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Schuylkill County Events in 1908

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 6-Davis Bros.livery stable at Shenandoah was destroyed by fire and eight head of horses burned to death
Jan. 13-Several homes on Tenth Street, below Race, owned by D.G. Smith,were damaged by fire. The William Hinkle, Mrs. Thomas Best, George Bierman, John Bierman, Mrs. Alice Smink, William Eveland, and David Sherman families were the sufferers
May 5-An overturned lamp in the home of John Boyer at Schuylkill Haven caused his home to burn down; also that of Chas. Shappell, and damaged Frank Swartz's home.
June 19-The Tamaqua Mfg. Co. was gutted with $250,000 loss.
July 10-Fire of unknown origin destroyed the new breaker of Mary D Coal Co., with $100,000 loss.
Aug. 25-Sixteen cows and five horses were burned to death when barn on Yuengling Farm at Bull's Head and tenanted by Albert H. Kull, burned
Aug. 27-Fire destroyed five Frackville homes at 3 a. m. David White, Henry Lelter, Granger's Store, Charles Goodschall and Harry Burkheiser, losers.
Oct. 21-Levi Hummel Store and G.A. Schimpf Boiler Shop were destroyed by fire that caused $125,000 loss; furniture store and auditorium burned
Nov. 16-Murch rectory at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Lost Creek, was burned down.
Nov. 22-Another fire occurred on N. Centre St. Levi Hummel warehouse, Matthews' Carriage Factory, Eagan Wholesale Liquor Store and Hoover Mercantile Co. were damaged.

Jan. 6-Judge D. C. Henning, Pottsville
Jan. 6- Jas. B. Heller Sr., 65, Pottsville; P. & R. engineer: father of Dr. James B. Heller
Jan. 6-Mrs. Bessie Unger, 55, Orwigsburg; granddaughter of founder of Orwigsburg
Jan. 14-Mrs. Sallie Shaw, widow Sidney Shaw, of Pottsville, at Philadelphia
Jan. 14-Mrs. Benedict Smith, 82, Yorkville
Jan. 21-Attorney D. L. Thomas, Mahanoy City; prominent attorney
Jan. 24-George M. Halberstadt. 24. Pottsville
Jan. 24- Edward Sexton, Pottsville
Jan. 24-Isaiah Cartwright, Port Carbon; war veteran
Jan. 26-George W. Wintersteen, 88, Port Carbon
Jan. 26- Mrs. Joseph Garside, Mechanicsville
Feb. 1-Dr. Henry Klock, Mahanoy City; prominent homeopathic physician
Feb. 2-John A Beck, 74. Pottsville; one of the founders of Schuylkill Republican
Feb. 10--Charles C. Matten, Pottsville; attorney and prominent Republican
Feb. 23-Mrs. Letitia Howard, wife of Daniel Duffy, Pottsville
Mar. 2-Charles Hesser, 67, Pottsville
Apr. 2-G A. Doerflinger, Pottsville
Apr. 2- John G Stevenson, Pottsville; Civil War veteran
Apr. 19-Constable Edward Williams, Pottsville
Apr. 20-Walter S Sheafer, Pottsville; Mining Engineer and member of Sheafer and Lowrey firm
Apr. 24-Joshua R. Milliken, Pottsville, at Venezuela
Apr. 28--David Samuel,Orwigsburg
May 13-Andrew D. Cochran, 71,Pottsville; Mining Engineer
May 17-Mrs. Rosabelle, 58. wife of Levi M. Paul, Pottsville
May 19-Philip Woll, 53, Tamaqua; proprietor of U. S. Hotel
May 20-Michael P Joyce, 59. Mt. Laffee
May 27-D. J. Shollenberger, Pottsville; timekeeper at P & R. C. & 1. shops
June 10-Mrs. Mary M., 84, widow of Henry Sommer, Sr., Pottsville
June 17-Mrs. Margaret D., widow of John S. Reese. Pottsville
June 23-John Jacob Fernsler, 62, Pottsville
June 27-Mrs. Lucy A., 83, wife of John Teter, Pottsville
July 5-Mrs G. A. Schimpf, Pottsville
July l8-Benjamin P. Hodgson, 40, Pottsville
July 26-Matilda D., wife of Frank P. Pershing, Pottsville
July 26-Robert Carmer Hill, formerly of Pottsville, at Germantown
Aug. 3-Jas. Mulroy, Saint Clair
Aug. 22-W. Thomas Lee, Shenandoah: proprietor of Hotel Ferguson
Aug. 24-Mrs. Una Carr, 105, widow of John, Port Carbon
Aug. 28-William Cooper, Pottsville; foreman of moulding dept. at P. & R. C. & I. shops
Sept. 2-Philip Dentzer, 75, Pottsville: a First Defender
Sept. 8--Banks Bowe, 73, Port Carbon
Sept. 8- James Williams, Port Carbon
Sept. 22-Mrs. Jane A. Sheafer, widow of Walter S., Pottsville
Sept. 25-Mrs. Rebecca Mills, widow of LeFevre Womelsdorf, formerly of Pottsville at Phillipsburg. N. J
Sept. 30-Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Philip Nagle, Pottsville
Oct. 11-Mrs. Mary Clifford, 67, widow of William W Clifford, Pottsville
Oct. 13-Charles M. Rantner, 75, Pottsville; Civil War veteran
Oct. 26-Alfred J. Derr, 63, Pottsville
Oct. 30-James M. Deifenderfer. 75, Pottsville
Nov. 6-Dr. Charles A. Veith, 35, Pottsville
Nov. 14-Mrs. Sarah, widow of Nathaniel Tucker, Saint Clair
Nov. 15-Mrs. Margaretta Boone, 77, widow of Tobias Wintersteen. Port Carbon
Nov. 17-James S. Russell, 65, Pottsville: Civil War veteran and father of J. Morris Russell, Pottsville
Nov. 22-Christian Smith, 78, Pottsville
Nov. 23-The Rev. H. F. O'Reilly, Shenendoah: rector Annunciation Church
Dec. 1-Mrs. Julia, wife of Patrick J. Bergan, Coal Castle
Dec. 10-John Callen, 77, Tower City
Dec. 15-Cyrus 0. Smith, 31, Pottsville; fatally shot in West Va.
Dec. 18-Mrs. Mary D.,73, wife of George Paxson, Orwigsburg
Dec. 18-Col David P. Brown, 84, formerly of Pottsville, at Wildwood. N J.; one time owner of Penna. Hall
Dec. 21-J.J. Cake, of Pottsville, at Denver Colorado
Dec. 22-George W. Tohns, Pottsville; prominent coal operator
Dec. 27-Dr. M. J. Firey, formerly of Pottsville, at Phila.; former pastor Eng. Lutheran Church
Dec. 28-Mrs. Catherine C. Williams, widow of Z. P. Boyer, Pottsville, daughter of William Williams, pioneer coal operator

Sept. 3-The Schmidt Brewery, established in Mt. Carbon in 1886,was disposed of to syndicate headed by Mich Mellet, Shenandoah, and J. H. Nichter and other stockholders of old Union Brewery at Minersville

Jan. I-Miss Frances Clouser, Allentown, and John G. Reilly, Pottsville, were married at Allentown
Jan. 15-Miss Catherine B. Roads and George Bright were married at Episcopal Church
Feb. 7-Miss Frances S. Cheeseborough, Phila., and Julian Pilgram, Pottsville, were married in Phila.
Mar 24-G. Pierce Mortimer Pottsville, and Miss Edna Umbenhauer. Pinegrove, were married
Apr. 21-A wedding of interest took place in the parlors of Penna. Hall. when Miss Edna Hill Gould and Edward M. Burgan of Pottsville, were married
Apr. 21- Claude L. Moyer and Miss Margaret M. Hafron, Pottsville, were married in Phila
Apr. 27-Miss Kathryn Drumheller, Pottsville, and A. J. Blakely of Chester,were joined in matrimony
May 2-Harold K. Beecher, Pottsville, and Miss Ethel Bullock of Hazleton, were married
June 18-Thomas Beadle and Miss Mattie Orme were married at St. Clair
June 24-Harry J. Hughes, St. Clair, and Miss Celia A. Schu, Port Carbon, were joined in matrimony
June 30-Thomas A. McCarthy and Miss Mary M. McGrath, St. Clair, were married
Aug. 12-Miss Mary Coyne, Pottsville, and John Canfield, New Philadelphia, were married at St. Patrick's Church
Aug. 18-Blaine Evans, St. Clair, and Inez Harron and Thomas Peel and Miss Mary Sotzen were married in a double ceremony at Schuylkill Haven
Sept. 29-Mr. and Mr R. C. Green, Pottsville, were married 55 years
Sept. 30-Miss Ella Keeler, St. Clair, and Fred Symons, St. Clair, were married
Oct. 7-Miss Mary Krebs and Roy Robertson were married at St. Clair
Oct. 8-Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Smith, Pottsville, observed their 55th anniversary
Oct. 21-Dr. W. F. Scanlan and Miss Julia Miles were wed at Shenandoah
Dec. 2-Miss Emily Y. Parker and Otto E. Farquhar, Pottsville, were married at the Parker home

Feb. 3-A Pennsy passenger train went over the bank at Frackville and U. Grant Siegfried, Pottsville was instantly killed
Feb. 17-28 miners were entombed at Mid-Valley colliery and all but one were rescued alive
July 15-Disastrous explosion at Williamstown Colliery. James Bowman, Charles Richert, John Whittle, Michael Stachem, Arthur Hawk and John Reilly were killed and a number injured
Aug. 14-Guy Reifsneider and Ralph Reiger, Cressona, were fatally hurt in Cressona Power Co. explosion
Oct. 4-Mrs. Peter Young, Ashland, and Helen Young, 11, killed when an auto plunged over the bank to R. R. tracks on incline near Gordon Station. Peter Young, driver, and Peter, 7, and Charles Clark, 8, badly hurt
Oct. 30-Frank Houck, Ringtown and Albert Klingerman, Beaver Valley, fatally hurt in explosion at Ferndale Powder Co. near Ringtown

Jan. 6-Dr. J. C. Biddle. who had resigned from Miners Hospital, declined to be re-elected; was recalled Apr. 16 and took position
Jan. 10-It was decided to place a Local Option ticket on the ballot
Jan. 21-Yorkville Fire Co. was admitted to the Pottsville Dept.
Feb. 2-Black Hand troubles were reported at Palo Alto; Antonio De Salva, contractor, had received letter to pay $1,000 on penalty of death. His home was fired upon but neighbors came to his aid
March l-Eight hour law went into effect on railroads
March 2-Rev. J. A. Sellers became pastor of United Evangelical Church
March 16-One hundred homes in Gilberton were under water due to heavy rain
March 24-Schuylkill County registrars were organized
Apr.9-C.F. Henderson resigned as vice president of C. & I.
May 5-Supt. L.A. Seltzer was reelected Superintendent County Schools
May 5-County took measures to regulate Hokey Pokey man according to health rules
May 10-Honor list at P. H. S. included Reiff Hannum, Edmund Brennan, Marshal Koch, Chapin Carpenter, Marion Sterner, Charlotte Madenford, Marion Harper, George Wood, Oliver Heblich, Lillian Bader, Sadie Golden. Marshal Koch won Thompson mathematics prize and Raymond Wadlinger the Latin
May 14-Highway department tore up Pottsville Union Traction tracks from Centre to Railroad on E. Norwegian St, to do away with this section being used as terminal for Minersville car, and this ended controversy between the Co. and Council. Trolley Co. had been told to remove the tracks
May 21-J. L. N. Channel was named U S. Commissioner to succeed Charles Woltjen
June 1-J. J. Cliggett was appointed Dep. U. S. Revenue collector
June 18-Miss Charlotte Christian tendered resignation as Asst. Supt. Pottsville Hospital
June 22-Rev. Emerson L. Swift, newly appointed Baptist pastor, assumed charge
June 22-Rev. T. F. Butler. new St. Clair Baptist pastor, was in charge
Aug. 1-Darkwater Colliery resumed after being bought by Phila. capitalists
Aug. 1-Contract for improvement to Odd Fellows' new building on Centre St. was given out
Sept. 3-Local physicians and state inspectors warned that typhoid germs lurk in the low water and care must be taken. First rain fell Sept. 23 from early spring
Nov. 1-Rev. R. J. Freeman was elected pastor of First Reformed Church
Nov. 20-State Dept. of Agriculture was to inspect county cattle on account of hoof and mouth disease
Dec. 9-Otto No. 2 shaft at Branchdale was completed
Dec. 24-Pottsville Water Co. was to build reservoir on East Side

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