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         Search for your Schuylkill County Pennsylvania ancestors in mining accident reports, family histories, military records, Zerby's Past events of Schuylkill county; place names, village names and addresses; churches, cemeteries, vital records, historical books, transcribed census, and other genealogy records.




Homepages with Schuylkill County Genealogy Ties

Links to other WebPages with Schuylkill County genealogy ties.

  • Genealogy Roots- Powers, Myers, Wren.

  • Lynn's Genealogy Ties - Lynn's personal genealogy page. Clark, Brennan, Barnhart, Egan, Davis, DeLong and a whole lot more

  • Small Leaved Shamrock - The history of the Cowhey ( Cobhthaigh) family of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. One American family, strong Irish Pennsylvania roots, and the amazing stories that have shaped our lives.

  • Freeze and Fries Family History Page-From New Jersey in the early 1700's to everywhere now.

  • Yoho page-Focuses on the Yoho, Joho, Yohe and Yoh name.

  • The Bauer/Helleis & McCabe/Boner Homepage

  • Gifford Family Genealogy- Dormer, Greco, Marconi and Vincolousky.

  • The Johann Casper Hepler Family-Story of the early Hepler settlers, also links to databases including other Schuylkill County surnames.

  • My Place-Homepage of Judy Jackson.

  • Bensinger Family Genealogy-focuses on the Bensinger name, but also includes some county info.

  • DeValle/Colon,Sunderland/Murphy Homepage- Sunderland, Murphy, Sherry, King, Hagan, Hede(Head), Kennedy, Connor, Coogan, Brennan, McGarry and Shea.

  • Al Achtert's Home Page- Shollenberger, Gwilliam, Lawrence/Loren(t)z, Kershner, Weiser, Acker, Moser, Hoppes, Shellhammer, Reinhart, and Berk.

  • Umholtz Family History Site- Umholtz,Troxell and Wolfgang.

  • Mellet Genealogy- Mellet, Moran, Berrong, Samar, Campion, Brennan, Ryan, Golden and Donahue.

  • Connections- Whitaker and Delowery.

  • Cullather Donahue Kessler Lynch Family Tree- Cullather, Donahue, Kessler, Lynch, Hoch, Mulholland, Ward and Brennan.

  • Fernsler Family Genealogy-focuses on the Fernsler name. A branch of this family came from Lebanon County to Schuylkill County in the early 1800's.

  • The Anthony McNelis Family-focuses on the McNelis name and related families. Includes a page devoted to other McNelis family researchers, which also have some Schuylkill County contacts.

  • Dawn-Morris Bicht's Family Ties- Morris, Kull, Hepner, Brady, Edwards.

  • Roy Gehris' Homepage- Gehris, Geiger, Kutz, Moll, Miller, and Bower. Early Berks County settlers, some families moved "Over the Mountain"

  • Book-Smith Ancestors- Thomas, Wragg, Marsden, and Adams.

  • Neuhauser and Mahlberg Connection- Neuhauser/Newhouser and BreiSchuylkill

  • Jack's Place- Lindermuth, Becker, Kantner, and Ream.

  • The Quirk Family- Quirk, Pothering, Hughes, McDonald, and Ward.

  • Descendents of Bartholomew Jacoby- Jacoby and Mayer.

  • Family Outlines of Shirley Ryan-Family Outlines listing the descendants of the names Ward, Troutman, Davidson, Thomas, Shaefffer and Amour.

  • Hancock and Miller Family History - Hancock, Dando, Miller, Carl and more.

  • Faith's Genealogy Page - Kendrick, Feger, Bacon, Burkhart, Brennemann

  • Walters Family - Walters, Wise, Felty, Fidler, Nagel,Seigfried, Fessler

  • Ulicny Family History Page - Ulicny, Berresford, Jefferson, Zinkiewicz, Czyz, Race, Baker

  • Klinosky Genealogy Page - Klinauskas, Ulevicius, Dudonis, Bernatonis, and Holley

  • McElwee's from Tamaqua - Angell, Anselevich, Augustin, Balavage, Barcavage, Blair, Boblick, Boyle, Branyon, Burk, Carta, Cochrane, Craze, Dent, Duffy, Early, Eshmont, Farrell, Foster, Gable, Gibson, Hanuscin, Hart, Hennessy, Herb, Hester, Krause, Lauber, Lex, Malloy, Mathew, McDonald, McFadden, McGinn, Messig, Mihalik, Morgan, Noone, Nye, O'Halloran, O'Neil, Paul, Pokony, Polson, Pstroch, Richie, Rodgers, Rowe, Shelbert, Shimkus, Siko, Sivas, Spatharsis, Steiffel, Stockhausen, Strausser, Stroh, Sullivan, Thomas, Trainer, Wendell, West, Young, Yuhas

  • Hancock and Miller Family History - Hancock, Dando, Miller, Carl

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