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David M. Reynolds, son of Samuel and Mary Reynolds, 12/16/1818
Amanda Gregg, Oct 26, 1835
Mary Reynolds, 9/7/1860
Albert Reynolds, 8/16/1862


Deaths: David M. Reynolds, 3/8/1867
Amanda G. Reynolds, 7/31/1886
Mary Reynolds Watson, 10/29/1887
Francis Reynolds, 6/8/1901
Isaac Gregg, 11/19/1869
Hannah W. Gregg, 2/18/1885


David M. Reynolds and Amanda Gregg married October 25, 1857
Geo. Watson and Mary Reynolds married May 22, 1884
Albert Reynolds and Frances Walton married August 30, 1893
Isaac Gregg and Hannah W. Gregg married March 13, 1828
Albert Reynolds and Isabel Fulton married June 1, 1910

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other generations added to this bible Births Deaths & marriages

Dr. Abraham Rothrock, son of Philip and Martha Rothrock, born near Lewistown, PA April 19, 1805.
Phoebe B. Trimble, daughter of Joseph and Jane Trimble, born Concord, PA March 9, 1810.
Abraham Rothrock and Phoebe Trimble married 5/11/1837 near McVeytown.
Their children:
Joseph Trimble Rothrock, 4/9/1839
Ann Amanda Rothrock, 6/29/1840
Mary Mifflin Rothrock, 8/12/1842
David McConkey McFarland, son of James and Mary McFarland, born Tredyffrin, 5/6/1839.
David M. McFarland and Mary Mifflin Rothrock married in McVeytown, 9/11/1866.
Charles Tatman and James Rothrock, twin sons of David M. and Mary M. McFarland were born in West Chester, PA on June 15, 1867.
Elizabeth Watt McFarland, daughter of David and Mary McFarland, was born in West Chester, May 16, 1870.
George Keim McFarland, son of David and Mary McFarland, was born in West Chester, 7/23/1875.
Hettie Trimble McFarland, daughter of David and Mary Mcfarland, was born in West Chester, 2/25/1878
Mary Mifflin McFarland, daughter of David and Mary McFarland, was born in West Chester, 8/14/1880.
James Rothrock McFarland died 9/18/1867
Mary Mifflin McFarland died 8/22/1880
Hettie Trimble McFarland died 1/7/1881
Mary McFarland, wife of David, died 3/18/1898
David M. McFarland died 10/13/1899
Charles T. McFarland died 12/4/1921
Isaac Gregg Reynolds, born at Peach Bottom, PA, son of David M. and Amanda Gregg Reynolds, married Elizabeth Watt McFarland April 10, 1895 at West Chester, PA.
John Ralston Bingamin, son of George and Hannah, married Mary Reynolds 1/30/ 1917 in West Chester, PA.
Elwood Webster ("Bill") Reynolds married Madeline Sager, daughter of John and Catharine Sager, in Lansdowne, 10/11/1924.
Gregg David Reynolds, son of Isaac and Elizabeth Reynolds, born May 22, 1899, married Elizabeth Bratton, daughter of John and Mary Bratton, on September 30, 1926 at the farm of her uncle and aunt, Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth McCune McClelland near West Chester, PA.
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