STEWART Family Bible

(The first page inside this bible cover is missing, so if the location of this family was here it is no longer known) Bible printed 1853 Andrew Dimond Philadelphia

Page 1 Marriages

Charles Stewart was married to Catharine M. Rice Daughter of Daniel Rice and Susan Rice June 7, A.D. 1849

Page 2 Births Col. #1

Charles Stewart was born June 4, A.D. 1824

Catharine M. Rice was born May 29, A.D. 1829

Brainerd Martin Stewart was born November 1, A.D. 1849

Alexander Hoover Stewart was born May 21, A.D. 1851

Daniel Raman Stewart was born Oct 24, A. D. 1852

Charles Newton Stewart was born August 28th A.D. 1854

Clara Jane Stewart was born December 28 A.D. 1855

Mary Rebeca Stewart was born February the 14 A.D. 1858

Howard Milton Stewart was born May the 7 1860

Sue Margaret Elizabeth Stewart was born March 31 A. D. 1864


Alexander Stewart Senior was born December the 23 A.D. 1797

George Anna Whitesides was born April 12 A.D. 1861

Joseph Seymore Davis was born February the 2 A.D. 1870

Page3 Deaths

Howard Milton Stewart Departed this life the twenty forth of October A.D. 1862 aged tow years five months and seventeen days

Daniel Rice Sr. died April 15, 1884

Mary Elizabeth Miller wife of Edward Miller died May 1st 1866

Sue Elizabeth Wertz Died March 9' 1932

Page 4 Deaths Col. #1

Alexander Stewart Senior Departed this life July the 28 A.D. 1851

Margaret Stewart Departed this Life March 12 1856 age fifty years

Cathrin M. Stewart Departed this life September the 22 of Sept A.D. 1899 (in her 71, written later in pencil)

Charles T. Stewart Died Feb. 19, 1900

Charles Newton Stewart Died Jan 7 1915

Brainard M. Steward Died Augt 11 1919

Col. #2

Susan Rice Departed this life May 4th A.D. 1849 agied forty three years four months sixteen days

Martha M. Reiner Died July 6 1915 May she rest in pease

George Anna Whitesides Departed this life November the second 1862 age one year six months twenty days

Uriah Rolin Hiltz was born feb the 22 A.D. 1882

Uriah Roland Hiltz Died March 9 1919

Daniel Ramon Stewart Died April 14 1921

Wriiten on the next blank page

Noah Herman Wertz was born Oct 25 1897

Ethel Marie Wertz was born June 4 1901

Clara Cynthia Wertz was born June 24 1903

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