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Holtwood School Photo, 1932, Holtwood, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Students, Left to Right (as identified by Betty French c. 1975):

Top Row- Unknown, Carolyn Wagner, Jim Urban, Walter Douts, Kenny Miles, Jean Musselman, Bob Duffy, John Horner.

Second Row- Dorothy Myers, Gerald Erb, Donald Gurtizen, Betty French, James Douts, Bobby Newswanger, Edith Wiggins, Dale Reichard.

Third Row- Rosemary Mickey, Evelyn Jones, Chris Musselman, Mary Jones, Thelma Harmon, Mildred Jones, Unknown, Lois Althouse.

Bottom Row‹ Mildred Oldham, Betty Duffy, Betty Myers, Paul Null, Jim Duffy, Mitty Lou Gregory, Craig Betz, Janet Herr.


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