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Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania


by John William Barr

"H" Surnames

HALDEMAN, W. I., came here quite young, learned the trade with Kline, bought out Kline about 1873 and built the present house. W. I. Haldeman was married three times; his first wife was a Miss Thompson, the second a Miss Kredell. He had one son, Robert, with the second. The third was a Miss Potterfield; he had three sons with the third wife. Mr. Haldeman is a prosperous business man; he does a large business in jewelry and also in clothing. He is also an inventor, had a lot of patents granted. He was a candidate for the Legislature on the Demo- cratic ticket and was school director and also served in council.

HALDEMAN, WILLIAM I. Soon after the war of the Rebellion Capt. A. H. Kline, of Adamstown, Pa., through the recommendation of the Millers, opened the first jewelry store in Pine Grove. Times were great in this line—parties going to housekeeping would buy a clock as the first necessity. The store of Kline's was heavily guarded from robbers, as his goods were in great demand in open sale and also by midnight visitors. in 1869, as an apprentice boy, William I. Haldeman, of Thompsontown, Juniata county, Pa., at the age of 14 years, came to learn the trade. Mr. Kline was also engaged in the tobacco and cigar business, having a number of men employed in that line. Mr. Haldeman was partly able, at this time, to take charge of the watchmaking and jewelry business, and later bought out Mr. Kline, who then left for the West. Mr. Haldeman, there- fore, with the exception of the part of the years 1872 and 1873 has been in business continuously ever since, remodeling and enlarging the building in accordance with the times.

HEIL, HENRY, was a miller by trade, he bought the Grist mill in 1841, now owned by Fegley Brothers. He and Wil- liam Brower were in the flour and feed business and at one time in the burning lime business, then he -was in the store bus ness, where Joseph Schwalm now lives; then he went in the coal business in Tremont. He built the house where Moody has his Drug store; he operated at Middle Creek and at East Franklin. He did a large business at one time. He sold East Franklin Colliery to the P. & R. He had his second -wife, his first wife was a sister to William Brower; his second wife was Susan Ruth. He had four sons and three daughters with his second wife: Lewis, George, Harry, and Lincoln. Three sons and three daughters died after growing up to manhood and womanhood. Harry is the only one living. Lewis had served in the Civil War.

HOCH, JOHN. His parents moved to Muscatine, Iowa, in about 1840. John stayed in Pine Grove and lived with Mr. Caleb Wheeler and tended store till he grew up to manhood. He be- came a partner in the firm of Wheeler, Miller & Co. in the coal business till 1864 when the colliery closed out then he clerked for Kitzmiller, Graeff & Co. for some time, was superintendent for Miller, Mace & Co., Maceville, had also an interest in the colliery. He was married to Kate Jones. He had two sons and one daugh- ter. William was a doctor; Kate is married to Mr. Root.

HUBER, JOHN, SR., was at one time a speculator in coal land, also lived on a farm, kept hotel at one time where M. H. Boyer's house stands, bought the house that stood where Daniel Miller's brick house now stands, the house where Major Filbert now lives. He was constable at one time. He had seven sons and three daughters: John, Jr„ Jacob, Isaac, David, William, Jefferson and Washington; Washington and Jefferson were twins; they are all dead except Washington, who lives in Harrisburg; David was in the Mexican and the Civil War; Jefferson was in the Civil War; Mary was married to Henry Spancake; Rachel was married to Mr. Lutz; Sarah was single.

HUBER, JOHN, JR., a son of John Sr., a carpenter and con- tractor, did a good deal of building. He built the first coal breaker in this end of the county for Snyder, Barr & Wile. He built the Lincoln breaker and the Stanton at Maceville, also quite a number of homes in Pine Grove and vicinity. He had four sons and three daughters: Henry, Joseph, Frederick, Hor- race; Caroline was married to Felix Bartells and lives in Eldora, Kansas; Anna was married to Mr. Minnich and lives in Tre- mont; Sarah was married to J. Waltz; Henry was married to Miss Miller, he was a carpenter and followed his trade for some time, then followed railroading. He had one son and three daughters. Walter S. followed railroading; Irene and Alice were teachers in the Shippensburg Normal School; the son and daugh- ters are single. Mr. Huber served in the Civil War. They all live in Harrisburg. Joseph Huber also learned the carpenter trade. He was married to a Miss Manwiller, they had one son and he was killed on the railroad. Mr. Huber is baggage master from Allentown to Harrisburg. Fred also was a carpenter, he took to railroading, and was killed at the weigh scale at Pine Grove. He was married to a Miss Schneck and had one daughter. Horace also followed railroading.

HUBER, WILLIAM, a son of John, Sr., was born in Pine Grove in 1828. He was a carpenter by trade, and worked almost always at his trade; was married to Mary Sausser, had four sons and two daughters: Edward, Charles, George, lrwin. Edward followed railroading for some years, at present is sexton at the Lutheran Cemetery; George works at the tannery; lrwin is a shoe maker.

HUBER, A. W., a son of Isaac, was born in Pine Grove. He worked for many years at Rausch Creek and Lincoln Colliery, he also worked at the machine shop for the P. & R. He is a member of Camp 49, P. 0. S. of A., and Post Commander of Wolf Post No. 203 for some twenty years. He takes great pride in getting up the Memorial Day parades. He has two daughters. One daughter is married to Frank Harvey; one was married to Peter Hehn. He lives in the annex and has a fine home. He served in the Civil War.

HUBER, LEVI, was a brother of Jacob Huber, Sr. He learn- ed the tailoring trade; after he was free he went to London, England, stayed a few years then came back to Pine Grove, and was married to Margaret Stackpole. Carried .on the tailoring business for a number of years, taught school in what is now Outwood, and also in the Borough of Pine Grove. The last time I went to school was to him. He also was Justice of the Peace. in 1857 he was elected Register and Recorder and moved to Potts- ville and became president of the Pottsville School Board. He enlisted in Company B, 96th Regt. He was 2nd Lieut and pro- moted to 1st Lieut. to Capt. in 1862, to Major, June, 1864. After the war he clerked for the Yuengling & Co. Brewery till his death. He had two sons and three daughters, Ivanhoe was cashier of the National Bank of Shamokin. He died only a few months ago. Frederick lived in New York. Two of the daughters taught school in Pottsville.

HUBER, JACOB, a brother of Levi, was married to Sarah Barr, he was a carpenter by trade and was a contractor and builder. At one time was superintendent of the Union Canal from. Pine Grove to the Water Works. He owned a good deal of property. Had four sons and three daughters. Reuben was a blacksmith, was married and had one daughter, moved to Marysville, Perry Co.; Eli was a graduate of Gettysburg College and Seminary. He was a Lutheran minister and preached in Schuylkill Haven, Nebraska, Philadelphia and was professor in Gettysburg College. He was married and had one son and two daughters. The son Charles is a professor in the Gettysburg Col- lege. Francis was in the store business, was married, has one son Christian, and lives in New York. Morris was clerking for Shermann & Gensemer at Pine Grove and also for Daniel Gen- semer at Good Spring. Rebecca was teaching school for 12 or 15 years; she was married to a Mr. Halt. Eliza also taught school and was married to a Mr. Koop. Dorcas also taught school, she died at the age of 23 years. Francis served in the Civil War.

HOLMES, AUGUSTUS, was a doctor, came from Myerstown about 1835. He was a brother-in-law to Christian Ley, and was very prominent in Schuylkill and Lebanon counties. Holmes was an uncle to Dr. John Kitzmiller. He was a student under Holmes. He afterwards was a dealer in horses. He built the first stone house in Pine Grove, the house where Clara Kitzmiller lives. Clara's maiden name was Ley, she was a daughter of John Ley. Clara's mother died when she was quite young and Holmes adopted her. Holmes had no children. She was married to Isaac Kitzmiller and had one son and four daughters. Charles is married and lives in Denver, Colorado; Sallie is married and also lives in Denver; Rose lives in Denver, Lillian is married and lives in Trenton, N. J. Mr. Holmes died in his carriage driving from Myerstown to Lebanon.

HENDRICKSON, JOHN, came from the State of Delaware, he lived at one time in the house that Lewis Ney tore down. He had two sons and one daughter, Albert, Joseph and Sarah; Albert and Sarah were born in the State of Delaware; Joseph was born in the house that was torn down in Pine Grove. Hendrickson brought Hetty Johnson, as we used to call her Black Hetty. She was a slave, owned by Mrs. Hendrickson's father; he gave Hetty to her when she was married to Hendrick- son. When they came to Pine Grove, of course, she became free and Mr. Conrad got her. When Conrad died Dr. Robinson took her and she lived with them till she died. She is buried on the Robinson lot in the Lutheran Cemetery. She was the first col- ored person I saw. in the fall of 1840 I came with my father to Pine Grove and father had business with Conrad and when we came in the hall Hetty came down the stairs and I looked kind of scared.

HEIMBACH, GEORGE, was a farmer. He came from Wash- ington Township; he was married to a Miss Kline; built a house on Carbon street where William Sigmund lived, afterwards moved on the farm that Peter McCabe owned, then moved to the house that stood where John Spancake's house now stands. He had one son and three daughters. One daughter was married to James Manwiller, they live in Easton, he served in the Civil War; Angeline was married to J. W. Minning, she -was a mil- liner, she built the house where William Frye lives; they live in Philadelphia, 3946 Powelton Ave., they owned a good deal of property in town; J. W. Minning served in the Civil War. The youngest daughter was married to William Raimer, they live in Easton.

HACKMAN, LEWIS, came from Berks County, was a tan- ner by trade, he worked for John A. Bechtel and D. & J. Gens- semer and for G. & H. Genssemer; he was a staunch U. B. Church member. He had four sons. One son died at the age of 21 years. Monroe lives in Lebanon. Cyrus carries on tailoring and novelty store. Alfred lives in Schuylkill Haven.

HAAK, EZRA J., was born in Berks County, he was born Dec. 19th, 1839, he was clerking in the store for Graeff & Nutting and Forrer & Stees for 30 years. He was in partner- ship with Henry Gensemer, the firm being Gensemer & Haak, was school director for many years, served in council for a num- ber of years. He was married twice, the first wife was Emma Shartel. His second wife was Sallie Drine; he had two sons and one daughter with his second wife. Harry, a druggist, and George a clerk. Both are married and live in Scranton. Mae is at home, is an insurance agent. Mr. Haak was a Mason and member of Pine Grove Lodge 148 I.O.O.F. and Camp 49 P. 0. S. of A. He had his own home on the corner of Mifflin and Canal streets, where he died some years ago.

HAAK, SAMUEL, was born in Berks Co., he was raised on a farm. His parents were quite wealthy, he was married to a Miss Dunkle and had one son and one daughter. He was in the store business at one time in Millerstown, Berks Co., came to Pine Grove in 1846, was shipper of coal for Henry Heil at Pine Grove and also at Schuylkill Haven. His first wife died. He then was married to a Mrs. Enis. She had one son and one daughter; her son Robert lives at Jonestown; the daughter was married to Rev. L. B. Beckley, a Methodist minister, who was chaplain of the 48th Regt. Pa. during the Civil War.

HAUG, PHILIP, was born in Wurtemburg, Germany, March 31, 1833, he was a blacksmith by trade, came to Pine Grove in 1866, was married to Sophia Moyer also a native of Germany. He was section, boss on the S.. & S. railroad for some 25 years, then moved to Reading; was crossing watchman for the P. & ,R. Co. He had three sons and five daughters. Samuel is employ- ed at Reading in the baggage department; Elas is conductor on the L. & T.; John is clerking in a store in Reading; one daugh- ter is dead, she was married to Henry Krum, they had one daughter, was married to Lewis Landenberger, he is fireman on the P. & R. R. R.; three daughters are single and live in Read- ing.

HOFF, JOHN, came from Germany to Pine Grove in about 1850, he was married to Miss Umbenhauer. He lived on a small farm. He had charge of the store team for Kitzmiller, Stees & Co. for many years. He had one daughter; he was a Mason, be- longing to No. 409, F. & A. M., and to Lodge 148, L 0. 0. F. He was a Democrat in principle.

HENRY, REV. E. S., was born in Shrewsbury, York Co. He was a graduate of Gettysburg College and the Seminary in 1851. He came to Pine Grove in 1852 and preached in the Lutheran Church for some 40 years. He was married twice; his first wife was Sarah Conrad, they had one son and two daughters, George was a preacher, and was stationed at Millersburg, Dau- phin Co. at one time, from there he went to Des Moines, Iowa, then came to Shippensburg, Pa., where he died. The daughter, Elizabeth was married to Robert Irwin. He was a conductor for many years on the P. & R. Lottie is married to the Rev. John Richter, who preaches in Somerset Co. His second wife was Elmire Seidle, from Lebanon.

HUGHES, THOMAS, was born in Dauphin County in 1838; he came to Pine Grove in 1866; he worked on the repairs at Yellow Spring on the S. & S. R. R. for some time then he came to Pine Grove as section boss for a few years, became car inspec- tor tor the P. & R. Co. till 1903, then went to Schuylkill Haven, came back to Pine Grove about 1911; was at one time in the store business with his father-in-law, the firm was Hughes & Stine, is married to Sarah Stine, and has three daughters; Iva is married to the Rev. C. B. Schneder, a Reformed minister now at Shamokin; Sadie is married to Lyman Fegley; Dorcas is mar- ried to Earl Martin. Mrs. Hughes was married to a Mr. McGorkle before she was married to Mr. Hughes. He died and she was married to Mr. Hughes. She had three daughters with her first husband; one was married to Nicholas Brenner; one to Edward Mayberry; one to Alien Paine. Mr. Hughes owns a good deal of property; served as Chief Burgess for some years. He is a retired gentleman. He served in the Civil War.

HUGHES, ISAAC, was born in Dauphin County April 6th, 1856, he is a machinist by trade, he went to his trade in 1869 at Rausch Gap in the railroad shop, has worked for the P. & R. Co. ever since. He was at one time foreman at the shop at Pine Grove until they were abandoned, then went to Reading worked in the P. & R. shops. He was married to Ellen Berger in 1877.

HELMS, JOHN, came from Myerstown, Lebanon Co., he was a merchant tailor; he carried on the business for many years till his death. He had three sons and three daughters. Samuel M. was chief weigh master in the weigh office at Pine Grove for the P. & R. Company for some time; he went to Reading, and is in the insurance business at present. He is married to Laura Stees. Elmer was married to a Miss Kline; he was yard master at Pine Grove for some years; he died some fifteen years ago. George died young. Lillie was married to P. L. Filbert. Lizzie was married to Elijah Manwiller. Annie is single and lives in Tremont.

HARVEY, ISAAC, came from Reading, he was a blacksmith by trade; he carried on the butchering business in Pine Grove; he lived at one time in one of the houses that stood where Harry Gensemer's house now stands; he moved to Lorberry to what is called Harvey's Curve. He was in the coal business, also kept hotel, then bought the farm that William Shultz now owns. He was married twice; he had six sons and seven daughters: Henry, Daniel, Isaac, George, John, Frank; Esther was married to Joseph Brubacker and moved to Halifax, Dauphin Co.; Mary was mar- ried to William Netherwood and lives in Tremont; Catherine was married to Singleton Hikes; Rebecca was married to John Scholl; Tameness was married to Simon Uhler; Sarah to Mr. Fuller; Annie was married to Jacob Gehr. Some of the Harvey progeny live in III, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado. John and Frank served in the Civil War.

HARVEY, HENRY, was butchering at one time, he was mar- ried to Mary A. Barr. He was a contractor, had the contract of hauling the coal from the mines for Wheeler, Miller & Co., he lived at Harvey's Curve. He had eight children, five died in infancy. 1. William is living in Denver, he was with George Kurtz in the store for some time and drove the store team for Miller, Filbert & Co. Adam is a brakeman on the miners' train and lives in Pine Grove. I. William served in the Civil War.

HARVEY, DANIEL, was born in Reading, he also was haul- ing coal, was outside boss at Rausch Creek Colliery for Miller, Graeff & Co., and afterwards retired from business. He was mar- ried to H. Schreckengost, had four sons and three daughters: Frank, Henry, Archibald, Singelton, Louisa married Mr. Eexdich and lives in Tremont; Sarah was married to Charles Bonawitz: Lizzie married A. M. Zimmerman.

HESS, DR. HARVEY P., was born in Lickdale, Lebanon Co., is a graduate from the Hahnemann Medical College in 1896. He is married to Emily Evans and has one son. He came to Pine Grove in 1895, has a good practice and a good deal of property, has served several terms in the school board. Horace H. Hess, a brother to Dr. Hess, is a graduate from the University of Michi- gan, he and his brother, Harvey, are interested in the manufac- turing of underwear. They have a large factory on Pottsville street. They employ 96 girls and boys.

HENNINGER, E. J„ the present principal of the Pine Grove schools, was born at Berrysburg, Dauphin Co., graduated from High School at the age of fourteen, secured a teacher's certificate at the age of sixteen, taught in ungraded schools three terms, entered Millersville Normal School, where he finished as Vale- dictorian of the class of 1898, has since been principal of schools, serving seven years at Valley View, five at Donaldson, and six at Pine Grove. He continued his studies at Perkiomen Seminary, Albright College and Lebanon Valley College.

HIKES, SINGLETON, was born in Adams Co. in 1823, he was a carpenter, came to Pine Grove in 1846. He was married to Catharine Harvey, taught school several terms in what was called the Harvey School House. He had three sons and one daughter. John Calvin Hikes worked at car repairing from 1880 to 1903 for the P. & R. Co., has been since employed on the coal box, to the present time making 36 years in the employ of the P. & R. Co. He was married to Clara Moore. They have eight sons and three daughters.

HIKES, MORRIS, another son of Singleton, was born in what is the annex to Pine Grove. He is married to Kate Drine. They have one son and three daughters. Mr, Hikes taught school for five or six years, has followed painting and paperhanging for some 20 odd years, has been Justice of the Peace for several terms.

HIKES, WALTER, another son of Singleton, was born in Pine Grove. He was married to a Miss Hauer. They had three sons and two daughters. He at one time kept hotel near the Blue Mountain at another time the Pennsylvania Hotel, then estab- lished the bakery on Mifflin street now owned by Joseph Keefer.

HUMMELL, EDWARD, was born April 29, 1853. He was married to Mary Spancake. In 1872 he moved to Pine Grove to what is now the annex. He was a school teacher for a num- ber of years, was Justice of the Peace for some 20 years, was a member of the Legislature one term as a Democratic member. He was in the mercantile business with Alien Paine, the firm being Paine & Hummell. He has three sons and five daughters.

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