was pastor of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church , and also principal for some years of an academy held there. His pastorate began in 1771, and covered a period of thirty years. When he was called to the charge his salary was fixed at L100 Pennsylvania currency, and this was never increased and sometimes was not paid in full. He manifested a deep interest in the cause of the American Independence. On one occasion he accompanied the soldiers on their campaign, and also acted as chaplain for some time. In 1785 he vigorously defended the church incorporation acts, and this action on his part incensed a number of the members of his congregation against him. He advocated the introduction of Watt's Psalmody in church service, but they were not adopted into general use, until years after his death. He received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from the university of Pennsylvania. His death occurred in January, 1801. Francis Latta, his son, was pastor of the same church from 1810 to 1825.


Prominently identified with the farming and dairy interests of Lancaster county, and more particularly with those of Eden township, is George Lefever. .Mr. Lefever was born in this county, in West Lampeter township, Sept. 15, 1839, and his parents were George and Christianna (Forry) Lefever, both of whom were born in this county, the former in January, 1803, and the latter in 1805. George Lefever, the father, was a son of Jacob and Catherine (Meck) Lefever, both of whom were born in Lancaster county, although their ancestry was French Huguenot. Grandfather Jacob Lefever was a son of Isaac Lefever, the founder of the American branch of the family and a Revolutionary hero. A family of seven children was left by Jacob Lefever, and George was the eldest of the children; the others were as follows: (.2) Jacob, who moved in his youth to Wayne county, Ohio, and there reared a family; (3)Elizabeth, married to Daniel Lefever, who settled in Quarryville and died there, leaving a family of four children; Catherine, who married Daniel D. Hess, of Quarryville; Lydia, deceased wife of Benjamin Witmer; Samuel, deceased; and Anna, wife of Henry Lefever, of West Drumore; (4) Philip, who was born in Lampeter township, married, and at death left these children,Adam, who is a resident of Sterling, Ill.. Emma, the widow of Jacob Mowrer, deceased; John, who lives in West Lampeter township, Edmund, also a resident of West Lampeter; and Elizabeth, who married Samuel Schultz, of Nebraska; (5) Katie, who died unmarried; (6) Samuel, who is one of the esteemed residents of this county, having reached the age of eighty-four years; (7) Lydia, deceased, who married John Houser, of West Lampeter township. George Lefever (I) after his father's death settled on the original family homestead, this property being left him by his fatfier. His life was a quiet, uneventful one, engaged in agricultural pursuits, and he lived there until his death, in 1886, his wife hav ing died two years previously. Both were worthy and consistent members of the Old Mennonite Church, were upright, Christian people, and practiced in their daily walk and conversation the principles they professed. Mr. Lefever in his early days was a. pronounced Whig, but later embraced the principles of the Republican party, and was always interested in its suc- cess. Nine of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Lefever grew to maturity, of whom George was the fifth. Jacob, who was the eldest, was born in the old home in Lampeter in 1825, is unmarried, and resides in the old homestead. Katie, born in 1828, was the wife of Martin Cassel, of Lampeter; she left no family at her death. Susan, born at the old home, in 1830, was the wife of Henry Hess, of St. Louis, Missouri, and left at her decease three daughters: Susanna, who is now Mrs. Smith, of St. Louis; Mary; and Christiana. Mary A., born in 1833, is unmarried and resides on the old homestead. Lydia, born in z84o, is the widow of George Fralick, of Strasburg, and she now resides at the old homestead, her one son, Jacob, being a resident of Dixon, Ill. Samuel, born in 1843, married Miss Sarah Rhinehart for his first wife, who left at her death these children: Mary, who is the wife of Jacob Dagen; Emma, who resides at home; and Lydia, who is the wife of Mr. Goss, of Conestoga township. The second marriage of Samuel Lefever was to Emma Lefever; their, home is in Pequea township, and the two children born of this union are Jacob and Samuel. The eighth survivor was Christian, who was born in 1847 and who married Miss Mattie Rhinehart; they reside on his farm near Strasburg, and their children are John; Jacob; Elizabeth, who is the wife of Mr. Stauffer, of this county; and Christian, Jr. Henry, who was born in 1850, married Miss Salinda Charles and they settled near the old homestead, in Lampeter township; their four children are George, Katie, Harry and Lottie. George Lefever, of this biography, was the fifth in order of birth in his parents' family; he was reared on the old farm and obtained his education in the district schools of the township. While still a youth he demonstrated his loyalty to his country by offering his life in her defense, enlisting in Co. G, 122nd P. V. I., under Capt. Neff, of Lancaster county, and being sent to the Army of the Potomac. Mr. Lefever participated in many of the hardest fought battles of the war, took part in the struggle at Fredericksburg, was with Gen. Burnside when misfortune overtook that division of the army, later was at Chancellorsville, and was one of the escort which accompanied the brave Major-General Whipple to his last resting place after his soldier's death at Chancellorsville. After the close of the war Mr. Lefever returned to his home, engaged in farming, literally turning his sword into a pruning hook, and became just as good a farmer as he had been soldier. In 1863 he was united in marriage to Miss Susanna Weaver, the estimable and amiable daughter of Isaac and Mary Weaver, this family being one of the old and leading ones of the county. Mrs. Lefever was born in Strasburg township, in 184o, and was educated in the common schools in her district. After marriage Mr. Lefever purchased the David Eckman farm, near Ouarryville, and on this valuable property he has continued ever since. His improvements are all modern and substantial, consisting of a fine residence, commodious barns and out- buildings, the whole presenting a most attractive and inviting appearance, and in this pleasant home hospitality reigns supreme. To Mr. Lefever and his wife eleven children have been born, and all of these testify to fine constitutions given them by their parents, together with gifts of mind and character. Phares Sherman, born in 1864, moved to Sterling, Ill., when a young man and there married Miss Lizzie Fry, formerly of this county; they reside on a farm near that city, their children being Noah and Ruth. Elmer E., born in July, 1865, also located in Sterling, where he married Miss Ida Andrews, and is there conducting a grocery and bakery business; their three daughters are Anna, May and Hazel. Leander L., born in 1868, married Miss Fannie Ebersole, of Franklin countv, Pa., and they reside in Prairieville, Ill., on his fine farm, with their five children, Minnie, George, Mary E., Leroy and a baby. Thaddeus S., born in November, 1870, married Miss Maggie Detweiler, of Bucks county, and they reside on his farm near Sterling, Ill., their two children being Ella and a baby. Mary E., born in August, 1869, is the wife of Howard S. Knox, and they now reside in Paradise township; their five children are Minnie F., Elizabeth, Herbert, George and Reba. Minnie L., born in january, 1872, married Harry Bair, a merchant of New Providence township, and their one son is John M. George M., born in May, 1873, married Miss Barbara Groff, of Quarryville, and they reside in Sterling, Ill., they have three children,Bertha, Martha and a baby. Jacob G., born in January, 1875, during his early manhood spent four years in the State of Illinois and the Dakotas, but in 1899 returned to Lancaster county and assists his father in the management of the home farm. Annie L., born in August, 1876, married Frank Beane, of Lancaster county, a telegraph operator on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and has had two children,George and Paul. Harry M., born in January, 1878, is single and resides in Sterling, Ill.; and Samuel B., born in September, 1879, is also a resident of Illinois. Politically Mr. Lefever, of this sketch, has always been identified with the Republican party, but has refused every official position except that connected with the board of Education, for five years being a very efficient member. The religious connection of the family is with the Baptist Church, in which he and his wife are held in the highest esteem, attending and supporting the church in Colerain township. Mr. Lefever is a very prominent member of the Eireley Post, NO. 511, G. A. R., of Quarryville, and he was a delegate to the Gettysburg Encampment of June, 1901. It is most interesting and edifying to trace the successful career of such a man, and to note 'the sure rewards that come to repay honesty, industry and close and unremitting attention to duty. Mr. Lefever started out in life with limited means and left his early opportunities in order to serve his country, but he has reared a large family in comfort, educating them so that they in turn have become worthy and respected citizens; and he still stands before his old friends of a lifeline as one of the straightforward, honest and upright members of the community, whose life has been ' estimable in every particular. His charities have been many, and there are few of his neighbors who have not received some mark of kindness at his hands. Duty has been with him a watchword, whether on the field of battle or in the quieter walks of life.

Biographical Annals of Lanc. County PA


a retired farmer of East Drumore township, Lancaster county, was born Feb 14, 1827, and is a son of Tanner D. and Mattie (Schenk) Lefevre. Tanner D. Lefevre was born in East Drumore township in 1804, and his wife in 1809. They were married in 1826 and settled on a farm in East Drumore township. He was a tanner by trade, and he followed this occupation in connection with agriculture. For some years he lived retired in Chester county, where he died in 1889. His widow passed away in 1897. They left a family of twelve children, and lost two. ( i) John S. (2) Phillip A., born in 1829, married Fannie Groff, of Conestoga Center; she died on their farm in East Drumore township, leaving a family. (3) Daniel F., born in 1831, married Miss Sarah Hess, of Eden township, and lived on a farm in Fast Drumore township. He is now living in Lancaster and is the father of nine children. (4) Catherine, born in 1834, married John M. Herr, a miller in New Providence. His wife died in 1877, leaving six children. (5) Hettie, born in 1836, married Frank Whitrner, of Chatham, Chester County, and is deceased. He died in 1896, leaving a family of seven children. (6) Mattie, born in 1838, married Henry Groff, who was killed in a runaway in 1891, leaving a widow and three children, Clayton, Thaddeus and Edna. (7) Julia, born in 1840, married Henry Hyde, in Chatham, and has three children, Edward William and Retta. (8) Maggie, 1, married George Kendig, deceased, and born in 1842, and lives in Chicago with her six children. (9) Anna, born in.1845, married Benjamin Jones, of Illinois, and is the mother of two children. (10) Mary, born in 1849 married Jacob Bearier, and lives at Sterling, Ill, where they have a family of three children. (ii) Hiram L., born in 1848, served as a soldier in Co. F, 21.St Pa. Vol. Cav., during the Civil war, being at one time under the command ofGen. Sheridan. Christiana Burkholder, his wife, is the mother of six children. They reside on a farm in Chester county near Philadelphia. (12) Letitia, born in 1850, married Caleb Spickman, and resides in Chatham, Chester county. (13) Sallie, born in 1852, married William Powell, and lives in Chatham. They have one son. (14) The youngest daughter, born in 1855, married William Franks. ,They live in Chatham, and have one son, Walter. six John S. Lefevre was reared and educated at Home, and in 185o was married to Anna, a daughter -of John and Fannie (Longenecker) Groff. Mrs. Lefevre was born in Strasburg township in 1829, and settled in Providence township with her husband. He was engaged in farming and lime-burning until the breaking out of the Civil war, when he enlisted in the 1st Pa. Reserves at the first call in the spring of 1861. He renlisted in the "Consolidated Bucktails," the 190th Pa. Reserves. This regiment was noted for its fighting qualities, and is known the world over for its bravery and extreme gallantry. Among other important conflicts he was -engaged in the following: The seven days' battle before Richmond in June, 1862; Bull Run; South Mountain; Antietam; Fredericksburg, under Gen. McClellan; two days at Gettysburg; at Weavington, ,,on the Potomac; Rappahannock Station; White Oak Swamps, on the Chickahominy river; the second 'battle of Fredericksburg, under Gen. Burnside; and -the battles of the Wilderness, where Mr. Lefevre was seriously wounded, both legs being broken by a shell. He was taken to Belle Plain hospital, later 'being removed to the hospital at Washington, and ,still later to New York and at Philadelphia, where he was under treatment until x866. He was discharged at Harrisburg in 1867, with a record in which his wife and two children in Lancaster county might well take pride. Coming home he followed farming when he was able to do manual labor. Mrs. Lefevre died in Providence in 1873, leaving a son, Elmer, and the daughter, Anna. Elmer, -who was born in 1855, moved to Hardin county, Iowa, in 1863, where he engaged in farming. His -wife, Ella: Broyls, was a resident of Sterling, III,., and is the mother of three children, Ruby, Dora and Ralph. Anna was born in 1858, married Andrew Snader and is living in Lancaster, where her husband is a tobacconist. They have five children, Elmer L., Edna, John, Catherine and Mary. Mr. Lefevre is a Republican, and belongs to the Bireley Post, G. A. R., No. 5 511, at Quarryville. He is one of the old veterans, and loves the memories and companions of the tented field and the battlefield. He is a most interesting conversationalist and 'has a rich store of memories of that great struggle.He attends the M. E. Church.


one of the leading citizens of Kirks Mills, Little Britain township, was born June 26, 1861, in East Drumore township, a son of Hugh and Rebecca (Pusey )Long, the former of whom is one of the most highly respected of the citizens of that township. Hugh Long was a son of James Long, and a grandson of John Long, who came from England about 1750, and settled near Chestnut Level. By trade he was an Iron worker and some of the iron work which has stood the storms of many years in the Presbyterian Church in Chestnut Level, attests his skill. The children born to Hugh Long and his wife numbered three namely: James M. of this sketch; Annie, who is the wife of Martin Coulter, of Bart township; and Sanders, who manages the home farm. In his youth James M. Long attended the district schools of his locality, growing up accustomed to farm duties. His choice of career made of him an agriculturist, and although at first his means were limited and there was great need of industry, he conquered all difficulties, and he is now one of the substantial and leading farmers of his neighborhood. His estate compromises one of the valuable and desirable tracts of land in Little Britain township, located within one and a half miles of Kirks Mills : it contains 192 acres of fine land, improved with excellent buildings of every kind. On Nov. 28, 1889, Mr. Long was married to Miss. Alice C. L. Lamborn, of Drumore township, a daughter of Aquilla B. and Ann(Ambler) Lamborn, born Feb. 14, 1867. Her parents had a family of three children, the others being William, who was killed by a kick of a horse; and Addie who resides with Mrs. Long. Mr. Lamborn can trace a long line of ancestry, as far back as the year 1697. when occurred the birth of Robert , in Berkshire, England. Robert had a son Robert, who came to America, and his son George was born in Lancaster county Pa, George(2), son of George was born in Chester county, Dec. 23, 1763 and his son Smedley Lanborn was born June 6, 1807, and became the grandfather of Mrs. Long. Aquilla B. , was born Feb. 23, 1833 and he resides in the home of his daughter; his wife born March 25, 1831 died Jan. 11, 1894. In 1888 Mr. Long removed from East Drumore township and purchased his parents farm, and has ever since been prospering in farming and stock raising. The children born to Mr. and Mrs. Long are: Ralph born Aug. 30,1891 ; Wynona May, born July 19, 1893; Anna M. Born Sept. 6, 1895 and Forest, born June 1, 1901. In their pleasant country home, surrounded by their bright and interesting children, Mr. and Mrs. Long realize the best there is in life. Mrs. Long was reared in the Quaker belief, but Mr. Long is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and both of them are among the most highly respected residents of this township, where they have lived so long.

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