotel had furniture and carpets ruined by water, When fire broke out on second and third story; water was used; Joseph C. Wingert, druggist, who had store under Merchants Hotel, lost heavily by water; Jesse Durnheller. owner of hotel building lost heavily
Feb. 16-School House at Valley Furnace, Blythe Twp., was burned down
April 4-Fire which broke out in tinsmith shop of J. H. Enich, of W. Water St., Mahanoy City destroyed R. Messerly barber shop; Chas. F. Zellers meat market, Richard Chamber's Oyster house; Mrs. McCuire's Confectionery: Good Templars Lodge Room, Chas. Bensinger's Tailor Shop; B. E. Williams' Confectionery Shop, and J. Stone's butcher shop
April 25-Large breaker at Brookside of C. & I. Co., destroyed by fire; $75,000 loss
June 14-Alex Strouse and Francis B. Bannan stables burned and block of houses owned by P. D. Helms damaged by fire
June 21-N. Ashland Colliery badly damaged by fire starting in lower lift
Dec. 24-George Adams new store at Adamsville, near Landingville burned down

Jan. 3-Jesse Foster, 92, Pottsville; oldest Mason in Pottsville
Jan. 6-Griffith T. Jones, St. Clair; former coal operator
Jan. 8-Mrs. E. Wells, widow Isaiah Wells, Pottsville
Jan. 10-George Herlamen, 100, Germantown, below Sharp Mountain
Jan. 13-Mrs. Elizabeth Urch, 86, Pine Forrest; wife of former sexton Episcopal Church
Jan. 18-Wm. Saylor, Schuylkill Haven
Jan. 18- Mrs. Catherine Gilbert, 81, Pottsville
Jan. 22-John C. Harper, 68, Pottsville; Secretery School Board and prominent Methodist churchman; father of Chas. Harper
Jan. 27-Mrs. Daniel Frack, nee Balliet, 91, Frackville; resident of Frackville sincee 1852 when only one house was there
Jan. 27-Joseph Hopkins, St. Clair; former engineer St. Clair shaft
Feb. 8-Mrs. Wm. Duffy, nee Mary McCrystle, Minersville; died on wedding night
Mar. 3-Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Philip Carr, Pottsville; sister of Joseph Dolan, warden of county prison
Mar. 6-Daniel Koch, 75, Schuylkill Haven; prominent Democratic politician and Supervisor of N. Manheim Twp
Mar. 6-Thomas Jones, 41, Minersville at Coal Creek
Mar. 8-Mrs. Henry Klare, 65, Pottsville
Mar. l0-Abraham Miesse, 88, Pottsville; opened first shoe store here and made specialty of hand-made shoes
Mar. 10-Edward Auchmuty, 64, Pottsville; pattern maker at C. & I. shops
Mar. 11-George W. Matchin, 76, Schuylkill Haven; one of oldest members Schuylkill County bar
Mar. 28-Alois Knecht, Pottsville; liquor dealer, brother of August Knecht
Mar. 29-George Werner, 72, Pottsville
Apr. 1-Miss Emily D. Garretson, Pottsville; eldest daughter Theo. F. Garretson and granddaughter Judge Wm. Donaldson
Apr. 4-Charles Baber, Pottsville
Apr. 6-Morgan R. Mortimer, 61, Pottsville
Apr. 13-Wm. W. Reed, 44, Pottsville; proprietor Penna. Hall
May 1-John M. Wynn, 67, formerly Pottsville, at Steelton; expert mechanic at Rolling Mills
May 17-Joseph Haughawout, 80, Pottsville; former hotel proprietor
June 3-John P. Bertram, Pottsville; printer, Jury Commissioner and Internal Revenue Assessor
June 14-Capt. Jas. C. Callery, Ashland, County commissioner
July 4-Prof. Uriah Adams, Pottsville
July 4-Isaac Strauch, 80, Cressona; son of earliest tollkeeper on Centre Turnpike
July 19-David B. Sigfried, 31, Pottsville; eldest son Gen. J. K. and Elizabeth Sigfried
Aug. 5-George Heffner, Pottsville; well known limeburner
Sept. 7-Wm. James, Minersville; pioneer coal operator
Sept. 14-Dantel Krebs, 78, Pottsville; former Postmaster, Representative In State Legislature and first warden of county prison at Pottsville
Oct. 16-Mrs. Jeremiah Seitzinger, Pottsville
Oct. 22-Hon. Francis W. Hughes, of Pottsville; attorney since l837; Dep. General Penna., State Senator, Attorney General, prominent Democratic politician
Nov. 13-George W. Taylor 40, Pottsville
Nov. 26-Thomas J. Jones, 78, Minersville
Dec. 12-Edward Patterson, 57, Pottsville; head of Patterson and Llewellyn Colliery Co.
Dec. 30-Jacob D. Rice, Pottsville, prominent Mason

Jan. 8-Dr. Robert Weaver, son of R. F. Weaver, purchased residence of John Hock on Mahantongo St., between Third and Fourth Sts.
Jan. 15-Orwigsburg was building number of new buildings. Edw. Shoener and Chas. Shoener were building on Way St.; Thomas Anthony in east end of town; Jere Smith on the Landingville road and Dr. G. K. Binkley was to erect 3 story brick on site of Bock property
Feb. 1-P.F. Stork took possession of Mt. City Restaurant building
Feb. 3-D.C. Brown of Brown & Skeen carriage manufacturers, Landingville sold his 36 acre farm and homestead near Adams cross roads to the Reading & Pottsville R. R. Co. for $500
Feb. 16-Court Stenographer Joseph Patterrson purchased the Wells Cottage on Howard Ave., then occupied by Frank Pershing and was to move there
Mar. 6-Griffith property, 2 lots on Coal St., opposite Spike Factory, were sold to Pottsville & Mahanoy R. R. Co
Mar. 9-Wm. McQuall, of New Philadelphia, was erecting building and making improvements to the old Kaercher property, Morris Addition preparatory to occuppying same. R. H. Koch was to remove to N. Centre St., adjoining F. P. Mortimer. C. J. Dobbins, proprietor of the American House, was making repairs
Mar. 23-F. W. Brenneman to open a furniture store next to American House
Mar. 28-Vacant lot at corner of Coal, North side of Nichols St., belonging to Fox Estate was sold to Potts. & Mahanoy R. R. Co. for $6,000
Mar. 30-John Phillips had purchased Milnes property on Garfield Square then occupied by Rev. Belville
Apr. 1-John Quinn, Minersville, took a five year lease on Merchants Hotel Stables
Apr. 14-Mr. Schlicher, owner of Gressang Building, Centre & Union Sts. was making big improvements
Apr. 20-Cyrus T. Sheetz, proprietor of the Exchange Hotel, corner Centre and Arch Sts., purchased one-half interest of Mrs. Potts and became the sole owner
May 1-Chaarles Roehrig purchased the Loose lot on E. Arch St., next to the J. G. Cochran property
Aug. 20-Major H. S. Thompson was erecting a large brick addition to his Mahantongo Street home
Sept. 21-James Clemens opened the new drug store in the Esterly building at Centre and Mahantongo Streets
Sept. 25-C. J. Dobbins was constructing a two-story brick building in the rear of the American House adjoining the Phila. and Reading depot to unload supplies for his grocery store
Sept. 29-C. M. Atkins removed his stable at the Pioneer Furnaces on account of the new railroad and rented stables of the Palo Alto Rolling Mill
Oct. 2-Mayberry Bell sold his cottage for $7,000 to Charles Rettig, who was to live there
Oct. 15-Sparks and Parker were completing a building on the Seltzer lot opposite the Gas Works where they were to locate

Jan. 29-Miss Laura L. Yuengling, Pottsville, and Henry A. Mauer, New York, were married
Feb. 3-Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Shertel, of Pottsville, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Feb. 3-Joseph Immekeppel and Miss Mamie Liebner, Pottsville, married by Father Lonergan
Feb. 5-Justice H.H. Hill, Pottsville, celebrated his 44th anniversary
Feb. 13-George H. Stichter observed his 80th anniversary
Feb. 24-J. Newton Rich and Miss Rose S. Bruce were married at the Bruce home by Rev. Vincent
Apr. 19-Third anniversary of Dr. A.R. Bartholomew at the Trinity Reformed Church
Apr. 22-Charles T. Brown and Miss Sallie Pugh were married by Rev. E.G. Hay
June 1-George M. Ramsey, Washington, D.C., and Miss Bessie Work, Pottsville, were married by Rev. Powers in the Work home
Oct. 3-Dr. and Mrs. A.B. Sherman, of Girardville, observed their 50th anniversary
Oct. 15-Dr. D. Deckert and Miss Ada S. Beck, of Cressona, were married
Nov. 1-Miss Dollie Green, Pottsville, and Charles Churchill, New Haven, Conn., married at the Baptist Church
Nov. 12-Miss Kate Stitzer, Schuylkill Haven, and Lewis A. Graeff, Schuylkill Haven, were united in marriage

Jan. 9-Four boys were drowned in Hughes basin on Gilpin St., Yorkville; were skating when ice gave way. William Lewis, 15; Harry, his brother, 12, both colored, of 1226 West Norweigan St; Frank Crouse, 11, of 1212 West Norweigan St., and Isaac H. Hoover, 12, 1228 West Norweigan St
Jan. 17-Good Springs Station was scene of fearful accident when boiler of sawmill of Abraham Ernst of Llewellyn, exploded, killing Albert Ernst, 18, Henry Cole, 30, fireman, and John Gehres, 35
Mar. 16-Two boilers in nest of 23 at Lawrence Colliery, operated by Lawrence and Brown of Minersville, exploded. One man, Jacob Gunder, 45, Frackville was killed and four hurt
Apr. 6-Ten men were buried alive in cave in at Cuyler colliery at Raven Run. They were; Frank McLaughlin, William and John Anderson, Henry Werner, Benjamin Maurer, Mich. Purcell, Barney Smith, Mich. Harrity, Daniel Kenney, and John Kavanaugh, Shenandoah. First body recovered three weeks later
May 13-Four men were entombed in a fall at North Ashland colliery. Joseph Ennis, Charles Dougherty, Martin McKerman, miners and Mich. Head, driver boy

Jan. 5-Annual meeting Schuylkill County Agricultural Society at Orwigsburg. Officers elected were: President, J.T. Shoener; Vice Pres., Jonathon Paxson, George D. Moyer; Secretary, George H. Yeager; Treasurer, John C. Beck
Jan. 18-Saint James Lutheran Church in Ashland dedicated
Jan. 20-The Electric Light Co. was granted the privilege of erecting their poles along the street
Feb. 2-The Electric Light Co. again started the erection of poles and was stopped by Councilman Riollay F. Lee, chairman of the street committee, after which the electric company got out an injunction restraining borough from interferring with their work
Feb. 9-The mine inspector examinations were held. Board consisted of Messrs. Heber S. Thompson, John R. Hoffman, Louis Lorenz, John W. Morgan, and Peter Gorman
Feb. 10-Capt. Samuel Russell appointed weigher of mails on P & R Railroad between Pottsville and Philadelphia
Feb. 16-A new postoffice was established at Buck Mountain
Feb. 19-Col. Thomas H. Rickert, Pottsville, had been awarded contract on new P.S.V.R.R. at tunnel below Landingville
Feb. 21-The election in borough resulted as follows:John Kalbach, Chief Burgess; Treasurer, Samuel M. Mortimer; High Constable, Stephen Rodgers; Auditors, Henry J. Rich, Charles Sannon; Assessor, C.F. Glover'; Councilmen, South Ward, F.J. Shaefer; S.E. Ward, Theodore Garretson; North Ward, George W. Taylor; N.E. Ward, Charles H. Parker; North Ward, George Skidmore; 7th Ward, Frank Roehrig; Middle Ward, F.L. Lamont
Feb. 25-New firm organized for manufacturing of slippers at Orwigsburg, known as Edwards, Zuber and Co.
Mar. 2-E.A. Beddall, Port Carbon, and C.E. Breckons, Shenandoah, sworn in as attorneys
Mar. 7-Prof. F.F. Veling, Market St., was particularly interested in the Honduras Mining Co., a silver mine
Mar. 7-Sebastian Meyer, who made welkin ring with cry of "Lime, Lime" had turned to occupation of book peddler
Mar. 10-Robert Allison, Port Carbon, elected president of Miners Hospital trustees; Peter E. Buck, Ashland, Treasurer, and Thomas J. Foster, Shenandoah, secretary
Mar. 17-Rep. of Wright Trans. Elect. Co. of New York were introducing Ball incandescent light to Yuengling's Brewery
Mar. 18-John R. Davis, of Ellsworth Colliery, supplying tracks in his mine with steel rails
Mar. 20-The Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, St. Clair, was being heated by steam, the only church in the county with similar heating
Mar. 21-Capt. W. Harry Boyd was getting out city directories
Mar. 21-The Anthracite Light Co. had finished erecting their poles along Centre St. and were ready to string the light wires
Mar. 24-A party of Greeks arrived in Pottsville to get work on new railroad. City Solicitor McCool was the only one who could understand what they wanted
Mar. 30-Charter was granted Congregational Church at Fountain Springs
Mar. 30-Seventeen Hungarians came down from Shenandoah to take out first citizen papers. Shenandoah had quite a few of these citizens, and in building homes in burned district, they were first ones to use brick and stone in restoring homes, instead of wood
Apr. 1-New warden, Jere Mears, Shenandoah, took charge
Apr. 1-Rev. J. Wesley Sullivan became Baptist Church pastor
Apr. 3-Methodists were renovating parsonage at 4th and Market preparatory to coming of Dr. T. B. Neeley
Apr. 10-According to the will of Charles Baber filed at court house, each of his children was bequeathed $10,000 ; his sister and brother $5,000 each and the balance of the estate to his wife in trust, and after her death in trust to the children. The Chas. Baber Cemetery was given to the public as a burying place and was to be governed by the vestry of the Episcopal Church
Apr. 19-The Pottsville Athenaeum elected ofbcers for the year: Pres., P. W. Sheafer; Vice-Pres., Christopher Little; Treas., George W. Kennedy; Secy., William Newell; Corresponding Secy., B. N. Hyde. Samuel Shippen, Prof. S. A. Thurlow, Rev. B. F. Patterson and Heber S. Thompson were the executive committee
Apr. 23-Prince of Peace Commandery of Knights Templar was installed at Ashland
Apr. 29-A terrific storm visited Pottsville; German Catholic Church lost steeple and part of roof; M. E. Church at Port Carbon and Tucker Hill school house were unroofed
May 1-The Pottsville baseball club was to be reorganized. Charles McGinness, Frank Haeseler and others were working on it
May 2-A coffee house was opened at 219 S. Centre St.
May 5-L. K. Hannum, for a number of years assistant to E. H. Wheeler, the station agent, had been appointed agent in his place.
May 13-Liquor dealers representing Pottsville, Minersville, Saint Clair, Cressona, Schuylkill Haven, and Shenandoah met in the city Armory hall and formed a Liquor Dealers' Protective Association. C.H. Reist was elected president; W.W. Potts, Vice Pres., and H.P. Lauer, Secy
June 26-25th annual Commencement, P. H. S., with following in class: Belle Simmons, Arthur H. Rosengarten, Sallie Miesse, Henry Cohn, Howell T. Fisher, Emilie E. Silliman, Ella Wetzel, G. Van Rlckert, Nellie S. Werner, Baird Snyder, John McAdams, M. Estelle Russell, Harry B. Smith, Lillie Keller, Harry T. Morris, Katie M. Fox, Walter S. Whiting, Myra L. Whitehouse, Harry J. Swaving, Laura J. Schweers, Elmer F. Bechtel, Flora Galligan, Allen Sterner, Laura Seltzer, Bessie McGinness, Horace B. Bartholomew, Maud Baynton, Cyrus Pershing, Frederica L. Woltjen, Chas. L. Hoffman, Edgar W. Bechtel, May E. Dyer, Sallie Pollard, and Louis Derr
June 27-The Pottsville High School Alumni held its 13th annual reunion at Centennial Hall. Officers were elected as follows: Pres., S. Burd Patterson; lst Vice-Pres., Charles C. Matten; 2nd Vice-Pres., Miss Estelle Russell; Secy.. S. Burd Edwards; Treas.. Myer Strouse, and Historian, Mrs. F. W. Boyer
July 14-An all night telephone service was proposed by Penna. Telephone Co
Aug. 2-The provisions of the new mine law that no breaker boys under 12 years of age were to be allowed to work resulted in the discharge of all the breaker boys of the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Co. collieries
Aug. 17-Picnickers were enjoying the attractions of Moss Glen, which was about a mile above Patterson, as Brockton was then called
Aug. 18-Flowers from the Arctic regionwere on display at the business place of Carl Ellison, brother of Sergt. Jos. Ellison, who died on his return from the Lady Franklin expedition to the Arctic region
Sept. 7-The new turnpike between Pottsville and Reading was thrown open. For some time the work of transferring the turnpike below the Black Bridge to the towpath down as far as Cape Horn had been going on
Sept. 15-The Lamp and Watch Committee of Council recommended the acceptance of the proposition of the Anthracite Electric Light Co. to furnish the borough with lights for the business portion of the town. The lights of both the Pottsville Gas Co. and the Electric Light Co. were to burn from dark until dawn on all except moonlight nights
Sept. 20-The Electric Light Co. was authorized to erect their plant on the grounds Gas Co. on N. Centre St
Sept. 22-The Tangier Rifle Club held a day out at Yuengling's
Sept. 29-The J. Madison Hothouse was being enlarged by building five more greenhouses. This was located back of Blue Tavern, (now home of J. 0. Bearstler) on E. Norwegian St
Oct. 1-J. G. Lowrey purchased the first special delivery stamp at the Pottsville postoffice.
Oct. 9-The electric lights were used for the first time on the business section of the town.
Oct. 27-The name of the Mechanics Hotel, corner E. Market and Railroad Sts., was changed to the Sterling House.
Nov. 3-B. J. Duffy, Shenandoah Democrat, was elected sheriff.
Nov. 7-Cornerstone of Phoenix Fire Co. laid.
Nov. 24-The Diamond Drill works announced they were to leave for Birdsboro.
Dec. 12-Among people in business in Pottsville then were: E. Fisher, 21 S. Centre St.; Heebner & Paul, 209 Market St.; Potts. China Hall, run by Bergaman, 12 N. Centre; John Pollard, merchant tailor, 123 W. Market: Chas. Fleck, tailor, 412 N. Centre St.; J. J. Webber, undertaker; Holmes Novelty Store, 13 N. Centre St.; C. S. Haeseler, 8 N. Centre; Uhler & Co., grain and stock brokers, cor. Centre and Mahantongo; Esterly Building; Thos. Foster, shoe store, Centre and Market; R. Whitfield, 810 S. Second ; L. Hummel, 502 N. Centre; Augustus Fox, teas and coffees, 310 W. Market St.; G. A. Doerflinger, 126 N. Centre, butcher; Ulmer's, 207 N. Centre; Jas. R. Murray's Restaurant, Centre and Arch Sts.; R. C. Green, 104 S. Centre.
Dec. 13-Dynamite placed in front of store of David W. Lewis, Second St., below Carroll, St. Clair, badly damaged the store and house and also damaged homes of Mr. Schaff, Mrs. Evans, H. Hilbert, Mr. Wellner, John Wellner, N. Wellner,John Betz, Adam Kline, Edwin Thompson, J. Brosche, and Clay W. Evans. Object was evidently to stop Mr. Lewis' activities as president of Law and Order Society
Dec. 21-J. Oliver Roads was appointed County Commissioner in place of John Leonard.

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