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A Little Bit of Ireland Lives On in Heckscherville

The following poem was published in the Pottsville Republican, date thought to be early 1980's. It was submitted to this site by Gail Frick.

"Irish Village" was written by the late Alphonsus "Ponce" Brennan of Primrose. Brennan was a teacher in the Cass Twp. High School for many years, retiring in 1963. After retirement, Brennan began composing poems, and before his death on May 15, 1978, he had written 134. "Irish Village" was submitted to the Pottsville Republican by James Brophy, president of the Clover Fire Company, Heckscherville.

by. Ponce Brennan

I know a pretty village
Between the mountains
and the hill
Some call it "Irish Valley"
But it's really Heckscherville.

Most people there are Irish
All families are closely knit
The Irish brogue is rather thick
As is the Irish wit.

These people are so kindly
and loyal to the core,
Old timers dealth with no one
Except O'Donnell's store.

This Valley once was very green
Much like old Erin's soil,
Today coal banks and strippings
Have done so much to spoil.

The A.O.H. once very strong
Long since has passed away
Today they have the
Clover Fire Co.
To pass the time of day.

The trolley car,
the shoo-fly train
The taverns, all are gone
But the people of this Valley
Still so loyal , carry on.

Of Course they're temperamental
As all Irish are,
But to find a warmer friendship
You'll have to go afar.

They are really aggressive,
and won't be pushed around
Courteous, and inquisitive
Want answers to be found

The homes are not pretentious
Don't judge them from outside
When you go to visit there
You'll find warmth inside.

I like the little village
and the hill
The place is full of Irish names
Here's some you'll find there still

The Brennans, Brophys
The Callaghans, and the Foyles,
The Hughes, and the Muldowneys
The Murphys, and the Doyles.

The Brambricks, and the Graces,
The Delaneys, and the Ryans
The Bregans, and the Toppys,
The Daleys, and O'Briens.

The Champions, and Convills
Mahoney, and the Fords,
The Pendergasts, the Morans
The Quinns, and Commerfords

The Hennesseys, the Kennedys,
The Quirks and the Borans
The Canfields, Shores,
and Kesslers
The Kellys, and the Horns.

The Purcells, and the Closes,
The Comforts, and the Maleys,
The Leonards and the Higgins
The McAvoys, and Haleys.

On making up this list of names,
Some others I recall,
The Hardings, the Killcullens,
The McDonalds, and Mulhalls

The Courtneys, and O'Connors
The Melleys and O'Boyles,
The Lipsetts, and the Dempseys
All came from Erin's soil.

Now if I've missed a name
or two
I hope you'll kindly feel
Two others I remember
The McGraths, and O'Neills.

Of course like other places
Old folk here passed away,
But in this Irish Valley
The names are here to stay

The friendship, and the humor,
Of the people there are fine.
If you're looking for
real friendship
Visit Heckscherville some time.

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