general insurance manager at Quarryville, was born in Eden township Aug 15, 1852 , son of Dr John K and Leah (Peoples) Raub. The parents were both born in Lancaster county. John K. Raub, after his marriage, settled in Hawksville, where he taught school for a time, and then took up study of medicine, which he practiced for many years, becoming prominent both as a physician and citizen. He accumulated large means by putting the income from his practice in investments which returned good interest. He moved to New Providence, where he practiced up to a short time before his death 1867. His wife is still living and is now the wife of Edward Aston, of New Providence. Dr John K Raub left one son and one daughter G.J.P. Raub and Lillie. The daughter was educated at the Millersville Normal school, married Elam K. Herr, formerly of Quarryville borough, but now residing in Bloomfield Iowa: they have two daughters Ella and Mariam G.J.P. Raub was educated at Millersville State Normal School and Kutztown Normal School His early life was spent as a clerk in a country store, until he entered into partnership With F. W. Helm in a general store in New Providence, at which place he continued for five years. He then moved to Quarryville, where he entered into partnership with George W. Hensel, his father in law. The firm continued as Hensel & co until 1874 when Mr Raub purchased Mr Hensel's interest and continued the business until 1890 He then sold out and engaged in general insurance for the Nrthwestern Life insurance co of Milwaukee Wis., which he has continued until the present time. Since 1890 he has engaged in the insurance business, and is now manager of the district, a position of honor and profit. He recieved a medal from the co for careful and judicious managment of its affairs. When he first began in the insurance business his territory consisted of parts of Lancaster and Chester Counties, but now he has chargeof in addition to the foregoing, of the counties of Franklin and Fulton, and part of Schuylkill, in Pennsylvania and of Washington, Fredrick and Montgomery in Maryland In point of business MrRaub stands first in the State of any representative of his company, and has been awarded medals to that effect from the company. In 1873 G.J.P. Raub married Ella M. Hensel, daughter of George W. & Anna M. Hensel. He has two children Florence H., who was born 1875 and Charles H born 1879, who is a graduate of State College of Center county, Pa class of 1901 In politics Mr Raub is a democrat, but he has never aspired to office. Fraternally he is a member of the order of Elks, Chambersburg lodge, He and his wife are members of the reformed Church of Quarryville. MrRaub is scrupulously honest, and his integrity is well known and esteemed by all. He is a man of more than ordinary ability, and his life has been one of active business, which he has made successful by giving it his entire attention and time.


A retired hotel man of Quarryville, Lancaster county, was born in Drumore township, Dec 8, 1861. He was reared on his father's farm and received a common school education, in 1885 he began business for himself, engaging in the butcher's trade, which he followed for about two years, leaving it to enter into the livery business; this he continued for nearly three years. In 1890, he was married to Miss Melissa Swisher, daughter of Patrick and Susan Swisher, prominent people of Eden township. Mrs. Raub was born in 1871, and grew to womanhood on her parents homestead, gaining her education in the common schools of the district. After their marriage, Mr. Raub settled on a rented farm where he lived one year, then he sold out his stock and purchased the "Railroad Hotel in Quarryville borough, which he successfully conducted for six years. He then sold out to William Armstrong, and bought the "Washington Hotel" in the same borough, which he completely remodeled into one of the best hotels in the neighborhood. He continued in the "Washington Hotel" until 1901, when he sold the place to William Armstrong, the same man who bought the "Railroad Hotel" from him at an earlier period. Mr. Raub since his retirement from the "Washington Hotel" has not been actively engaged in the business, in which, during his earlier career, he was so very successful. He has been able to accumulate considerable wealth, which speaks volumes for his judgement and sagacity, as he started in life with small means. no children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Raub. In politics Mr. Raub has always been identified with the Old line Democracy and has been a member of the borough council for four years. He was reared in the Presbyterian faith. Although yet a young man he has for the last eighteen years been well favorably known; landlords of this portion of Pennsylvania, and every one who has the pleasure of his acquaintance, speak in terms of the highest praise of him. His name will be a lifelong memory to many who have partaken of feast at his hospitable board. Mrs. Raub also will be kindly remembered for her courtesy and affable manner by the local as well as by the traveling public. J.M.P. Raub is the eldest son of Dr. Henry E. Raub, a leading physician of Quarryville. who was born in Martinsville, Pa Oct 31, 1830. His parents were John and Mary (Miller) Raub. John Raub was born in Soudersburg, Lancaster county in July 1800, son of Jacob Raub, who was born in Switzerland, emigrated thence to this county, and after the war of 1812, settled in Lancaster county, where he raised a family of nine children. who afterwards settled in different parts of the state. John Raub married Miss Mary Miller in 1823, and located in Martinstown, where he followed the trade of tailor for some time, afterwards engaging in the Mercantile pursuits, which occupied his attention until a few years prior to his death. in 1865. His wife was born in 1800 and died in the family home at Martinsville, in 1853. The couple reared a family of five sons (1) J. Miller, who was born in 1854, engaged for many years in the lumber trade on the Schuylkill river, and then , moving to Michigan, followed the same business, dying at Big Rapids, Mich., a few years ago. His widow and three children are still residing in Michigan. (2) Dr. John H. was born in Lancaster county, in March 1828 and after admission to practice, settled in Quarryville, where he continued living until 1856, when he moved to Providence, and practiced there until his death in 1867. He is survived by two children - Gaylord, of Quarryville and Lilly S. wife of William Herr, of New Bloomfield, Iowa. (3) S.W. was born in 1832, is now a merchant tailor of Lancaster city, and has a family of five children. (4) Prof. A.M. was born in March 1840. He recieved a classical education at various institutions, and was elected superintendent of the Ashland schools, and served in that capacity for some time, afterward filling a similar position in the Kutztown school for a number of years. He was then appointed principal of the Lockhaven normal school, in which position he served until elected county superintendent of education in Clinton county, Pa, which position he held until 1891, when he was elected president of the Delaware college, at Newark. He still resides in that place, but resigned his position some time ago, and is living a retired life. Considerable of his time, however, is given to literary work, in educational lines, he has a wife and six children, two of his sons holding prominent positions in educational work in Boston and Philadelphia. (5) Dr. Henry E. grew to manhood in Lancaster county After teaching school and clerking in his fathers store for a time, he in 1854, took up the study of medicine. In 1856 he was graduated from Pennsylvania Medical College, and then began practice in Drumore township, afterward coming to Quarryville, where he has resided and followed his profession for the past thirty years. From time to time, he purchased real estate in Quarryville borough and other localities, and owns several well cultivated farms in the vicinity of his home. In 1861 he married Catherine, daughter of Patterson and Amelia Mordewell, of Columbia Lancaster County, Mrs. Raub was born in Selins Grove, Pa in 1832, and is the mother of three children - J.M.P., already referred to in this sketch; Harry M. Born 1864, unmarried, and acting as superintendent of his father's farms; and Dr. R.V.S., who was born in 1872, and educated in Millersville schools, where he took a special course in languages. He afterward graduated at Jefferson Medical College, in Philadelphia, and is now practicing in Chester county. He married Miss Lizzie Groff, of Quarryville borough, and to their union on son, Henry E. has been born. In politics Dr. Henry E. Raub is a Jacksonian Democrat. He has held the office of school director in the borough for many years, was the first burgess of the borough, and filled that position with marked ability. The Doctor was brought up in the Lutheran Faith, while his wife is a member of the Presbyterian Church. He is a member of Washington Lodge of Masons, No 156 and has for many years been a member of the Odd Fellows.

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