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Deaths in Schuylkill County in 1918 (October)

October was the month of the flu epidemic
October 1 James A. Medlar, Pottsville
Edward C. Timmins, Shenandoah, in France
Private Charles D. Bonawitz, Pine Grove, in France
Private Eugene V. Cunningham, Ashland, at Camp Lee
Private Fred C. Derr, Ashland
Private Barth J. McCloskey, Mahanoy City, at Edgewood Arsenal
Private Frank A. Schragen, Ashland, at Camp Lee
Private Peter Soroko, Shenandoah, in France
October 2 George Gilgour, Pottsville
Private Morgan Liddell, Pottsville, at Fort Ontario, Oswego
Private Robert E. Artz, Donaldson, in France
Private Raymond H. Splane, Ashland, in France
Private John Berger, Pine Grove, in France
Private Walter Schaeffer, Orwigsburg, in France
Lieutenant Ivan Lautenbacher, Schuylkill Haven, in France
Private James J. Kelly, Mount Laffee, in France
Private David T. Rosse, Shenandoah, in France
October 3 Private John Butchinsky, Minersville, at Camp Jackson
Private John E. Kramer, Auburn
Corporal Earl H. Mull, Pottsville, died at sea
Corporal William C. Tyler, Coaldale
Private Charles W. Weist, Ashland, at Camp Lee
October 4 Private Charles Hoy, Pottsville, at Camp Meade
Private Marshal Hughes Jr., Shenandoah, in France
Private Jesse E. Knecht, Tower City, in France
Private Andrew Washingkie, Shenandoah, in France
Colonel B.N. Hyde 88, Pottsville
Miss Catherine Clifford, Tuscarora, at Camp Upton
October 5 Private Francis T. Coady, Minersville, in France
Private Elmer S. Yocum, Pine Grove, in France
Private Clarence Hoy, Pottsville, at Camp Meade
Private Charles Hummel, Summit Station
Private William L. Wehinger, Pottsville, at Camp Greenleaf, Ga.
Nicholas Irvin and daughter Margaret, Frackville
October 6 Private William E. Artz, Pottsville, at Camp Lee
Private Harry Davis, Girardville, in France
Private Ottis Losch, Minersville, in France
Private Charles E. Miller, Pine Grove, in France
Private George Woodward, Tamaqua, in France
Gilbert Heim, Frackville
John P. Kennedy, Frackville
F.L. Harrison, Frackville
Harry Green, Frackville
John Philips, Frackville
Thomas Evans, Frackville
Mrs. M. Woods, Frackville
Mrs. Annie Cluse, Frackville
John Wasalaski, Frackville
Mary Auchenbach, Frackville
May Smith, Schoentown
Michael J. Buggy, Duncott
Frank Hope, Pottsville
Thomas Cuniff, Shenandoah
Reverend Anthony K. Schwartz, Pottsville, at Gloucester, NJ
Mrs. Kate McClure, Minersville
Dr. J. Frank Marshall, Ashland
October 7 Private John Gastager, Mahanoy City
Private John P. Kennedy, SDaint Clair, at Fort harrison
Mrs. Louise Hay, wife of William H. Hay, Palo Alto
Kathryn M. Hock, Pottsville
John W. Conrad, Schuylkill Haven
Sergeant Edward Romanosky, Mahanoy City, in France
Private John P. McAndrews, Frackville, in France
Private Howard H. Raabe, Tamaqua, in France
Private Earl L. Schwenk, Tower City, in France
Private Herbert E. Unger, Muir, in France
William Leichtman, Minersville
Harry Parcell, Minersville
James P. Montgomery, Minersville
James Patten, Minersville
Mathias Scholtes, Minersville
John B. Brennan, Minersville
Martin Kelly, Minersville
Michael Gress, Minersville
Mrs. Helen Kelly, Branchdale
Thomas Price Sr., Shaft
George Eiler, Frackville
October 8 Private Harry D. Meyer, Pottsville, at Puget Sound Naval Base
Mrs. Louise Buono, Pottsville
Chester Burns, Pottsville
Elizabeth M. McConnell, Shenandoah
Dr. Hugh T. Ryon, Schuylkill Haven, at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga
M.P. Eagan, Pottsville
Wallace L. Madara, Pottsville
October 9 Private Richard F. Webb, Girardville, in France
Corporal Francis Weeks, Mahanoy City, in France
Private William H. Blackton Jr., Pottsville, in France
Private Thomas Crosby, Mahanoy Plane, in France
Private Edward Curran, Minersville, in France
Private Daniel Dougherty, Ashland, in France
Private John Muldoon, Mahanoy City, in France
Private Walter O. Rissinger, Lavelle
Private Arthur J. Rohrbach, Tremont, at Camp Lee, Va
Private Charles J. Hahner, Pottsville, at Camp Lee
Private Richard Sheehan, Mahanoy City, in France
October 10 Father Kennedy, Ashland
Leonard S. Cairns 36, Pottsville
C.B. Wolfe, Palo Alto
Irene Brennan, Glen Dower
Private George Kropp, Morea, in France
Private John Mitskus, New Philadelphia
October 11 Private Joseph F. Delaney, Heckscherville, at Camp Lee
Private Edward J. Flannery, Tamaqua, in France
Private Gurney A. Kimmel, Pottsville, at Aberdeen, Md
Private John Kimmel, Donaldson, at Fort Thomas Ky
Private Harrison W. Koch, Minersville, in France
Private Lawrence P. Koppenhaver, Sacramento
Private William Reynolds, Pottsville, in France
Private Anthony Statcevige, Minersville
Oliver C. Thompson, Tower City
Mr. and Mrs. James Barry, Tower City
Mrs. Charles Snyder, Tower City
Lewis Irving, Tower City
John Ramer, Pottsville
Harvey B. Umbenhen, Pottsville
George Bobbs, Palo Alto, at Cape Charles
William George Sr., Minersville
Thomas Lawlor, Minersville
Michael Sweeney, Coal Castle
Margaret C. Evans, Saint Clair
Louis Gries, Morea
October 12 Howard R. Smith, Pottville
Henry J. Weller 51, Girardville
Willaim J. Stauffer, Cressona
Paul Fenstermacher, Pottsville, at Camp Greenleaf
Thomas E. Furlong, Saint Nicholas, in France
Charles M. Goas, Schuylkill Haven, in France
James A. Sullivan, Palo Alto
W.O. Yoder, Schuylkill Haven
John Fisher, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. Samuel Bast, Schuylkill Haven
William Auchenbach, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. Emily Tracey, Minersville
Richard L. Miller, Port Carbon
Gertrude Haffey, Port carbon
Helen Cantwell, Port Carbon
Charles Malone, Shenandoah
William B. Schaeffer, Saint Clair
Norman H. Brown, Pottsville
James Nagle Jr., Pottsville
Mrs. H.P. Reno, Pottsville
A.C. Choate, Pottsville
Michael Purcell, Duncott
James J. McCarthy, Pottsville
Claude F. Ebert, Pottsville
Harold Smink, Pottsville
Richard L. Miller, Port Carbon
Thomas J. Rowlands, Branchdale
October 13 Private Frank T. Yost, Pottsville, in France
Charles Stencavage, Shenandoah, in France
Private Elmer F. Wenrich, Cressona, at Camp Lee
Private John Telasky, Mahanoy City
George W. Kopp, Pottsville
Christ J. Guinther, Pottsville
Frank M. Mohl, Pottsville
Florence Kraft, Pottsville
Katherine Kraft, Pottsville
Mrs. H. Rechintine, Pottsville
Mrs. William Devens, Pottsville
Sally E. Bohrman, Mount Laffee
Louis F. Mellman, Minersville
Willaim Jones, Minersville
Mary W. Kiss, Minersville
John R. Martin, Cressona
John F. Feeley, Mill Creek
Roy Straub, Schuylkill Haven
George Becker, Schuylkill Haven
George Barr, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. Herbert A. Anderson, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. Lyman Smith, Mechanicsville
James Cassidy, Gordon
Charles Howell, Saint Clair
October 14 Private William J. Barnes, Wadesville, in France
Private Frank Dean, Ashland
Private Lisle H. Johnson, Raven Run, at Camp Lee
Private Fred Kemery, Delano, at Camp Greenleaf
Private Harvey L. Koppenhaver, Schuylkill Haven
Private Herbert Long, Auburn
Professor G.W. Channell 79, Port Carbon
August W. Michel, Schuylkill Haven
Truman Sterner, Schuylkill Haven
Guy King, Saint Clair
James H. Ribble, Pottsville
Carrie M. Auchenbach, Pottsville
Esther M. Tresize, Minersville
Thomas H. Schrodding, Port Carbon
William D. Eveland, Pottsville
William Walsh, Pottsville
John Boyle, Mackeysburg
October 15 Private Clayton Albright, Pottsville, at El Paso Texas
Private John Charles Jr., Minersville
Private William S. Lindenmuth, Shenandoah, in France
Kathryn R. Reidler, Pottsville
Norman Lubold, Pottsville
Harry Schnell, Pottsville
Margaret Buckley, Pottsville
Mrs. Henry Kershner, Pottsville
Mrs. V.C. Sneddon, Pottsville
Mrs. William Leonard, Pottsville
Mrs. Joseph Beradino, Palo Alto
Esther Meluskey, Minersville
Daniel Egan, Duncanville
October 16 Private Earl E. Eroh, Tamaqua, at Camp Greenleaf
Private Walter A. Murphy, Frackville, at Camp Greenleaf
Private Allen A. Nunemacher, Tower City, in France
Miss Clara Kantner, Pottsville
Mrs. Mary Frant, Port Carbon
Miss Sophie C. Carpenter 82, Pottsville
Margaret H. Smith, Pottsville
Ellen O. Longhenry, Pottsville
William Hoak, Pottsville
William Meister, Pottsville
William Bommersbach, Saint Clair
Mrs. Patrick Curran, Schuylkill Haven
James Foley, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. George Weber, Schuylkill Haven
John Gehrig, Schuylkill Haven
Herman Petery, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. John G. Larkin, Frackville
October 17 Private HArry A. Coxon, Frackville, in France
Private George W. Croll, Summit Station, in France
Private Robert E. Rafferty, Gilberton
Private Charles Seller, Valley View, at Camp Wadsworth
Mrs. Angelo Beecher, Pottsville
John A. Malia, Saint Clair
Mrs. William Walsh, Pottsville
Joseph V. Devine,Cumbola
Mrs. William F. Dewald, Schuylkill Haven
John Travers, Port Carbon
Mrs. George Anderson, Pottsville
Cecilia M. Carey, Pottsville
Mrs. Leroy Krammes, Pottsville
John Murray, Pottsville
Thomas H. Dando, Pottsville Matthew Hartman, Pottsville
Charles Kellar, Pottsville
Clifford Crisp, Pottsville
James Connahan, Frackville
Mark H. Detweiler, Schuylkill Haven
Robert Zuppert, Minersville
October 18 Private John Kozlowski, Cumbola
Private Jonathon Kramer, Schuylkill Haven
Corporal Guy E. Schlaseman, Pottsville, in France
Private Wasil Kuhutik, Frackville
Private Peter J. O'Connell, New Philadelphia
Mrs. W.J. McCarthy, Pottsville
Robert A. Ewer, Pottsville
James Flanigan Sr., Pottsville
Miss Margaret Little, Pottsville
Edward McLaughlin, Pottsville
Dorothy Lotz, Pottsville
Mrs. Elmer Beyerle, Pottsville
Harry E. Barr, Pottsville
Mrs. Louis Minnichbach, Pottsville
Mrs. Edwin Snyder, Pottsville
Mrs. Lester Campbell, Pottsville
Frank. J. Carrigan, Pottsville
John Riley, Pottsville
Mrs. George Yeastedt, Pottsville
Florence Plappert, Pottsville
Mrs. Elmer Harris, Frackville
Henry Pierce, Saint Clair
William Carroll, Saint Clair
Joseph Tierney, Saint Clair
Michael Golames, Saint Clair
Jacob Rigberg, Saint Clair
Jacob Heslop, Wadesville
W.H. Zimmerman, Llewellyn
Anthony Hermann, Palo Alto
Michael J. Mills, Schuylkill Haven
William J. Burns, Schuylkill Haven
Carmas Kennedy, Buck Run
J.J. Curran, Duncott
October 19 Private Paul H. Ackerman, Pottsville, in France
John Marcnic, Saint Clair
Sarah Rubright, Saint Clair
Frank Reilly, Saint Clair
Mrs. Robert Strausser, Saint Clair
John Youngfleisch, Pottsville
John Ehlers, Pottsville
Josephine Murphy, Pottsville
Joseph G. Stewart, Pottsville
Mary E. Clark, Pottsville
Emma L. Eagan, Mount Laffee
Patrick Eagan, Mount Laffee
Dr. Robert Gray, Port Carbon
Thomas McGovern, Mount Carbon
Mrs. Catherine Kerfer, Minersville
Harry Zerbe, Cressona
Cyrus Heywood, Girardville
Mrs. Daniel Mengle, Auburn
October 20 Private Gurt C. Lubold, Ashalnd
Mrs. Thomas Dove, Pottsville
Franklin Kaup, Pottsville
Laverne Beverly, Pottsville
Frank S. Schramm, Pottsville
Charles Sipple, Pottsville
Mrs. Charles Smith, Pottsville
Mrs. E.E. Messersmith, Pottsville
Mrs. Joseph Guinther, Pottsville
George Koller, Pottsville
Hugh Lougherty, Pottsville
George Miller, Pottsville
S.L. Arbogast, Frackville
Mr. Joseph Devine, Cumbola
Mrs. Joseph Devine, Cumbola
Arthur B. Guensch, Mill Creek
William C. Orme, Saint Clair
Dr. Thomas S. Shore, Gilberton
J. Semick, Saint Clair
Mrs. Anthony Dodds, Saint Clair
Mrs. Thomas Jones, Saint Clair
Peter Emerick, Saint Clair
Michael Callery, Branchdale
Thomas Hollahan, Branchdale
Bernard King, Branchdale
Charles Dougherty, Schuylkill Haven
Mrs. William Trostle, Schuylkill Haven
John Badger, Norweigan Township
William Farrell, Minersville
Mrs. Carrie Buehler, Tumbling Run
October 21 Private Earl G. Sterner, Landingville
Elizabeth Quinn, Port Carbon
Helen Gannon, Saint Clair
William Becker, Saint Clair
Ida A. Hall, Pottsville
Louis Smith, Pottsville
Mrs. Fred Simonds, Saint Clair
Andrew Ryan, East Mines
Ray. J. Ruppert, Pottsville
J.M. Schlitzer, Minersville
John O'Brien, Pottsville
Charles Fetterolf, Llewellyn
October 22 Mrs. Lena Blakesly, Brockton
Harold Kemmery, Pottsville
Mrs. Sarah Hanney, Pottsville
G.G. Beidleman, Pottsville
Mrs. Albert Krieg, Pottsville
Gladys A. Shaw, Pottsville
John H. Pollard, Mahanoy City
John B. Saurs, Llewellyn
Caroline Soellner, Mount Hope
N.J. Murray, Eagle Hill
October 23 Private George V. Tracey, Minersville, in France
Viola Fittery, Pottsville
Lewis Berger, Cressona
Mrs. Elizabeth Bernard, Ashland
Dr. H.G. Hermany, Mahanoy City
Luther Williams
Mrs. Luther Williams, daughter Ruth and infant
Matilda Michael, Pottsville
Frank W. Meiswinkle, Pottsville
Mrs. Rudolph Schutz, Pottsville
W.C. Fleischut, Pottsville
Elsie Lyons, Minersville
October 24 Benjamin Rosenberger, Pottsville
Harry Dunlap, Pottsville
William T. Williams, Pottsville
Mrs. Laura Conrad, Pottsville
Mrs George Hoy, Pottsville
James McAdams, Pottsville
Mrs. David Ehret, Pottsville
R.R. Bubeck, Cressona
Edward Sherman, Llewellyn
Stanley Ellis, Port Carbon
Frank Hummell, Minersville
James Burkhardt, Eagle Hill
T. Johnson, Saint Clair
Gertrude Becker, Saint Clair
Daniel L. Faust, Saint Clair
Mrs. John Flannery, New Street
Mary Zuppert, Minersville
Private John J. Delaney, Pottsville, in France
October 25 Corporal Stephen D. Mitchell, Pottsville, in France
Private Thomas Montcho, Shenandoah, in France
Private John C. Samanis, Minersville, in France
H.G. Daddow, Shenandoah
Mrs. James Toolin, Port Carbon
James Haffey, Port Carbon
James E. McDonald, Pottsville
Sue McDonald, Kaska
Edna Becker, Minersville
Thomas Curkey, Minersville
George Kinzle, Pottsville
William Sheetz, Pottsville
Mrs Philip Schoen, Pottsville
Mrs Thomas Head, Pottsville
October 26 Private Edward Sockle, Coaldale, in France
Hugh McFadden, Saint Clair
Miriam Snyder, Pottsville
William Monaghan, Saint Clair
William H. Bobbs, Palo Alto
Mrs. John Williams, Saint Clair
Lawrence Williams, Saint Clair
William Oakum, Coal Castle
October 27 Loretta Young, Pottsville
Valentine Yeastedt, Pottsville
William Wachter, Pottsville
Mrs. Margaret Sterner, Pottsville
Alphonsa Ackerman, Pottsville
John Enterline, Tremont
October 28 Private Elwood E. Schlark, Ashland, in France
Robert Artz, Hegins
Anna Pflueger, Pottsville
Mrs. John Klitsch, Pottsville
Mrs. Louise Davidson, Pottsville
Mrs. Carrie Reinhart, Pottsville
William E. Super, Saint Clair
October 29 Private George Smith, Andreas
Ruth Woodring, Saint Clair
Mrs. Thomas Bohannan, Port Carbon
Sister Francis Bernard, Saint Clair

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