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Biographical Notes of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania


by John William Barr

"Y" & "Z" Surnames

YOCUM, CHARLES, was born in Pine Grove Township. He learned telegraphing, is married to a Miss Zimmerman, has one son Slater, and one daughter Joyce, who is a stenographer and typewriter. He has kept the Filbert House for 15 years. He owns the property.

ZIMMERMAN, HENRY, lived in the Annex to Pine Grove. He at one time owned a good deal of property in the Annex. He served in the war at Baltimore in 1814, he had four sons and four daughters; John, William, Henry and Peter, who went to Ohio. Henry was single. One daughter was married to George Ellenbaum; one to John 'Menning; one to George Snyder and lived at Port Carbon; and the other was married and lived in Selinsgrove; John Minning was a butcher, he had four sons and three daughters. Henry worked for some 5 years for the P. & R. Co. Francis was a railroader on the P. & R. and lived n Harrisburg. Charles served in the Civil War and was killed. William lives in Pine Grove.

ZERBY, WILLIAM LAFAYETTE, was born m Washington Township. He moved to Pine Grove in 1872, was a shoemaker. He had a shoe store, also kept cigars and tobacco. He had the north side of Tyler Hackman's house for his store. He had accumulated a good deal of property. He had one son William LĄ who is a contractor and builder, also in the fur- niture and undertaking business and has lumber yard. He has a fine home. He owns quite a number of houses, is a member of the Town Council, has two sons, who are connected in business with him.

ZIMMERMAN, WILLIAM, a son of Henry, was quite prom- inent, owned a good deal of property, built the Pennsylvania Inn, which stood where the Hotel Penn stands, built the house where Ellen Beecher lives. Mr. Zimmerman had one daughter Angeline. She was married to 0. 0. Beecher, the father of J. W. Beecher, who lives at Pottsville. 0. 0. Beecher had two sons and one daughter. J. W .Beecher ig married to Sallie Kline, they have one son Harold, the other was married to a southern lady and lived in Savannah, Georgia. He was killed by a log rolling on him. Ellen is single and lives in the old homestead.

ZIMMERMAN, JOHN, another son of Henry, owned some property, lived at one time in what was called the Red Tavern. He had three sons and three daughters. The sons were: Ed- ward, Henry and John. Edward is still living at the age of 86 years. He and Henry served in the Civil War. John and Henry died. One daughter was married to Jacob Krebs, lived at Port Carbon. Mary was married to Edward Miller, one to Harry Mars.

ZIMMERMAN, PHILIP, lived where the Pine Grove Bank now stands. He owned that whole lot from the Holmes house to Mill Street, he carried on the butchering business at one time. He died and his widow was married to Henry Zimmer- man the father of William and John.

ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE M was born in Pine Grove Town- ship, and followed boating for some time, was in the boating business. Had five sons and four daughters: Augustus M. George, Charles, Harmon, Victor died young. Valeria, was married to Frank Witman; Edith married George Wagner. They all live at Reading, except Augustus M. Zimmerman, who is married. Lizzie Harvey has store next to Mrs. Seidel's build- ing. They have no children. George M. Zimmerman served in the Civil War.

ZIMMERMAN, TYRUS, was born In Pine Grove Township, is married to a Miss Daubert, has been foreman for George and Harry Gensemer at the lower tannery for some 20 years. He is part owner in the Miller farm. He has three sons and one daughter. George W. is 1st Lieut. in Co. G, 4th Reg't. N. G. of Pa.; Harry, Roy and Carrie.

ZIMMERMAN, JOHN, was born in Pine Grove Township, was married to Betsy Umbenhauer, was a stone mason by trade, followed boating for some 15 years, was night watchman for some years at the P. & R. Station, had one son Andrew W., who was railroading for about 40 years and was conductor on the Lebanon and Tremont train for 30 years. He was married to Lidia Miller and he had two sons and one daughter. One son died young. Lyman grew up to manhood and was a telegraph operator. He died some years ago. The daughter was married to George Gensemer.

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