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Schuylkill County Events in 1902

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 21-Home of Joseph Casper, Middleport, destroyed by fire
March 7-Five stores were damaged in fire which started in 3rd story building owned by Fitzgibbons Bros., Ringtown and located at 22 Centre St., Shenandoah
March 10-Fire broke out in building occupied by Mrs. Louise Welsh , Frackville and spread to Aaron Houtz Shoe Store and hotel of Charles L. Hildebran. Water supply in town was inadequate to cope with blaze
Apr. 23-Fire burned down live stable of John Fishburn, Shenandoah, and stables of Peter Povinkis, Shenandoah, J. Bauser and Peter Tuberoskis
Apr. 28-Lawrence R. Reilly residence and saloon in Palo Alto burned down

Jan. 12-Benjamin Sterner, 89, 505 West Arch Street, Pottsville
Jan. 12-Nathaniel Krebs, 68, Saint Clair
Jan. 13-Thomas Thomas, 63, Minersville
Jan. 14-Captain Elijah W. Zeigler, ex-Co. Commissioner and ex-Jail Warden, Friedensburg
Jan. 14-Henry Powell, 92, corner Arch and George Streets
Jan. 15-Ex-County Commissioner Frank Rentz, Ashland
Jan. 15-Richard Collins, 60, of Collins Marble Yard, Pottsville
Jan. 15-Frank P. Langton, Ashland
Jan. 15-Major J. Claude White, 72, Swatara
Jan. 17-Samuel M. Riley, of Pottsville at Saranac Lake
Jan. 18-Mrs. Peter Held, 67, of Minersville
Jan. 21-Clara, wife of Archibald Brown, 33, 506 East Market St., Pottsville
Jan. 22-Mary, wife of Dr. Wale Wrudson, 82, Pottsville
Jan. 22- Mrs. Ann, widow of Matthew Hopkins, Pottsville
Jan. 23-Cornelius H. Tyson, President Safe Deposit Bank, Pottsville
Jan. 27-Henry Bobbs, 74, Palo Alto
Jan. 31-George K. Hoffman, 86, 423 East Arch Street, Pottsville
Feb. 1-Hannah A., wife of Christopher P. Kelly, 303 S. Second Street
Feb. 7-Thomas McGrath, 74, Port Carbon
Feb. 15-Herman J. Knecht, Pottsville, fatally injured on Pennsylvania Railroad
Feb. 15-Samuel M. Yost, 72, Orwigsburg
Feb. 17-D. J. Lewis, Minersville
Feb. 19-Thomas Glenwright, 82, Ashland
Feb. 19- Sarah, widow of Charles Shearstone, 68, Minersville
Feb. 27-Mrs. Jabez Sparks, 80, Pottsville
Feb. 28-Mrs. Asher B. Stevens, 81, Port Carbon
March 5-Col. J. G. Frick, 77, Pottsville
March 7-Mrs. Mary M. Miller, 90, Pottsville
March 16-Mrs. Catherine Whitney, 82, Pottsville
March 20-Edward W. Moloney, Pottsville
March 26-Ernst F. Jungkurth, 71, Mechaniesville
April 12-Mrs. Sarah A. Thorn, 74, St. Clair
April 18-James O'Brien, Ashland, Democratlc Candidate for Legislature
April 21-Jacob Schmidt, 62, Pottsville
May 7-Mary A., widow Charles Dimmick, 73, Pottsville
May 11-Helen B., wife of P. R. Morris, 71, Port Carbon
May 15-Robert Green, Sr., 79, Girardville
May 17-Emma, daughter of Emma L. and late Francis P. Dewees, at Philadelphia
May 17-Miss Ellen Critz, of Pottsville. at Philadelphia
May 21-John Quinn, 71, Palo Alto
May 24-Joseph H. Beer, 87, Port Carbon
June 3-Clay F. Reber, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Reber as result of injury to spine; ill a year
July 2-John Doyle, Palo Alto, killed at St. Clair Colliery
July 6-Daniel R. Miller, 68, Pine Grove
July 18-Harry Quinter, 67, Schuylkill Haven
July 19-Andrew Siegel, 84, Pottsville
July 19-Michael Mangan, Mechanicsville
July 26-Heber Smith, 71, Pottsville
July 30-James Ruddy, Palo Alto, killed, on P. & R. Railroad
July 31-Lindin Augusta, wife of Walter Wertley, 49, Pottsville
Aug. 3-Thomas R. Stockett, Sr., 72, Pottsville
Aug. 6-Mrs. John H. Pollard, 46, Ashland
Aug. 11-G. Oliver Roads, 86, Pottsville
Aug. 13-Mrs. Harriet, widow of Henry Van Stone, 69, Wales
Aug. 16-Manassah Michael, 64, restaurant owner, Pottsville
Aug. 19-Mrs. Mana Jackson, widow of Adam, 79, Saint Clair
Aug. 23-Edwin Dando, 84, Minersville
Aug. 24-Mahlon R. Nichols, ex-Chief Burgess, Pottsville
Sept. 4-John R. Jones, 72, Minersville
Sept. 4-Susan, wife of William J. Bowen, 566 E. Market St., Pottsville
Sept. 8-Casper Moerschbacher, 81, Pottsville
Sept. 14-Rev. John Dyson, Pottsville
Sept. 20-Francis Altstatt, Prominent Democrat, Pottsville
Sept. 20- Rebecca N. Hawley, 400 Mahantongo St., Pottsville
Sept. 22-Mrs. John H. Moyer, 61, Orwigsburg
Sept. 25-Mrs. Barbara Liebner, widow of Joseph, 92, Pottsville
Oct. 2-Richard Edwards, 84, 1123 W Market St., Pottsville
Oct. 6-Margaret, widow of Martin Duffy 79, Saint Clair
Oct. 7-Benjamin Weiler, 58, Pottsville
Oct. 8-Mrs. Celia Mengle, wife of A. M Mengle, Orwigsburg Hotelkeeper
Oct. 11-Col. Theodore F. Hoffman, Pottsville, commanding officer of 8th Regt N. G. P. at Moses Taylor Hospital, Scranton
Oct. 16-William J. Bowen, 78, 556 E. Market St., Pottsville
Oct. 19-Jacob Christian, 84, Pottsville
Oct. 19-Elizabeth Temple, widow John, 85, Pottsville
Oct. 28-Mrs. Edwin F. Weston, Sr., 81, Fourth and W. Race Sts., Pottsville
Oct. 28-Edwin F. Weston, 68, 307 Nichols St., Pottsville
Oct. 30-Mrs. W. K. Boltz, 73, Pottsville
Nov. 2-Capt. H. J. Hendler, 79, former county treasurer and staunch Democrat, Pottsville
Nov. 5-Edward Beck, 74, Beckville
Nov. 9-John G. Pfeifer, 75, Pottsville
Nov. 12-Charles W. Laudeman, Minersville
Nov. 18-W. 0. Davies, agent for L. W. Coal Co., at Pottsville
Nov. 22-Daniel F. Green, formerly Pottsville, at Shamokin
Nov. 27-Mrs. William Faussett, 70, Pottsville
Dec. 1-John B. Miller, 70, Pottsville
Dec. 2-Henry C. Russell, Pottsville
Dec. 3-Mrs. S. A. Phillips, 75, Minersville
Dec. 4-J. E. Dechant, 70, Pottsville
Dec. 11-G. W. Simmons, of Pottsville, killed at Harrisburg
Dec. 17-Henry Matten, Sr., 68, Pottsville
Dec. 17-Moses Robinson, 75, Saint Clair, killed on R. R.
Dec. 22-Dr. G. W. Kennedy, 59, Pottsville
Dec. 24-Nicholas Heblich, 54, Pottsville
Dec. 24-Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mohn, Schuylkill Haven, found dead in bed
Dec. 26-Charles Heiken, Pottsville

Feb. 1-P. M. Warmkessel who was in shoe business on N. 6th St., was to open a shoe store on N. Centre St., in store room occupied by H. Larer & Co.
Feb. 6-D.Tucker opened a grocery store at 609 N. Centre St
Feb. 17-The Tumbling Run property land and all buildings were sold by L.W. Weissinger to R. E. Lee, Jr., member of firm of Lee Bros.
Mar. 8-Mrs. Ellen Arters, widow of C. D. Arters, sold her home, 401 Laurel St., to F. W. Nickol
March 30-F. L. Cooch, opened newly built Troy Laundry at W. Arch and 2nd Sts.
Apr. 16-M. F. Sheafer was to build two houses at corner of Washington and Centre Sts.
Sept. 9-William and John Adcock were building a hosiery mill in the 5th ward
Sept. 10-W. H. Kline of Reading purchased late M. Michaels restaurant at 18 N. Centre St.
Dec. 16-C. F. Vonder Heiden had purchased the M. F. Sheafer home, 340 Harrison St.

Jan. 6-Miss May J. Sturman, Mechanicsville and William M. Thompson, Pottsville; married at Trinity Episcopal Church by Rev. May
Jan. l6-William E. Super and Miss May Reese, St. Clair, married.
Feb. 6-J. F. Canfield, Pottsville, and Miss Vera McDonnell, New Philadelphia, married at Holy Family Church.
Feb. 11-J. C. Heiken, Pottsville, and Miss Lena M. Linden of Louisville, Ky.. wed
Feb. 11-M.J. McClennan, Pottsville, and Miss Anna T. Bender, Minersville, married at St. Mary's Church, Minersville.
Feb. 24-George Bader Sr., Pottsville, observed 70th anniversary.
Mar. 18-Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Miller. Schuylkill Haven, observed their silver anniversary.
Apr. 1-Dr. Louis T. Kennedy and Miss Harriet A. Bland, Pottsville, married at Trinity Episcopal Church.
Apr. 1-Maj. Norman S. Farquhar and Miss Sarah F. Sheafer, Pottsville, wed by Rev. May, Episcopal Church
Apr. 8-Miss Mary A. Leonard and J. Mortimer Tindle. Pottsville, married.
Apr. 23-Miss Bella B. Rudy and Chas. H. Woltjen, Jr., married.
Apr. 23-Paul Dengler, Pottsville, and Miss Clara M. Hirsh, Steelton, married.
Apr. 23-Miss Julia Schimpf and Wm. F. Boehmer, Pottsville, married
Apr. 24-Miss Emily G. Gressang, Pottsville, and James G. Robertson. Fort Washington, Pa., married.
Apr. 24-Postmaster and Mrs. G. C. Schrink observed 15th anniversary
June l0-J. Herman Rabenau and Miss Amy E. Heim married in Eng. Luth. Church by Rev. W. F. Rentz.
July 25-A. J. Reilly, Palo Alto, and Miss Annie Hurley, Auburn, married at St. Ambrose Church, Schuylkill Haven.
July 25-George B . Teasdale and Miss Charlotte Lloyd married at Lloyd home, 615 N. 3rd St.
July 26-Otto Liebner and Miss Elizabeth Brahler, Pottsville, married by Father Longinus at St. John's.
Aug. 19-Dr. J. G. Kramer and Mrs. Lillian Smith Shumway, Pottsville. married in Philadelphia
Aug. 21-H. D. Lindermuth and Miss Minnie M. Mengel married by Rev. N. S. Good at Auburn.
Aug. 26-Charles Ellison, Jr., York, and Miss Annie Curley, Pottsville, married at St. Patrick's Church.
Aug. 30-William A. Boone and Mrs. Florence Short, St. Clair. married by Rev. John Stringer in Methodist Church.
Sept. 9-Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Saylor. Schuylkill Haven, observed 50th anniversary.
Sept. 24-Miss Carrie A. Bickel, Pottsville, and J. A. Kaercher, Cressona, married at United Evangelical parsonage by Rev. G. A. Knerr.
Oct. 1-L. F. Ulmer and Miss Florence Beisel married at Beisel residence, 226 Fairview St., by Rev. J.H. eastman
Oct. 22-Agnes M. Veith, Pottsville, and Charles Fluehr, Philadelphia, married at St. John's Church.
Nov. 18-Miss Esther B. Hoffman and George H. Atkins, Pottsville, married at Hoffman home, 7th and Mahantongo Sts., by Rev. Powers.
Nov. 26-Effie Beck, Beckville, and George B. Stichter, Pottsville, wed.
Nov. 26-Nelson J. Clayton and Miss Sallie Evans, Ashland, wed.
Nov. 27-Fred D. Fernsler and Miss Mary N. Potts, Pottsville, wed.
Dec. 10-Elvin I. Elliott, Pottsville, and Miss Mary M. Evans, Donaldson, married.
Dec. ll-Clarence Messersmith, Pottsville, and Miss Carrie A. Miller wed.
Dec. 14-J. J. Moran, Pottsville, and Miss R. L. Bowers, Fort Bayard, N. M., married.
Dec. 30-Miss Ida Brenner, Pottsville, and Max Weiner, Jonestown, married

Jan. 15-Explosion of gas at Maple Hill Mine resulted in John Maguire,Shenandoah, and James Lashinski, Shenandoah, being suffocated.
April 26-Irvin Wolf, Amos Yarnall, James Lindermuth, Elmer Stauffer and John Ruppert killed in explosion of powder mill at Krebs Sta., Ringtown.
Aug. 1-Harry Weller and Leonard Stine, both of Mahanoy City, drowned at Lakeside.
Dec. 17-Joseph Bast, 11, son of Walter Bast, and Floyd, 10, son H.E. Bast, Schuylkill Haven, were drowned when they plunged into the Schuylkill River while coasting.

Jan. 2-Passengers on Saint Clair branch of Union Traction Co., were notified that straight 5c fare each way was rule thereafter.
Jan. 6-Judge Shay handed down decree in Borough of Minersville suit against the Schuylkill Electric R. R. Co., ruling that the Pottsville Traction Company must build a road to lead to Heckscherville from MinersviUe or remove its tracks from Sunbury St.
Jan. 15-W. M. Stellwagon, P. & R. Master Mechanic at Palo Alto, retired and J. J. Whalen of 447 East Market St. succeeded him.
Jan. 22-Prof. B. S. Simonds applied for permanent State teacher's certificate and request was granted.
Jan. 28-The Pottsville Choral Union presented sacred cantata "Elijah" by Mendelssohn.
Feb. 2-Frackville Methodist Church was dedicated; had been remodeled and new parsonage built.
Feb. 10-Losch, Moore & Co.'s colliery at Lorberry suspended operations because of the smallpox epidemic.
Feb. 21-Girardville Citizens were up in arms against proposed prize fight to be held in Opera House. Sheriff S. R. Beddall was doing all he could to arrest anyone taking part in them.
Feb. 26-Mine Inspector Maguire's report showed 5,172,530 tons of coal mined in 1901; 7740 men were employed in the mines of this district.
Feb. 26-Miss Frances Lowery, of Great Barrington, Mass., assumed charge of Free Kindergarten, Mrs. Wilson having resigned
Feb. 28-A terrific rain storm struck the region. Railroads were unable to keep anything like a schedule. Trolleys were abandoned and mines were all flooded out. Condition prevailed for several days.
March 3-New P. & R. passenger station at Schuylkill Haven, was completed and ready for use
March 3-Town Council reorganized. Dr. W.H. Robinson was elected President; A. J. Pilgram, Solicitor; G. W. DeWald, Supervisor; H. S. Davies, Chief of Police; The Councilmen were as follows: First Ward, Kanady, Mertz, and F. S. Freiler; Second Ward, Nichter, MeKinstry and J. W. Oren; Third Ward, J. W. Fleet, Good and Schoen; Fourth Ward, Eastman, W. C. Wilson and Albert Cable; Sixth Ward, Hummel, Aikman and James; Seventh Ward, J. A. Lynaugh, Weber and Krohmer.
March 3-Yorkville Council reorganized. Oscar St. Clair was elected President; J.. F. Zerbey, Secy.; C. J. Ackerman, Treasurer; W. L. Kramer, Solcitor; Jacob Hartman, Supervisor. Other members were: Joseph Kraft, Hugh Dolan, Joseph Elison, John Frank and F. P. Bernard.
Mar. 5-G. A. Knerr was assigned as pastor to the Pottsville United Evangelical Church; C. F. Kostenbader to Schuylkill Haven; J. L. Gunther, Cressona; J. G. Sands, Port Carbon; W. J. Scheifley, Frackville; D. F. Stauffer, Tamaqua; H. D. Kreidler, Mahanoy City; J. R. Hensyl, Shenandoah; H. M. Wingert, Ashland.
Mar.10-Mine in accidents fatal 62 reported District, Seventh
Mar. 11-Damage done to bridges of county in storm was $30,000.
Mar. 14-New Postmasters recommended for county: R. B. Clayton, Ashland; Louis Biltz, Girardville; Daniel N. Bedea, Shenandoah; Burd R. Linder, Orwigsburg, and D. M. Graham, Mahanoy City.
Mar. 21-Mechanicsville people organized fire company. Following officers and committee chosen: President, J. A. C. Gilmour; Vice President, Frank P. Risbin; Secretary, Frank P. Day; Treasurer, George B. Lurwick; Foreman, John Mullen; Assistant Foreman, William H. Sands; Directors, John Mullen, L. C. Thompson, William 0. Stein; Trustees, W. H. Sands, Joseph Gilmour, Sr., and Frederick Folk.
Mar. 25-115th Session of Philadelphia M. E. Conference resulted in following being appointed to county charges: Cressona, Ephraim Potts; Frackville, H. J. Illrich; Gilberton, H. H. Kinney; Girardville, Lynn Bowman; Mahanoy City, J. H. Wood; Port Carbon, J. W. Bradley. Pottsville, J. T. Satchell; Saint Clair, John Stringer; Schuylkill Haven, C. J. Isenberger; Shenandoah, G. W. Dungan; Tamaqua, T. W. Robottom; Llewellyn, G. W. Sheetz; Minersvillee, G. W. Graff; Pine Grove, W. H. Aspril; Tower City, W. H. Zweizig; Tremont and Donaldson, B. Shay.
Apr. 24-Duncott Township was asking for rural mail delivery.
Apr. 25-Electric power was to supercede orse and steam power at Herbein Colliery
Apr. 30-Ashland found it necessary to erect hospital for smallpox patients; 4 cases.
May 1-Minersville Council ordered Chief Burgess to tear up portion of tracks of the Pottsville Union Traction Co., near lower end of Sunbury St. On May 5. injunction against borough was got by Schuylkill Electric Rwys. Co. and Pottsville Union Traction Co restraining borough from removing tracks.
May 6-Supt. G. W. Weiss was re-electe School Supt. of County.
May 12-Miss Phila. Scott of Maryland; Miss Frances Shields of Phila., and Miss Agnes Wagner, Tamaqua, given diplomas at Pottsville Hospital. Miss Laura Beddall, Tamaqua, admitted as student nurse.
May 15-The mine workers convention at Hazleton voted to make strike permanent in mines, and railroad force were cut down to consist only of thos needed to run passenger and freight trains.
May 17-Forepaugh and Sells circus here
May 17- John Maguire, mine inspector fo 8th district, resigned.
May 24-Rev. Jas. B. May, asst. rector Trinity Episcopal Church, accepted call to St. Barnabas' Episcopal Church, Reading.
June 4-Miss Elizabeth Shaw elected teacher of Mt. Carbon public school.
June 5-Dr. A. R. Bartholomew, formerly of Pottsville, resigned as pastor of Allentown church to become Secretary, Board of Foreign Missions of Reformed Church.
June 27-The following graduated from High School: Harry Becker, Charles Brennan, Ralph Deibert, Charles Griswold, George Halberstadt, Eli Heisler, Bayard King, Allan Morris, Peter Pugh, Edward Transue, Fred Whitmore, John Zerbey, Jr.. Janet Aikman, Helen Brennan, Gussie Farrel, Mary Haeseler, Bessie Morgan, Ida Mortirmer, Isabel Palmer, Katharine Powers, Anna Shaw, Laura Sheafer, Bertram Strohmeier, Robert Weaver, Carrie Lennig, Helen Lenker, Elva Miller, Anna Renner, Linda Super, Agnes Uttermul, Jennie Waters, Agnes Kelly and Isabel Woodbury.
July 3-C. L. Ferrebee was made postmaster at St. Clair.
July 8-Body of James Rusk, lost five months in Preston No. 3 colliery, Girardville, when he fell down slope, was recovered.
Aug. 4-Machine shop resumed at Fishbach Mill
Aug. 14-The St. Bonifacius Church, St. Clair. had been renovated, damage having been done to foundations by floods in early summer.
Aug. 17-New outbreak of smallpox in Pottsville.
Aug. 29-At the Orwigsburg Fair, during the running of the races, Mamie L., . horse owned by Albert Miller of Ringtown, fell while going over course and broke leg.
Sept. 1-48th Regt. held reunion at Exchange Hotel. Reception committee composed of Albert Day. Joseph Tillott, Jesse Wildermuth, David Houser, J.N. Neice and Daniel Donne.
Sept. 2-Council fixes tax rate at 8 mills.
Sept. 5-Robert Mantell here at Academy of Music in "The Dagger and the Cross"
Sept. 7-United Brethren Church of Cressona, held reopening services.
Sept. 10-John Reed, from 6th ward, succeeded Edward Meadows on School Board. Miss Annetta Ent was elected a teacher at $25 a month, and Frank Bertram was made truant officer at $25 a month.
Sept. 15-Bishop Prendergast laid cornerstone of the Sacred Heart parochial school in New Philadelphia
Sept. 22-A historical bond, handed over by the late Francis Altstatt, was in possession of Capt. H.J. Hendler for $800. When Capt. of Washington Yeagers in Civil War, bond was given for purchase of 40 rifles, 40 powder horns, 40 pouches for use of Washington Yeagers of Pottsville
Sept. 25-Charlemagne Tower was appointed Ambassador to Germany; former resident of Pottsville, and a son of man for whom Tower City was named.
Oct. 24-"The Chimes of Normandy" was given in Academy of Music under direction of Prof. Chas. W. Wright. Miss Laura Sheafer, Frank Dunn, Howard Paul, Joan Brumm, Dr. G. H. Boone, Thomas Jack Evans, H. S. Morrison, Harry Weitzel were participants.
Nov. 3-Raymond Hitchcock here in "King Dodo" at Academy of Music.
Nov. 4-Four cases of smallpox in Schuylkill Haven
Nov. 4-Charles E. Berger, (R.) elected District Attorney; Patterson for Congress; Samuel Gore, (R.) Prothy.;Ball, (R) Clerk of Courts; Whittaker, (D) Register; Kantner (R) and Reber (R) and Opie (D.) were elected for Legislature. Charles G. Palmer, 1st District; Alfred B. Gardner, Ashland, 2nd;Wallace A. Sitler, (R.) 3rd;Wesley F. Crone and Charles A. Snyder,4th District; Reed, Dem.
Nov. 9-New Methodist Church, St. John Street, Schuylkill Haven, dedicated.
Nov. 19-Dr. 0. J Carlin opened offices at 468 N. Centre St.
Nov. 19-Washington Castle No. 125 and Mt. Castle No. 48, Knights of Golden Eagle, consolidated and were to be known as Mt. City Castle.
Nov. 23-The hotel of August Portolan, Mahanoy City, was blown up by dynamite.
Nov. 27-New Lithuanian Church at New Philadelphia
Nov. 28-Charter for Miners Brewing Co. of Minersville, recorded at Court House.
Nov. 29-Edward Brennan, mine inspector of 7th Dist., resigned.
Dec. 9-A. T. Dice, Supt. of Shamokin District, was to become Gen. Supt. of Reading.
Dec. 9-The Mud Run Reservoir, near Frackville, was completed; 250,000,000 gallon capacity.
Dec. 10-Miss Nellie Sparks and Prof. F. W. Leib resigned as teachers in Pottsville schools. Prof. H. G. Dunkleberger of Cressona, succeeded Mr. Leib.
Dec. 24-Miss Elizabeth Roseberry elected first grade teacher at Centre St. building in place of Miss Sparks.
Dec. 28-T. S. Deibert made manager of Kennedy Drug Store.

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