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PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD.of Cecil and Harford Counties 1897?

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JOSEPH W. REYNOLDS, M. D. The subject of this sketch, who is one of the oldest practicing physicians of Cecil County, has been for many years devoted to his profession, and has achieved much more than the average meed of success. While engaging in general practice, he has, however, made a specialty of the treatment of cancer. This dread disease, so insidious in its approach and so deadly in its consequences, for ages defied all forms of treatment, and only within modern times has it been successfully mastered. Believing the use of the knife to be fatal to the patient, Dr. Reynolds has adopted a plan and method of treatment whereby the cancer is drawn out, rendering an operation unnecessary. Out of over one thousand cases that he has treated, he has lost less than seventy-five, and doubtless these could have been successfully removed had treatment been sought in time. Certainly humanity owes a debt of gratitude to the persevering, skillful physicians, who have through so many years and with such untiring patience sought to conquer the disease. While making the practice of medicine his calling and an answer to the summons of his patients a duty, Dr. Reynolds has found time and opportunity to superintend the management of the farm on which he resides, and which is situated at Mt. Pleasant, in District No.8. As a matter of recreation from the cares of his profession, he gives some attention to the cultivation of his estate, and in this, as in his profession, he has been prospered. For four years he had an office in Baltimore, but still retained his residence on the farm, preferring rurallife on account of its healthfulness and conveniences. Born in Lancaster County, Pa., in 1834. Dr. Reynolds is a son of Josiah and Mary (Swagert) Reynolds, also natives of that county. His grandfather, Samuel, who came to Lancaster County from the northern part of the state, was a descendant of John Reynolds, one of three brothers who came to America from England, settling in Pennsylvania. J osiah Reynolds remained a continuous resident of Lancaster County until death, and there followed the trade of a potter, and the occupation of a farmer. Politically he was a Republican, and in local affairs wielded considerable influence. He died in 1887, at the age of eighty-four, and his remains are interred in East Land cemetery. His eight children are named as follows: Kirk S., who resides in Christiana, Pa.; Joseph W., of this sketch; Melissa; Anna E., wife of Morris Reynolds; Andrew, living in Harford County; Tyson, who remains on the old homestead; Hannah, wife of Philip Carter, of Ohio; and Alice, Mrs. Thomas Brown, of Liberty Grove, Cecil County. After the conclusion of his literary studies our subject spent five years at home, assisting in the cultivation of the farm. At the same time he studied medicine under Dr. Wood. In 1856 he married Margaret A. Tucker, of Baltimore, and about the same time came to Cecil County. He and his wife are the parents of eleven children now living, namely: Kirk E.; Elmer, who is station agent at Burmont, Del.; Anna; Eli, a druggist at Rising Sun; Mary, Arthur, Walter, Alva, Margaret; Alfred, who is in the drug business with his brother in Rising Sun; and Stella, who is the youngest of the family. The family are identified with the Friends' Church and exemplify in their lives the beautiful teachings of this society. Whatever part Dr. Reynolds takes in politics is to the advantage of the Republican party , of which he is a supporter . He has never indulged in politics with a view to becoming a seeker after the spoils of office, and whatever activity he has been through purely patriotic motives. He is a liberal minded citizen ad warmly endores all projects that will promote the welfare of the district.

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