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1918 Annual Report of the Inspectors of Mines
For 12 months ending December 31, 1917





Columns:  Date, name of person; nationality, occupation; age; married or single; number of widows; number of orphans; name of colliery; county;

nature and cause of accident in brief:


JAN. 13  DANIEL ZAMBIERO, Italian, miner, 32, m, 1, 2, Phoenix Park,) Both men were instantly killed by explosion of gas on haulage tunnel

                 JAMES ANGELLO, Italian, miner, 35, m, 1, 4, Phoenix Park,     )

JAN. 15  DOMINICK PATSY, Italian, machine runner, 24, blank, blank,

s, Buck Run, Instantly killed by explosion of blast.

FEB. 10   ANTHONY DORISH, Slovonian, miner, 26, m, 1, 2, Buck Run, Instantly killed by fall of slate at face of breast.

FEB. 27   WILLIAM CONGER, Lithuanian, miner, 51, m, 1, 1, Pine Hill, Fatally injured by explosion of blast in breast.

APRIL 27  JOSEPH SAVAGE, American, laborer, 30, m, 1, 4, Phoenix, Park, Instantly killed by fall of coal near face of gangway.

MAY 3      JAMES WILSON, American, oiler, 16, blank, blank s, Newcastle, Instantly killed. Dragged into breaker machinery.  Outside.

May 10   JOHN OSSMAN, American, miner, 45, m, 1, 7, Otto, Instantly killed by fall of coal at face of breast.

June 22   PATRICK TRACY, American, laborer, 18, s, blank, blank, Buck Run, Electrocuted while crossing over coal pocket in boiler room.  Outside.

JUNE 22   CYRIL BAITER, American, laborer, 21, single, blank, blank, Pine Hill, Fatally burned by explosion of gas in working place.

JUNE 26  ALEXANDER STERUSKI, Polish, miner, 33, s, blank, blank, Phoenix Park, SCHUYLKILL,  Fatally injured by fall of coal in pillar work.

JULY 3  FRANK GODITUS, Lithuanian, miner, 33, m, 1, 2, Howard, Fatally injured by fall of coal in breast.

AUG 20, FRANK SHELKO, Austrian, laborer, 27, m, 1, blank, Lytle, ) Frank Shelko and Chas. Zalishnie were instantly

                CHAS. ZALISHNIE, Austrian, laborer, 30, m, 1, 1, Lytle      ) killed and John Shelko was fatally injured by explosion

                JOHN SHELKO, Austria, chargeman, 32, m, 1, blank, Lytle, ) of gas at mouth of tunnel.

SEPT. 4  JOHN SHILEAVAGE, Lithuanian, miner, 42, m, 1, 4, Phoenix Park, Fatally injured by fall of coal at face of pillar breast

SEPT 26   NORMAN TOBIAS, American, teamster, 21, s, blank, blank, Phoenix Park, Fatally injured. Struck by trip of cars.  Outside.

OCT 4     FRANK SLIFKA, Polish, laborer, 31, m, 1, 2, Buck Run, Fatally injured.  Struck by rope while hoisting plank from the surface to breaker.  Outside.

OCT 22   JOE MORAN, American, laborer, 22, s, blank, blank, Thomaston, Instantly killed.  Slipped and fell down slope while timbering.

OCT 23   SIMON MOROSKO, Lithuanian, miner, 56, m, 1, 6, Lytle, Fatally injured by fall of coal at face of gangway.

OCT 30     JOHN WHITEASH, Hungarian, laborer, 24, s, blank, blank, Pine Hill)  Whiteash was instantly killed and Dalfus was fatally injured

                   JOSEPH DALFUS, Italian, miner, 34, m, 1, blank, Pine Hill                  )  by fall of slate on gangway while opening breast.

OCT 30   LOUIS THREVENA, Austrian, driver, 45, m, 1, 8, Phoenix Park, Instantly killed. Caught between car and top rock of gangway.

NOV 2    JOHN GRIFFITH,  American, fire boss, 54, m, 1, 3, Pine Hill, Fatally injured.   Caught under derailed car on slope.

DEC 4     HENRY HEIM, American, laborer, 35, 2, blank, blank, Otto, Found dead on ash bank.  Cause unknown.  Outside.

DEC 7     JOHN NEBESHEMSKY, Polish, miner, 38, m, 1, blank, Glendower, Instantly killed by fall of slate near face of breast.

DEC 7     WILLIAM JENKINS, American, miner, 45, m, 1, blank, Pine Hill, Fatally injured by explosion of gas in breast.

Contributed by Shirley E. Ryan

List of Annual Inspectors of Mines Reports

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