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                                                  Genealogical and Personal Records

                                        Hunlock, Salem and Union Twps. and Shickshinny Borough

                       These were taken from the History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming County.


 J.F. Briggs, M.D.- of Shickshinny was born in Holleback, February 28th 1836, and is a physician and drug-

 gist. He married Miss Sallie Whitebread of Hollenback. He was a member of Company C 178th PA Vol-

 unteers during the war of the rebellion.


 Mrs. L.T. Hartman- a daughter of Luther Trescott, was born in Huntington, September 7th, 1817. She

 received such education of those days afforded. By a judicious course of reading and close observation she

 has become eminent of her intelligence and conversational powers. At intervals for the last forty years she

 has been engaged in teaching. A majority of the inhabitants of Union Township between ten and thirty-five

 years of age have at some time been her pupils. She divides her time between the duties of a farmer's wife

 and those of press correspondent, local historian and poetess. She married Stephen Hartman July 2nd 1840.


 William Koons- miller and farmer, was born in Monroe County,PA April 14th 1800, and when about seven-

 teen came to Luzerne County, where he carried on a mercantile business over forty years. He has been twice

 married, Miss Sarah Fuller of Huntington Twp. being his first wife, and Susan Horton (formerly Susan Bacon,

 a daughter of Septimus Bacon), his second.  Mr. Koons had a family of eight sons and one daughter. In 1835

 he was elected to the office of county commissioner and in 1847 to that of sheriff. His residence is at Stone

 Bridge, one mile west of Shickshinny.


 George W. Abbot- boat builder, and wagon maker, was born in Light Street, Columbia County, PA, September

 15th 1825. He is the son of Jonas Abbot, who died in that county June 20th, 1859. Mr. Abbot married Jane

 McCorty, who died, and he subsequently married to Miss Margaret McNeal of Mifflinville, Columbia County,

 Pa. He served in Company C 209th Pa Volunteers during the Rebellion. Mr Abbot's grandfather on his

  mother's side, John Jacob Johnston served through the revolutionary war in Colonel Baker's calvary, and

  was wounded five times. He died at the advanced age of one hundred and two.


 Rev. R.L. Armstrong- son of John Armstrong, was born in Chambersburg, Pa, May 22nd 1843. He was

 converted in 1865, entered Dickinson College, Carlisle, in 1868, and became a member of the M.E. con-

 ference of central Pennsylvania in 1872. He married Lizzie C. Peffer of McConnellsburg. He is present

 pastor of the Methodist Church at Beach Haven.


 Thomas Baucher- was born July 4th 1828, in Danville,PA. He is a superintendent of powder mills. He

  married Miss Margaret Swank of Nescopeck.


 John Bersch- station agent, Shickshinny, was born in Berlin, Prussia, December 21st 1845, and married Emma

 M. Keller of Kingston, Luzerne County. Mr. Bersch was formerly a clerk in the county recorder's office.


 John R. Bertels- merchant, Shickshinny, was born in Wilkes-Barre April 22nd 1848. He married Agnes B.

 Neyhart, of Ransom, Luzerne County. Mr Bertels served in Company D 9th Regiment Pa Volunteer calvary.


 David T. Bound- was born in Conklin (now Kirkwood), Broome County, N.Y. October 14th 1829. He remained

 on the farm with his parents until the age of ten years, when he began life independently as a farm hand at $4

 per month. He assisted, as a teamster, in the construction of the Erie Railway, and was afterward a track

 laborer and assistant foreman until 1853, when he became track master on a western railroad for six months.

 He returned that year and entered employment of the D.L. & W. Railroad Company. He began as a laborer

 and rose to be a conductor, a dispatcher and superintendent of the L. & R. division. He married Janett M.

 Hotchkiss of Windsor, N.Y.


 Enos L. Bower- post office address, Berwick, Colubia County, was born in Evansville, Columbia County

  October 28th 1843. Mr. Bower is a blacksmith. He served as drum major in teh 179th and 210th regiments

 Pa Volunteers.


 Daniel Brader- boat builder, Beach Haven, was born in Northampton County February 18th 1828, and married

 Sarah McGraw of Beach Haven. He has worked at his trade fifteen years. He served as justice of the peace

 ten years, having been elected to that office in 1863.


 Frank E. Brockway- born in Berwick, Columbia County, February 7th 1845, and married Cora Campbell of

 Beach Haven. He served three years and ten months in the army, participating in thirty-two engagements.

 During the time of his service he held the postion of second lieutenant of Battery F 1st Pennsylvania light

 artillery. Mr. Brockway has been mercantile appraiser of Luzerne County and justice of the peace for seven

 years, and still holds the latter office. He has a boot and shoe manufacturing, and is the proprietor of a brick

 yard, manufacturing about 220,000 bricks annually.


 Hiram H. Brown- tailor, was born in Bloomsburg, Columbia County, October 22nd, 1822 and married Sarah

 Ann Murray of Beach Haven. During the war he held the office of fourth sergeant of Company A 74th, and

 of Compamy H 132nd Pennsylvania Volunteers, Mr. Brown lost two sons, William M. and James M. Brown

 in the army. The former was wounded in the battle of Petersburg, and died at Annapolis November 4th 1864,

 and the latter died of typhoid fever while a member of Company A 74th Pennsylvania Volunteers.


 George W. Case- Shickshinny, was born in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia County, December 10th 1844. He

  married Elizabeth Baker of Muncy, Lycoming County. Mr Case served nearly two years in Company D 84th

 Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is now a farmer, having previously been engaged in the manufacture of brooms.


 Hiram Croop- lumberman, is a life long resident of Hunlock Township, and married S.S. Dodson, also of Hun-

 lock. He was born February 15th 1832, and was engaged in farming for some time. He has been justice of the



 William C. Davenport- proprietor of the Eagle Hotel, Shickshinny, was born in Plymouth, Luzerne County,

  April 18th 1855, and is the son of Chester Davenport, whose ancestors came to this country from France. Mr.

 Davenport attended the State normal school at Bloomsburg, and schools at New Berlin and Plymouth. His

  wife the formerly Miss Agnes Driesbach, of New Berlin, Union County.


 John T. Downs- of Shickshinny was born in Plymouth, Pa August 19th 1855 and is a miner. His wife Miss

 Hannah Murray, of Tamaqua, Pa.


 Wilber G. Driesbach- station agent, was born in Beach Haven, August 27th 1847, and has since lived there,

 engaged in milling and other business and holding the office of postmaster for the last ten years. He married

 Ettie E. Fowler of Berwick, Columbia County.


 George W. Fisher- proprietor of the Beach Haven Hotel, was born in Northumberland County March 25th

  1822, and lived on his father's farm until he was of age, when he learned the milling business, in which he has

 continued fourteen years. In 1857 he built the brick hotel in which he has since lived. His wife the formerly

  Caroline E. Wolf, daughter of John Wolf, of Covington, Luzerne County was born August 14th 1830.


 E.W. Garrison- telegraph operator at Shickshinny, was born in Shickshinny valley November 1st 1854. His

 grandfather Matthias Garrison of New Jersey, married a grandaughter of Lord Archibald Douglas, who

  resided near Glasgow, Scotland.


 Ephriam Gregory- was born September 24th 1808, and married Susan Adleman of Union Township. He was

 a farmer for many years, but was now retired from active labor. He was elected justice of the peace in 1842,

 and served two terms of five years each.


 George Gregory- was born February 3d 1820 in Union Township, where he married Frances Roberts. Mr.

 Gregory , who is proprietor of a custom flouring mill, was elected constable in 1841, and justice of the peace

 in 1850. He is now auditor of Hunlock Township.


 Daniel Hill- was born in Berks County, PA in 1792 and moved to Luzerne County in 1816 or 1818. He died

 December 28th 1873. He had eight children- Desiah, who married Wallace Seybert; Sarah, who married

  Reuben Miller; Charles; Elizabeth, who married James Hess; Catherine, who married Daniel Yetter; Stephen;

 Daniel and Jacob Hill.


 M.B. Hughes- physician, was born in Beach Grove, Luzerne County, September 17th 1842. He married Kate

 Patterson of Orangeville, Columbia County. Dr. Hughes at an earlier date was engaged in teaching.


 Isaiah M. Jones- farmer, was born in Chester County, November 5th 1832, and married Rebecca Arnold of

 Slocum Township, Luzerne County. Mr. Jones enlisted in Company A 143d Pa Volunteers in August 1862.

 He received a wound July 1st 1863 in the battle of Gettsyburg, and returned home in March 1864.


 William Keiner- manufacturer of boots and shoes and dealer in notions, Beach Haven, was born in Hollenback

 Township, Luzerne County February 16th, 1843. He married Rebecca A. Weiss, of the same township.  Mr.

 Keiner enlisted in Company F 147th Pa Volunteers, participated in several battles, and was wounded in the

 battle of Chancellersville. His present business was established about 1870.


 J.S. Koons- merchant, Stone Bridge, Luzerne County, is a son of William Koons, who established himself in

 the mercantile business at a very early date. He was born in Huntington Township, April 1st 1837. His wife

 the formerly Miss J.C. Robinson of the same township.


 Oliver Leach- fruit grower,Iona, was born in Dauphin County, Pa September 25th 1827, and married Miss

 Margaret Hepler of Pittston. He served as a minute man in the militia. He is a brick layer.


 Andrew Lutz- miller, Beach Haven, was born in Sugarloaf Township, Columbia County December 10th 1822.

 His wife was Miss Susannah Santee of Wilkes-Barre Township.


 J.W. Meixell- son of Peter Meixell, of Belbend, was born in Conyngham Township- then Hollenback- March

 18th 1844, and married Anna M. Hicks of Beach Haven. He has been employed as collector of tolls by the

 Pennsylvania Canal Company for the last nine years. He has been justice of the peace six years, and has

 four years to serve.


 Peter Meixell- was born in Conyngham Township, Luzerne County, September 15th 1820 and moved to Salem

  Township in 1844. His father Philip Meixell of Scotish descent, was born in Northampton County, in 1796 and

 died in Conyngham township at the age of sixty-two. Mr. Meixell married Elizabeth Weiss for his first wife,

 and Elizabeth Fenstermacher of Hollenback Township for his second. He has a family of seven, three sons

  and four daughters.


 J.T. Mifflin- was born in Nescopeck, May 30th 1851. His father, Francis Mifflin, of Philadelphia, came from

 that city to Nescopeck, and afterward removed to Beach Haven, where he died November 17th 1872. Mr.

 Mifflin is engaged in farming.


 Thomas Montgomery- accountant, was born in Bo'ness, Scotland, June 20th 1845. His wife the formerly Miss

 Mattie M. Sherrin of Caine, England. Mr. Montgomery was formerly engaged in the shipping coal.


 A.C. Nicely- grocer and proprietor of a stone quarry, was born in Salem Township, June 3d 1825, and married

 Elizabeth Search, of Union Township, Luzerne County. In early life he was engaged with his father in the boat

 building, and subsequently in the butchering business. Mr. Nicely has served terms as school director, council-

 man and tax collector.


 James Post- justice of the peace, Shickshinny, was born in Union Township, February 15th 1836. He married

 Miss Carrie Blanchard of Ross, Luzerne County. He was promoted captain of Company F 149th PA Volunteer

 in which he served three years.


 Wesley Rabert- merchant at Beach Haven, was born in Salem Township, July 31st 1843, and married Lydia

 A. Weiss of Hollenback. He has held office of town clerk for the last ten years.


 Simon Remaly-miller, of Shickshinny, was born in Salem Township, July 12th 1842, and married Cora I Coug-

 lin of Shickshinny. He enlisted in 1862, joining Company F 143d Pa Volunteers, and was honorably discharged

 June 12th 1865.

  John Rohde- tailor, of Shickshinny, was born in Prussia, May 26th 1819, and married Martha Witzel, a native

 of Rothenburg, Prussia, from which place he came to America in May 1847.


 David S. Ross- shoemaker, was born in Columbia County, PA August 9th 1842. His wife was the formerly

  Miss Catherine Remaly, of Salem Township. Mr. Ross served in the late war from April 1861, to July, 1865

 in Company A 16th(?) Pa Volunteer Infantry.


 William O. Rourke- farmer, was born in County Tyrone, Ireland, February 29th 1840. His father Samuel

  Rourke, was born in Scotland, where he married and afterward removed to Ireland, where he died. Mrs.

  Rourke came to America with her family, and died while her son William was in the Army. He was color

  sergeant in Company B 2nd Conn, Volunteers, and served three years, receiving three wounds. Mr. Rourke

 married Susan Adams of Shickshinny.


 F.A. Seabert- was born in Montreal Canada, April 17th 1838. He was educated at Brattleboro, Vt.; graduated

 from Bellevue Medical College, and was a member of the 149th Oa Volunteers during the Rebellion. From

 1867 to 1880 he was in the employ of the Deleware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company. He is now

 in charge of the Berlin Iron Works, in Union County, Pa. He married Mary E. Bird of Huntington.


 P.H. Seely- a farmer and lifelong resident of Salem Township, was born February 23d 1835. His grandfather,

 John Seely, was born in Sussex, N.J. in 1778; came to Luzerne County with his brother in 1801, and raised

 the first wheat that was take to Reading for market from Salem Township. Mr. Seely served as sergeant of

  Company D 199th Pa Volunteers during the last of the civil war, participating in several engagement. He

 married Sarah E. Hartman of Salem.


 Hiram Smethers- coal inspector, Shickshinny, was born in Nescopeck, February 26th 1824. He married Sarah

 Reider of Berwick. Mr. Smethers was formerly a boatman. He is a member of the police force of the boro.


 Isaiah Stiles- whose father , a native of New Jersey, emigrated to the township of Salem previous to 1814, was

 born there September 12th of the year mentioned, and has been engaged in farming during his life to date.


 R. Millard Tubbs- editor of the Mountain Echo, published at Shickshinny was born in Huntington, August 12th

 1851, where his father Colonel James Tubbs was also born. He married December 23d 1879 to Miss Lillie A.

 only child of Z.S. Stephens of Cambra.


 Eldad M. Turner- was born in Briar Creek Township, Columbia County, July 14th 1828, and married Miss

 Mary Shokely of the township and county mentioned. Mr. Turner who is a carpenter enlisted in 1862 and

 served in Company D 143d Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers tow years and ten months.


 J.A. Van Horn- farmer was born in Union Township, September 11th 1939. He enlisted in September 1861,

  and served four years as veterinary surgeon in the 4th Pennsylvania Calvary.


 Malcom E. Walker- of Shickshinny, was born in Waverly, Lackawanna County, April 8th 1847, He was form-

 erly a teacher, but is now engaged in the practice of the legal profession. He married T.A. Vannetta, of Bloom-

 sburg, Columbia County.


 Wesley White- station agent and postmasterat Hunlock's Creek, was born in Light Street, Columbia County,

 Pa January 19th 1849. He married Emma Hess of Muhlenburg. He was formerly engaged in lumbering.


 W. H.H. Wolf- a native of Muhlenburg, Union Township, was born Septmber 5th 1840. His wife, also of

 Muhlenburg was formerly Clarissa Hess. Mr. Wolf served two years and nine months in the Company I 143d

 Pennsylvania Volunteers. He is now in the mercantile business; was formerly a farmer.