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William Steel Born July 30 1750
Elizabeth (Bailey) Steele Born October 14 1754
William Washington born June 30 1776 baptized by William Latta
My Daughter Lydia born Feb 1, 1779 baptized by William Latta
My daughter Rachel born Aug 11, 1782 baptized by William Latta
My daughter Margaret Julian born June 14, 1784 baptized by William Latta
My son Robert Bailey born July 27, 1786 baptized by William Latta
My daughter Eliza Born January 18,1790 baptized by William Latta
My daughter Harriet Born August 1, 1792 baptized by William Latta
My daughter Abby Ann born August 24, 1795 baptized by William Latta
My son John James Born September 3rd 1798 baptized by William Latta

Theodosia B. (Morrison)Steele Born Jan 25, 1799
William John Steele, son of John J. and Theodosia B. (Morrison)Steele was born April 28, 1829


My son Robert Bailey died April 24th 1795 aged 8yrs 8mo 28days
William Steele died May 4th 1822 aged 71yr 9mo 3days
Elizabeth Steele died October 9, 1826 Aged 71years11mo25days
Margaret G. Boyd died January 2nd 1827 age 42yrs 6mo19days
John J. Steele died June 9 1834 aged 35yrs 9mo 6days
Hetty Ann Steele died July 24 1892 aged 60years 5mo 22days
William John Steele died Feb 6 1911 aged 81yrs 9mo 8days


My daughter Lydia married Robert Bailey(printer)
my daughter Rachel married September 6 1804 to James Ankrum(Doctor)
My son W. Washington married April 3, 1806 Isabella Morrison
my daughter Margaret Julian married October 24 1800 to Joseph Boyd (Tanner)
My daughter Eliza married June 11, 1812 to Wm Boy(Tanner)
My daughter Harriet married August 4, 1814 to John Long (Sickel Maker)
My daughter Abby Ann married March 8, 1821 to John Maxwell
John J. Steele and Theodosia B. Morrison married December 23, 1827
William Steele and Eliza Bailey married September 14, 1775

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