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Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania


by John William Barr

"M" Surnames

MILLER, LEVI, SrĄ came from Adamstown, Lancaster county, to Pine Grove. Some time in the 30's bought the tannery that Jonathan Seidel built which was located where the State Armory now stands. Mr. Miller lived at one time where Jacob Long now lives, then moved to the house which Mrs. Emma Miller now owns. Mr. Miller had seven sons and two daugh- ters; four sons and one daughter died young. Daniel, George and Levi grew to manhood and Catherine to womanhood. Mr. Miller was also in the coal business at one time. Wheeler Miller & Co., and Kitzmiller, Stees & Co., and Kitzmiller, Graeff & Co., and Miller, Graeff & Co. George was assistant manager at Rausch Creek Colliery. He was married to Kate Noll. They had one son and one daughter. George served in the Civil War.

MILLER, LEVI, Jr., who was born in Pine Grove January 23rd. 1853, was a graduate of Mercersburg College. He was married to Emma T. Baton. He was a member of the firm of Miller, Filbert & Co. When first married he lived in the house occupied by Daniel Gensemer, after his father died he moved in the old homestead. Mr. Miller died very suddenly while attend- ing church. His widow resides at the old home, opposite the Eagle hotel. Mr. Miller had one son and one daughter, Ruth died; Ralph is a doctor and lives in Bloornsburg, where he is practicing medicine. He is a graduate of Gettysburg College and Pennsylvania University. He was married to Jeannette Wigton. He served in the Spanish American War. He was at Porto Rico.   Levi Miller, Sr., owned a great deal of property around Pine Grove, owned a couple farms in Cumberland Co., and one in Berks county and had a good deal of land in the west.

MILLER, DANIEL, son of Levi Miller, Sr., was born Sept. 4th. 1852, was a graduate of Gettysburg College, was married to a Miss Reitzel, from Clear Spring Md. He was extensively in the coal business with his father and Kitzmiller & Graeff. He built the brick mansion where he lived until he died. He was one of the most prominent men of town. He was a member of council and School Board for 30 odd years. He was a Repub- lican in principle. He was very charitably inclined. He would always give liberally to charity. He had one son and two daughters, Louisa was married to Ben. Ray. She was a great church and Sunday School worker. She had hosts of friends. Mamie was married to Norman Farquahr. Robert, who is single lives in the old homestead. He has a large circle of friends and is interested in all kinds of sport.

MinNICH, ELIAS, was born in Pine Grove township, came to Pine Grove 14 years ago. He was a farmer and also boated and worked in the mines. He has one son and two daughters. Elmer Elsworth who is married to a Miss Keefer is in the hotel business and deals in horses. One daughter is married to George Lehr and the other to William Heisler, of Tremont. Mr. Minnich served in the Civil War.

MILLER, HENRY, who was a brother to Levi Miller, Sr., was a tanner by trade. He came to Pine Grove about 1866 and carried on the tanning business at the old stand where the State Armory now stands and lived in the house where Jacob Long lives. He carried on the business until some time in the nineties. He had three sons and four daughters, John clerked at one time in the store of Miller, Filbert & Co. then he went to Reading in the Hat Manufacturing business. He became quite wealthy. He was a bachelor. He died about a year ago. Sebastian was clerking in the Miller, Filbert and Co. store, then was stationary engineer until it closed out, then moved to Read- ing and worked in his brother's factory. He had one son and two daughters. Henry also worked at tannery until about 1896, then went to Reading and worked in the Hat factory. He was married twice. He owns the factory now and does a large busi- ness. Lizzie is married to Dr. Steaman. He had charge of the Presbyterian Hospital in Chicago, III. They live at present in California. Emma is married. Two daughters died.

MILLER, WILLIAM, came from Lehigh county, lived about one-half mile west of town on a farm, now owned by Nathan Hubler. He afterwards moved to the farm owned by John C. Hikes. He had five sons and six daughters, Henry, Charles, Ed- ward, Tillman and Peter,. Henry went west; Charles was killed at Lorberry Junction; Edward was an engineer on a passenger train between Harrisburg and Auburn; Tillman and Peter served in the Civil War. One daughter was married to David Reinoehl: one to Joseph Weaver; one to Andrew Zimmerman; one to Har- rison Manwiller, and one to John Miller. Lizzie was single. Some of his descendants are still living around Pine Grove.

MILLER, JOHN, a brother of William, lived at one time where Thomas Hughes lives. He moved out to South Bend, ind.., came back to Pine Grove and lived in a house which stood on the lot near the Armory. He had one daughter, Mary. She was married to Jacob Batdort, who is still living.

MINNIG, JOHN, was born in Pine Grove. He was married to a daughter of Henry Zimmerman, He lived in the house where William Minnig now lives. He carried on the butchering business for many years. He had four sons and two daugh- ters, Henry, Charles, Francis and William. Isabella was mar- ried to Tyrus Schaeffer; Alice to Harry Snyder. Sarah died a short time ago. Henry and William are living. Charles was killed in the army.

MOYER, JOHN, lived in a log house which stood where Wil- liam Fox now lives. He was a teamster, hauled coal for James Oliver. He had two sons. William died at the age of 13 years. Solomon learned the tailoring trade. He served in the Civil War. He was car inspector for 30 years for the P. & R. rail- way company at Pine Grove. He was killed at the weigh scales. Solomon had five sons, and two daughters. William was a en- gineer for the P. & R. railway company for 35 years. Samuel is railroading and lives at Cressona. Henry was railroading at one time, then worked at the mines, where he was killed. Chas. lives at Reading.   Solomon works at the mines. Mary is married to David Hubley. Lizzie died young.

MOYER, GEORGE, came from Auburn, was a locomotive engineer. He ran the Lebanon passenger train for 30 years. His eyesight failing, he retired. He lives on Pottsville street, and is raising chickens. He had one son and one daughter. The son died. The daughter is married to Harry Carl, a barber.

MARTIN, JOHN, P., who was born in Reading, November 19th, 1847, came to Pine Grove in 1873. He was in the store with L. G. Sherman for about a year, then formed a partner- ship with Alien Paine in the store business in the building where Irvin J. Leffler has his tailor shop, then they built where J. W. Barto has his tinsmith shop. He was in business a few years, then he sold his interest to Edward Hummel. He was at one time in the manufacturing of cigars. He was a candidate for the Legislature on the Democratic ticket. He was warden of the jail, and served as Commissioner of Schuylkill county. He bought the property that Graeff & Forrer used as a store, built an up-to-date building and has the largest store in town. He had a very large family, seven of his children died in infancy. The living are: Earl, Harry, Clark, Stanley, Annie, Sadie, Beu- lah and Bertha. Earl is married to Dorcas Hughes; Harry is married to Edith Seidel. Clark and Stanley at home. Annie is married to Mr. Hewitt; Sadie is married to Mr. Comes; Beulah is married to Mr. Shellhamer and lives in Orwigsburg. Bertha and Ruth are single. Mr. Martin retired from business. His sons are carrying on the business.

MOLLY, CHARLES came to Pine Grove in 1846. They had a lumber yard trading under the firm of Molly, Smith & Co. They bought the property that Joseph Schwalm now owns and had store, and had boats on the canal. Molly took over the business. He went in the coal business at Lorberry, what is called Molly's town, formed a partnership with Theodore New- comer. Molly at one time owned a good deal of property. He was at one time in partnership with H. C. Christeson in the store business. He had three sons and one daughter. Charles was married to Frank Reber's daughter. He and Mr. Reber were in partnership in the Mercantile business. William is a sales- man and lives in Lebanon. Edward is also a salesman Laura Is married to R. W. Woelfly and lives in Lebanon. Theodore Newcomer was married to a Miss Connely and lives in Chicago, is in the commission business at the stock yards. A few years ago he was in Pine Grove to see his old home. He is 87 years of age.

MANWILLER, ELIJAH, Sr came from Berks county. He lived where George Gensemer now lives. He had a shoe store and manufactured boots and shoes. He did a thriving business at one time. He had five sons and one daughter. Albert learned the shoe trade, taught school, also was Postmaster under Lincoln. He had two sons and one daughter. Harrison was shoemaker and lives in Tower City. He served in the Civil War. James learned the blacksmith trade. He is a conductor on the miners train, has been employed by the P. & R, railway company for some 40 years. He is a moulder and works for the P. & R. railway company, and lives at Reading. Elijah, Jr., is also a passenger conductor for the P. & R. railway company. The daughter is married to Joseph Huber.

MINNIG, J. W., a son of Michael Minnig, was born in Pine Grove. He learned the machinist trade. He was married to Angelina Heimbach. He was in the Hardware business then sold to James Long. afterwards bought Long out again, and formed a partnership with J. W. Barto. The firm being Min- nig & Barto for a few years, then sold his interest to Barto. Mrs. Minnig carried on the millinery business for some 30 years. Minnig built quite a number of houses. He built the house were Barto's Hardware store is; the house where Wil- liam Frye and A J. Schucker live, and four in the annex. They moved to Philadelphia, 3946 Powelton avenue. They had one son and one daughter, the daughter is a trained nurse, the son died. Mr. Minnig served in the Civil War.

MAURER, FRANK who was born in Pine Grove township. was married to Emma Drine. He was a carpenter by trade. He lived in Philadelphia and worked at stair building for sev- eral years, then came back to Pine Grove and worked at car- pentering. He built the house where he lives, on West Mill street. He had been in the dairy business and chicken raising, has been in the green grocery business for some 20 years. He has also been in the town council and is Constable for some six years. They have no children.

MENGLE, ALEXANDER, came to Pine Grove in 1877, was a locomotive engineer for some 30 years. He had seven sons and one daughter. William lives at Altoona and works for the P. R. R. company; John is a barber and lives in the State of Washington; Howard lives in Harrisburg and works for the P. & R. railway company; Roy lives in Philadelphia; Ralph lives in Pittsburgh and works for the P. R. R. company. Claude and Robert died. Edith is a trained nurse.

MORRISON, CORNELIUS M., was born in Louisville, Ken- tucky. He was on a farm till he was 21 years old, fol- lowed farming for 21 years. Came to Pine Grove in June, 1904, is Superintendent of the Gensemer and Salen tannery, one of the largest in the State. He has six sons and one daugh- ter.

MOORE, ENOCH, came from Lebanon county. He had leased what was the Huber mill, afterwards called the Batdorf mill. It was burned down some 25 years ago. in about 1848, he bought the mill which is now called the Fegley's mill, sold it to Fegley in 1852. He then moved on what was called the Moser farm, and at on time lived on the Stanhope farm. From there he moved back to Pine Grove. He was sexton of the Lutheran cemetery. He had three sons and one daughter. The sons were Frank, Henry and Enoch. Frank was mar- ried to a Miss Mary Kantner. He had four sons and two daughters. Henry was married to a Miss Bunick. He was at one time clerk for George Kurtz, also clerk in the weigh office, was in the Mercantile business where Mrs. A. M. Zim- merman has store. He had one son and one daughter. He af- terwards moved to Tremont. His son, Arthur, is in the grocery business. The daughter, May, is married to Robert Wheeler. Harry, son of Frank, was married to Sallie Spancake. He was clerking at one time in Dives, Pomeroy & Stewart's store at Potts- ville and Reading. He is at present a partner with Fox in the manufacturing of shirts. Frank, Jr., was a fireman on the railroad between Tremont. and Lebanon. George and Milton are dead and one daughter, Clara, is married to John C. Hikes.

MUSSER, RICHARD AND PETER, came to Pine Grove in about 1848 or 1849, from Adamstown, Lancaster county, leased the tannery from Levi Miller and carried on the business till about 1856. Richard was married twice, his first wife was Sarah Filbert, a daughter of Peter Filbert, Sr., his second wife was Sarah Berger. He had two daughters with the second wife. Peter was married to Tamson Clark. They both moved to Mus- catine, Iowa, and entered in the Lumber business, and became wealthy. Some of their progeny are still living in Iowa..

MANBECK, SOLOMON, a wheelwright by trade, built the house where Rudy lived and in his shop there carried on the business until his death. His widow moved to Hummelstown, Dauphin county. He had one son, Levi. I met him a few years ago while he was visiting Mr. Frank Reber.

MOORE, WILLIAM, came from Montour county. He was em- ployed as Supt. by Judge Donaldson on the Swatara railroad also at one time as engineer on the Swatara Railroad. He was cap- tain of Pine Grove Light Infantry. He had two sons and one daughter. L. Eugene Moore was captain in Co. F, 1st. Pa., Artil- lery in the Civil War. H. A. Moore is a Judge and lives in California. The daughter is married and lives in Wilkes-Barre.

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