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William Gibson and Rachel Peirce was married October 8th 1845


William Gibson was born Sept 15th 1818

Rachel Peirce was born May 10th 1827

Ellis P. Gibson was born November 15, 1846

William H. Gibson was born May 21st 1848

Anna M. Gibson was born July 9th 1851

Albert Gibson born October 23rd 1853

Phebe E. Gibson was born April 6th 1856

Lewis (?T.) Gibson was born Septem'r 1st 1858

Edwin E. Gibson was born August 2nd 1862

Walter S. Gibson Born Feb 20th 1865


Walter S. Gibson departed this life April 13th 1869

Albert Gibson died August 10 A.D. 1878

William Gibson died September 18th A.D. 1878

William H. Gibson died December 2nd A.D. 1892

Ellis P. Gibson died December 17th A.D. 1896

Rachel Gibson died June 3rd A.D. 1911

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