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Signer - Greenbury Dorsey

of Harford County, Maryland b. 10 Mar 1728/29 d. by 9 April 1798 Harford County, MD Greenberry's (the Signer) parents were Greenberry Dorsey (1710-1782) and Mary Belt (m.1726). He married 1st to Frances Frisby and 2nd to Sophia Clark (widow). His paternal uncle was John Hammond Dorsey (1718-1774) who married Frances Watkins in 1742. His paternal aunt was Comfort Dorsey. His paternal grandparents were John Dorsey and Comfort Stimpson (m.1702). Greenberry Dorsey (the Signer) mentioned 11 children in his will, but he did not give their names. One of his sons was John Dorsey. Frisby Dorsey and Edward Dorsey, probably his sons, were executors of Greenberry's will in 1798.

It is his paternal uncle John Hammond Dorsey (1718-1774) who married Frances Watkins in 1742.that ties descendants of Southern Lancaster County to Greenbury Dorsey

One of the children of John Hammond Dorsey and Francis Watkins was;

Stephen Dorsey b: 07 Mar 1758 Maryland died 13 Oct 1825 married : 21 Apr 1787 St. James Episcopal, Lancaster, Pa - Rachel Ewing born 16 Jun 1767 died 23 Mar 1821 Children Resin Dorsey and Nathaniel Dorsey

Nathaniel Dorseyb: Abt. 1796 in Maryland died 02 Jul 1854 in Maryland Nathaniel married Phoebe Hutton born 25 Mar 1791 in Pa died 18 Dec 1844


1)William Dorsey born 1823 died 1901

2)Oliver Cromwell Dorsey born 14 Jul 1824 died 23 Mar 1896

3)Samuel Hutton Dorsey born 28 Sep 1828 died 23 Mar 1896 Fulton township Lancaster county married Martha W. Reynolds born 11 Apr 1830 died 20 Jul 1903 Only one of their children had descendants, most died young, daughter Annie Isabel Dorsey born 23 Oct 1860 in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Pa. died 13 Jul 1899 in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Pa. married Anson B. Ambler born 15 Jan 1857 in Sadsbury Township, Chester County, died: 25 Dec 1940 in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Pa.

4)John Hammond Dorsey born 04 Nov 1830 in Cecil County, MD. died 19 May 1903 in Fairfield,Lancaster County, Pa. married 07 Feb 1854 Margaret N. Spence born 25 Oct 1828 in Martic Township, Lancaster County,Pa died 07 Oct 1864 in Fairfield,Lancaster County, Pa. They had several children the ones leaving descendants were; 1)Ladora Beatriz Dorsey born 15 Nov 1854 in Grubbs Corners, Lancaster County, Pa. died 10 Mar 1924 in Peach Bottom, Lancaster County, Pa. married 18 Feb 1875 Parker Burkins Shank born 12 Dec 1837 in Fairfield,Lancaster County, Pa. died 05 Jun 1924 in Peach Bottom, Lancaster County, Pa. 2)Lucretia Adadale Dorsey born 29 Oct 1856 died 13 Feb 1912 in Steelton, Daulphin County, Pa.married 01 Jun 1878 Howard Edwin Hensel born 05 Feb 1858 in Drumore township,Lancaster County, Pa. died 12 Apr 1908 in Steelton, Daulphin County, Pa. 3)William Clayton Dorsey born 07 Oct 1860 in Pa died 24 Oct 1930 married 24 Dec 1884 Amanda Lewis born 22 Jun 1863 in Bethel, Lancaster County, Pa. died 20 Jun 1961

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