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Schuylkill County Events in 1928

Extracted from J.H. Zerbey History, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania

Fires Deaths Business Deals Weddings and Anniversaries Miscellaneous

Jan. 3- Five houses were burned in New Castle; owned by Mrs. Steve Lagaza, George Smith, William Ball Sr., Mrs. Mary Britton, Mrs. Patrick Burke, George Eisenhuth and the Buck Run Coal Company.
Jan. 6- The Brownsville school house in West Mahanoy Township was damaged by fire.
Jan. 17- Fire damaged the J. H. Zerbey building, 2nd and Mahantongo Street when A & P Store, which occupied building, caught fire.
Jan. 30- The Womer & Bock factory for making cigar boxes and picture frames 119 N. Railroad St., was detroyed by fire with $20,000 loss.
March 4- There was a $10,000 fire at 113 S. Centre St., formerly the Morrison property.
April 25- Liberty Hall, Frackville, was damaged with $12,000 loss.
May 11- Kehler Brothers slaughter house at Locust Dale was burned with $100,000 loss.
May 14- Two double houses, stables and barn burned at Seltzer City. Rumbavage and Brobnick families homeless.
June 2- Fire at the Venice Hotel, Pottsville, did much damage.
Oct. 27- There was a $150,000 fire at the Richard Miller barn at Hometown.
Nov. 28- The Montgomery Ward Store and A & P Store, 326 S. Centre St., were destroyed by fire at $400,000 loss.
Dec. 18- Fire at Spicker Store at 110 North Centre St.; Julius H. Spicker was found dead in the ruins, having been overcome while fighting fire.

Jan. 3- M.L. Roberts, Pottsville; died while entering gangway of Saint Clair Coal Company.
Jan. 3- Lawrence Roseberry, 69, Pottsville;janitor Mount Hope school building.
Jan. 5- Charlotte Mason, wife of Conrad Sandrock, Pottsville.
Jan. 6- Mrs. Elder Hutchinson, 64, Pottsville; daughter of the late John T. Noble.
Jan. 10- Henry L. Steidle, 75, Pottsville; employed by Pottsville Water Co. for 42 years.
Jan. 10- Robert J. Smith, Pottsville; World War veteran.
Jan. 12- Joseph Rice Sr., 61, Frackville; hotel proprietor.
Jan. 18- Fred A. Argall, 41, Pottsville; representative of Gulf Refining Co.
Jan. 24- Franklin J. Simon, 84, Pottsville; Civil War veteran.
Jan. 29- Mrs. Sarah Green, 95, Girardville.
Jan. 29- Anthony O'Donnell, 80, Wadesville; 48th Regiment Veteran.
Jan. 31- The Rev. Charles Bassler, 27, Brockton.
Feb. 7- William P. Kuehn, 85, Minersville; Civil War veteran.
Feb. 16- Arthur Garrett of Orwigsburg; in Kharkov, Russia; was representative of Stewart, James and Cook.
Feb. 17- George F. White, 48, Pottsville.
Feb. 21- George W. Ryon, 66, Pottsville; widely known attorney.
Feb. 22- Jacob S. Ulmer, Pottsville; president of Ulmer Packing Co.
Feb. 22- Ermina Charlotte Elssler, Pottsville; became wealthy through real estate holdings in Florida.
Feb. 23- Ada E. Skeen, wife of Charles W. Rigg, Pottsville.
Feb. 26- Joseph Davenport, Pottsville; county commissioner.
Feb. 26- Rev. G.A. Druckenmiller, 64, Tamaqua; pastor St. John's Lutheran Church.
Feb. 28- William N. Taylor, 68, New York; organizer of Saint Clair Coal Company.
Feb. 29- Mrs. Benjamin F. James, Pottsville; wife of coal operator.
March 1- Heber Swalm Zerbey, Pottsville; school teacher in early years anmd then member of W.M. Zerbey and Son firm.
March 1- W. Scott Lament, Pottsville.
March 5- J. Frank Sallada of Pottsville, at Orlando Florida.
March 10- Hiram A. Umpleby, 71, Pottsville
March 15- Elizabeth Van Dusen, 93, widow ofThomas H. Rickert, Pottsville
March 18- Catherine, wife of Neil Crosby, New Philadelphia
March 19- Mary Ann, 89, widow of Jonathon Emerich, Mechanicsville
March 21- Henrietta Drumheller, Minersville
March 27- Francis S. Haupt, 84, Frackville; original owner of Mountain City Water Company
April 4- Martin Dress, 82, Pottsville; his brother William had died the week before
April 5- Frank Falls, 55, Pottsville; shoemaker, who was one time instructor at shoemaking at Girard College
April 6- John F. Dalton, Pottsville
April 7- William A. Ferrebee, 79, Pottsville
April 11- Clarence A. Whitehouse, Pottsville; Judge of Schuylkill County Courts
April 14- Emma Whitney, 72, at Triburon California; daughter of F. and Hannah Pott Whitney
April 16- Morgan E. Skidmore, 48, Pottsville; police officer killed while on duty
April 18- C. George Miller, Pottsville; at Saint Petersberg Florida; retired manager of Dives, Pomeroy and Stewart
April 21- Susan Hardy, 88, wife of John Daddow, Saint Clair
April 26- Prof. Frank R. Lotz, 48, Reading; formerly of Pottsville
April 30- Jacob Starr, 84, Llewellyn; Civil War veteran
May 9- Ellen, 85, widow of Jesse Widermuth, Pottsville
May 9- Mason Wheeler, Schuylkill Haven
May 10- James Montgomery, 86, Pottsville; Civil War veteran
May 12- J. Christian Kull, Pottsville
May 15- John Quirin Sr., 72, Saint Clair; for years senior member Quirin Bros. brass foundry
May 20- James P. Crane, Pottsville, at Overbrook
May 26- Sarah Pollard, wife of Dr. M.C. Householder, Pottsville
June 4- Gertrude A. Parker, Pottsville, school teacher
June 5- Henry L. Scott, 81, Pottsville; employed for 35 years at Pomeroy's
June 10- James A. Noecker, 60, Schuylkill Haven; solicitor for Pottsville City
June 11- James Kinsbury, 71, Pottsville; former postmaster of Pottsville
June 13- Harry M. Zulick, 72, Orwigsburg
June 30- Mrs. Jane Dunlop, formerly of Pottsville, at Philadelphia
July 5- John Miller, 84, Orwigsburg; Civil war veteran
July 5- Jacob M. Zerbe, 56, Paradise
July 6- John Robert Glover, 74, Kaksa; 40 years employed at P & R Shops
July 6- Mary Ann, wife of Frederick S. Leib, Pottsville
July 8- Effie Fletcher Williams, Pottsville
July 15- Ellen Eliza Seigfried, 86, wife of Samuel Deibler, Pottsville
July 16- Harold E. Hannum, 70, Pottsville; former Pottsville councilman
July 17- Capt. John G. Johnson, 73, Gordon; Capt. of Co. F, 5th Reg., National Guard, for many years
July 18- Dorothy Hause, wife of G.A. Muehlhof, Pottsville; active social worker
July 22- Prof. John Connors Sr., New Castle; for 45 years teacher in New Castle public schools
July 23- Michael J. Golden, 63, Palo Alto
July 28- William J. Lambert, 72, Chicago; former member of the Lambert and Garretson grocery firm
July 30- George Ackerman, 53, Pottsville
July 31- Rev. John P. Gottschall, Saint Clair; Asst. rector of the Holy Ghosr parish in Bethlehem
July 31- George E. gay, formerly Pottsville and Hadden Heights; son of the late Mr and Mrs Samuel Gay and prominent Civil and mining engineer.
August 1- Edwin C. Boone, 68, Saint Clair; conducted general store for many years
August 2- Jacob Boltz, Pottsville; proprietor of Artistic Knitting Mills and Pres. Auburn Knitting Mills
August 7- Joseph D. Esterly, 45, Pottsville
August 10- Mrs. Lydia Troutman, 88, of Ashland at Pottsville
August 14- Thomas Skidmore, Pottsville
August 16- Edward J. Canfield, Silver Creek; assistant outside supt. at Silver Creek Colliery
August 22- Suzanne Kline, wife of Rev. H.W. Diller, at Santa Monica, California
August 26- Morris Yeager, 58, Pottsville; conducted men's store under name of Yeager and Jones
August 28- Valentine Spitzner, 51, Tremont
Sept. 2- Anna Beck, 68, wife of Robert S. Witman, Pottsville
Sept. 3- Louisa, widow of Henry E. Betz, Pottsville
Sept. 4- Esther Jennings, 54, wife of Hugh Dolan, Pottsville
Sept. 6- Alvin B. Boyd, 60, formerly of Pottsville at Reading; member of W.H. Boyd Co. Inc., publishers of directories
Sept. 6- Anna Mary Kohler, 94, widow of Daniel L. Krebs
Sept. 9- Louise Oliver Link, Port Carbon
Sept. 13- Margaret Lord, 73, widow of F.B.P. Spehrley, Pottsville
Sept. 14- Mrs. Charles Runkle, Port Carbon
Sept. 19- Effie M. Scott, widpw of Charles A. Seltzer, Pottsville
Sept. 20- William H. Seltzer, 87, Pottsville; Pres. of Seltzer Packing Co.
Sept. 27- Robert P. Green, Taylorsville
Sept. 28- Georgianna Burchill, 85, Port Carbon
Oct. 2- Mrs. Elizabeth S. Hesser, 91, Orwigsburg
Oct. 4- Frank L. Cooch, Pottsville; conducted Troy Laundry
Oct. 4- Ralph M. Greenwood, 42, Pottsville
Oct. 6- Mary A. Stump, 77, widow of Frank Deibert, Roedersville
Oct. 8- Mrs Elizabeth S. Bryant, 81, Schuylkill Haven; left provision in will that home should be converted into school for daughters of Episcopalian ministers
Oct. 10- Charles F. Shay, 73, Pottsville;veteran mail carrier
Oct. 13- George W. Bower, Pottsville; head of Bowers' Bakery
Oct. 24- Jesse L. Templin, 89, Port Carbon
Oct. 28- Henry J. Homrighausen, 63, Palo Alto; assistant car foreman for Reading
Nov. 3- Mrs. Harriet Heaton, 85, widow of Henry J. Rich, Pottsville
Nov. 3-Harry W. Althouse, 61, at Philadelphia; expert civil and mining engineer and geologist.
Nov. 4-Jacob Daubert, 89, Llewellyn; father of late Jake Daubert of major league ball fame.
Nov. 4-Susan, wife of Charles Kimmel, of Pottsville at Buffalo.
Nov. 5-Miss Annie Edwards, Pottsville
Nov. 5-Benjamin J. Beddall, Girardville
Nov. 6-Barbara, 74, widow of Michael M. Mellet, Shenandoah
Nov. 7-Charles F. Ditchey, 67, Shenandoah; prominent Democratic leader and former Sheriff
Nov. 11-Samuel Berrett of Frackville,at Minersville; butcher for Wagner Bros. for 46 years
Nov. 12-Sara E. Marquardt, 60, wife of William Ryland, Schuylkill Haven
Nov. 13-Amanda, widow of Jeremiah Kershner, Orwigsburg
Nov. 13-Stephen Gasper, Pottsville; well known furrier
Nov. 17-Cecelia Bernard, widow of Antone J. Reinhart, Pottsville; her husband conducted cigar store for over 30 years at 808 West Market and she conducted it after his death
Nov. 21-William Shippen Newell, 40, Pottsville at Philadelphia
Nov. 21-Mrs. Hannah Denning, Saint Clair
Nov. 29- Charles K. Metz, 75, Saint Clair; retired chief clerk of Reading
Nov. 29-George Robinson, Minersville
Dec. 1-Daniel Cannon, Saint Clair; high constable and Democratic candidate for Director of Poor in 1927
Dec. 4-Tellie Haldeman, 70, wife of William H. Mellon, of Schuylkill Haven; husband supt. of Schuylkill Haven Water Co.
Dec. 11-Alexander Thomas, Port Carbon; had long record of service with Reading Comapny
Dec. 12-Thomas R. Pepper, Pottsville; former Ashland business man
Dec. 13-Miss Elizabeth H.(Lila) Hodgson, Pottsville
Dec. 16-Annie S. Morrison, wife of John A. Farne, Saint Clair
Dec. 17-David Weir, 93, Branchdale; Civil War veteran
Dec. 18-John A. Mahanoey Sr., Saint Clair; Spanish War veteran
Dec. 18-Julius H. Spicker, Pottsville
Dec. 21-J. Wilson Barto, 69, Pine Grove; business man
Dec. 25-Frederick H. Hause, Pottsville; former owner of Hause Tobacco Store and one of organizers of Schuylkill Amusement Company operating Schuylkill Park
Dec. 25-Granville B. Gracely, 48, Saint Clair; widely known baker
Dec. 29-Miss Camilla Carpenter, 77, Pottsville

Jan. 4-Miss Eleanor Gehring, Saint Clair, and William Whalen, Lorraine, were married.
Jan. 11-Wedding of Miss Margaret Keenan, Pottsville and Richard C. Collins, of Elizabeth N.J.
Jan. 11-Miss Margaret Gaughan and Eustace Stone, Schuylkill Haven, were wed
Jan. 24-Corporal Charles S. Graeff, highway patrolman, wed to Miss May E. Schumacher, Schuylkill Haven
Jan. 24-Miss Mary M. Stapleton, Palo Alto, wed to Bertram F. Huggett, New Philadelphia
Jan. 30-Wedding of Edward S. Stine, Schuylkill Haven and Miss Helen Heckman of Mechanicsville
Feb. 1-Miss Sabina Hughes and Karl Yaisle were married at Episcopal Church
Feb. 4-Miss Mary E. Hass, Pottsville and Edwin Lewis Kaufman of Easton, were wed
Apr. 28-Marriage of Ray D. Leidich and Miss Blanche Maguire, Tremont
Apr. 30-John Achenbach and Miss Madeline Quinn, Pottsville, were married
May 21-Miss Margaret Hay, Pottsville, wed Stephen Allison, Minersville
May 27-Miss Rieva Lappen, Minersville, wed Nathan Iscowitz, Reading
May 29-Miss Emily H. Shaw, Pottsville, wed Raymond Froeschle
June 2-E. Clair Stevens and Charles Rigg, Pottsville, were married
June 3-Wedding of James M. Maurer, Minersville, and Miss Haseltine Richardson, of Pueblo Colorado
June 5-Miss Marion Brokoff, Tumbling Run, and Thoams M. Moyer, of Centerport were married
June 6-Miss Marion E. Koch and Harry J. Rehman, Pottaville, wed
June 6-Wedding of Miss Margaret B. Ready and Edwin A. Tiley
June 7-Dr. Anthony Gallo, Pottsville, married to Miss Edith P. Meixel, Philadelphia
June 8-Alfred W. Staller, Pottsville and Mrs. Helen J. Hangen, Cleveland Ohio, married
June 12-Harold R. Paul, Port Carbon and Miss Marion L. Jones, Saint Clair, were wed
June 15-Wedding of Miss Elizabeth Shugars and Charles Gerhard, Pottsville
June 18-Kenneth Knowles, Pottsville married to Miss Kitty Shellhammer, Port Carbon
June 21-Miss Ruth Webster, pottsville and A. Leslie Brunskill, Geneva N.Y. were wed
June 26-Edmund A. Reilly, Pottsville and Miss Cecelia M. Dewey, Girardville, married
June 27-Wedding of Miss Emily Madison, Pottsville and Homer D. Ebey, Pine Grove
July 13-Edward Lessig, Schuylkill Haven and Miss Margaret Busse, Algoma Wisconsin, married
July 14-Nuptials of Miss Thelma E. Painter and Pierce F. Spehrly, Pottsville
July 17-Miss Agnes McCarthy, Saint Clair and Edwin A. Dinsmore, Saint Clair, married
Aug. 9-Miss Thelma Reed and Donald Schoeneman, Pottsville, wed
Aug. 22-Rev. John L. Deaton of Germantown and Miss Isabelle D. Berger, Schuylkill Haven, united in marriage
Aug. 28-Miss Gertrude K. Schuettler and Stephen Dolan, Pottsville, wed
Aug. 30-Miss Virginia A. Kerns, formerly of Pottsville and J. Norbert Driscoll, Philadelphia, were married
Sept. 5-Miss Julia M. Schmeltzer, Saint Clair became bride of Michael J. Collihan, Saint Clair
Sept. 6-Miss Margaret M. Walsh, Tower City and Dr. Vincent A. Callery, New Phialdelphia, were married
Sept. 7-Miss Winifred Little wed to Heber W. Nagle, Pottsville
Sept. 12-Miss Laura Lee married to Harry Beck, Pottsville
Sept. 12-Miss Josephine A. Bechtel married to J. Anthony Krugler of Phillipsburg, N.J.
Sept. 15-Paul J. Feeser, Schuylkill Haven and M. Iona Paxson, Schuylkill Haven, married
Sept. 15-John J. Fertig, Pottsville and Miss Emily E. Wunder, Reading, were married
Sep. 19-Wedding of Miss Elizabeth S. Reid and Daniel O. Schuman, Pottsville
Sept. 22-Miss Lucetta Ibach of East Orange and Douglas H. Davies, Ardmore, married at Ardmore
Sept. 29-Miss Sarah H. Royds and Norman E. Pugh, Pottsville, wed
Oct. 8-Miss Alma Z. Jones, Pottsville and Leroy M. Spannuth, Pottsville, married
Oct. 18-Miss Loretta M. Leinheiser and Vincent J. Brennan, Pottsville, married
Oct. 24-Miss Elizabeth Price, Minersville and Elmer Hutchinson, Pottsville, were wed
Oct. 27-Wedding of William H. Aregood, Pottsville and Miss Oneida Faust, Schuylkill Haven
Nov. 10-Miss Marguerite Paton and Harold F. Weber, Pottsville, wed
Nov. 10-Miss Catherine Nagle and Lee Benjamin, Pottsville, married at Townada
Nov. 11-Miss Serena Eichenbaum and Harry J. Weiner, Pottsville, married
Nov. 15-Miss Helen R. Williams, Pottsville and William Ryland Hodgson, Allentown, married
Nov. 28-Miss Mary M. Dolan, Saint Clair and Vincent A. Dormer, Saint Clair, wed
Nov. 29-Robert C. Donkin and Miss Evelyn S. Smink, Pottsville, wed
Nov. 29-Viola M. Lecher and Clarence Letcher, Pottsville, married
Dec. 6-Wedding of Miss Marion A. Cooper, Pottsville, and Howard M. Eckroth, Pottsville
Dec. 15-Miss Mary M. Filbert, Pottsville, married to Alfred S. Ellenberger, Harrisburg
Dec. 22-Prof. Ray L. Seltzer, Pottsville and Miss Ethel V. Miller, Port Carbon, married
Dec. 27-Wedding of Miss Bertha E. Allan, formerly of Pottsville and Herbert G. Moore, Philadelphia

Jan. 11-Michael Fallon, 55, miner of Tower City, killed when struck by an auto
Jan. 23-William Andrews, 24, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews of 20 Coal Street, Shenandoah, was killed instantly when his auto plunged down an embankment
Jan. 30-Creighton, age 11, son of Claude A. Lord, Pottsville, was fatally injured when he ran into an auto while coasting on Race Street
Feb. 3-Elizabeth Guers, 22, of Yatesville, was fatally injured by auto
Feb. 9-Joseph, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Amalavage, of Tower City, was instantly killed when struck by auto
March 15-Steve Brumstetter of Weston Place, and Vernon Nicholas, Nuremburg, and 12 year old brother Edward, were killed when auto was hit at the Pennsy crossing on the way to a Minersville funeral
May 16-School bus with 32 children was wrecked at MaryD
May 23-George, 8, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Long, was killed by truck on his way to school
June 2-Edward Neal, 62, Tremont, and Curtis Wren, 27, Inwood, were killed at Lincoln Colliery, and James Neal was injured
July 9-Three men were entombed at Lytle mine. They were Charles Burilla, 40, Jonestown; John O'Pallack 42, Jonestown, and Matt Belsak, 44, Primrose, whose bodies were not recovered until July 14
July 12-Morris W. Titherington, 35, Vice President and Chief Engineer of the Pioneer Instrument Co., Brooklyn, and Patricia Perry Andrews, Williamsport motion picture actress, were killed when plane took a nose dive into a quarry near Andreas
July 19-Walter Cominsky, 7, son of Mr. and Mrs. Valesky, of Cumbola, was fatally injured when an auto hit a farm wagon containing eight children
Aug. 9-William Wychulis, 9, Frackville, was killed when he was stealing ride on truck and fell off
Aug. 18-Carl K. Manhart, aged 7, of Yorkville, was killed by an auto at Yorkville
Sept. 8-Michael Kurek and Michael Lazansky, Mount Hope, were fatally injured in auto collision at Landingville Crossing
Sept. 14-Georginne, 9, daughter of Mrs. Agnes Koller, Pottsville, killed by auto
Oct. 2-Jacob Boltz, 23, of Schuylkill Haven, was smothered to death in a sand slide at Deer Lake
Oct. 12-Joseph, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson, Pottsville, killed by auto
Oct. 21-Peter Hospital, 40, of Mount Carbon, was killed by a hit and run driver near the Steel Mill
Oct. 25-Jackie Bevan, 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bevan, Jalappa, killed by auto
Nov. 4-Arthur Reedy, 21, Llewellyn, was fatally injured when he lost control of motorcycle while taking a ride and crashed in a home
Nov. 4-Joseph Vendick, 43, and son Michael, 8, of Kleckner's Valley, were fatally injured when their auto collided with a P & R passenger train at New Ringgold; he and son were hurled against wall, son being instantly killed and father dying later
Nov. 6-Ralph J. Huff, of Lock Haven was instantly killed and Harry Pfromm of West Hazleton, was fatally injured when the Phoenix Utility truck was struck by Pennsy flyer at Auburn Crossing
Nov. 20-While William Gottschall, 55, of Branchdale, was standing along road near Branchdale, watching repairs being made to auto which had been in accident, he was struck by another auto, which skidded and fatally injured him

Jan. 2-Judges C.A. Whitehouse, Pottsville, and Roy P. Hicks, Frackville, took oath of office and Judge R.H. Koch was sworn in as President Judge
Jan. 2-District Attorney Snyder annunced following appointments; R.A. Freiler, 1st; M.F. Duffy, Pottsville, C.A. Staudenmeier, Ashland, and James J. Gallagher, Mahanoy City, deputies
Jan. 15-Charles Frederick Burrell of Tamaqua, who lost his life when Submarine S-4 sank on Dec. 17, 1927, was buried at Tamaqua
Jan. 17-Master Painters and Decorators Association opened convention here
Jan. 20-Prof. G. Harold Weiss, Supt. of Pottsville schools since 1918, resigned to go to Chester as head of schools there
Jan. 27-Mid-winter meeting of the Reading Baptist Association convened at First Baptist Church
Feb. 1-Frank E. Learned was named as assistant to president of the P. & R. C. & I. Co.
Feb. 1-George Striegel was reappointed U.S. Commissioner
Feb. 6-J.J. McKnight resigned as manager of the Pottsville Gas Company
Feb. 7-The 50th anniversary of the Rev. Frederick W. Longinus was observed
Feb. 15- The Jackson Street P.T.A. was organized
Feb. 16-The annual Purim Ball was held at the Masonic Hall
Feb. 16-Rev. T.D. Morris, pastor of the Saint Clair Baptist Church, observed his 15th anniversary
Feb. 24-The First Reformed Church opened a week of re-dedication services
Feb. 27-James F. Curran was sole heir to the estate of Miss Ermina C. Ellsler
Feb. 29-Jmaes Archbald was elected president of the Miners Bank to succeed Jacob S. Ulmer
March 1-Wilson F. Moyer, manager of the Pottsville district of the Bell telephone Co., was transferred to Pittston
March 4-Rev. S.A. Sittler of Palmyra, occupied the pulpit of the First Evangelical Church for the first time
March 10-Milton D. Moore was appointed new manager of Bell Telephone Co.
March 12-Clarence E. Toole of Lehighton, was selected as the new school superintendent of Pottsville schools
March 16-Frank R. Pershing, 76, of Pottsville, was retired as P & R C & I Co. employee after being in their employ for 40 years
March 28-Judges Koch and Hicks in opinion ousted Directors Frank C. Reese, Fred Holman, and Joseph McKeon as Directors of the Poor, with Whitehouse dissenting
April 16-Officer Morgan Skidmore of city police, was shot and killed by Herbert Jones, negro
April 20-Primary election held
April 27-High School relay team was first in Penn Relays. Roland Edwards, Carlton Sterner, William Martz, Charles Gould, Dick Moore, and H.C. Hoffman Jr., were members of the team
May 3-Pussyfoot Johnson spoke here
May 6-Saint Clair Reformed Church broke ground for new building
May 12-The Penna. Motor Federation convened here
May 18-The Famous Forty Elks' Chorus presented J.H. Zerbey, Jr. with silver plaque in appreciation of part he played in success of chorus
May 22-Lutheran Synod was in session at English Lutheran Church, Pottsville
June 2-John R. Sharpe, Chicago Ill., was made general supt. of P. & R. C. & I. Co.
June 4-Trolley strike ended after being in effect since Jan. 5
June 13-Mrs. E.S. Sheets was elected school director in place of Mrs. M.C. Householder, deceased
June 19-Children's Home drive closed with total of $150,682 being raised
June 24-102 four year students and 21 two year students graduated from Pottsville High School at exercises held at Capitol Theatre
June 30-The Almshouse ouster verdict by lower court was reversed
July 5-300 C.M.T.C. boys left for camp
July 8-The cornerstone of the new Lutheran Church, Port Carbon, was laid by Rev. Charles W. Eberwein
July 23-Will of Frank A. Miller showed that $280,000 was bequeathed to his wife during her lifetime and then it was to go to the English Lutheran Church
July 24-The East Penn Electric Co. merged with the Penna. Power and Light Co.
July 31-The Pottsville Water Co. donated 3 1/2 acres of land near Agricultural Park for the east Side Park
Aug. 4-Orwigsburg dedicated its athletic field
Aug. 12-Saint John's Reformed Church, Saint Clair, laid cornerstone
Aug. 24-Trinity Reformed Church cornerstone laid at Tower City
Sept. 12-Prof. F.W. Moser resigned as principal of the Pottsville High School
Sept. 21-Prof. D.H.H. Lengel was elected principal of the Pottsville High School, coming from Pottstown
Oct. 1-John Mitchell retired as car inspector at Saint Clair after 35 years' service
Oct. 7-The Braun School of Music graduation exercises were held with Leopold Godowski, world famous pianist, present
Oct. 11-Four hundred bankers held two day convention at Necho Allen
Oct. 11-Rabbi Herman Beck was elected first national Chaplain of Jewish faith by Legion
Oct. 12-New Concrete road opened at Valley View to county line
Oct. 14-Saint Patrick's parochial school was dedicated
Oct. 21-The cornerstone for the new Children's Home laid
Oct. 22-1,300 teachers of county attended institute here
Oct. 27-The "Pottsville Morning Paper" adopted pink cover for 6th anniversary
Nov. 5-26,766 pupils were in the county schools
Nov. 22-Frank Fotti was found guilty of burning the Holy Rosary rectory at second trial
Nov. 23-The contract was signed for building a new pike between Schuylkill Haven and Pottsville
Nov. 28-A toy parade was held; six live reindeer
Nov. 28-Frank E. Learned made Vice President of P. & R. C. & I. Co.
Nov. 30-The Oheb Zedeck leased the Evangelical Church on West Arch Street
Dec. 30-President W.W. Martin of Pottsville, resigned from the Pottsville School Board and was succeeded by Rev. H. W. Diller

Feb. 29-The Gilbert Furniture Store sold out the stock to the Benesch firm
March 9-George D. Young awarded contract to Bastreess Lumber Co. to erect new warehouse to replace one destroyed by fire
April 7-The Schuylkill Motors Co. leased the Centennial Hall plot from the Slater Estate
April 24-F. Pierce Mortimer, who was part owner of the Snyder property, 4th and Mahantongo Sts., became the full owner, having bought out the interests of his partner, T.C. Condron
May 24-J. Robert Bazley purchased the home of William H. Miller on Oak Road at 18th Street
July 27-Clinton Sheafer purchased the Edgar A. Brown home on Oak Road
Aug. 31-John Reber purchased the home of Mrs. Jacob Ulmer, 1407 Mahantongo St.
Sept. 4-Mrs. Jaob Ulmer purchased the home of Dr. John J. Gorman at 1320 Howard Avenue
Sept. 7-Dr. John J. Gorman purchased a plot of ground on Mahantongo Street, just west of the home of Mrs. Anna Palmer, 1915 Mahantongo St., to build a house
Oct. 2-The Yuengling Ice Cream Co. purchased the Olde Colonial Ice Cream Co., at Tharptown
Oct. 27-Israel Rubinsky bought the Carter building for $167,000
Nov. 3-Heber H. Thompson purchased the J. R. Bazley home at 13th and Howard Avenue
Nov. 17-Nathan Saylor, Shamokin, bought the material of the Schuylkill Traction Co.

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