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Schuylkill County Events in 1884

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 29-Engine house at Mahanoy Plane, owned by P. & R. C. & I. burned down
Feb. 2-Office of Squire Andrew Conrey, Pine St., Mahanoy City and houses of Geo. Runkel, Geo. Beck and a Mrs. Galvin were badly damaged
Apr.20-Three story brick store of Uriah Gane, Coal and Pike Streets, Port Carbon, destroyed by fire with $13,000 loss. Geo. Gwinner, confectioner and baker, and home of Joseph Aregood badly damaged
June 5-Sandy Jeffry's stable and the cottage of William Kramer valued at $4,000 were destroyed by fire at Minersville
Oct. 18-Fire broke out in Maxwell House stable on Logan St. and Isaac Moyer, Henry Loechel, Aug. Ruff had property damaged

Jan. 12-Henry B. Glassmire, Pottsville, butcher
Jan. 13-Dr. Thomas K. Halbauer, St Clair
Jan. 17-Wm. F. Jones, 79, Mahanoy City; miner and former Chief Burgess
Jan. 19-Mrs. Ellen N. Pott, widow of Frank Pott, 204 Mahantongo St., daughter of late Judge Strange N. Palmer, and sister of Robt. M. Palmer
Jan. 29-John Pritchard, Pottsville, killed in mine cave-in
Feb. 6-Jacob Dimmerling, 75, Pottsville, first employment in this country was on foundation of St. Patrick's Church
Feb. 11-Michael F. Maize, Pottsville; member coal firm of Miller, Maize & Co., operating Staunton Colliery, Maizeville, formerly Flour Barrel, named for him
Feb. 17-Mrs. Mary, widow of Dr. George Halberstadt, Pottsville
Feb. 21-G. B. Zulick, 84, Orwigsburg, former commissioners' clerk
Feb. 28-Abraham Hancock, 62, Pottsville, former employee Haywood Mill
Apr. 11-Chas. E. Rosengarten, Pottsville, son of Henry Rosengarten, green grocer
Apr. 16-Michael Weaver, 77, Minersville, stage proprietor and mail conductor
Apr. 21-F. C. Kienzle, 78, Pottsvtlle, formerly conducted brewery on Centre St., above Minersville
Apr. 18-Mrs. Eliza, wife of Dr. John T. Carpenter, 50, Pottsville
Apr. 22-James Pox, Mechanicsville, second baseman Forest City team
Apr. 25-Mrs. Sarah Wright, 71, Pottsville
May 2-Mrs. Susanna Nice Russell, 82, Pottsville
May 26-Peter Schneider, 54, Pottsville, councilman
June 7-Miss Katie Haeseler, Pottsville, daughter of Frederick Haeseler
June 7-Adam J. Lotz, Yorkville, former secretary Yorkville school Board
June 20-Rev. Daniel Magorien, rector St. Stephen's Church, Port Carbon
June 26-Mrs. Mary Ann Sturman, 82, Mechanicsville
July 5-Jacob L. Bucker, Mahanoy City
July 8-Mrs. Sarah Eckert Nice, 97, Minersville
July 10-Nathan Wetzel, Pottsville, tobacco dealer
July 12-Edith, 2, youngest daugher of the late J. H. Zerbey
July 19-Dr. Kennedy Robinson, 73, Schuylkill Haven
July 22-Mrs. John Moyer, Pottsille, sister of W. E. Boyer, tobacconist
Aug. 5-Daniel Stephens, 89, Drehersville, one of first settlers along Little Schuylkill
Aug. 7-Anthony Kelm, 67, Frackville
Aug. 25-Bernard Gluntz, Pottsville, father of Saving Fund System in Pottsville
Aug. 27-Morgan Williams, 58, Pottsville, former Supt.Gap Colliery
Aug. 29-Mrs. J. H. Haeseler, 64, Orwigsburg
Sept. 4-Charles W. Bushar, Pottsville, one of original letter carriers
Sept. 17-Mrs. Joseph Bowen, Pottsville
Sept. 25-George W. Snyder ,Pottsville, operated machine shop with Benjamin Haywood on site of P. & R. C.& 1. Co. Shops
Sept. 27-Fannie, wife of Samuel Gay, 49, Pottsville
Sept. 29-John Ruch, 76, Pottsville, tanner, one of the oldest members of the Humane Hose Co.
Nov. 11-Mrs. J.H. Reiter, 56. Port Carbon, mother of Mrs. L.K. Hannum, Pottsville
Nov. 22-Miss Phoebe Heebner, Port Carbon
Nov. 23-Irwin F. Hoy, Orwigsburg, proprietor of Acadian House
Dec. 5-Jeremiah H. Mears, 45, Pottsville, warden at county prison
Dec. 12-Mrs. Susannah Koch, 90, Pottsville, grandmother of R.H. Koch
Dec. 13-Thomas Foster, 68, Pottsville, councilman, charter member old Hydraulic Engine Co., shoe merchant, father of Harry R. Foster
Dec. 18-Benjamin Wagner, Sr., 62, Palo Alto, P & R engineer
Dec. 22-Ferdinand Boedefeld, 77, Pottsville

Jan. 7-E. T. Jones and W. F. Wetzel were forming a new firm for the manufacture and sale of tobacco and had taken the Rosengarten building adjoining Union Hall
Jan. 17-"Stixey" Michael took a ten year lease on the Miller building, then occupied by Thomas Lloyd as tobacco store and N. Smith as restaurant , and was to open up a restaurant
May 18-The carriage factory of D. G. Matthews on N. Centre was being greatly enlarged
July 2-George W. Johns had cometed the remodeling of the Old Repplier Mansion on N. Centre St., which he had purchased
Aug. 3-Landlord Knight, formerly of Beard's Hotel, Tamaqua, had taken a lease on the Penna. Hall, Pottsville
Sept 16-Lorenz Schmidt, who had been operating the Orchard Brewery purchased the old Ernst Kleinert property in Mount Carbon and was to erect new lager beer brewery
Nov. 12-Trinity Reformed Church purchased property of Philip Carr, on 6th St. near Norweigan, to be used as parsonage for Rev. A.R. Bartholomew

Jan. 6-Miss Virginia Neward, Lebanon, and H. S. Albright, Orwigsburg, married at Lebanon
Jan. 12-Edward S. Newell, Pottsville, and Miss Sarah, daughter of Ex-Judge Thomas H. Walker, married
Jan. 19-Harry Denning Thompson, Detroit, Mich., and Miss Florence V. Ryon, Pottsville, married
Feb. 3-Edmund W. Logan, Pottsville, and Miss Mary Wagner, Pottsville
Feb. 17-N. Heblich and Miss Rosa Reiger, married by Rev. G. A. Hinterleitner of the German Lutheran Church
Feb. 18-James Lowthert and Miss Mary Hughes were married by Rev. Davis of Welsh Congregational Church
Mar. 3-Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Garrett, Ashland, Golden Wedding Anniversary
Apr. 28-Wm. C. Ulmer and Fannie M. Spohn, Pottsville, married by Rev. Hinterleitner
Apr. 29-Robert A. Zerbey and Miss Annie L. Karcher, married by Rev. J. Wesley Sullivan of the Baptist Church
May 6-Thos. L. Kanady and Miss Minnie Mendelssohn married by Rev. Kantner in The Evangelical Church
June l-Miss Margie S. Hannum and Jed. L. Hollenbeck, married at Schuylkill Haven.
June 14-50th Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Leibner, Pottsville
Aug. 19-Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Michel, Pottsville, Silver Anniversary
Aug. 30-Miss Susie M. Derr, Mahanoy City and Lewis G. Spohn, Ardmore, married
Nov. 18-James W. Ryan, Pottsville, and Miss Annie O'Hara, Philadelphia, married there
Dec. 2-Dr. B. F. Millington, Halifax, and Miss Emma E. Krebs, Pottsville, married
Dec.2-Miss Teenie Conrad and Harry Heller married by Rev. E. G. Hay of English Lutheran Church

Mar. 22-Fall of top rock at New Horseshoe tunnel on Pottsville & Mahanoy R. R. killed two Italian workmen and injured four
June 30-Absolom Russel and John Kelley, miners, were fatally hurt by rush of water into breast at Little Diamond Colliery near Minersville

Jan. 7-Installation services for Gowen Post 23, G. A. R., were attended by former townsman Col. Robert B. Beath, Past Commander-in-Chief of the G. A. R., and the guest of County Commissioner J. Oliver Roads. The officers installed were: Commander, F. L. Spiegel; S. V. Commander, Reuben Snyder, J. V. Commander, Daniel Donne; Surgeon, W. C. J. Smith; Chaplain, S. A. Thurlow; Quartermaster, A. W. Schalck; Adjutant, C. A. Glenn; Officer of the Day, James Madison; Officer of the Guard, Perry Watts; Sergeant, Major L. K. Byerley; Quart. Sergeant, George Heissler.
Jan. 12-The newly elected treasurer of the Reading R. R. Company, W. W. Harkness, visited the general office, and had a consultation with Treasurer Church
Feb. 17-C. & I. Shop pattern makers were making new machinery for Mahanoy Plane. The Plane house had been burned several weeks before
Feb. 16-Frank J. Albert, Independent Democrat was elected Chief Burgess; defeating John Kalbach, Rep. Pres. Burgess; S. M. Mortimer, Treas., Stephen Rodgers, Rep. High Constable; and Wm. Barry Ind. Dem. collector of taxes.
Apr. l-Capt. W. E. Potts was celebrating the 25th anniversary of opening his restaurant at Centre and Mahantongo Sts. May 5-A petition was presented to Borough Council asking the appointment of viewers to lay out a public road beginning at the intersection of Wolf and E. Norwegian Sts., and ending at a point on the Port Carbon road near the western end of the stone bridge at Young's Landing
May 10-The thirty-fourth anniversary of the Schuylkill County Bible Society was observed. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Pres.. P. W. Steafer; Vice-Pres., Mrs. P. Hammekin; Treasurer, Miss E.S. Baird; Recording Secretary, Mrs. W.R. Symons; Librarian, Mrs. Mary B. Garretson; Corresponding Secretary, Rev. A.R. Bartholomew
May 18-Jacob S. Lawrence, President of the First National Bank, Minersville, resigned and was succeeded by Charles R. Kear
May 30-The cornerstone of the Mary, Star of the Sea Church at Branchdale was laid.
June 11-A large tower 194 feet high and to cost $12,000 was being erected on the German Catholic Church
June 11- The old Indian which stood in front of Haeseler's cigar store had been given a fresh coat of paint
June 11-The Board of Control of the Pottsville Musical Association, consisted of Mason Weidman, President; W.M. Pollard, Treas.;C.H. reist, D. H. Seibert, F. G. Yuengling, Jacob P. Jones, W.H. Boyd, H.C. Russell, Thomas H. Rickert, and Josiah Lineaweaver
July 13-Ashland merchants had decided to close their stores at 7:30 PM except on pay nights and Saturday
July 17-Miss Nellie Roads, who had been absent for several years perfecting her musical education and during which time she made her debut in London under the name of Mlle. Sylvania, was to retun home to Pottsville for a visit
July 27-The old parochial residence connected with St. Stephen's Church, Port Carbon, was being renovated and was to be fitted up for a parochial school
Aug. 1-The home of Adam Omrad was blown up by dynamite at St. Clair and was badly damaged
Aug. 2-Edward Beck was building a three story hotel between the William Beck residence and the covered bridge at Beckville.
Aug. 2-The Reformed Church at Cressona which had been in the process of being rebuilt for some years, was now being completed
Aug. 3-James H. Mudey had been appointed Pottsville postmaster. Miss Elizabeth Sillyman was the former postmistress
Aug. 15-The beautiful row of shade trees in front of the Bannan and Whiting mansions on the east side of Coal St. to make way for the proposed new street.
Aug. 15-The two or three tobacco signs along Centre St., in the form of Indians, had a disgraceful habit of wandering. Strouse's Indian has been known to wander down as far as Nichter's liquor store and had to be carried home in a wagon. This morning Wetzel's was found holding up an awning post in front of Esterly's hardware store
Aug. 30-W. F. Shepherd was nominated Congress on the first ballot by Democrats; P. M. Dunn for District Attorney
Aug. 29-The cornerstone of St Joseph's Church was laid at Ashland
Sept. 8-The Concordia Maennerchor met and installed their new officers: Pres., Louis Eberwine; Secretary, Lewis Snyder; Asst. Secretary, John Smith; Treasurer, J.H. Dimmerling; Standing Committee, John Guinther and Val Maury
Sept. 26-Holy Family Church, New Phila., was dedicated. Bells at St. John's Church were blessed.
Oct. 1-Rev. J. Wesley Sullivan resignedd as pastor of the local Baptist Church.
Oct. 23-Prim. Methodist Church, Mahanoy City, laid cornerstone for Church addition
Oct. 24-St. Mark's Church, Cressona was dedicated; Rev. J. Alvin Reber the pastor.
Oct. 27-Honorable Jas. G. Blaine made a campaign speech at Pottsville
Nov. 4-A new Baptist Church had been formed; to be known as Olivet Baptist.
Nov. 8-Judge Pershing ruled in court that second mortgage could be put on Mountain City Banking Co., in order to avoid sale of real estate at great loss to creditors.
Nov. 8-Meeting for organization held of Baptist Bible School. Rev. W. W. Ferris was pastor and J. W. Conrad, Supt.; Edw. G. Matthews, Secy.; W. M. Hall, Trees.; Miss Effie Scott, Organist
Nov. 9-New Tribe of Red Men instituted at Cressona by Great Chief of Records, Charles C. Conly; Great Sennap, Frank Lamont, Pottsville. Sachem was Dr. John S. Moyer: Sr. Sagamore, Edwin P. Hazel ; Jr. Sagamore, Charles E. Detweiler; Keeper of Wampum, William Hock
Nov. 29-A charter was granted to Christ Church at Hegins

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