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Schuylkill County Place Names

Schuylkill County was formed in 1811 from parts of Berks and Northampton Counties. Below is a list of principal boroughs and townships along with their dates of establishments. The origin of the names is also given in parenthesis.

Ashland Borough-(for Henry Clay's estate near Lexington Ky.) from Butler Township in 1847
Auburn Borough-(for the "village" in Oliver Goldsmith's poem,"The Deserted Village"), from South Manheim Township in 1857
Barry Township-(for Commander John Barry in the Revolutionary War), from parts of Norweigan and Schuylkill Townships in 1822.
Blythe Township-(for Judge Calvin Blythe), from Schuylkill Township in 1846.
Branch Township-(for the west branch of the Schuylkill River), from Norweigan Township in 1838.
Butler Township-(for William Orlando Butler, hero of War of 1812 and Mexican War), from Barry Township in 1848.
Brunswick Township-(name of German origin) an original township and divided into East and West Brunswick Townships in 1835.
Cass Township-(for Lewis Cass, soldier and explorer), from Branch Township in 1848.
Cressona Borough-(for John Chapman Cresson, engineer and railroad executive), from North Manheim Township in 1857.
Coaldale Borough-(for the coal industry), from Rahn Township in 1906.
Delano Township-(for Warren Delano, maternal grandfather of President Franklin D. Roosevelt), from Rush Township in 1882.
Eldred Township-(for Judge Nathaniel Eldred), from Upper Mahantongo Township in 1849.
Foster Township-(for Judge Nathaniel Foster), from Barry, Butler and Cass Townships in 1855.
Frailey Township-(for Judge Charles M. Frailey), from Tremont and Branch Townships in 1847.
Frackville Borough-(for its founder, Daniel Frack Sr.), from Butler, West Mahanoy and New Castle Township in 1876.
Gilberton Borough-(for John Gilbert,coal operator), from Mahanoy Township in 1873.
Girardville Borough-(for Stephen Girard), from Butler Township in 1873.
Gordon Borough-(for Judge David F. Gordon of Reading), from Butler Township in 1891.
Hegins Township-(for Judge Charles W. Hegins), from Lower Mahantongo Township in 1853.
Hubley Township-(for Judge Francis B. Hubley),from Lower Mahantongo Township in 1853.
Kline Township-(for Judge Jacob Kline), from Rush Township in 1872.
Landingville Borough-(originally Orwigsburg Landing), from North Manheim Township in 1888.
Manheim Township-(name of German origin), an original township and divided into North and South Manheim Townships in 1845.
Minersville Borough-(for the coal industry), from Branch and Norweigan Townships in 1842.
Mahanoy Township-(for the Indian term "mahoni", a salt lick), from Rush Township in 1850.
Mahanoy City Borough-(name of same derivation), from Mahanoy Township in 1863.
Mahantongo Township (Lower)-(name from the Indian term meaning "plenty of venison."), an original township which dissolved into Hubley, Hegins, Porter and Frailey Townships.
Mahantongo Township (Upper)-(name of same origin), an original township.
Mount Carbon Borough-(meaning "mountain of coal"), from North Manheim Township in 1864.
Middleport Borough-(mid-way between Pottsville and Tamaqua), from Blythe Township in 1859.
McAdoo Borough-(for William G. McAdoo, once Secretary of State), from Kline Township in 1896.
Mechanicsville Borough-(its first settlers were mechanics), from Port Carbon in 1914.
Norweigan Township-(early settlers thought its mountains resembled rugged Norway), an original township.
East Norweigan Township-(name of same origin), from Norweigan Township in 1840.
New Castle Township-(from the coal town of the same name in England), from Norweigan Township in 1847.
New Philadelphia Borough-(named for the City of Philadelphia), from Blythe Township in 1867.
New Ringgold Borough-(for Major Samuel Ringgold of Mexican War fame), from East Brunswick Township in 1877.
Orwigsburg-(for its founder, Peter Orwig), from West Brunswick Township in 1823.
Pine Grove Township-(for a fine strand of pine trees in the valley), and original township.
Pine Grove Borough-(name of same origin), from Pine Grove Township in 1843.
Palo Alto Borough-(for the battle of Palo Alto in the Mexican War), from East Norweigan Township in 1854.
Port Carbon Borough-(because of early shipments of coal by canal), from East Norweigan Township in 1852.
Port Clinton Borough-(for Dewitt Clinton, promoter of the Erie Canal), from West Brunswick Township in 1852.
Porter Township-(for Governor David R. Porter), from Pine Grove and Mahantongo Townships in 1840.
Pottsville-(for its founder John Pott), laid out in 1816, became a third class city December 1, 1913.
Reilly Township-(for Judge Bernard Reilly), from Branch and Cass Townships in 1857.
Ringtown Borough-(from a famous story about a "stolen" ring), from Union Township in 1909.
Rush Township-(for Judge Jacob Rush), an original Township.
Ryan Township-(for Judge James Ryan), from Mahanoy Township in 1868.
Schuylkill Township-(from the Dutch word for "hidden stream"), an original township.
Schuylkill Haven Borough-(a haven or point for shipping coal), from North Manheim Township in 1841.
Saint Clair Borough-(for St. Clair Nichols who owned land there), from East Norweigan and New Castle Townships in 1850.
Shenandoah Borough-(probably from an Indian name meaning "sprucy stream"), from Mahanoy Township in 1866.
Tremont Borough-(from the French "tres monts" or three mountains), from Tremont Township in 1866.
Tremont Township-(same origin of name), from Pine Grove Township in 1848.
Tamaqua Borough-(for the Indian equivalent of "little beaver stream"), from Schuylkill and West Penn Townships in 1837.
Tower City Borough-(for its founder Charlemagne Tower Sr.), from Porter Township in 1892.
Union Township-(for the union of area from which it was formed), from Rush Township in 1833.
East Union Township-(same origin of name), from Rush, Mahanoy and Union Townships in 1867.
North Union Township-(same origin of name), from Union Township in 1867.
Washington Township-(for George Washington), from Wayne and Pine Grove Townships in 1856.
Walker Township-(for Judge Thomas J. Walker), from Schuylkill Township in 1878.
Wayne Township-(for General Anthony Wayne), from Manheim and Pine Grove Townships in 1827.
West Penn Township-(for William Penn or Pennsylvania), an original township.
West Mahanoy Township-(for the Indian term "mahoni" a salt lick), from Mahanoy Township in 1875.

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