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Old Academy-Scholars' Names in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania

A Paper Read Before the Historical Society


Hon. D. C. HENNING, Jarnuary 30th, 1907

Owing to the lateness of the hour, [it was the evening of the annual election and of making annual report] I shall read only a portion of the paper which I have entitled, "The Old Pottsville Academy," being a historical sketch of the institution located at Ninth and Howard Avenue, and now known as the Henry C. Russel mansion.

I shall this evening content myself with simply calling the roll of the Stockholders, the Trustees, the Faculty and the names of the members of its ten classes during the term of 1849-50. I shall leave for another meeting the recounting of its history, its stern curriculum of the higher and Latin classics, the higher mathematics, astronomy, botany, rhetoric, etc., a description of its apparatus, and other matters appearing in its prospectus, as also its learned and exhaustive call or appeal to the people to take advantage of the higher education which this instituition afforded.

In those earlier days the local Academy was not an unusual institution. Nearly every town of any pretensions throughout the state could boast its local Academy. Some of these acquired a state reputation and gathered many pupils from abroad. The old Academy in the town of Milton laid the foundation of knowledge for many of the greatest men and statesmen of our Commonwealth. Especially was this so during the years one Prof. Kilpatrick was its principal.

Schuylkill County had three. of these institutions, as this writer is informed, one at Orwigsburg, one at Pottsville and one of a somewhat similar character at Donaldson.

In calling this roll I shall endeavor to answer orally as to those whose subsequent fate I am familiar with, and as to others I shall ask the members present to answer for them if they know.

Note: - Those marked with an asterisk are known to be still living:

Stockholders - John Shippen, President; J. H. Adam, Robert Adams, E. E. Bland, T. C. Boyle, J. W. Brown, Gideon Bast, D. R. Bennet, George Bright, Francis Daniels, James Downey, Frederick Epting, S. Foster, J. Foster, Henry Geis, F. W. Hughes, M. G. Heilner, P. Heilner, Elijah Hammer, T. J.Hughes, J. H. Hill, F. Hewson, Richard Heckscher, William Johns, Thomas Johns, Henry Jenkins, C. F. Jackson, J. M. Long, George Lauer, Thomas Lynch, Benjamin Milnes, William Major, J. D. Meredith, George Mason, Decatur E. Nice, John C. Neville, J. C. Oliver, Benjamin Pott, George Patterson, T. C. Pollock, F. J. Parvin, G. H. Potts, Franklin Pott, Burd Patterson, John Pinkerton, Andrew Russel, Samuel Silliman, Daniel Shollenberger, G. W. Snyder, Elias Schneider, G. H. Stichter, W. Stephenson, U. Shillaber, G. W. Slater, Joseph Shelly, Samuel Thompson, J. F. Taylor, B. J. Taylor, T. H. Winterstein, William Wolf, John W. Weber, D. G. Yuengling.

Trustees - John Shippen, President; Francis W. Hughes, Benjamin Pott, George Patterson, Samuel Silliman. Instructors - Elias Schneider, A. M., Principal and Teacher of Ancient Languages; Daniel Kirkwood, A. M., Teacher of Astronomy and Mathematics; C. Little, A. M., Teacher of Natural Sciences; Rev. Lewis Angele, Teacher of Modern Languages; P. Ruth, A., Teacher of History and Geography.

Roll of Students - Class 1st, Class 2nd, John T. Carpenter.

Class 3rd - John 0. Beck,* George Halberstadt, Theodore Irish, George W. Lessig, Ambrose Loeser, George C. Potts, Henry R. Silliman, Thomas H. Shollenberger.*

Class 4th - Lindsey C. P. Bartholomew, Charles E. Chichester, Joseph McCool, Frederick A. Potts, Isaac E. Severn, William Thompson.

Class 5th - J. Alexander Boyd, Alfred Bennet, Franklin Bennet, Jas. McCamant, Frederick Gerry, Theodore Hughes, Wilson T. Hartz, James Dun Levy,* William Patterson, Archibald Ronaldson, Douglas Ronaldson, W. Morgan Reed, Joseph L. Silver, James Silliman, William Saar, Charles Taylor, Augustus W. Tweed, Edward W. Wynkoop.

Class 6th - Daniel Bland, Franklin Carter, Charles Epting, George W. Evans, Edward Friel, Samuel Frack, Augustus Fox, Augustus H. Gerry, Charles Hay, Charles M. Hill, Nelson Major, Daniel Morgan, Roger Millington, Franklin Noll, Jehu Ossler, William J. Parvin, Edwin Peal, Henry C. Russel, James Seibert, Samuel Shippen,* J. R. Shoener, Simon Sleppy, Gabriel Shollenberger, Lewis C. Thompson.*

Class 7th--Fredericlr J. Brown, Simon Boyer, Benjamin Bartholomew, Horace Bennet, William Clemens, William H. Daniel, Francis Farquhar, W. H. DeForest, George H. Gressang, Francis Gerry, Jonathan Hover, Jeremiah Kurtz, Jacob Kuebler,* Charles Major, Henry Niedt, Edward Nagle,* Edwin J. Shippen, Edward L. Severn, Franklin Silver, Charles E. Sorber, James H. Stanton, Joseph Temple, Robert L. Weber, Harris Walbridge, John Walbridge, David Wolcot.

Class 8th - Mahlon Boyer,* William Cruikshank, William H. Douty, Norman Farquhar,* Charles L. Fisher, Richard M.. Hodgson, George W. Hill, George H. Hill, Thomas B. Jackson, William T. Meredith, George W. Parvin, Benjamin Pott, William H. Pollock, Joseph Parker, George B. Reed, Henry Raush, Samuel Ruch,* Thomas Reilly, James Roebuck, Frederick Shelly, Baird Snyder,* Manuel Silver, William Wood.

Class 9th - John Bannan, Albert H. Brantner, Joseph Gould,* William Gough, Robert Lynch, Frederick Lauer,* Mitchell Parker, Francis Parvin,* William Severn,* George H. Snyder, Thomas H. Silliman, Charles Silver,* Heber Thompson,* John Womeisdorf, Samuel Whitney.*

Class 10th - Joseph C. Bright,* Charles B. Evans,* Jacob Epting, Guy Farquhar,* William Gillingham, Washington Glassmire, Thomas S. Hughes, Thos. Kimmel W. Wallace Long, J. M. S. Meredith, William J. Matz, Isaac Phillips, Benjamin Pomroy, Henry C. Parry, Theodore Ruth, Nathan Sproull, Benjamin F. Taylor, Horace Wolf, John Weaver.
(From Official Rolls.)

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