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                           EXTRACTS FROM THE WILKES-BARRE RECORD 1888

                          D-death record                M-Marriage record           M-I -Marriage Intention


 M.-     Martin, John & Smith, Alice Shickshinny 6-27-1888

 D.-      Dodson, Abiel 7-13-1888  73 years, Drifton

 M.-     Hall, Adrian A. Jackson Twp. & Cragle, Minnie F. Nanticoke 7-4-1888

 M-I    Williams, Elliot & Sutliff, Geraldine  7-25-1888

 D.-      Santee, Augustus, 7-22-1888, killed by car.

 D.-      Jackson, Margaret, 37, 7-16-1888  Pleasant Valley

 M-I     Longerman, Martin & Duene, Susan  Shickshinny

 D.-      Sorber, Andrew  7-20-1888 (82 years) Union Twp.

 D.-      Henry, Frank 7-30-1888 of Hazelton  son of Philip and Mary Henry.

 D.-     Thorn, John  7-31-1888 of Alden

 D.-     Lord, Joseph M.  7-27-1888 (82 years).

 D.-     Wagner, Lambert,  6-10-1888 (30 years).

 M-I    Davenport, Robert Hunlock Twp. & Benscoter, Elizabeth Hunlock Twp. 7-11-1888

 M-I    Downing, Jesse W. of Maple Run & Wandel, Adeltha of Muhlenburg  7-11-1888.

 M-I    Talcott, A.D. of Harveyville & Harrison, Clara of Harveyville  7-11-1888.

 D.-      Harvey, Mrs. MaryAnn of Hazelton mother of James, Peter & John  8-8-1888.

 D.-      McDonald, Mrs. Emma J.  7-8-1888  (21 years).

 D.-      Betterly, Thomas J.  6-29-1888 (75 years).

 D.-      Harrison, Daniel  7-12-1888  (72 years).

 M-I    Creveling, Andrus E. of Fairmount & Kingsbury, Dulcia of Fairmount  8-6-1888.

 M-I    Seger, William H. of Red Rock & Herring, Catherine of Beaver Meadow  8-6-1888

 D.-     Post, Louisa A. wife of Elias Post (43 years) of Shickshinny.

 D.-    Tyreman, Gwinn  7-30-1888 (43 years) of Shickshinny.

 M-I   Monroe, Mirra A. of Fairmount & Brown, M.J. of Nescopeck  8-14-1888.

 M-I   Fink, Joseph B. of Union Twp. & Quick, Clara of Fairmount  8-14-1888.

 M-    Santee, Asa H. & Wagner, Alice  8-15-1888.

 M-I   Connor, Charles of Benton & Hess, Mary of Fairmount Springs  8-21-1888.

 M-I   Kinsman, Robert of Harvey's Lake & Morgan, Nettie of Dallas  8-21-1888.

 M-I   Williams, O.P. of Lake Twp. & Anderson, Sarah of Lake Twp.  8-28-1888.

 M-I   Cortright, Benton of Shickshinny & Henry, Helen of Seybertsville  8-30-1888.

 M-I   Sorber, John W. of Nanticoke & Ginard, Clara of Nanticoke  8-30-1888.

 M-I   Walton, Harry E. of Berwick & Kingsbury, Jenny of Town Hill  9-3-1888.

 M-I   Higgs, W.L.  of Wilkes-Barre & Larrish, Susan of New Columbus  9-15-1888.

 M-I   Bilby, Joseph of Shickshinny & Springer, Martha of Huntington Twp.  9-12-1888.

 D.-     Hazelton, Ann  9-11-1888  wife of John McCafferty  (56 years).

 M-I    Sorber, G.B. of Hunlock Twp. & Hutchins, O. of Plymouth  9-15-1888.

 M-I    Kester, Bryce of Shickshinny & Trumbower, Clara of Union Twp.  9-15-1888.

 M-I    Kester, Jeremiah & Rittenhouse, Jane   9-18-1888

 Adoption- Koons, Mabel to Washburne, Mabel  9-22-1888.

 M-      Line, Merritt L. & Brittain, Effie B.  9-26-1888.

 M-      Bonham, James of Town Line & Hurlinger, Edith of Red Rock  9-23-1888.

 M-      Truscott, Susan H. & Cumberland, John  9-25-1888.

 M-      Barnett, William of Shickshinny & Goss, Esther of Shickshinny  10-3-1888.

 M-      Kitchen, William of Dallas & Davis, Analine of Harvey's Lake  10-3-1888.

 M-      Zimmerman, Frank & Dackins, Amma  10-5-1888.

 Estate of Daniel Cragle  10-9-1888.

 M-       Wagner, Cora W. of Nanticoke & Lamereaux, Rosa   10-20-1888.

 M-       Hoffman, Issac & Davenport Elizabeth  10-21-1888.

 M-       Nafus, John W. of Kingston & Masters, Cora A. of Union Twp.  10-7-1888.

 D-        Bailey, Marie  10-22-1888.

 M-       Marr, H.D. & Sorber, C.M.  10-25-1888.

 M-       Edwards, William & Price, Mary Ann  10-26-1888.

 M-       Edwards, W.B. of Lehman & Mullison, Hattie of Plymouth  10-20-1888.

 M-       Warner, Henry H. & Wandell, Hatie E.  11-1-1888.

 M-I      Franklin, Walter of Town Hill & Brown, Thera(Flora) of New Columbus  11-9-1888.

 Inquest of body of Wilkinson Sarah  11-23-1888.

 Estate of Wagner, John I.  11-13-1888.

 M.-       Atkinson, W.G. of Jackson Twp. & Frantz, Jennie F. of Lehman  11-17-1888.

 M-        Miller, Charles B. of Shickshinny & Marshall, Harriet of Fairmount  11-15-1888.

 M-        Cope, Joseph B. of Town Line & Ipher, Mary of Cambria  11-8-1888.

 M-I      Nuss, George & Mooney, Fannie A.  11-28-1888.

 M-I      Benscoter, J.B.  & Moss, Millie E.  12-2-1888.

 M-I      Hoover, William of Lake Twp. & Wilson, Rachael of Harvey's Lake  12-3-1888.

 D-        VanHorn, Mrs. Samuel (Phebe) 12-30-1888. Mother of Harrison Brandon.

 M-I      Ash, Thomas of New Columbus & Beshline, Anna of Cambria  12-4-1888.

 M-       Good, W.B. of Huntington Twp. & Kline, Susie A. of Fishing Creek Twp. 12-4-1888.

 M-I     Nulton, B.F. of Franklin Twp. & Brown, Ollie of Lehman  12-6-1888.

 Div.     Taylor, Sarah P.    vs.  Taylor, Rush  12-7-1888.

 M-I      Albertson, R.B. of Wilkes-Barre & Smith, Florence E. of Forty-Fort  12-7-1888.

 M-I      Schooly, Ambrose of Lehman & Loiver, Jennie of Wilkes-Barre  12-7-1888.

 M-I      Lord, J.D. of Dallas & Brace, Mary A. of Dallas  12-10-1888.

 M-I      Wilkinson, Martin of Town Line & Dodson, Hattie  12-10-1888.

 M-I      Hann, L.H. of Ross Twp. &  Varner, Jennie of Salem Twp.  12-12-1888.

 M-I      Boston, E.M. of Town Line & Masters, Mary E. of Town Line  12-17-1888.

 M-I      Fink, J.H. of Hunlock Creek & Sorber, E.R.  12-18-1888.

 M-I      Hughs, Peter of Plymouth & Owens, Janee of Plymouth 12-18-1888.

 M-I      Bray, Charles of Shickshinny & Kline, Lizzie of Shickshinny 12-19-1888.

 M-        Sturdevant, Samuel H. Jr. of Wilkes-Barre & Rogers, Carrie L. of Huntsville.  12-191888.

 D-         Boston, Joseph 12-11-1888 of Huntington Twp. (80 years).

 M-I       Jones, William O. of Plymouth & Prudhoe, Kate of Plymouth  12-24-1888.

 M-        Somers, W.B. & Durland, Grace  12-26-1888.

 M-        Roberts, C.B.  & Dodson, Fannie A.   12-31-1888.

 Thanks to Maude Luskey and Sarah Taylor for the donation of this material.