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Schuylkill County Events in 1927

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 11- Saint Stanislaus Church, Mahanoy City, was burned with $30,000 loss.
Jan. 31- Eight homes between 700 and 714 Laurel St., Pottsville, were destroyed by fire with $50,000 loss. Frank Hasenauer, owner of four of the houses, was heaviest loser. Those who sustained losses were R.A. Moyer, John Kuss, Frantz and Wentz families, James Motley, the Catalina family, Luigi Tranquilla, Frank Welker, Joseph Hostler. Frank Hausenauer, Fred Catalina, J.A. Paprito, Luigi Tranquilla and Sam Julian owned the properties.
Feb. 4- Mahanoy City had a serious fire at the Ruby Product Co.
March 4- The Boone building at Saint Clair was ruined by fire.
April 22- Fire destroyed the Ditchey Bakery, Shenandoah, with between $125,000 and $250,000 loss; bakery was owned and operated by Charles F. Ditchey, ex-Sheriff.
July 9- There was a $50,000 fire at the Sailor Bakery, Tamaqua.
Aug. 5- The pump house at the Kehley Run Colliery was burned. Aug. 12- The D.L. Griffith washery at Fishbach burned with $10,000 loss.
Dec. 17- The four story frame storage house and warehouse of George D. Young, at 762 Water St., Jalappa, was destroyed by fire with loss which was around $100,000; fire was caused by pipe becoming overheated and starting fire in partition. Two adjoining houses, those of Clarence Yeager and Mrs. George Reber, were also burned.

Jan.1- Mrs. Regina Burke, Ashland; mother of the Rev. Vincent Burke.
Jan. 6- A.P. Tabor, 62, Shenandoah Heights, justice of the peace.
Jan. 7- Frank X. Peiffer, 63, Pottsville.
Jan. 11- Harry S. Fegley, 80, Schuylkill Haven.
Jan. 14- William J. Matz Jr., 45, Pottsville; son of the late William J. Matz and clerk at Pennsylvania Bank.
Jan. 16- Joseph C. Heiken, 64, Pottsville; undertaker here for 35 years.
Jan. 25- Louise Schu, wife of Edward Schlitzer, Pottsville.
Jan. 28- Elwyn T. Barr, 51, Pine Grove; proprietor of Barr Pharmacy.
Feb. 1- Charles H. Andrews, 61, Pottsville.
Feb. 4- Josiah F. Wildermuth, 85, Pottsville; Civil War veteran known to his friends as "Jesse"
Feb. 5- Harry Weissinger, Pottsville; member of the Weissinger Brothers Packing Company.
Feb. 6- Elizabeth Kline, widow of H.H. Brownmiller, Orwigsburg.
Feb. 6-M.J. Reynolds, 71, Mahanoy Plane; 42 years a justice of the peace
Feb. 9- John Spitzner, 55, Tremont; editor of West Schuylkill Press.
Feb. 12- Laura Matthews, wife of Dr. Thomas F. Heebner, Port Carbon.
Feb. 16- Dr. W.H. Hertz, Minersville; dentist
Feb. 19- Robert D. Wren, 71, Pottsville; son of the late Thomas Wren, coal operator.
Feb. 21- Miss Minnie R. Buchholz, Pottsville; daughter of the late Frederick and Wilhelmina Buchholz, was music teacher of note.
March 3- Dr. A.A. Seibert, 63, Pottsville, specialist.
March 6-William J. Power, Tower City; councilman, banker and business man
March 11-Miss Kate Tobin, Pottsville; former school teacher
March 12-Mary A. Richards, widow of John Lawrence, Minersville
March 16-Edward L. Kopitzsch, Pottsville March 27-Elmer Herring, 74, Cressona; retired P. & R. carpenter
March 27-John Sands, 92, formerly of Pottsville, at Scranton
Apr. 3-Caroline Wentz, 72, wife of Henry Steidle, Mechanicsville
Apr. 3-Jacob Yost, 73, Ashland,; retired merchant
Apr. 5-George Douglass Roseberry, 78, Pottsville; former president and founder of Pottsville Bolt Co.
Apr. 6-John H. Phillips, 88, at Reading; Civil War Veteran
Apr. 6-William M. Brobst, Pottsville
Apr. 6-Mrs. Delia C., widow of Stephen Bradley, Pottsville; mother of E.J. and James S. Bradley
Apr. 6-Dr. Robert Bruce Gillars, native of Pottsville, at Mansfield Ohio; brother of Mrs. J.F. Flaig
Apr. 8-Johnathon H. Walborn, 74, Orwigsburg; former county Poor Director
Apr. 10-Conrad W. Sandrock, Pottsville; well known laborer
Apr. 10-George Newcombe, 93, Pottsville; pattern maker at old Atkins Mill
Apr. 11-Samuel Supowitz, Minersville; merchant
Apr. 11-Edward F. Renninger, Pottsville, at Philadelphia; car builder at Mount Carbon shops for many years
Apr. 11-John R. Morrison, Auburn; with D. Driscoll was founder of Deleware Seamless Tube Co.
Apr. 11-Francis W. Bensinger, 51, Pottsville; P. & R. baggagemaster
Apr. 16-Baird Snyder, 88, Pottsville;engaged in mining for many years with his father and was authority on mining matters, was employed by H.A. Weldy Powder Co.
Apr. 16-Dr. Ellis L. Goodall, of Pottsville, at Bennington Vermont; formed partnership with Dr. J.D. Albright 25 years. Was organizer of Keystone Lodge No. 297, A.A.S.R. Masons
Apr. 17- Lewis Morgan, Pottsville; substation operator for east Penn Electric Co.
Apr. 19-Edward Farne, 89, Schuylkill Haven; Civil War Veteran
Apr. 20-William H. Simmons, 83, Mechanicsville; supervisor of borough
Apr. 22-Anna May, 80, widow of David W. Mellon, Pottsville
Apr. 25- Robert A. Sylvestor, 78, Pottsville; conducted produce business at 310 South Centre Street for 30 years
Apr. 27-Mary, 99, widow of Henry Homrighausen, Palo Alto
Apr. 27-William T. Bergen, 73, Coal astle; hotelkeeper
Apr. 28-Charles F. Leib, 83, Schuylkill Haven; Civial War Veteran
Apr. 30-Mrs. J.W. Clemens, 68, Minersville
May 2-Raymond V. Mahoney, Pottsville; World War Veteran
May 5-Herman B. Smedley, 44, Pottsville; owner and proprietor F.X. Schramm Cafe
May 6-Anna Coxe, 81, widow of Patrick Gillan, Pottsville
May 7-Patrick McGugart, 72, Cressona
May 8-The Rev. Henry W. Baker, Tamaqua; rector of Saint Jerome's Church
May 9-Richard Henry Stephens, 88, Pottsville; cigarmaker
May 11-Emma Louise Imschweiler, wife of E.J. Miller, Pottsville
May 11-Charles Purnall, 84, Frackville
May 12-Anna De'Turk, 52, wife of Ellsworth Batdorf, De'Turksville; telephone operator for Pine Grove and Cressona Telephone Co.
May 18-John F. Higgins, 58, Shenandoah; manager of Majestic Theatre, Pottsville
May 23-George W. Bock, 62, Pottsville; for 40 years partner in Womer and Bock firm
May 25-George D. Wison, 69, Pottsville; watchman for 43 years at Miners' National Bank
May 28-George M. Chambers, 71, Pottsville; machinist at P & R Shops
May 30-Elizabeth Ward, 83, wife of John R. Hood, Pottsville
May 30-Frank W. Glassmire, 77, Pottsville; retired butcher
June 3-Ida C., wife of James R. Wallace, Pottsville
June 7-Aaron Tovey, Pottsville; elevator operator at courthouse
June 10-William Haag, 51, Tremont;business man
June 11-Anna L., wife of Karl F. Holderman, Shenandoah
June 11-Mary Catherine, 71, widow of Nicholas Wellner, Saint Clair; family conducted confectionery and ice cream business
June 16-J. Michael Moser, Pottsville; former councilman
June 16-Mary, 91, widow of Claude White Swatara; husband of well known coal dealer
June 17-John E. Rudolph, 64, Schuylkill Haven; formerly conducted livery stable at Pottsville
June 19-Prof. Jonathon W. Cooper, Shenandoah; Supt. Shenandoah public schools
June 21-George A. Bensinger, 72, Ashland;for 40 years associated with Hooven Mercantile Co.
June 29-Jacob P. Jones, Pottsville; paymaster for P.& R.C.& I. Co.
July 2-Elizabeth Oren, 75, wife of William H. Bearstler, Pottsville
July 3-George N. Knowles, Pottsville; clerk at county almshouse
July 4-Charles T. Betz, Pottsville; painter
July 6-Mrs. Mary Goff, wife of Thomas Collihan, Saint Clair
July 12-Mary Schuster, widow of Nicholas Neider, Pottsville
July 14-Frederick Emhardt, 67, Pottsville; former memebr school board and stamp clerk at Post Office for 27 years
July 15-Ferdinand Kopp, 77, Tremont
July 19-Lyman Herring, Roedersville
July 20-Elizabeth M. Seitz, 86, widow of Augustus L. Boehmer; wife of baker made famous by Boehmer crackers
July 20-John Clifford, Saint Clair
July 23-Jacob Hoepstine, 48, Pottsvile
July 24-John F. Zerbey, 74, Pottsville; one time national banking examiner and brother of Editor J. H. Zerbey
July 28-William G. Wells, Pottsville; of auto injuries; counsel for Penna. Adjustment Bureau
July 29-Anna M. Fernsler, Pottsville; daughter of the late Frederick and Harriet Fernsler
Aug. 1-O.S. Frie, 55, Pottsville;grocer and Spanish American War veteran
Aug. 3-William W. Hay, Pottsville, at Phillipsburg NJ; retired Reading Co. employee, being foreman of Saint Clair roundhouse boiler department for years
Aug. 4-Mrs. Mary Duffy, widow of Edward Miles, Shenandoah; sister of the late Daniel Duffy
Aug. 10-Edward E. Mayberry, Schuylkill Haven blacksmith, and George Huy, his brother in law, Schuylkill Haven, died the same day
Aug. 12-Henry Ackerman, 82, Pottsville; worked 35 years at C & I shops
Aug. 12-George Bernhard, 52, Pottsville; formerly conducted bakeries and then hotels
Aug. 13-Mrs. Maude Miller, wife of Dr. G.F. Bretz, Pottsville
Aug. 15-Emma R. Kohler, widow of Albert W. Seltzer, Pottsville
Aug. 15-Max Doerflinger, Pottsville
Aug. 20-Mrs. S.B. Thorne, at Gleneagles Scotland; wife of partner of James B. Neale, of Buck Run Coal Co.
Aug. 26-Mrs. Alice Wagner, widow of Dr. C.D. Miller, Pottsville
Aug. 28-James L. Kirkpatrick, 67, Pottsville; weighmaster at Saint Clair yards
Aug. 29-Mrs. Clara B., 83, widow of Robert C. Morris, Pottsville
Sept. 3-Singleton Harvey, 77, Tremont; fourth death in family in five months
Sept. 5-Thomas F. Deegan, 76, Pottsville; served for 15 years on local police force
Sept. 5-George Englehart, 80, Frackville
Sept. 9-George Warm, 70, Pottsville;father of Mrs. E.V. Messersmith
Sept. 9-George W. Blank, 83, Pottsville; Civil War veteran
Sept. 11-Thomas R. Strauch, Pottsville; local contractor and rigger
Sept. 10-William Shoener, 78, Orwigsburg
Sept. 15-James J. Bell, 51, Shenandoah; lawyer
Sept. 17-Rev. Aloysius Misteli, Ashland; rector of Saint Mauritis Church
Sept. 23-Franklin P. Seltzer, 50, Orwigsburg
Sept. 27- Mrs. Angeline Kistler Seltzer, 81, West Penn Township
Sept. 29-Mrs. Maggie Knepper Schildt, 60, Orwigsburg
Oct. 1-Mrs. Ida R., wife of Aaron Frederici, Auburn
Oct. 12-Mrs. Clare Bannan Yuengling widow of H. D. Lineaweaver, of Pottsville, at Overbrook.
Oct. 20-Prof. H. R. Spayd, 82, Minersville, Civil War veteran.
Oct. 23-Matilda D. Dickert, widow R. H. Nuss, Pottsville.
Oct. 23-George H. Fisher, 64, Pottsville.
Oct. 27-Otto F. Hoehn, 37, Pottsville; proprietor Penn Hall Hotel barber shop
Oct. 28-Elizabeth Wilson, 77, widow of Frank Weston, Pottsville.
Nov. 4-Edward Condron, Minersville.
Nov. 4-Frank W. Simmons, 56, Minersville, business man.
Nov. 12-Henry G. Spannuth, 75, Pottsville; originator of one cent ice cream cone and block of ice cream in Pottsville.
Nov. 16-Kasimir C. Magalingo, Shenandoah; Chief Burgess.
Nov. 18-John Wellner, St. Clair; well known confectioner
Nov. 25-Garfield Evans, St. Clair; electric light Supt.
Nov. 26-Mrs. Emily R., 75, widow of William Stauffer, Schuylkill Haven.
Nov. 28-Thomas J. Thomas, 62, Minersville; former councilman
Nov. 30-David L. Griffith, 90, Pottsville.
Dec. 7-Charles Kreis, 83, Tremont; Civil War veteran
Dec. 7-Ferdinand Richter, 68, Good Spring
Dec. 8-Harrtson Ball, 66, Mahanoy City; lumber dealer.
Dec. 8-Patrick O'Connor, 78, Heckscherville
Dec. 10-Hunter Bright, Ashland; formerly ran lumber yard and planing mill.
Dec. 12-Wm. H. Reed, 40, Schuylkill Haven.
Dec. 14-Chas H. Marshall, 61, Pottsville, cashier Merchants National Bank.
Dec. 18-John R. Hoffman, 83, Pottsville; more than 40 years chief engineer for P.& R. C. & I. Co.

April 9-Howard Richards purchased homestead of late W. W. Potts of Hillside.
April 23-Geo. R. Moll purchased the Dr. H.C. Wallace home, 309 Mahantongo St.
April 26-Raymond Thornburg bought the Wm. F. Burkhardt home at 356 S. Centre St. for $20,000.
June 1-Schoeneman property at 454 N. Centre St. sold for $50.000. Clinton Laubach conducted bakery there.
June 24-Wm. S. Cowen sold his store, 13 S. Centre St., to Louis K. Liggett Co. of New York.
July 11-Store of M. E. Miller & Son, conducted for years by Wm. H. Miller, 200 S. Centre St., was purchased by Cotterel Co., Harrisburg.
July 19-Dr. 0. B. Crawford purchased the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Owen in suburbs of Schuylkill Haven, adjoining C. Geo. Miller Estate.
July 20-Mr. and Mrs. William Prifer purchased home of late Geo. D. Roseberry, 1227 W. Market St
July 22-St. John's congregation, Pottsville, announced purchase of Russel property, 9th and Howard Ave., for $10,500.
Oct. 18-Harry W. Brink sold his home at 1306 Mahantongo St., to Harry A. Shomo.
Nov. 28-Gordon Nagle bought the Loechel property for $65,000.
Dec. 3-Robert Ramsey Jones purchased home on 22nd St. from Robt. Royal.
Dec. 10-Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Mieldazis purchased home on 22nd St. from Robt. Royal.

Jan. 1-Miss Margaret E. Leymeister, Orwigsburg, and Clarence Ely Wright, Pottsville, were married.
Jan. 29-Wedding of Dr. Jerome F. Youngfleish of Norristown, formerly of Pottsville, and Miss Catherine Malloy of Philadelphia
March 5-Miss Elsie Spitzner, Tremont, and Howard Murray, Birdsboro, wed.
March 20-Eugene E. Eichenbaum, Pottsville, and Miss Eleanore Englander of Czecho Slovakia, were married.
March 25-Wedding of Helen Ryon, Pottsville, and Wm. C. Fairbanks, Haverhill, Mass.
April 1-Miss Nan Schultze and Norman Reber, Pottsville, were mar- ried.
April 7-Wedding of Miss Helen Rickert, Pottsville, and Chas. Scoville Wishard, Indianapolis, Ind.
April 13-R. Milton Roberts, Pottsville, and Miss Alice Hablett, Mill Creek, wed.
April 18-Wedding of Miss Alverna Weigand and Edw. Schmeltzer, Pottsville.
April 29-Miss Marjorie G. Steele, Minersville, and Isadore Stella, Minersville, were married at Media.
May 12-Miss Edythe 0. Boger and Jos. W. Meiswinkel, Pottsville, wed.
May 12-Arthur J. Romano, St. Clair undertaker, and Miss Catherine Samkavitz, a graduate nurse of Frackville, were married.
June 1-Miss Esther P. Kershner and Daniel M. Roberts, Pottsville, married.
June 1-Wedding of Miss Irene Larkin, Pottsville, and Dr. J. F. Nash, Pottsville.
June 6-Edw. Armbruster, Pottsville, and Miss Catherine Conrad, St. Clair, were wed.
June 8-Miss Elisabeth Zerbey and Uzal H. Martz were married at bride's home, 15th and Howard Ave.
June 8-Dr. Wm. L. Cress, Pottsville, and Miss Kitty M. Bolton, Phila., were wed at Phila.
June 8-Dr. Francis A. Law and Miss Mary E. Brennan, Pottsville, were married.
June 12-Wedding of Miss Ethel Harrison, St. Clair teacher, and Jas. Graeff, Pottsville.
June 14-Miss Mary Michel, Pottsville, and Ralph G. Kleinlein, St. Clair. were wed at St. John's Church.
June 14-Miss Mynne Diamond, Pottsville, and Harold Leisowitz, Reading, were married at Phila.
June 18-Wedding of Miss Julia Flaig, and Stewart W. Hamilton, Newark, N. J.
June 21-Miss Louise E. Hay, Pottsville, and Sterling F. Bashore, Schuylkill Haven, were married.
June 22-Marriage of Miss Marcella Monahan, Palo Alto, and Leo P. Wellner, St. Clair.
June 25-Walter Follett, Reading, and Miss Ruth Umpleby, Pottsville, were married.
June 28-Wedding of Miss Marion A. Downs and Walter F. Smith, Pottsville
June 29-Marriage of Miss Olive V. Morris and Bertram G. Dunlop, Pottsville.
June 29-Miss Barbara K. Nieder and James Hampford, Pottsville, wed at St. Patrick's Church.
June 29-Nuptials of Miss Catherine Brennand and William Schuster, Pottsville.
July 16-Miss Elizabeth Everly and Robt. Bicht were married by Rev. W. Kitto.
July 19-Thomas P. Large, Tuscarora, and Sylvester Large, of Tamaqua, were married to Misses Margaret and Helen Gojdics, sisters, of Farrell, Pa.
July 20-Samuel Clifton Thompson, New York, and Miss Florence Stanton, Melbourne, were married. He was formerly from Pottsville.
July 30-Miss Margaret A. Seigel and Francis K. Moll, Pottsville, were wed
Aug. 8-Wedding of Miss Dorothy Millington, Port Carbon, and Walter V. Eberly, New Philadelphia
Aug. 8-Miss Esther Holahan, Mill Creek, and Clarence Weiss, Saint Clair, married
Aug. 8-Miss Marie Glaser and J. Raymond Terrill, Pottsville, were wed
Aug. 11-Miss Ida Conway, Jonestown, and James V. Rose, Pottsville, wed
Aug. 17-Wedding of David Michel and Miss Hazel Lecher, Pottsville
Sept. 3-Miss Iley V. Walsh and Walter G. Glassmire, married.
Sept. 5-Kline Wernert, Minersville, and Miss Blanche Faust, Schuylkill Haven, wed.
Sept. 10-Preston C. Shimer, Jr., Pottsville, and Miss Marjorie E. Hughes, Williamsburg, Iowa, wed.
Sept. 21-Miss Frances V. Dalton, Schuylkill Haven, and Thomas McCullough, Cressona, wed.
Sept. 28-Miss Thelma G. Sibbett, Pottsville, and Chas. R. Leinheiser, Bryn Mawr. married. Oct. 16-Lloyd F. Blew, Pottsville, and Miss Ida Creary, Orwigsburg, wed.
Oct. 19-Wedding of Miss Mildred Chandler and Earl E. Rich, Pottsville.
Nov. 23-Miss Margaret O'Connor, Pottsville, and John Burns, Mahanoy City, wed.
Nov. 23-Miss Margaret Lawless, St. Clair, wed to James Love, Greenbury.
Nov. 24-Wedding of Miss Catherine M. Kenney and Albert F. Bigler, Pottsville.
Nov. 24-Miss Mary G. Clewis and Luther Montgomery, Pottsville, wed.
Nov. 29-Miss Bertha C. Reith and Robert F. Rowe, Pottsville, wed.

Jan. 7-Cyril Barton, 18, crushed to death in elevator shaft at Minersville.
Jan. 12-Gerald Murphy, Heckscherville, student for priesthood, died as result of auto accident, Philadelphia; Catherine Johnson, 15 month old child, killed in same accident.
Feb 10-Peter Fedoriak, Phoenix Park; Ignatz Chickovag, New Minersville, and Stanley Sedlick, New Minersville, were entombed at Phoenix Park, a P. & R. C. & I. colliery, and were found dead.
Feb. 23-Wm. Plunkett, Minersville, Felix Bubel, Minersville, and John Sincavage of Port Carbon, were killed at South Penn Colliery.
March 17-John Rooney, 30, Coles, near Mahanoy City, was killed and John Noonan, 20, Mahanoy City, and Nathan Drumheller, Lansford, were badly injured in a collision between two cars on the Hometown-Hazleton road.
April 1-Dorothy, 8, daughter of Mrs. Edith Montag, was struck by an auto and fatally hurt; father had died several months before with infected hand.
April 30-Old Molino bridge collapsed and truck from Philadelphia slid into river; driver hurt.
April 28-John Slovack, 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Slovack, Frackville, was fatally hurt and his brother, Leo, 4, had skull fractured as result of being trapped on Reading Railroad bridge near their home.
May 5-Jas. Hamilton, 45, Schuylkill Haven, was killed and three injured when fall of top occurred while men were cleaning up after explosion at Wadesville Colliery on same morning when eight men were badly burned. John Wright, St. Clair; John Hause, Jr. and Claude Moyer, Schuylkill Haven, were injured.
May 18-Steve Sabo, Vincent Terrazi and James Jacobs, Brockton, were killed by premature explosion of dynamite at Bell Colliery.
May 29-Louise, 9, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Merrick, New Boston, was fatally injured at Boston Run by auto.
May 29-John E. Neal, Supt. of Engines at Eastern Steel, had back and skull fractured when auto upset at Stein's Mill and he was pinned under it. He died on Aug 19th.
June 11-Joseph McAndrew, 22, Girardville, died of injuries received when he fell from running board of auto.
June 24-When G. L. Lambert of Narragansett, R. I., tried to land at Black Horse with his plane, it went into a tail spin and a passenger, J. T. Walker, of St. Louis, Mo., heir to five million, was killed.
July 20-Two were fatally injured and 11 less seriously when truck of Vare Construction Co., containing workmen, was crowded off road at Seven Stars. Doc Johnson and Enoch Hedglin, Pottsville, died, the latter on July 25th.
Aug. 7-Norman Sandrock, 22, Pottsville, badly burned; died of lockjaw Aug. 25th.
Aug. 12-Edward Koch, 16, of Drehersville, was electrocuted at Confehr and Smith Foundry at Hamburg when fellow employees attached his dinner pail to electric wire as practical joke.
Aug. 13-Thomas Rosson, Tremont. state highway patrolman, died of injuries sustained when his auto was hit by trolley at crossing on William Penn Highway near Bethlehem.
Oct. 8-Four men were killed in explosion of dynamite at Hammond Colliery. They were: Martin Rowland, Girardville; Jos. Wiskoskey, Connerton; Jas. Pace, Raven Run, and Jos. Phorgalis, Connerton.
Oct. 16-Mrs. Ernest Huntzinger, formerly Maude Fetterolf, of Hegins, was fatally injured when they collided with auto on state road between Suedburg and Pinegrove.
Oct. 29-William, 2 1/2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Berdanier, Frackville, was fatally injured when he ran in front of auto.

Feb. 19-First National Bank opened at Orwigsburg
Mar. 7-Mrs. J. H. Zerbey Jr., entertained D. A. R. national officials.
Mar. 8-New Masonic building dedicated.
Apr. 5-Delano passed $40,000 loan for erection of school.
Apr. 12-Tamaqua passed new high school bond issue of $143,000 by 1078 majority
Apr. 13-P. S. Canfield of New Phila., was awarded contract of tearing down old Bunker Hill school building at cost of $1,078.25: building erected in 1851.
Apr. 18-Wm. Irving, Lykens, and Frank Shoener, Erie, only two First Defenders at 66th anniversary reunion at Pottsville.
Apr. 21-J. R. Trimble, Pottsville, made manager of Schuylkill Park.
Apr. 24-First Reformed Church, Pottsville, laid cornerstone.
Apr. 26-Knights of Malta opened their new home with banquet.
May 1-St. Peter's Reformed Church, Frackville, dedicated.
May 6-Coxe Traveling Grate Works notified employees that it would move all machinery and combine with company's plant at Monongahela.
May 8-Ground broken for St. Peter's Lutheran Church,Reinerton.
June 3-Prof. G. W. Schlegel tendered his resignation as Supervising Principal of Port Carbon schools and was to go to Red Lion, Pa.
June 11-New breaker of Sherman Coal Co. on Coal St., was about to be put into operation.
June 17-John Greiner, Jr. of Scranton, was announced as treasurer and trust officer of Safe Deposit Bank.
June 27-Pottsville High School commencement. The graduates were as follows: Sara E. Alter, Ida Antokolitz, Kathryn Bensinger, Grace Bittle, Marion Brokhoff, Anna E. Brown, Marion E. Buell, Kitty C. Canfield, B. Jeanette Carl, Loretta Daley, Mary C. Day, Mary G. Dimmerling, Alma S. Drake, Gertrude Eber, Bertha M. Flail, Dorothy S. Foster, Anna Francis, Martha E. Graver, Ethel M. Heckman, Esther M. Harding, Anna M. Levan, Lois E. Michael, Alice G. Millington, Mary Murtha, Orpha S. Moyer, M. Carolyn Raring, Ella Nora Pickel, Zelma B. Reese, Rebecca M. Rigberg, S. Helen Robbins, Catherine M. Ryan, Anna M. Schiff, Sara J. Seaman, Margaret M. Strauser. E. Marian Weinman, Carl W. Banks, P. Paul Berndt, John J. Conway, Edward C. Deiter, Emanuel C. Deiter, Emanuel M. Diamond, Frank L. Fisher, Wm. T. Flannery, John Gaughan, Jos. A. Gaughan, Frederick W. Herman, Herwood E. Hobbs, Elwood W. Holstein, Chas. W. Hummel, J. Robert Jones, Samuel T. Jones, H. Harold Kinzey, Thos. G. Knowles, Jr., Ronald W. Lewis, Harry W. Lightstone, Norman Lloyd, Chas. W.Lotz, Thos. E. Matthews, W. Kane Miller, Marlin S. Morgan, Arthur U. Nuss, Daniel D. Pacenta, Chas. R. Ramsey Jr., T. Kenneth Reeves, John J. Shore, Wm. K. Schlitzer, Ray K. Serfass Jr., John J. Rowell, Frederick W. Stoffler, Wm. R. Tyson, Harry C. Ubil, Fred A. Warmkessel.
July 1-W. J. Richards retired as president of P. & R. C. & I. Co.
July 1-Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co. acquired outright the property of Alliance Mining Co. and Cranberry Creek Coal Co.
July 9-John E. Schlottman, controller of Schuylkill County, was appointed cashier in Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Harrisburg.
Aug. 1-The new $50,000 comfort station was opened to the public at Pottsville.
Aug. 10-Chas. H. Williams, graduate of Pottsville High School and Brown University, was elected English teacher at Pottsville High School; Miss Carrie Swaving resigned as principal of Garfield building.
Aug. 12-E. Everett Martin, of Chalfonte Haddon Hall, Atlantic City, was to be manager of Necho Allen Hotel.
Aug. 12-The Hippodrome Theatre, corner Logan and E. Market Sts., was sold to M. E. Comerford Theatre Syndicate. The owners, Mrs. Mary Rettig and Edgar D. Brown. transferred deed to them.
Aug. 16-Tower City opened its Old Home Week, to continue for five days.
Aug. 27-Newly remodeled Emanuel formed Church, Minersville, was dedicated.
Sept. 7-Miss Anna Babcock arrived from Russel, Pa., to take up duties as General Secretary of Y. W. C. A.; succeeded Miss Eleanore Schmidt.
Sept. 9-Eugene A. Long resigned as member of high school faculty.
Sept. 11-Academy of Immaculate Heart was dedicated at Gordon.
Sept. 15--Chas. Williams, teacher at local high school, was elected coach.
Sept. 15-Miss Ethel Sachs, Pottsville, was elected Commercial arithmetic teacher at local high school.
Sept. 15-Chas. G. Fromme of Tower City, came to Pottsville to take over the office of mine inspector of the 19th district.
Sept. 19-Jerome M. Miller of Altoona, was announced as new teacher of Science at local high school.
Sept. 21-Andrew Cassimatis bought out the interest of his brother, Nicholas, in the Plaza Hotel.
SEPT. Judge.
(D), Bechtel 0. H. and Judge; (R), Hicks P. R. Whitehouse A. C. Treasurer; City Hoffman Councilman; Pottsville for nominated were Bearstler Oren J. Shoener Thos. Bowman, John Democratic. the on Tremont, Bashore, M. ticket, Republican county of Attorney District was Snyder 20-C.>Sept. 22-There was a total of 3,754 pupils in the public schools and 100 in the continuation school.
Sept. 25-16th annual Commencement of the Braun School of Music at Hipp.
Oct. 6-The Rev. Wm. F. Sullivan. rector of St. Patrick's Church, was transferred to St. Ann's Church, Philadelphia and the Rev. J. V. McEnery of Mt. Carbon, to Shenandoah.
Oct. 8-100th anniversary celebration of Trinity Episcopal Church opened today.
Oct. 10-A. J. Maloney of Chicago, was elected head of the P. & R. C. & 1. Co.
Oct. 18-Rausch's Dam burst at New Ringgold.
Oct. 26-The Rev. Edward W. Gatens, newly appointed pastor of St. Patrick's Church, assumed charge.
Oct. 28-The United Chemist Drug Store opened in the Necho Allen building
Nov. 1-The new Necho Allen Hotel opened with four-day celebration.
Nov. 4-The new Miners National Bank opened
Nov. 6-St. Ambrose Parochial School, Schuylkill Haven, was dedicated.
Nov. 6-Thomas J. Rank of Jonestown, was made cashier of Merchants National Bank.
Nov. 7-Dr. Vilhjalmir Steffansson, Arctic explorer, gave a lecture here.
Nov. 9-N. S. Dresher, asst. trainmaster of Sunbury Division, was transferred to Schuylkill Division with same position.
Nov. 12-Admiral Thos. P. Magruder addressed the Eastern Penna. Newspapermen at their meeting at Pottsville.
Nov. 21-The new Capitol Theatre opened.
Nov. 30-John H. Cooper, Easton, was appointed Supt. of Schuylkill Division of Pennsy.
Dec. 6-The coal chutes at Pottsville were abandoned.
Dec. 10-Montgomery & Ward opened a store here.
Dec. 12-E. S. Bodenhorn was elected Principal of St. Clair High School.
Dec. 15-The Rev. Edward J. Holahan of St. Kieran's Church, Heckscherville, was transferred to Tacony, and Rev. P. J. Dougherty was sent to St. Kieran's.
Dec. 17-Miss Mary Kurchinsky of Shenandoah, became Directress of Nurses at Pottsville Hospital.
Dec. 19-Rev. H. G. Mershon of St. Clair, and Rev. Allen H. Tongue of Frackville, were ordained as deacons of the Episcopal Church at the Holy Apostle's Church, St. Clair.

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