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Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania


by John William Barr

"F" Surnames

FEGER, WILLIAM, was a tinsmith and a dealer in stoves. For some years he carried on the barber trade, was constable and then justice of the peace. He lived at one time where Gust Zim- merman lives and then bought the property where David Fisher lives. He had four sons and three daughters, Henry who was in the Civil War, Elijah who was married to Maggie Harvey, Charles and William, Louisa, Ellen and Mary.

FILBERT, PETER, SR., was born in Berks Co., he was a carpenter by trade; he came to Pine Grove in 1820 and took great interest in public improvement. He built the house where Annie Wigton lives, the Filbert house, the brick house where Mrs. Fessler has store, the house next to the Lutheran church and. house that was torn down where M. H. Boyer's house now stands. He lived in the hotel till 1841 and moved in the brick house where he died in 1864. He was a soldier at Baltimore in 1814. He had five sons and three daughters: Samuel, John, Edward T., Peter A., W. William, Leah was married to Dr. J. Kitzmiller, Rebecca was married to Rev. F. Conrad, Sarah was married to Richard Musser.

FRITZ, JOHN, a son of Michael Fritz, was a boat builder, he had his yard at the head of the canal basin near where Ed. Christ has his coal office. He built the house where James Mars lives from material that he used in repairing cars; the building belongs to the P. & R. Co.

FASSNACHT, JOHN, lived in Jackson Row, worked at labor- ing work. He had four sons: John, Elias, George, Emanuel; two daughters, one was married to William Feger, the other one to Henry Reinoehl, Jr.

FILBERT, PETER L., a son of Samuel Filbert, was born in Berks Co. He is married to Lillie Helms. He has two sons, Lewis and Frank, both are machinists and live in Philadelphia; he is freight agent for the P. & R. Co. for some 35 years. He has accu- mulated quite some property. He served as Chief Burgess and Councilman.

FESSLER, JOSEPH, was a laborer, he worked for Peter Fil- bert most of the time, he also worked for George Barr when he lived in Lebanon Co. during haying and harvesting. "I remember when a boy of five years," writes Capt. Barr, "I was playing one Sunday a short distance from the house, Fessler and Wm. Wenrich came to help during harvesting time; they had little bundles on their backs. I got scared, I thought they would catch me and take me along, I did not know they were going to work for us. After we came to Pine Grove he was one of the first men I got acquainted with." He had two sons, Edward was stable boss at Lincoln Colliery for many years; William lives at Lincoln and works at the mines Rebecca was married to Isaac Harman, he was a carpenter, he moved to Ohio; Rose was married to James Neal and lives at Lincoln; Mary was married to Daniel Boe and lives at Lincoln.

FOX, SAMUEL, was a tanner, learned the trade with Jona- than Seidel, worked in the tannery where he learned the trade all his life. When Samuel Hain got the tannery he still stayed. in all the changes of the different owners he still worked on. He was the only man that I knew that always worked at the same job, it did not matter how many owners. He had one son and three daughters: Charles emigrated to Muscatine, Iowa, was clerk for the Mussers and later became a partner in their lumber business and became quite wealthy; Hannah was married and lived in Chester; two of the daughters died young.

FISHER, PETER, was a shoe maker, he owned the house that John Bortz owns now. He was at one time in partnership in the shoe store with Owen Drine in the room that is now the bar room of the Eagle Hotel. He had four sons and two daughters; one son and one daughter are dead, and are buried on the Lutheran cemetery; one daughter is married to Charles Kitzmiller and lives in Denver, Colorado; the whole family moved to Denver, some 20 odd years ago, Thomas, Lyman and William. Mr. Fisher served in the Civil War. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher both died since moving to Denver.

FILBERT, SAMUEL P., a son of Peter Filbert, Sr., was born in Pine Grove May 17, 1825; he learned the milling business. He was engaged in the sale of horses and furnished horses for the government during the Civil War. He was married to Lavina Lamb. He kept the Pine Grove Hotel in what is now the Filbert house. He bought the hotel from his father, was proprietor for some 30 years. Had three sons and two daughters: Peter L., Edward, Lyman, Sallie and Nellie. Peter L. was married to Lillie Helms, Edward was married to Mamie Barr, a daughter of Harry Barr; Lyman was a young man when he died, he was single; Sallie is clerking in Mary Sheidy's store; Nellie is at home. They own their home on South Tulpehocken street.

FILBERT, EDWARD T., a son of Peter Filbert, Sr., had served as Justice of the Peace for some 35 years; has been specu- lating quite extensively in land. He is also a surveyor. He owns a great deal of land, is quite wealthy. Has two sons and two daughters, Charles is a doctor and lives in N. J.; F. V. is a law- yer, 1$ married to Louisa Quail and lives in Auburn. The daugh- ters are single and live at home, Charlotte and Jean. Mr. Filbert was married to Mary Clayton.

FILBERT, MAJOR PETER A., another son of Peter, was born in Pine Grove Nov. 20th, 1833; worked at the machinist trade in York, was clerk at the Ashland Furnace this side of Baltimore, clerk at the Swatara Furnace for Dr. G. N. Eckert, clerk for Graeff & Nutting; April 20, 1861, he left the office to enlist under the call for 75,000 troops, left Pine Grove Sunday, 21st of April, for Harrisburg, was elected 2nd Lieut. of Company D, 10th Regt., commanded by Col. Meredith, After being mustered out he raised Company B, 96th Regt. for three years, was Capt. till South Mountain Battle, promoted to Lt. Col., was discharged Dec. 22, 1862. in June, 1862, helped to recruit Co. H, 39th Regt., Pa. Volunteers, was elected Major of the Regt. After coming home entered in the milling business. He and his brother, Edward, put up the first steam mill in Pine Grove, run it for about 15 years when it was burned; it stood where S. G, Stine's butcher shop now stands. He was also in the mer- cantile business with Miller, Filbert & Co., where Mrs. Fessler is now; afterwards in the building where Christ & Rehrer are now. He owns a lot of property, is one of the substantial men of town. He was married to Doty Reitzel, of Clear Spring, Md. He has two daughters, Corinne and Augusta.

FILBERT, MICHAEL, was born in Stouchsburg, Berks Co., Nov. 13th, 1840, he was married to Ellen Shartel, came to Pine Grove in 1864, was a miller by trade, was superintendent of Filbert & Brothers steam mill, was a Democratic politician, was post- master under Cleveland's second administration. He had three sons and three daughters; Howard works in Bethlehem Steel Works; Walter works for Genssemer & Salem; Robert is clerking in Harrisburg; Lizzie is married and lives in Minersville; Lillie is married to Charles Anderson; Carrie is at home.

FILBERT, WM. H., the youngest son of Peter Filbert, was born in 1839. He has two sons, one daughter; one son lives out West, one in Pine .Grove, the daughter is married and lives in Cherryville. He served in the Civil War. FRY, JACOB, came from Berks Co., he was a farmer and lived on the farm which at one time was Joseph Emerich's farm, then bought the house where Elmer Shaffer has saloon now. He had six sons and two daughters: John, George, Samuel, Jacob, William, Isaac, Matilda married William Ramer, he was a wheelwright, he moved to Smethport, McKean Co., Elizabeth was married to Philip Landenberger, who was a wheelwright. He came from Germany. He had three sons and three daughters; Lewis is married to one of Philip Haug's daughters and lives in Reading, William is married to a Miss Sattazahn and lives in Perkasie, Mont. Co., George is married and lives in Tremont. He is a locomotive engineer on the Lebanon & Tremont train.

FREY, JOHN, was married to Catherine Hartman, he had two sons and one daughter; he built the house where John Gensse- mer's widow lives. Henry served in the Civil War, John was killed at the weigh scales; George died at the age of 21; Samuel used to haul coal from the mountain, then bought the farm that Albert Spangler owns.

FRY, JACOB, JR,, was a shoe maker, he had a house where Amos Boughter's store is, he was married to Miss Logan, he moved to Uniontown; William Fry was a painter, he was married to a Miss Swartz, his sons went out west; Isaac Fry was married to Anna Keefer, he was a shoe maker, he moved to South Bend, Indiana.

FELTY, A. T., was married to Miss I. A. Duell, moved to Chi- cago, had store for a few years, came back to Pine Grove, entered Miller, Filbert & Co.'s store as clerk for some years, bought out Moses Leopold's clothing store. He did a large business, kept the store for 20 odd years. He was killed accidentally in 1892. He has one son, Charles, who lives in Montana, and three daughters. Mabel W. married the Rev. G. W. Channel, she died a few years ago; Bessie is married and also lives in Montana; Cora is single and employed at Bellevue Stratford hotel in Philadelphia. Mr. Felty served several years in the town council.

FEGLEY, CHARLES, came to Pine Grove in 1852, was mar- ried to Catharine Baun, bought the Grist Mill from Enoch Moore. The flood on June 5th, 1862, destroyed it. It was rebuilt and was operated by him till his death. He had five sons and three daugh- ters, Morris, who operates a small saw mill sawing shingles, pail- ings and laths; John works in the mines; Lyman, Henry and James-are carrying on the milling business at the old stand; Ly- man is married to Sadie Hughes and lives at corner of Tulpe- hocken and Mill streets; Henry is married to a Miss Zimmerman and lives on Mifflin street; James lives on Carbon street; Amelia is married to Amos Boughter; the daughters are single, one tends in the store for Mr. Boughter and the other keeps house.

FETTER, JAMES, came from Reiner City, he was married twice, his second wife was Leila M. DeTurk. He has one son and one daughter. He came to Pine Grove township in 1865, and Pine Grove annex 1874. He is a big property owner in Pine Grove; he has a fine home on East Pottsville street. He at one time worked at the mines at Lincoln Colliery. He was 2nd Lieut. Company G, 4th Regt., N. G. P., and served with the regiment in the Spanish American War in Porto Rico.

FORRER, WILLIAM, came from Berks Co. As a young man he entered the store of William Graeff and became a partner, after- wards he was partner with Frederick Stees. He was married twice; his first wife was Charlotte Conrad. He had one son and one daughter. Victor died at the age of 19 years; Rose was a music teacher, was married and lived in Maine. She died a few years ago. Mr. Forrer had a sister, Jane, who was married to John Buchanan.

FRYE, WILLIAM, is a son of John Frye. His father was killed at the weigh scales. He is a telegraph operator and has been employed by the P. & R. Co. 30 odd years, and is married to Annie Spancake. They have one son, who is a student at Gettysburg College. He has served several terms in the school board. Mrs. Frye carries on the millinery business

FRYE, JOHN, JR., was born in the house where Lydia Gensemer lives. When his father died he lived with his uncle, Samuel, on a farm. He was married to Sarah Jones, and had three sons and three daughters, William, Charles and George. Wil- liam is a telegrapher; Charles is baggage master on the Harris- burg train; George is married to Mamie Berger and. works in the mines.

FISHER, DAVID, was born in Washington township, is a harness maker; lives in the house formerly owned by William Feger. He is married to a daughter of Benjamin Hummel. He has an adopted daughter, who is married to Edw. Keefer. She has a notion store.

FRANCIS, A. K., came from Berks Co.. He was clerk at Stanhope Furnace for Breidenbaugh & Sheets and in 1861 he was employed by Graeff & Nutting as clerk for some years, then leased a furnace in Union County and operated it for a few years; came back to Pine Grove and clerked for Miller, Graeffi & Co.; was in the brown stone business in Lebanon; came back to Pine Grove and started a match factory in the building of the brick plant, sold to the Diamond factory, bought building back and started the brick factory. He was married twice; first to Sallie Christ, sister of Wellington Christ. His second wife was Miss Meily. He had no children.

FOX, WILLIAM, was born near Reading in 1879. He at one time lived in Salt Lake City, came to Pine Grove Sept. 10, 1905, has been in the shirt manufacturing business. His first factory was on the rear of Jackson Row. This was burned out and then he built the brick factory on Pottsville street which is operated by Fox & Moore. He has a factory at Tremont. and one at Suedburg. They employ in all about 190 operators. Mr. Fox is married, has no children. He lives in the house built by George Reichert, is a shrewd business man and a very social person.

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