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Schuylkill County Events in 1903

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 12-Home of Joseph Fisher, Third and Fairview Sts., badly damaged by fire.
April 16-$15,000 fire in Girardville, started in home of Adam Michael and spread to homes of Michael Kilker, John Brennan, Thomas Mulavage and John Coon
April 19-Fire at 10th and Mahnatongo Sts. damaged houses occupied by Charles and Otto Michael. John Oerther, Joseph Ritzel and Joseph Smith
July 16-The interior of Kaska William slope was on fire; fire continued and broke out with renewed vigor on Oct. 2
Aug. 4-Disastrous fire visited Pottsville when lumber yard of William Buechley and Son was destroyed with $40,000 loss
Aug. 4-The machine shops of Saint Clair Coal Co. was destroyed by fire with $5,000 loss
Oct. 29-When lamp exploded and set fire to house at 242 North 12th Street, Mrs. William Schwartz was frightfully burned as well as her husband. Baby asleep in bedroom rescued by Philip Yedinsky, who lived next door

Jan. 2-The Rev. Father J.J. Kelly, Lost Creek
Jan. 2-Mrs. Anna Watson, widow of Joseph T., Pottsville
Jan. 11-Mrs. Esther Scheipe, 74, Orwigsburg
Jan. 21-Peter Pugh, 60, Pottsville, dropped dead
Jan. 21-Dr. C.H. Haeseler, Pottsville
Jan. 21-Mrs. Jane Parmley, Saint Clair
Jan. 25-Charles C. Beaumont, Saint Clair, Civil War veteran
Jan. 26-Elizabeth, wife of late Henry Rosengarten, 82
Jan. 31-Mrs. Catherine, widow of Augustus H. Roades, 73, Shenandoah
Feb. 2-Henry Homrighausen, 77, Palo Alto
Feb. 6-Adam Miller,25, Jonestown, near Tower City, killed in fall down East Brookside shaft
Feb. 12-Mrs. Catherine Zweibel, 87, Pottsville
Feb. 13-Col. Henry Royer of Pottsville, at Denver Colorado
Feb. 16-Mrs. Daniel Lewis, Pottsville
Feb. 17-Mrs. Elizabeth Hughes, wife of late Francis W. Hughes, Pottsville
Feb. 19-Jacob Kimmel, 66, Pottsville
Feb. 25-Mrs. George T. Johns, 65, Pottsville
Feb. 26-George Wessner, Port Carbon, killed on Railroad
Feb. 26-Christian Vogt, 61, Pottsville
Feb. 27-Charles Robinson, Tower City,mine inspector; killed at East Brookside
Feb. 28-Mrs. Mgt. M.A., widow of Capt. H.J. Hendler, 76, Pottsville
March 1-Mary Ann, widow of John F. Harris, 74, Frackville
March 4-John T. Clouse, 72, Orwigsburg
March 5-Mrs. Charlotte Fisher, 80, Minersville
March 6-Major Wallace Guss, cashier at Tamaqua National Bank; dropped dead
March 9-John A.M. Passmore, Pottsville
March 11-James M. Hadesty, 68, Tamaqua
March 12-Charles Cleary, Tamaqua engineer; found dead in engine cab
March 15-Mary Pletz, 93, Pottsville
March 17-Milton Kline, 22, Schuylkill Haven; killed at Coal Storage Yards
March 27-Emily J.L. McCool, Pottsville
March 30-Lewis B. Walker, 48, son of Judge Thomas H. Walker, Pottsville
April 9-Harry G. McGinnes, Pottsville
April 10-Mrs. D.V. Potts, Pottsville
April 14-Dr. John G. Weiss, Yorkville, at Reading; struck by train
April 17-Mrs. Mary C. Reith, 77, Pottsville
April 22-Jacob Bittle, 79, Cressona
April 26-Cyrus Sheetz, 75 years, Pottsville
May 2-Miss Lal E. Lebebgood, Orwigsburg, fatally burned
May 19-Miss Mary Silliman, 85, Pottsville
May 22-Mrs. Ann J. Pritchard, Pottsville
May 30-Mrs. Charles Gerhard, mother of Prof. Frederic Gerhard, at Philadelphia
June 2-Joseph Hendrickson, 19, Pottsville; killed on Pennsy. by shifter
June 4-Catherine, widow of Nicholas Kaiser, 70, Pottsville
June 6-Thomas D. Faries, Pottsville; retired P. & R. engineer
June 6-Mrs. Catherine, widow of Frederick Haeseler, 83, Pottsville
June 8-Mrs. Minna L. Huber, Pottsville
June 15-Ella Scheerer, wife of Joseph H. DeFrehn, Pottsville
June 16-Frank Brennan, deputy recorder, Shenandoah
June 23-John Schlottman, Sr., Duncott
June 23-Henry Krebs, 79, Port Carbon
June 29-Judge Cyrus L. Pershing, 79, Pottsville
July 4-Harry Moyer, Shenandoah; drowned at Tumbling Run
July 4-Samuel Harpster, 23, Tamaqua; drowned at Lakeside
July 9-C.F. Yuengling, 68, Pottsville
July 9-Col. William Thompson, Pottsville
July 24-Div. Supt. of P.& R. C.& I. Co. Thomas Doyle; Pottsvile
July 26-Mrs. Amelia Fegley,86, Orwigsburg
August 3-Mrs. William Berner, 78, Pottsville
August 6-Mrs. Isabella, widow Theodore Russell, Pottsville
August 10-Cyrus Moore, 77, Minersville
August 13-James A. Bowen, 68, Pottsville
August 14-N.Y. Payne, 56, East Butler Twsp.; father of N. Guy Payne, Pottsville
August 19-Thomas Williams, Kaska William, in fall of top rock
August 21-Hon. Marmaduke P. Fowles, Shenandoah
August 23-John Pollard, 83, Pottsville
August 29-Charles A. Mellon, 28, Schuylkill Haven; killed at Philadelphia
August 29-John H. Super, 84, Pottsville
Sept. 11-Former Chief Burgess Edward Heffner, 78, Pottsville
Sept. 12-Mrs. Sallie Wintersteen, wife of W.J. Whitehouse, Pottsville
Sept. 15-Mrs. Elizabeth M. Luther, 83, Pottsville
Sept. 25-N. Lewis Hawley, electrician, Pottsville; killed at Lincoln
Sept. 30-Mrs. Sylvestor E. Van Buren, Ashland
Oct. 11-M.D. Malone, Shenandoah
Oct. 27-Elizabeth, wife of George W. Garrett, Orwigsburg
Oct. 29-Thomas G. Allan, 59, of Pottsville
Nov. 2-Louis and Frederick A. Weissinger, Pottsville
Nov. 3-Rebecca Reed, wife of N.C. Morrison, 78, Pottsville
Nov. 4-John Hoch, 82, Philadelphia; came to Pine Grove in 1829, moved to Pottsville in 1873 and was a partner in Miller, Hoch & Co., which operated Stanton Colliery
Nov. 12-Thomas Connor, 87, first postmaster of Ashland, at Pottsville
Nov. 17-Rev. Father Herman Diederich, Saint Fidelis Church, Mahanoy City
Nov. 25-Capt. George C. Boyer, formerly Pottsville, at Harrisburg
Nov. 25-William S. Davis, of Davis Brothers coal operating firm, Broad Mountain
Nov. 27-Miss Sarah Silliman, Pottsville
Dec. 2-John Cowan, 84, Saint Clair
Dec. 2-Catherine S., wife of Rev. J. Grubler, 73, Orwigsburg
Dec. 14-Jane Mosgrove, widow late James Galbrath, 84, Pottsville

Jan. 30-Edward J. Matten who conducted Centre House at Port Clinton, leased Washington Hotel at Hamburg
Feb. 28-Dr. P.H. O'Hara, who purchased Walker property, southeast corner 2nd and Mahantongo Sts., was to convert it into office building
March 24-Frank and Gustave Muehlhof purchased glove knitting mill at 608 West Race Street, from W.K. Boltz. Fred Muehlhof was to manage it
June 29-The Esterly building, Centre and Mahantongo Sts., was sold to William Prifer for $40,000
July 3-Saint James Reformed Church, Girardville, was sold to Harrison Ball, Mahanoy City
August 19-J. Miehle became owner of Mt. City building for department store
Sept. 28-L.T. Medlar received contract for extensive improvements to Pottsville Post Office
Oct. 17-Gately and Britton, purchased property they occupied, 210 West Market St., formerly Kline estate, and were to remodel it
Oct. 23-Tremont Brewery, operated for 2 years by T. J. Murphy, was sold to M.J. Connelly of Mount Carmel, formerly of Branchdale
Nov. 4-A.S. Faust purchased Brook property at 10th and Mahantongo Sts., from Mrs. D.B. Green

Jan. 14-Miss Florence Snyder and John W. Thomas, of Hokendauqua, wed
Feb. 25-William G. Long and Miss Jennie Grim married by Rev.Knerr
April 21-Miss Sophie Yeastedt and Joseph Smith Jr., Yorkville, married at Saint John's
April 29-Elam C. Jenkins and Miss Annie G. Schmeltzer, married
April 29-Miss Edna Vanstone, Pottsville, and Albert Bean, Pittsburgh, married at Second Presbyterian
June 3-Ellsworth Nagle, Pottsville, and Miss Tidville Watkins, of Beaver Brook, wed
June 4-O.D. Stevens, Port Carbon, and Miss Mary L. Hay, Palo Alto, wed at M.E. Church by Rev. Satchell
June 10-Miss Carrie M. Bedford and A.C. Hasler, married
June 10-Harry C. Kinzey, Pottsville, and Miss Rosalin M. Parry, Pottsville, wed
June 10-U.H. Nuss, Pottsville, and Miss Ruth Bartholomew, Philadelphia, married by bride's father, Dr. A.R. Bartholomew
June 17-Miss Maud Gilmour, Mechanicsville and William Boughner, Shamokin, married
June 18-Miss Mary E. Long and George Hutchinson, married
June 24-Miss Maud J. Ritter and Milton J. Firey, formerly of Pottsville, now of Chicago, married by groom's father, Rev. M.F. Firey
June 24-Miss Marie Post and Charles Schlottman, Saint Clair, wed
June 25-Miss Mattie Price and Nathaniel Krebs, Saint Clair, wed
July 18-Mr. and Mrs. John Veith observed 50th anniversary
Sept. 23-Miss Grace Lewis and Roland Y. Luther married at Lewis homestead
Sept. 29-Charles B. Schum, Pottsville and Miss Mabel Stump, Hamburg, wed
Sept. 30-Charles Bull, Port Carbon and Miss Lillie Williams, Pottsville, wed
Oct. 1-Miss Mary Nagle, Port Carbon, and Clarence Yocum, Reading, married
Oct. 7-Miss Beulah T. Boone and William T. Tyson married at the Boone home
Oct. 15-Miss Emma D. Gillam, Schuylkill Haven and George M. Paxon married at Schuylkill Haven, Saint Matthew's Church
Oct. 20-Miss Helen P. Schweers and Atty. J.G. Smith, married
Oct. 21-J. Milton Boone, Saint Clair, and Miss Bessie Hein of Washington D.C., at Washington
Nov. 5-Mr. and Mrs. John Bushar. 323 North Third St., their 25th anniversary
Nov. 18-P.H. O'Hara, Pottsville, and Miss Kathryn Delaney, Lykens, married at Lykens
Nov. 26-George W. Skelly and Miss Florence Mellon, wed
Dec. 10-Miss Sara Frances Zerbey, Pottsville, and Walter B. Hill, New York, married by Rev. Satchell of Methodist Church
Dec. 15-J.A. Fadden, Primrose, and Miss Catherine Striegel, Pottsville, married at St. Vincent's Church

Jan. 2-Michael Onder, 37, Andrew Onder, 28, Duncott, Joseph Proby, 38, Duncott, killed, and a number injured in dynamite explosion at Oak Hill colliery in West Skidmore vein
Jan. 30-Misunderstanding of orders resulted in the wreck of the Pennsy Flyer from Wilkes-Barre at Lofty. There was a considerable excitement in Pottsville, as the engineer and fireman were killed and relief trains were dispatched from town. Among those injured were Ezra Carey, West Norweigan St., a fireman on the Pennsy, and Harry Jones, a colored porter of Philadelphia and Harry Follweiler, of Mauch Chunk Street, a fireman
Feb. 19-Bernard Raab, fireman on Jersey Central passenger train from Mauch Chunk to Pottsville, was killed and John Alexander, engineer, and Joseph Gillespie who was riding on the engine were so badly injured that they died several days later. N.H. Rich was one of passengers that escaped injury
June 12-Jacob Kahler and Joseph Welsh, Mintzers, killed in explosion of powder works of H.A. Weldy Co.

Jan. 2-The Vestry of the Episcopal Church elected Rev. H.W. Diller the rector, and Rev. J.F. Powers, pastor Emeritus
Jan. 11-Rev. J.M. Hunt, pastor of the Baptist Church, announced that he had received a call to Trenton N.J.
Jan. 13-James A. Medlar was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Pottsville Water Company in place of Henry C. Russell, deceased. On Jan. 15th, Mr. Medlar was also chosen president of the Pottsville School Board
Jan. 20-Denman Thompson appeared here in "the Old Homestead" at the Academy
Jan. 28-At the 13th annual meeting of the Pottsville YMCA, a $4,000 note was burned by S.A. Thurlow, having been paid off. There still remained a mortgage of $7,000
Jan. 30-Smallpox again invaded town with several cases reported to Board of Health. Eight cases had developed by Jan. 31st
Feb. 17-The thermometer registered 14 below zero in Pottsville
Feb. 17-The "Pirates of Penzance" was presented at the Academy by the Pottsville Musical Society
Feb. 17-George J. Smith was elected Chief Burgess; S.M. Mortimer, borough treasurer, and F.S. Haeseler, tax collector
Feb. 19-Rev. H.W. Diller was formally installed as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church
Feb. 27-Delegates from farming townships assembled in the Eagle Hotel herer and formed the "Schuylkill Co. Farmer's Union" J.H. Dunkleberger, Hegins, was made president
Feb. 28-Squire T.T. Williams, Shenandoah, was appointed prison warden and Mrs. Emily Williams, matron
March 1-The large iron bridge at the eastern end of Palo Alto, spanning the Reading tracks and the Schuylkill River, was condemned
March 5-Smallpox closed the Cressona schools
March 7-Pulpit committee of Baptist Church recommended that Rev. Arthur J. Hall, a student at Crozier Seminary, be new pastor of church
March 9-Farewell party was given by Rev. and Mrs. J.H. Umbenhen for Rev. I.F. Bergstresser, pastor of the Zion's Evangelical Church, who was leaving
March 25-The Methodist Conference at Philadelphia announced the following new assignments: Cressona, J.B. Mackay; Mahanoy City, I.M. Foster; Mahanoy Plane, Albert Clegg; Saint Clair, J.E. Deverty; Llewellyn, F.M. Dowlin; Minersville, A.W. Perkinpine
March 27-A petition was circulated to erect a flight of steps from North Third Street to Peacock Street, Fishbach
April 28-J.E. Turn, formerly of Pottsville, was appointed Supt. on the Shamokin Division of the P & R R & W to succedd A.T. Dice, recently appointed Supt. of the Reading
May 3-Rev. M.A. Peters, pastor of the First Reformed Church, resigned to become pastor of a Philadelphia congregation
May 5-Mill Creek Coal Co. announced that it would build a mammoth breaker at New Boston where the breaker had been destroyed by fire eight years before
May 13-A.S. Paul accepted a position in the Schuylkill Trust Company, filling the place made vacant by the resignation of J.P. Fernsler, who was to become cashier of the new Trust Co. at Mahanoy City
May 15-The Palo Alto bridge was closed to all kinds of traffic because it was dangerous. Trolleys were unable to run over it
June 5-The Palo Alto bridge was re-opened for traffic after having been repaired
June 7-Rev. Linus Schwarze and Rev. William Drobel, who were ordained as priests, sang their first mass at Saint John's
June 9-The Kings Daughters were preparing to have placed in the Grammar School Park, a drinking fountain for the public
June 16-Secy. W.F. Carey of the YMCA, resigned as secretary of the YMCA to go to Lancaster
June 17-An ordinance was passed by council to prevent ball playing on the public streets, with a $2 fine to be imposed
June 22-Rev. F.C. Huber, of Lititz, had been chosen curate of Trinity Episcopal Church
June 25-The public drinking fountain in the Centre Street Grammar School Park, and presented by the Kings Daughters of Trinity Lutheran Church, was dedicated with the services in charge of Rev. J.H. Umbenhen, and G.M. Roads making the address
June 26-The following persons graduated from high school; Harry Gellert, Frances Hannum, Charles D. Emhardt, Lewis Grant Jr., May L. Shannon, Benjamin Gregory Smith, Charles Edward Marzlin, Leo McWilliams, Lillian M. Sotzin, Lewis I. Bast, Emily T. Womelsdorf, Frank J. Carlin, Amy M. Owens, Frank E. Powers, George Alfred Dietrich, David W. Morgan, Robert B. Woodbury, Franklin W. Moser, Rose S. Petrie, Amy S. Lowery, Harry E. Owens, Lucretia E. Van Madenfort, Charles Huntzinger, Robert Freiler, Edward S. Filbert, Anastasia L. Ketner, Robert Allison Evans, Alfred W. Lawson, Orlando Moyer, William Edward Hamilton, Bertha M. Wilson, Bessie S. Wildermuth, Sarah M. Berner, Helen Reber, Marianne L. McCool, Sarah Leppard, Carr Wilson, W. Ellsworth Gregory and Lettie Sallie Teter
June 27-Charles Miller, engineer of Supt. Luther's "Black Diamond" had patented an automatic safety devic which would stop all trains from running past signal boards and open switches
July 8-Council fixes the tax rate at 8 1/2 mills
July 13-Electric lighting was to be substituted for gas at the opening of the Academy of Music
Aug. 6-Rev. W.D. Williams was elected to Health Board to succedd William Abram O'Neal, resigned
Aug. 14-There were 35 cases of typhoid fever in Ashland and a number of deaths had occurred
Aug. 28-J.A. Noecker was elected chairman of the Democratic party
Sept. 28-Dr. S. Parkes Cadman lectured here at the First Presbyterian Church
Oct. 1-C.E. Henderson was made 1st Vice President of P & R.C. & I. Co. under President Baer; R.C. Luther, 2nd Vice President, and W.J. Richards, General Manager
Oct. 6-Prof. H.A. Becker of Pottsville, sailed for Germany with U.S. Ambassador Charlemagne Tower to spend six weeks in the palace at Berlin with Tower, whom he tutored in German
Oct. 6-The Saint John's Lutheran and Reformed Church was rededicated at Auburn
Oct. 7-The new pipe organ of Saint John's Lutheran Church, Ashland, was dedicated
Oct. 25-Grace Evangelical Church of Port Carbon, was reopened and the mortgage burned. Rev. H.J. Sands was pastor
Nov. 3-Reese Tasker made Asst. Mining Supt. of P.&R.C.&I. to assist Mining Supt. Veith
Nov. 20-The Pennsy shops went on a nine hour day
Dec. 5-S.W. Mengel of West Brunswick, was awarded $700 damages for six acres of farm land which was flooded by Little Schuylkill. Award was against Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co.
Dec. 10-W.F. Crone of Donaldson, was appointed Mercantile Appraiser
Dec. 29-P.& R.C.&I. shops celebrated their 25th anniversary
Dec. 29-Norman Albright and wife of Orwigsburg, were made steward and stewardess at County Almshouse

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