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Events in 1887

align="center">Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 3- Serious fire at Williamstown which broke out in Isaac Day's house, and spread to bakery of Val Resig and that of Jos. Dauch and notion store of Mal Meehar.
Jan. 9- Serious fire in bakery and Confectionery store of Jas. S. Wythe, between 5th and 6th on Chestnut Street, Ashland; Stable and warehouse of Peter E. Buck and A.H. Church and stable of Jacob Steinhelbert were damaged.
June 27- Large stables of Schuylkill Navigation Co., on Canal St., Schuylkill Haven were burned down; 6 mules and a horse burned
July 10- Otto Colliery at Branchdale was damaged by fire with $50,000 loss; and 200 thrown out of employment; Edw. Ferguson, 18, who discovered fire was in engine house day after fire taking dinner to his father, outside foreman, when engine house floor collapsed and he was buried under the debris and was recovered on Oct. 12th
Nov. 18- Buck Mountain mines near Delano was destroyed by fire with $75,000 loss

Jan. 3 - Jonathan Davis, former Chief Burgess. Mrs. J. A. Swalm, 57 Mah. City; Mother of Dr. T. W. Swalm, Pottsv.
Jan. 9-Jos. D. Streeper, 90, Pottsv.; had supply store for boatmen on canal at Schuylkill Haven and then store in Morris Addition. Jan. 24-Theo. R. Johnson, 59, St Clair; school teacher.
Jan. 25-Mrs. Daniel Grim, 62, Cressona.
Jan. 26-Wm. Newell, 65, - Potts. Notary public; former supt. for Geo. S. Repplier.
Jan. 27-Mrs. Lucretia, wife of Chief Burgess Jas. Toll, Girardville.
Feb. 8-Waters S. Chillson, 79, Palo Alto. Dr. J. L. S. Moyer, Cressona, physician at almshouse and former teacher.
Feb. 22-Joshua Keller, of Orwigsburg, Vice Pres. State Agricultural Society.
Mar. 1-John Quinn, 82, Pottsville.
Mar. 4-Henry H. Huntzinger, 55, Potts.; coal operator and Pres, Govt. Bank.
Mar. 6-John Phillips, 77, Potts.: Mrs. Mary I. Matier, ex-postmistress of St. Clair.
Mar. 7-Mrs. Maria Sands, former matron at Children's Home, Potts.
Mar. 16-Wm. Zimmerman, 78, Pinegrove
Mar. 25-Samuel B. Graeff, Tamaqua; Republican Politician.
Mar. 28-Mrs. Geo. Rhodes, Minersville.
Apr. 3-Mrs. Agnes Allison, 80, Port Carbon for whose sons Allison Post. G. A. R. was named.
Apr. 12-John G. Hewes, Potts.
Apr. 24-Mrs. Wm. Parker, 60, St. Clair.
May 4-Geo. H. Stichter, 82, Potts.; business man, former Co. commissioner and Civil War veteran.
May 29-Miss Maggie Duffy, St. Clair.
May 31-Mrs. Margaret Mardis,66, Potts.
July 5-Alexander Cake, Potts., patternmaker at Geo. W. Snyder Shops
July 10- Miss Anna F. Slater, Potts., prominent 2nd Presby. church worker
July 26-William G. Lee, Potts.
July 30- Rev. Peter Gallagher, Potts., rector at Saint Patrick's
Aug. 4-Mrs. J.J. Kuebler, Potts., mother of Miss Catherine Kuebler
Aug. 11-Mrs. Abraham Jenkins, 70, St. Clair
Aug.11- Mrs. Jas. Glenn, Pottsville
Aug. 15-Chas. F. Kopitzsch, Potts. at Ocean Grove
Aug. 18-Chas. A. Glenn, Potts., son of Mrs. Jas. Glenn
Sept. 21-Godfrey Leonard, Potts., 1st Defender, formerly painter at P & R Machine Shops, Palo Alto
Sept. 27- Mrs. E. Beck, widow of Frederick, 75, Orwigsburg
Sept. 29- John C. Rahn, Orwigsburg; son of the late Judge Rahn
Oct. 6-Dr. J. C. McWilliams, 65, New Castle; had offices in Levi Huber Hotel, New Castle
Oct. 23- Frederick Heiken, 60, Potts.; cabinet Maker
Nov. 3-Mrs. Solomon Hoover, 47, Potts
Nov. 16- Judge William Donaldson, 89, Potts.; Mrs. Mary, widow of John Sennett, 80, Potts
Nov. 26- Mrs. Nicholas Murtha, Potts
Nov. 28- Mrs. Sarah, wife of John H. Drumheller, 76, St. Clair
Dec. 5-Mrs. Adaline Lamont, Potts
Dec. 13-Jacob B. Mace, Potts
Dec. 14- Mrs. Sarah C. Cake, widow of Alexander, 59, Potts. at Phila.
Dec. 22- John W. Heffner Sr., Wayne Twsp
Dec. 26-Capt. Frank Rhoades, Minersville
Dec. 27-John B. Marquardt, 68, Port Carbon

Feb. 1- The Kromer property on N. Centre St., owned by John C. Knapp, Mahanoy City and adjoining Ulmers was bought by Jacob Ulmer for $12,000
Feb. 6-Having completed large underground storehouse at 5th and Schuylkill Avenue., F.G. Yuengling was preparing to open it; it was connected with his brewery
Feb. 10-Snyder & Reed, N. Centre St. merchants, started to erect 2 story frame building at Centre and Nichols Sts.
Feb. 11-Wm. and Albert Seltzer started to erect large packing house along Water St., Jalappa
Feb. 22- Patrick Phillips, who had been in cigar manufacturing business on S. Centre St., bought out firm of John Wetzel in Morris Building and was to move there

Jan. 17-John Reilly of Valentine Nebraska and Miss Katie Foley, Palo Alto, married in Saint Patrick's
Jan. 27-Harry Bast and Miss Annie Bushar, Potts., married by Rev. W.C. Kantner
Feb. 3-Miss Margaretta Boone, St. Clair, and A.T. Dice, Phillipsburg, married at St. Clair
Feb. 18-Wm. Beck and wife of Beckville observed their 25th wedding anniversary
Apr. 6-Miss Lizzie Stellwagon, Palo Alto, and William Dutfield, Wilmington Delaware, married by Rev. Kainer, pastor Methodist Church, Port Carbon
Apr. 7-Robt. B. Wren and Miss Katie E. Faust, Potts., married
Apr. 15-Harry C. Ponter and Miss Jennie Smith, wed
Apr. 27-Jos. Ritter, Phila., and Miss Carrie Yuengling, Potts., married
Apr. 28-Miss Hannah Mortimer and Heber S. Zerbey, married at Mortimer home by Rev. B.T. Vincent, of Methodist Church
June 9-Miss Phoebe J. Robertson and Frank G. Clemens were married at the Robinson home
June 28-Ed. B. Spangler and Miss Eleanor May Channell of Pinegrove, married
Aug. 22-Noah W. Major, Reading and Miss Annie E. Lawrence, Port Carbon, married
Sept. 1-Miss Minnie H. Lord, Potts., and Jas. M. Shellhammer, Potts., married
Sept. 27-Chas. E. Breckons and Miss Annie Rhoads, St. Clair, married
Sept. 28-Robert Green and Miss Maggie Spohn, married. Robert F. Potter Jr., Minersville, and Miss Mame Knittle, Port Carbon, married
Oct. 20-Bernard Ochsenfeld, Potts., and Miss Katie Kirk, Palo Alto, married James M. Schrope, Principal of Porter Twsp. schools and Miss Sybilla Wagner, Hegins Twsp., married
Nov. 22- Robert J. Mills, Potts. and Miss Carrie Hetzel, Williamsport, wed
Dec. 20-Willias T. Bryant, Phila., and Miss Elizabeth T. Shannon, Schuylkill Haven, married
Dec. 21-Miss Katie Stoudt and Edw. Hoover, Potts., married

Mar. 15-Engine at Potts. Electric light works was ruined in accident and town was out of electricity for week, going back to gas.
Apr. 11- Miss Minnie Keiter, St. Clair, was fatally injured; a friend, Miss Volista Shaul, who was visiting from Sharon Springs, Harry Short, of St. Clair, and Edwin Thompson, inside foreman at Chamberlain Colliery, opposite St. Clair Tunnel, St. Clair, were injured when the explosion occurred in mine as young women were being shown through by miners. Miss Annie Hiatt, who remained above ground escaped. Mine lamps ignited gas in mine. Short died Apr. 14th.
Apr. 27-Five men were suffocated when a rush occurred at Tunnel Colliery, Ashland. John Gill, 35, fire boss; Patrick Bohanna, 28, Daniel Finn, 32, and Harry Mannon, 26, of Ashland, and Ebenezer Francis, 20, Girardville, found dead
Oct. 1-6 men were killed and 8 injured in a rush of air when pillars started to run at the Bast Colliery, Ashland. Frederick Oestrich, fireboss, Ashland; John Corcoran, starter, Ashland; John Gillam, driver boy, Ashland; John McConnell, loader, Homesville; and Patrick Talley, door boy, N. Ashland were victims
Oct. 31- Moses Thornton, St. Clair, was fatally injured at Chamberlain Colliery and Daniel Howells had narrow escape
Dec. 2-Four men were killed and several injured when boiler on engine on Freight train at Hawk's Crossing exploded. Alexander Walker; Albert Gouldner; Wallace Ettinger and David Flager, all of Tamaqua were killed.

Jan. 11-Bell for St. Mary, Star of Sea Church, Branchdale, weighing 400 lbs., arrived
Jan. 17-Washington Camp No. 96, P.O.S. of A. of Nuremberg applied for charter. Kaska Wm. citizens applied for charter for a band
Jan. 18-Gov. James A. Beaver was inaugurated governor. Co. H 8th Reg. Potts.,( Capt. Richard Rahn); Co. F 4th Reg. ( Capt. D.C. Henning); Co. B 8th Reg. Tamaqua,( Capt. Wallace Guss); Co. K 8th Reg. Saint Clair,( Capt. Willam H. Holmes); and Co. F 8th Reg. Girardville,( Capt.John J. Johnson, being seriously burned and unable to attend, so 1st Lieut. Thomas Aranage was in charge); and Co. E 8th Reg. Mahanoy City, (Capt. William E. Jones) were in attendance from the county
Jan. 19-St. Bernard's Society had election; Pres. August Knecht; Vice Pres. George Michel; Secretary George L. Scheibelhuth; Treasurer Joseph Fleischut; Trustees, John Schramm, August Wachter and Rhaban Schuler
Jan. 21-Elwood T. Priest, Palo Alto, made General Dispatcher of Mine Hill, Schuylkill Valley and Frackville Divisions of P & R.
Jan. 23-Roland Kline's ice dam in Yorkville burst and Chas. Rettig who had lease on dam for its ice, lost 800 pounds of ice
Jan. 30-New bells blessed at St. Fidelius Church, Mahanoy City
Feb. 4-The P.S.V.R.R. had built an ice house back of Cooch property on Coal St.
Feb. 12-Republicans, with Hon. W. Ramsey, Potts., in chair, made up borough ticket: Chief Burgess, John Kalbach; Treas., Sam W. Mortimer; High Constable, Stephen Rogers; Tax Recorder, Jos. W. Jones; Boro Assessor, Frank M. Bertram; Auditors, A.C. Womer, Edw. R. Reese, F.W. Leib
Feb. 14-Dr. William Carr, St. Clair, was appointed almshouse physician
Feb. 15-Frank Albert was elected Burgess; S.M. Mortimer Treas.; J.W. Jones, Tax Collector; Stephen Rogers, Constable; F.M. Bertram, Assessor; Reese, Womer and Leib, auditors
Feb. 16-Wm. H. Rhoads, St. Clair, appointed ticket agent at new P.S.V.R.R. Station
Feb. 21-Pennsy notified all persons along its system that passes would not be recognized after March 31
Feb. 22-John A. Logan Commandery No. 12 of Sons of America installed at Pinegrove: E.C. Logan, Commander; Lieut. Commander, Dr. J.W. Hain; Rector, E.E. Snyder; Scribe, F.E. Stees; Purser, D.J. Genesemer; Insp., George F. Shiel; and Guard, S.M. Helms
Mar. 3-Camp 34 P.O.S. of A. organized at Middleport
Mar. 12-Dr. Jas. S. Carpenter notified of appointment as physician and Surgeon Of Penna. Railroad Co.
Mar. 23-Augustus L. Boehmer elected Pres. Govt. Natl. Bank in place of Henry H. Huntzinger, who died
Mar. 25-Wm. M. Stellwagon, Palo Alto, former Supt. P.& R. Machine Shops, made Master Mechanic
Mar.27-Prof. Geo. A. Transue opened business college at Mahantongo an Centre Sts., in Esterly Building.
Apr. 17-St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Schuylkill Haven, rededicated.
Apr. 27-Joseph Jefferson, famous actor appeared here in "Cricket on the Hearth."
Apr. 29-Isaac Rich, brick manufacturer added new brick machine to Westwood yards.
May 3-Prof. Geo. W. Weiss was re-elected County Superintendent.
May 15-Bell and steeple of Friedens Church, Branch Twp., dedicated.
May 31-Rev. A. L. Loeder was installed as pastor of 2nd Presbyterian Church
June 1-Pres. Albert Tilt and Vice Pres. Jos. Congdon of Phoenix Silk Co. completed arrangements for Tilt Silk Mill; was to be completed by Dec. 1 and located at Anthracite Park adjoining Peoples Rwy. depot.
June 18-At a meeting of the Childrens Home Board, the following officers were elected: Pres. Gen'l. J. K. Sigfried; Corresponding Secy., S. A Thurlow; Recording Secy., J. J. Cake; Treas., Arthur W. Sheafer; Solicitor Josiah Lineaweaver, Esq.; Physician Dr. Jas. S. Carpenter; Dentist Dr. P K Filbert; Historian, W. K. Woodbury; Barbers, Lewis and Joseph E. Bocam; Matron, Mrs. Mary Thomas.
June 20-Dr. Mary Alice Swayze's Sanitarium, corner 2nd and Race Sts. was opened.
June 21-The new P. & R. depot on E. Norweigan between Coal and Railroad St. opened. New West End Hose Co., was accepted by council.
July 13-Hearing on incorporation of Landingville at Court House.
July 22-Cornerstone of Church of Sacred Heart, Port Clinton was laid.
July 27- Geo. Miller was preparing to take possession of Michele dry goods store.
Sept. 3-The Seltzer packing house, owned by Wm. and A. W. Seltzer, was opened.
Sept. 26-The Pottsville Eisteddfod was held here with Gov. Jam. A. Beaver, presiding. A quartet composed of Col. T. D. Griffith, St. Clair, Hon. John W. Morgan, Shenandoah, Wm. Evans, Lansford, and David Price, Ashland was among the prize winners.
Dec. 19-25th Annual Teachers' Institute met at Shenandoah.
Dec. 22-Strike called by Knights of Labor tied up Railroads

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