Bible printed 1854


John H. Dorsey and Margaret N. Spence was married February th 7 in the year of our lord One Thousand eight hundred and Fifty four

P.B. Shank and Dora B. Dorsey was married February eighteenth 18 1875 Eighteen hundred and seventy five Both of Drumore township, Lancaster County Pa.


John H. Dorsey was born November th 4 1830

Margaret N. Dorsey was born October 25 AD 1828

Ladora Beatriz Dorsey was born November the 5th AD 1854

Lacritia Adalade Dorsey was born October th 29 AD 1856

Albert Lewis Dorsey was born January 4th 1859

William Clayton Dorsey was born October 7th AD 1860

Mary Eliza Dorsey was born March 13 AD 1863


(2nd page)(first name written on top later)

P.B. Shank Born Dec 12 1837

William Shank was born December 12th AD 1875

Addie Shank was born August 28th AD 1877

Bruce Rush Shank was born August 14th AD 1879

Charles Burkins Shank was born October 7th AD 1881

Harriet J Shank was born 30th of January 1883

Parker Shank was born January 19th 1884

Grover Cleveland Shank was born March 4th AD 1886

Thurman Shank was born July 22 AD1888

John Shank was born August 13th 1890

BenJ Franklin Shank was born 4th May 1892

Andrew Jackson Shank was born 1 July 1893


Margaret Dorsey departed this life October 7th 1864 age 35 years 11 months & 12days

Mary Eliza Dorsey Daughter of John and Margaret departed this life February 7th 1866 aged 2 years 10 months & 25 days

P.B. and D.B. Shank children

Bruce Rush Shank departed this life March 16th 1882 aged 2 year 7 months & 2 days

Addie E. Shank departed this life March 27th 1882 aged 4 years 6 months & 29 days

John Shank son of P.B. and D.B. Shank departed this life 5 of January 1892 age 1 year 4 months & 21 days

Benjamin Franklin Shank departed this life March 5th 1895 age 2 years 10 months 1 day

John H. Dorsey departed this life May 19th 1903 age 72 years 6 months 15 days

Grover Cleveland Shank departed this life October 23rd 1914 age 28 years 7 months and 19 days

Barbara R. Shank wife of Charles B. Shank departed this life April 14th 1923 age 32 years

Ladora Beatriz Dorsey Shank departed this life March 10th Monday PM 5:15 1924age 69 years 4 months 5 days

Parker Burkins Shank departed this life June 5 1924 age 86 years 5 months 24 days

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