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Clara & Frank Gearhart lived in Fairmount Springs, Fairmount Twp.  Uncle Frank attended the New Columbus Academy. He was a teacher, school director, justice of the peace, township clerk, tax collector, and farmer. They had seven children. Ruby taught school for forty years. Edna was a registered nurse and worked in Philadelphia hospital many years. Jim was principal of the high school in Montgomery, Paa until his health failed. His wife Calista, also a teacher was appointed to take his place as principal. Jim died in the Navy hospital in Philadelphia, John was employed as a trolly & trolly bus driver by Wilkes-Barre Railway Co. for 22 years. Robert, the oldest taught school, then worked for Westinghouse in Pittsburgh until he retired, Jim his son Gerrold, Gerrolds son Buddy & Buddys wife all graduated from Bucknell. Buddys wife like Jim & Calista taught school in Montgomery, PA. Uncle Frank had a stroke in his later years and Ruby got a local man, ? Pennington to stay with him days while she worked. Then she too had a stroke and Edna came home to take care of both. Sometime after Uncle Frank died they sold the farm and moved to Florida near their sister Ruth and her family. Ruths husband Loren bought an old house and they lived in there while he renovated them. They then sold the places for a good profit. Both their son and daughter, Richard and Muriel died of cancer in their middle years. Ruth lives in a personal care home and her great-grandchildren are very attentive.  1991                        Donated by Doris Harvey