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Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania


by John William Barr

"K" Surnames

KITZMILLER, MICHAEL, was born in Chambersburg in 1810; he came to Pine Grove in 1844. He was a cabinet maker; he and his brother, Jacob, built a cabinet shop where John D. Christ's house stands but dissolved partnership and Michael car- ried on the business alone. For some 15 years he worked at pattern making for Nutting and at the foundry at Tremont. He was very active in his old age; he was very fond of hunting; he told me once that he chased a fox on the Blue Mountain down to Pt. Clinton. He had one son and five daughters. Daniel lives in Reading, he was married to a Miss Nagle, he has two sons; Clara and Emma are twins, Clara was married twice, her first husband was Wm. Logan, had one son and one daughter, her second hus- band was Lewis Lehr, they had no children; Emma was married to Henry Frantz, he was a blacksmith, was Justice of the Peace, and insurance agent, moved to Mt. Carmel; Virginia was married to a M. Homing; Harriett was married to John Moyer; Fanny is single.

KITZMILLER, JACOB, worked at cabinet making, he had his second wife. He had one daughter, with his first wife. She lived with Dr. John Kitzmiller, he raised her. Her mother died when quite young. She was married to Frank Lebengood and has one son and one daughter. She lives in Pottstown, Pa.

KITZMILLER DANIEL, came to Pine Grove about 1844, he served in the regular army. He was in the Seminole indian War, served under General Scott. He was married to Sarah Gor- gas. He was at one time employed in the store of Kitzmiller, Stees & Co., and lived where Edward Kantner now lives. He sold the house and went to Dixon, III. He. had received 160 acres of land from the Government for his services. He lived on it for about six years, sold it and came back to Pine Grove. He now went in the timber business, between Cold Spring and Yellow Spring on the S. & S. R. R., then moved to Harrisburg and was employed at the P. & R. station. He had four sons and three daughters. Three sons and two daughters died young. Dixon. is living in Harrisburg and is employed by the P. & R. Railroad company. Augusta also lives in Harrisburg.

KITZMILLER, ISAAC, was a boat builder and was also in the lime burning business with Josiah Stees. The kilns were below St. Peter's church. He had his second wife. He had one son and one daughter with first wife. John lives in Denver. The daughter married J. W. Harvey and lives in Denver, Co. His second wife was Clara Ley. They have one son and three daugh- ters. The son lives in Denver. Rose and Sallie also live in Denver. Lillian is married to Lewis Barr and lives in Trenton, N. J.

KITZMILLER, DR. JOHN, was born in Lebanon county, March 14, 1815. He came to Pine Grove about the year 1835, practiced medicine for a few years, then entered into the Mer- cantile and Coal business with Reuben Stees, the firm being Kitz- miller & Stees. He was married to Leah Filbert, who died June 5, 1862. Their daughter was married to Edward Breldenbaugh, who is one of the Professors of the Gettysburg College. He was accidentally killed, by his horse running away. He was a man of sound judgment. Dr. Kitzmiller was a man much liked by everybody. Pine Grove lost one of its most enterprising citizens.

KENDALL, WILLIAM, was a tanner by trade. He had leased the tannery from John Bechtel and operated it until his death, a few years later. He was married to Eliza Wheeler, which union was blessed with one son, Henry. Father and mother both died when Henry was a baby. His grandparents Wheeler, raised him. Henry was married to Miss Carver. He was a carpenter by trade. He had six sons and three daugh- ters.

KRIMMEL, J. J., came from Germany. He settled in Pine Grove about 1870, as the first baker in Pine Grove. He used to deliver his bread in a hand cart. He was married three times. He had one son and one daughter with the first wife, the son died. The daughter is married to Rev. C. A. Bowman, and lives at Myerstown. His third was Lizzie Gensemer. They had five sons and one daughter. Dr. Frank Krimmel lives in Erie; Max lives in Erie. Dr. Joseph is a dentist and lives at home. Ned, Warren and Marguerite at home. Mr. Krimmel has been very successful in business. From hand cart he got to driving two horses in baker wagon. He has a fine home.

KREIDER, TOBIAS, was a surveyor and at one time County surveyor of Schuylkill county. He had three sons: Uriah, Jacob and Reuben. and one daughter. Uriah was in the Mexican War, Jacob was a shoemaker, he lived at one time where Irvin J. Lef- fler now lives. He served in the Civil War. Reuben was a shoe- maker. The daughter was married to Tillman Miller, a Civil War veteran.

KITTLEMAN, JOHN, a bachelor, boarded at Conrad's, and was a speculator. After the death of Conrad, he boarded at the Eagle Hotel, and later went to Harrisburg.

KRICK, WILLIAM, a shoemaker, and was janitor for the Evangelical church for many years. He had four sons and five daughters. Harry, a shoemaker; William, John, Peter. One daughter was married to Lewis Hackman; one to Mr. Hoffman; one to Frank Berger; one to Rob Britton, and one remained. single.

KLINE, ABRAHAM, a jeweler, came here in 1866, started business in the house where W. I. Haldeman now lives; he was a Civil War veteran.

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