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William Brown

of Fulton township, Lancaster county Pa

Not withstanding the busy season, a very large number of friends of William Brown assembled at Little Britain Church to attend his funeral at that place on Thursday, the 5th inst. It was a sadley solemn occation, one to be long remembered, and was accompanied in a very marked manner with a feeling and sense of a public and almost a personal loss to each. This large assemblage was evidently brought together by the desire to exhibit a last mark mark of resepct to the deceased, and give a last look at the remains of a person they so much respected for his sterling worth, in fact for the possesion of all those traits that go to make a good citizen. His illness was of very short duration, less than a week, he bearing the severe pain that accompanies inflamation of the bowels with great patience and fortitude, and he was favored to retain to the last his faculties unclouded. He was always a very practical man and manifested that characteristic trait to the last in a striking manner. During health he but rarely deferred or delayed what he had to do , and now when informed by his physician that probably but a few hours of life remained to him, he at once commenced th performance of his remaining duties with the greatest composure and tranquility. Desiring all his friends for a brief space to leave the room, he called his three sons to his bedside to give them his final directions and kindly counsel and avise to live honest, true lives; and then sending for his three sorrowing daughters had a simular interview with them, and finally gave a most solomn and affectionate farewell to them collectively. The severe pains had now in a great measure left him and in the presence of some friends and relatives he calmly proceeded to make all the final arrangements of his affairs, and chose one a guardian for the only two minor children. A will was drawn up and signed by him, which seemed to exhust his remaining strength. This last duty was accomplished, he was done with time. He had only to await with serenity the end which took place a few hours afterwards. As a business man he possessed great energy, and though he felt the defects of an early education, he had much practical ability and sound judgement. He was a progressive and successful farmer , one of the originators and a most useful and liberal member of his farmers club, and he had also been for some time engaged in the improvement of stock.

While liberal and public spirted, he never neglected his own affairs; was economical without being parsimonious, and while thriving himself liked to see others doing likewise. He was honest , honorable and just in all his dealings, an excellent, acomodating neighbor. In all resepcts our departed friend was an exemplary man, who was undoubtebly left an impress of good on his neighborhood.He recoginzed the great truth that "Serves best the father he who most serves his fellow man" and he was ever ready to aid in any movement looking to moral progress., and especially was this the case in the warfare against drinking usages as leading to intemperance.

Over sixteen years ago he became a charter member of Pleasant Grove Good Templars, and remained to the last a liberal and useful member thereof. The writer of this slight tribute to his memory, though many years his senior, knew him long and well, and can truly say that not only as a nieghrbor, a good progressive farmer, is his loss to be deplored, and his example worthy of imitation, but that also in a higher, better sense, he leaves the world somewhat better for his having lived in it.

Peace in His memory

Fulton, July 8, 1877


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Another Light Gone Out

Phebe WICKERSHAM , relic of Levi Wickersham, late of Sadsbury township, and more lately of West Grove township, Chester county, departed this life at the residence of her step son in law Andrew MOORE, in Christiana, on the 29th of 3d mo (march) last ,age 89 years 11 mo 25 days and her funeral took place on the 1st inst at Old Sadsbury , where a meeting was held in the Friends meeting house, and a brief sermon was preached by Horacio COOPER, of West Grove , and a few appropriate words by some other Friends. She was the last of her generation , and was descended from some of the first famlies among the early settlers of Lancaster County, being the youngest daughter of Robert and Mary MOORE, and the last survivor of the 67 grandchildren of Andrew and Rachel Moore. On the mothers side she was the granddaughter of Moses and Elenor BRINTON, and a descendant of William Brinton Sr, who came over with William Penn, and also the great granddaughter of Hattil and Abigal VERMANN , who had emigrated from Bellanach in the county of Wexford , Ireland and had purchased 600 acres of land near Soudersburg, before Lancaster county was orginized, on which they erected a friends meeting house , and where the old graveyard may still be seen. She was born near Gap, on the 3rd of the 4th month (April) 1786, which was before the adoption of the old constitution, when Benjamin Franklin was president of the supreme executive Counsil of Pennsylvania, She had been a regular attendant of the Friends meeting the greatest part of her life, and although near the close she expressed a desire (if consistant with the will of divine Providence)that she might survive until her birthday, when she would of fulfilled her 90 years, the thread of her life had been spun and she seemed fully prepared to go - Lan



The Lancaster Inquirer of Saturday last gives the following items

It is with regret we announce the decease of Anna MOORE, of Sadsbury township. She died after a brief and sudden illness, at the home of Cyrus BRINTON, on the second day (Monday)the first of the present month, in the 76th year of her age. She was the daughter of the late Andrew and Anna MOORE, of Sadsbury and was truley an estimable lady, remarkable for benevolence and goodness, and much admired for her amiable dispostion and exemplary life.

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Death of An Old Citizen

Isreal TENNIS, a worthy and highly esteemed citizen of Drumore township, Lancaster county, died Friday last. The funeral took place on Sunday and was attended by an unusually large concourse of relatives and friends.Addresses were made by Mercy K. JOHNSON and Wm M. WAY and prayer by Rev. J. M. Galbreath. The internment took place in Drmore Friends Buring ground Deceased attended Drumore Friends meeting for over 50 years and had not missed a meeting for morethan 40 years, except when occationally prevented by sickness, which seldom occured. He removed from Chester county to Lancaster county in 1830.

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ECKMAN- In Sherman township, Levenworth county, Kansas, on the 12th of September, Carrie only child of Alonzo S. and Annie ECKMAN, age 9mo and 18 days.(poem followed by mother)

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HARLAN- In Fulton township, Lancaster county, on the 21st inst. after a brief illness, Clayton HARLAN, age 28 years. The deceased was the only son of fond parents and had been married but six months. He was a very worthy young man and much beloved by a large circle of relatives and acquaintances.

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Death of aged Friends

Died on the 9th inst. , at Winchester Virginia, Thomasin, widow of Hugh SIDWELL, formerly of Nottingham , Chester county, in the 83rd year of her age.Long an esteemed elder of Hopewell Monthly Meeting, Virginia

On the 17th inst. at the residence of her nephew, Howard PRESTON, West Grove Chester county, Ellen SMITH , age 84 years

On the 19th inst. at his residence in Drumore township, Lancaster county, Joseph SMITH only brother of the last named deceased, in his 77th year. Few men have lived so universally esteemed or led a more upright life than Joseph Smith. He was a man of strong convictions , earnestly persueing the right , as he comprehended it - an early and steadfast friend of the enslaved African race, a zealous avocate of temprance, kind and liberal of the poor and needy, and in short, a friend to all mankind. Surley the end of such a man is peace.

On the 18th inst, near Chestertown, Kent county Maryland, John NEEDLES, a valued minister of the society of Friends. in the 93rd year of his age.....(continues with some history of his life, not of our area did not type full article)

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MOORE- At his home in Chicago, on the 9th inst. of remittant fever Joseph MOORE, in his 30th year, son of Amos and Eliza G. Moore of West Nottingham Cecil co Md.

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PUSEY - in Wilmington o the 27th inst. Susan Clement Pusey, in the 96th year of her age , funeral takes place today (Wednesday)at 10 o'clock from the residence of her nephew Samuel CLEMENT , near Lombardville, Cecil county. Internment Brick Meeting house.

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(This is a very long article only items pertaining genealogy will be typed... signifies areas skipped)

In a little old stone house not far from Hilaman's corner, East Nottingham, lives an aged woman, Mrs. Amelia Fulton. She is 97 years of age......called Aunty Fulton.....Aunty Fulton was one year old when George Washington was inugrated the first president of these United States.....I was born near Rising Sun Maryland March 22, 1788. My parents were John and Rachel Coulson, I had six brothers and six sisters all of whom are dead, two died when young the rest were married. none of them lived to be as near as old as I am. One of my sisters Margaret who married Uriah BLACKBURN, was the last to die, was about 80 years of age at her death. I have been married twice Levi CHARLES my first husband. He died when young; its been so long ago I cannot remember the time. Thomas Fulton my second husband died about 1852. .........I am one of the oldest members of Mt. Olive M. P. church.....

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BROWN, in Fulton township, Lancaster county, on the 15th inst. Samuel Brown in his 87th year. Funeral this (4th day)at 2 o'clock P.M. from Friends Meeting House, Penn Hill hand dated 1877.

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STARRETT - In Drumore township, Lancaster county, October 26th, Hannah Starrett, age about 30 years.

KING - In Fulton township, Lancaster county, on the 27th inst. Joshua King, aged 61 years

BLAIR- In Fulton township, Lancaster county, Oct 29th , an infant child of William Blair.

FULTON - In the Eigth district, Cecil couny Md., October 28th, Mrs. Fulton widow of Alexander her 84th year

POTTS- In Highland township, Chester county, on Friday evening October 26th, of paralysis, Thomas J. Potts in the 79th year of his age

ECKMAN- Oct 17, 1877 at Desota, Johnson county, Kansas, Alonzo S. Eckman son of Joshua Eckman, formerly of Lancaster county, Pa age 24 years 17 days ..(poem followed)

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Death of Hannah Brown

Died at the residence of her daughter on the 29th of the 12th mo 1882 in Fulton township, Lancaster county, Hannah Brown aged 103 years, 5 months and 14 days. Thus has queitly passed away one who until lately was enabled to walk with the aid of a staff from the sitting room to her chamber, up a flight of stairs, back and forth daily. Though hard of hearing she would ofttimes converse with friens and strangers, and many called to see and talk with this aged one. She maintained all her mental faculties even till till the day before her death, when rousing up she ask for for daughter and wanted milk and food, which was given her and then quietly reposing agian into that sweet slumber of the past few days, her spirt passed unto the better land and unto the lord who gave it. R. P. K.

This aged friend was the last link in the fifth generation of the name, descendants of James and William Brown, who emigrated from England and settled at Nottingham in the year 1699.

Although favored to linger on the stage of action many years beyond those of her generation , she retained her mental factulties in a remarkable degree.........Her remains interred East Nottinham 1st month 1st 1883

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Death of An Aged Woman

Agnes KING widow of Amos King, of Fulton township, Lancaster county, died on the 10th inst , aged 94 years 6 months 24 days. She was the oldest inhabitant of Fulton township. She was a promienent member of the Society of Friends and for more than 60 years attended meeting at Penn Hill, almost constently twice a week, her burial took place at Penn Hill on Sunday last when Edward COLE of Illinois spoke to the friends assembled in the meeting-house, The deceased was a native of Newtown, Delaware county, where her father Thomas THOMAS kept a store. When a child she assisted in the store and remembered to her old age that among the customers to whom she sold goods was Isaac Wayne, son of General Anthony WAYNE. Her father removed to Little Britain township(now part of Fulton,) in 1806, when she was 14 years old. The deceased was a useful and helpful woman in her day in ministering to the sick and misfortunate, and after some years of helplessness, outliving all the friends of her youth, she peacfully goes down to her grave

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BUNTING - In Coleraine twonship , Lancaster county on the 5th inst. Robert J. Bunting son of Robert and Margaret Bunting, aged about 22 years(poem followed)


THE REYNOLDS FAMILY- Twelve sons of a respected sire, Jacob, Stephen, Jonathan, Samuel, Reuben, David Jesse, Isreal, Henry , William, Elijah and Benjamin the sons of Henry Reynolds of Nottingham. It is not often that the history of any family, either in Maryland or elsewhere, that twelve sons gather around the parental board, all the offspring of one man. Yet such is the case in the Reynolds family in Cecil . The number itself is coincident and suggestive. Beginning with the history of the mans own redemtion, the savior selected and honored tweleve disciples as the chosen messengers of Christianity. Long antedating them, under the patriarcial dispensation, god had blessed Jacob with twelv sons as the heads heads of the twelve tribes of Isreal. In the number there is character and respectablity. Henry Reynolds, the progenitor of the Reynolds of Cecil, was a distinguished minister of the Society of Friends in England. He was a man of large wealth and with his wife, emigrated from Nottingham in England, to America and settled in New York. An her brother John came later and settled in Carolina. Henry’s English wife died, and he afterwards married a miss Haines, of Cecil County He had twelve sons namley Jacob, Stephen, Jonathan, Samuel, Reuben, David, Jesse, Isreal, Henry, William, Elijah, and Benjamin. These brothers scattered thoughout t western and Southern United States. Jacob the eldest, remained in Cecil county and married Rebbeca Day, and they had nine sons, all of whom lived and died in Cecil County and have numerous descendants now living. The names of these sons were Henry, Stephen, Jacob, Isreal, Thomas, Jona an , Benjamin and Reuben. Benjamin was the father of judge David Reynolds, of Juniatia County, Pa., whose daughter Ellen Moore Reynolds, by his second wife married Dr. John Cromwell Reynolds, Surgeon in the United States Army. Another son of Benjamin, John Reynolds married annah Knight of Nottingham. His daughter married Daniel Megready - Their only child Hannah Elizabeth married Colonel Edwin Wilmer. Another daughter Eliza married the Rev. Robert Gerry and left one child, L.A.C. Gerry of Port Deposit, who married Jane Vanneman. Lydia Ann, the youngest , married William Parker and left three sons and one daughter, all of whom have removed from the county. A son William Reynolds , was at the time of his death a partner of Jos. Abrahams, merchant at Port Deposit. Mrs. Hannah Reynolds survived her husband, and married Cornelius Smith, a prominent business man in his day and represented the county in the legislature of Maryland. He had one son Cornelius J. , who drowned in the Susquehanna river in early manho . Reuben Reynolds married Henrietta Maria Cromwell. She was a lineal descendant of Oliver Cromwell through his son Sir Henry Cromwell and Lady Mary Russel. Her parents were John Hammond Cromwell and his wife Mary Hammond Dorsey. They resided on the O orara and are buried in the family cemetery at the old homestead. Now owned and occupied by Andrew Nickles The children of Reuben and Henrietta Maria Reynolds were Dr. John Cromwell Reynolds, Surgeon U.S. Army, Mary who married Colonel Prosser of Baltmo whose father Major Uriah Prosser, fell at the battle of North Point; Rebecca a lady of rare endowments of both intellect and heart, died unmarried; Maria who married George Calbreath a gentleman of prominesce of McVey town, Ma. Delia who married the Ho Thaddius Banks of Holidaysburg, Pa. one of whose daughters is the wife of Ambrose Ewing, of this county, and another is the wife of George W. Satler, of Baltimore. Mrs Reuben Reynolds survived her first husband and afterwards married John Briscoe, of Kent county, who purchased and removed to a property near Risisng Sun, in this county , and remained there until his death in 1835. He left three sons and two da hters. Benjamin read medicine and removed to California, Alexander read law , but is now farming. He has represented this county in legislature. Henry and his sister Elizabeth reside at the homestead. Sarah, desceased married the Hon. R. A. McCurtrie of ennsylvania. We regret that at this time we cannot follow other branches of this numerous and influental family of the Reynolds in this county, and must defer doing so to a future time - Cecil Whig


COOK - 5TH Month 15th day, in Fulton township, Lancaster County, Pa, Eliza L. wife of Clarkson Cook


ANDERSON - Near Fair Hill, Cecil County Md on the 17th of January 1878, Sallie oldest daughter of Robert and Catherine Anderson aged about 19 years



LEVIS - In Oxford on the 30th ult., Miss Amanda Levis, of Cecil County Md in the 23rd year of her age. Funeral from the residence of her father at one o'clock today ( Wednesday)

BROWN- On the 20th inst , of Dysentery, William son of Henry Brown, of Fulton township , Lancaster County, in the 13th year of his age

SANDERS- In Londonderry on the 21st ult. Mrs --------Saunders about 74 years

JACKSON - IN Londongrove on the 25th ult.of paralysis, Rebecca Jackson , relic of William Jackson , nearly 74 years.

RUTTER- At Chestnut Level, on the 27th ult. Mrs. Louisa Rutter, wife of Rev Lindley Rutter, age abt 65years, The deacease of this estimable Christian lady was prematurly announced in our last paper, it have been widely reported that her death took plac on the 22nd. She lingered in a very low state until the date above given

PRESTON- On the 25th ult. near rising Sun Md. Thomas Preston agealmost 28 years. He contracted the Typhoid fever at Middletown Pa where he had been engaged in business for some time

PRICE- Near Peters Creek, Sept 21, 1872 , of diphtheria, Clara Elizabeth, daufhter of Joseph and Mary Price, age 1 year 1 month 5 days

DORSEY- at Peters creek, September 16th of Diphtheria Harriett Eliza, daughter of Samuel and Martha W. Dorsey, age 1 year 10 month and 17 days.

HACKETT - Near Peters Creek, Sept. 20th of diphtheria, Emma Elizabeth, daughter of Chalkley and Hannah Hackett age 4 years 2 mo.

FITE- Near Peters creek, sept 20th of diphtheria Jacob Lawerence, only son of Miles S. and M. Kate Fite age 4 years 10 mo.

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DORSEY- at Peters Creek Lancaster County July 29th M Estella, eldest daughter of Samuel and Martha W. Dorsey, in the 23rd year of age

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BROWN- on the 6th inst. at his residence in Fulton township, Lancaster County, after a lingering illness, Jeremiah G. Brown , age 47years

GILBERT- At West Grove, on the 6th inst. Joshua Gilbert , age about 70 years

WILEY- Avondale, on the 7th inst. Mrs. Hannah Wiley, widow of Thomas Wileyaged eighty- nine and a half years, buried at New London

GIBSON- On the 11th inst. after a long and severe illness, William S. Gibson of New London township, The deceased was long a esteemed member of the New London Presbyterian Church, and a very useful and valueable man in the community He leaves a widow an three children to mourn his departure. Internment on Wednesday afternoon in New London Cemetery

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SCOTT - On 5th mo 15th day 1872 at Mt Pleasant, Cecil County Md. Emma wife of James Scott and daughter of Henry and Elizabeth McVey of Fulton Township Lancaster County Pa, in the 25th year of her age.


FITE - On the 30th ult in Little Britian township, Lancaster County , Alice Fite age about 22 years

BROWN In Drumore township, Lancaster County on the 30th ult Sarah Brown age nearly 87 years.

SMEDLEY - In Langhorne Bucks county on the 3rd inst. Mary W. Smedley widow of the late Thomas Smedley, of Fulton township, Lancaster county in her 62nd year

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Drumore Items- death Mrs. Isabella WICKS, wife of Lewis Wicks, died at the residence of her husband near Stewartstown York County, on Friday evening February 13. Her remains were conveyed to the house of her mother in Fairfield, on Sunday from whence they were removed o Chesnut Level burying ground on Monday. Services were held in the church at that place Rev. L. C. Rutter delivered the funeral oration.

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FLORA - In Drumore township, Lancaster County on the 15th of January 1878 Annie A. Flora in the 24th year of age.

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FARRA - Near Principo Md on Sabbath morning, May 28th 1876 Blanche Ophelia, youngest daughter of George D. and Annie Farra

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I see it stated that Benjamin Hallowell, lately deceased, near Sandy Springs Md was the oldest member in the Hicksville branch of friends in the United States I would inform the writter that we have one in Penn that is considerably older. I refer to Rob t Good, who is in the neighborhood of ninety, and I have no doubt but there are many others over eighty in Chester County. R.G. Hyde has sold his farm in Penn (The John Mackey farm) of 70 acres to David Ferris and he has since sold about 40 acres with buildings to William Mackey, all of this township, on terms not yet pubtie


Sept. 18, 1886 in Drumore township, Lancaster County Horace CUTLER age 34 years Funeral this Wednesday at 10 am Internment in Drumore burying ground

Sept. 14, 1886 in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Alice A. infant daughter of John E. and Alice BROWN, aged 5 months and 6 days

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Death of George HUGHES, an old resident of Fulton township, Lancaster county died wednesday in the 85th year of age Mr Hughes was a noted manufacturer of edge tools, he having succeeded his father Joseph Hughes in the business. The deceased made his ins uments with charcoal fires which gave them a fine temper and quailities for retaining a keen edge Mr. Hughes was an industrious man and he lived and died in the house in which he was born., not far from Dorsey’s Mill. His funeral took place Saturday Rev . M. Galbreath addressing the large gathering of people before the internment was made in Chesnut Level graveyard.


McINTIRE- January 10th, 1883, In Lower Oxford, George McIntire, in the 30th year of age, funeral from the residence of his father , George McIntire, to-day (Wednesday)at 11 o'clock, internment in Oxford cemetery

TOWNSEND- first mo. 15th 1883, in Baltimore, Samuel Townsend, a distingushed minister in the society of friends, age 75 years

THOMAS-first mo. 18th 1883, at the residence of her brother in law James C. BELL, at Conowingo Md.Elizabeth Thomas daughter of the late Philip E. Thomas of Baltimore, age 66 years, her remains were taken to Brooklyn , NY for internment.

CHANDLER-Jan 17, 1883, in Avondale, Ann Jane Chandler , age 60 years

GIBSON- Jan 15th 1883, in New London township,suddenly Mrs. Elizabeth Gibson, in her 58th year

SMITH- Jan 14, 1883, suddenly at his residence, in West Fallowfield township, Joseph Smith aged about 77 years

WILSON- First mo 3rd 1883, at the residence of her son,Joseph in Highland township, Hannah Wilson, widow of the late Joshua Wilson, of East Fallowfield , in the 74th year of her age

MILLIMAN-Jan 14th , 1883, suddenly, in Logan county Iowa, Ettie R. wife of J.C. Milliman and daughter of J.T. & M. B.STERN, formerly of Chester county

RUSSELL-Jan 15th, near Newark Delaware, Samuel Russell, aged 84 years formerly of Chester county

PIERCE-Jan 18th, 1883, near Rock Springs, Md, Sarah Pierce, widow of the late William Pierce, age 77 years


Thoughts on The Death of Carrie R. Blackburn

(poem followed)

Forth mo 29, 1893 R. D. King

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Death of an Estimable Woman

Hannah C. BROWN wife of Levi K. Brown, of Goshen, Lancaster county, died at her residence on the 29th ult. after an illness of two months, in the 78th year of her age ........Her husband and six children survive her. The children are William H. Brown,Chief engineer of the Pennsylvania Railroad, Jacob K. Brown, farmer Goshen, Charles E. and Theodore F., auditors Alleghany Valley Railroad, Pittsburg, and two daughters who remain at home. The funeral on the 1st inst., at Penn Hill, was attended by all the children, a large concourse of relatives, neighbors and friends. Mary H. Way of Oxford spoke and led in prayer.

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A number of Friends went from West Nottingham Quarter to Little Britain on Tuesday to attend the funeral of of Hannah BROWN, wife of Levi K. Brown, Among the number was W. W. MOORE of Colera, only brother of the deceased, and now the only surviving member of his imidiate family. Hannah Brown was a native of Cecil County and was the last of a family of six daughters born to Joseph and Mercy Moore, both of whom have long since passed away. The descendants of Joseph Moore through these daughters, comprimise some of the most worthy and prosperous citizens of Lower Lancaster and Chester counties.

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Loved And Lost

Minola G. JOHNSON, forth daughter of Joseph and M. Francina GALLAGHER , and wife of Lewis Johnson , died at the home of her husband near Lincoln Pa, of Typhoid fever, after an illness of less than three weeks, age 19 years


The Late Rahel Kirk

In the last issue of your paper we observed the simple annoncement of the decease of Rachel Kirk, of Glen Roy.

Thinking this aged representative of this well known family, deserved more than a passing notice, we offer the following brief sketch, from data in our possesion.

Regarding her past life we know but little,save that she was left a widow at an early age, her husband dying rather suddenly with some affliction of the heart.

At the time of her death on the 11th inst. she had been a widow for fifty seven years; nearly twice the average period of human existance.

She was born 1790, 11th mo 30th day and belonged to the fourth generation from a common ancestor, Roger Kirk, the founder of a large family in Nottingham.By her advanced age she was one of the few connecting links between the past and present generations of the Kirks. Of this generation now living in this part of the country , since her decease Aleen Kirk of Brick Meeting House, is probably the oldest. He is now in his 83rd year.

Rachel was the sixth of a family of ten children. Her parents were Jacob and Rachel Kirk. Her mothers maiden name was Allen a daughter of William and Rachel Allen of Nottingham.

Rachel's grandfather was William KIRK the third child and second son of Roger Kirk "the settler". She was married about 1813 to Levi, son of Roger and Rachel Kirk, who was a second cousin.He represented the same generation, the fourth, from a common parent. He died 1814, 6th mo 20th. To make this genealogy plain, we will put it in diagramatic from.

1)Roger Kirk

2) Timothy 2)Wiliam

3)Roger 3)Jacob

4)Levi married 4)Rachel

Until a comparatively recent period prior to her death, Rachel Kirk was a remarkable stout woman; being able to attend to her domestic duties. Her mind was unimpared and rather active. She possessed a remarkable memory of many of the older citizens of Nottingham long since deceased. and it is to her, that we are indebted for much concerning the early history of her family.


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Death of Joseph P. Scarlett

Joseph P. Scarlett, a former citizen of Sadsbury township, this county died at his residence,5137 Paschall st, Philadelphia., on last Saturday night, after a long and painful illness,in his 62nd year of age.

Mr Scarlett was well known throughout the country from his connection with the celebrated Christiana Riot in September 1851 and and the famous treason trials which grew out of it.After the riot, which is a matter of history which with we presume our readers are generally acquainted, Mr Scarlett with two other white men- Elijah Lewis and Caster Hanaway, and a number of negros were charged with treason against the United States. They were brought to Lancaster , and after a hearing before Alderman J F Riegart, in the old court house in centre square, were handed over to the United States Authorities, and conveyed to Philadelphia and lodged in Moyamensing prison,where they remained until late November, when the trial began.

Caster Hanaway was selected to be tried first, and the result was such a breakdown of the prosecution that all the other cases were abandoned. The parties were then brought to Lancaster to be tried for riot and murder,but all the bills were ignored by the grand jury, and so the affair ended.

Mr Scarlet removed to Philadelphia some twelve or fourteen years agoand went into business there; but lost his health some years since and his friends had little hope of his recovery for some time past. He leaves a wife and four grown up children to mourn his loss. He was a kind hearted man.and greatly esteemed by a large circle of acquaintances. (Lancaster Inquirer)


Susannah WEBSTER, colored died in Philadelphia on Friday last, aged 85, she was born a slave in Harford county Md. Her remains were brought to Lincoln University on Tuesday and interred in Hosanna burial ground. The wes Chest and Philadelphia papers report her age at 110 years, and that of her husband at 111 years, The latter is still living, aged about 90. We obtained the above facts from a son of the deceased, Washington Webster of Fulton Township, Lancaster county. P.S. They were not at any time General Washington's servants


To the Memory of Hannah Broomell, who died 6th mo.30th day 1880

poem follwed

7thmo 5, 1880 K.


An Experienced Administrator

Levi K. BROWN of Goshen, this county was in this city Friday morning closing up several estates in which he was administrator or assignee. During his life Mr Brown has been administrator, executor or assignee in fourty seven different estates.None of which Mr Brown says has he said he has had any serious difficulty in settling. He has drawn up numerous wills, several of which are for persons who are still living in which he also named executor - Lancaster Examiner

pg71.1, a

Death of Samuel FITE

The funeral of Samuel Fite took place at Penn Hill meeting house at 12 o'clock on Thursday last. The sufferings of the departed one were unknown, from an erysipelas gathering in the head. Everything was done to relieve him and to restore his health for his family's sake But he gave himself to him who knoweth what is best. The hymn and prayer he offered before he was called away and the proffesion that he made to Him above were enough for us to know that he was here among the dead, but he was wanted in God's realm of everlasting life. The services were conducted by Rev. C.B. Johnston of Fulton Circuit, to tried to help the family bear the burden , as knew it was heavy.

his Mother


Not Separated in Death

Joseph C. and Rachel Ann STUBBS

Only once in a lifetime, perhaps, to the same community comes an experience such as that which came to the people of the lower end of Lancaster County within the last week - a man and his wife, victims of the same disease (though not contagious) lying cold in the death at the home where their hearts hearts had beat as one for almost half a century, borne in the same procession to the graveyard were their ancestors had been gathered for generations...........

Rising Sun, Md Jan 4, 1892


Jesse YOCUM , near Wakefield, Lancaster county, continues the manufacture of hominy. He grows corn peculiarly adapted to the making of a superior grade of Hominy and by carefully handling and manufacturing it succeeds in obtaining the very best quality of this quality food. All our merchants sell it and a much larger quanity of it than than any other make.

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STRADLING - McCUMMINGS- December 31, 1885, at the home of Mr Pyle Brothers, near Geene, Pa., by Rev J.M. Galbreath, C. Yardley Strdling of Bucks county and Mabel McCummings of Lancaster county Pa.


BROWN - 8th mo 27th 1882 Rachel W. Brown , of Fulton township, Lancaster county in her 64th year , funeral from the residence of her son-in law william Pugh in East Nottingham township on the 5th day 8th mo 31st at 10A.M. , to meet at Penn Hill Meeting houseat 2 P.M. relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.

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BURTON-of small Pox on the 29th of December, in Bart township, Lancaster county, William Burton, a colored man, aged about 28 years, He had been living in Philadelphia and had come out of town to spend the holidays among his relatives and friends. There is no doubt of his having brought the disease with him from the city, as it made its apperance on him soon after he came into the neighborhood.



Died at her home in Philadelphia on Friday, October 19, 1894, Edith E. Gorsuch , daughter of Elizabeth and the late William Gorsuch formerly of Lancaster county Pa , her illness began with camp meeting which attended near Delta in August , and where she had anticipated so much pleasure in meeting of old friends. She was there a week, but was unable to attend one service . Fearing a protracted illness , she returned to her home in Philadelphia before the camp closed. Her physician was summoned, but typhoid fever developed, and for a long time she was ill. The fever however abated and and ther were well founded hpoe of recovery. She had a relapse however, that in one week terminated life.. She was fully consious of of her condition, recongnizing God's will in the result of her illness and was fully resigned. She calmly arranged all her earhly affairs, even to arrangements of of her funeral, reqesting that her body should remain at least one night at the old homestead in Lancaster County, and that she should be laid to rest at the Chestnut Level cemetery, and the services conducted by her former pastor Rev Galbreath, through whose minestry she was first led toChrist. All was faithfully carried out. ............


LONG -LAMBORN-Nov 21, 1889, in Lancaster,by Mayor Edgerley, Mr. James M. LONG of Kirk's Mills and Miss Alice E. LAMBORN of Liberty Square, all of Lancaster county

BAILEY - BANKS - October 30, 1889,by Rev Thompson Carpenter,at Trinty Church, Bucks County,J. Reset BAILEY and Mary J. , daughter of the late William BANKS of Chester county

NESBITT- CAUFFMAN - November14, 1889, at the home of the bride, by Rev. J. M. Galbreath, Mr. Amos Nesbitt, of Pleasant Grove and Miss Emma Cauffman of Wakefield all of Lancaster county

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Thomas SMEDLEY, a well known citizen of Fulton township, Lancaster county, died at his residence at Smedley's Mills, at an early hour on the 1st inst.He had been sick for 6 weeks. Some years ago he had a light paralytic stroke, from which he never fully recovered Mr. Smedley was an intelligent business man, engaged for years in in the milling and wheel business

Amos NIELDS, Esq. , died at his residence in Chatham on Wedensday last. He was a well known, intelligent and highly respected citizen. For many years he he filled the office of Justice of the Peace and Deputy Coroner,the funeral took place on Saturday, internment at West Chester,Two sons and two daughters survive him, William T. and Frank Nields, Mrs. Ramsey Nichols and Mrs. Lee Nichols

Mrs. Jane CROWL, widow of James Crowl, died at the residence of her son in law Eaton TAYLOR, near Hickory Hill, last Sunday evening. Mrs. Crowl attained her 89th birthday on the 22nd of February. Her maiden name was Whitcraft and she was the last of her generation of her family. She was a woman of good mind and remarkably strong physical constitution . Her final sickness began about a year ago, having previously had but little sickness.

Mrs. Jane TAYLOR, at her residence in Ashville, Little Britain township, Lancaster county, last Friday afternoon, in the 77th year of her age. She was the widow of Joseph C. Taylor one of the most widely known citizens of the southern end of Lancaster county. Mrs. Taylor had been ill for some months, never having fully recover from an attack of pneumonia she had last fall. She possessed much sympathy for the sickand afflictee and always gave her neighbors kind attention and consideration. Deaceased was the mother of David M. Taylor, Dr. E. C. Taylor and B. F. Taylor, Esq of Oxford

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March 28, 1890, in Ashville, Little Britain township, Lancaster county, Mrs Jane M. Taylor , widow of Joseph Taylor in the 77th year of her age . funeral this Wed. at 10:30 am internment at Eastland Burying ground

GALBRAITH - March 31, 181890 in Lancaster county of heart disease, William Galbraith of Coleraine township,age 76 funeral from his late residence on Thursday, April 3, at 11 o'clock a.m. relatives and friends are requested to attend without further notice

SMEDLEY - forth mo 1st , 1890 at his residence in Fulton township,Lancaster county, Thomas Smedley, in his 54th year. Funeral from his late residence on 6th day 4th instant at 11 o'clock and Penn Hill meeting at 1 p.m. Relatives and friends ar respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Carriages will meet coming on the train at Eldora Station, Peach Bottom Railroad.

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February 14, 1890

Phoebe KING , wife of Joseph King, of this city, died at Cimilario , Colfax county N.M., recently of a lung difficulty, at the age of 53 years. deceased had been ailing for some time, and last fall she went to New Mexico in hope that the change in climate would be benefical, but the good results hoped for were not recieved , and the lady gradually failed until death came. Mrs. King whose maiden name was Phoebe HARRIS was born in Athens county Ohio. In 1855 she was married to Joseph King. In 1860 Mr and Mrs. King moved to Jones county Iowa and in 1863 they located in this county, where they have since resided. Deceased leaves a husband and two children - Mrs. W. A. HALLOWELL and Miss Dora King, of this city, Mrs King at an early age became a devoted Christian She was a kind and indulgent mother, a loving and excellent helpmate, and a woman possessing many virtues. Her remains arrived in this city yesterday morning and her funeral will be held from her late residence , coner of eight and Mulberry streets, this afternoon at at 2 o'clock Rev. Bush officiating - Iowa State Register.

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Death of Dr J. M. PARKE

Dr J. M. PARKE, for many years a faithful and most efficent clerk in the Post - office Department at Washington, died in that city on March 24th. The Dr married Lucy NEAL, daughter of Thomas NEAL, a resident of southern Lancaster county, and he practiced medicine very successfully in that neighborhood for a number of years. His health then failing, on the recomendation of Hon. Thaddeus Stevens, he was appointed to this position in the early part of Lincoln's administration, and he had been in the post depaartment ever since. He leaves a wife and two married daughters, all living in Washington. His remains were brought to Lancaster county and buried from Chestnut Level Presbyterian church on last Thursday - Lancaster New Era



two aged and esteemed citizens of Cecil county, Md., died suddenly within a few days. On Thursday evening last John KIRK, residing with his son in law, Thomas J. FOSTER, at Harrisville, near Rising Sun, died very unexpectedly. He had partaken of his supper in his usual hearty manner and good spirts and soon after became ill and died while his daughter, Mrs. Foster, was giving him all the attention possible. He was in his 82nd year The deceased was a blacksmith and machinist and formerly carried on business extensivley.

On Monday morning last Samuel ENGLAND, who resided near Zion, arose as usual and was preparing for breakfast, to which he had benn called , when his son Gatchell, hearing a noise in his room, went in and found he had fallen upon the floor. He died soon afterwards. Mr England was a prominet citizen of Cecil county and for several years filled the office of school commisioner. He formerly carried on the undertaking business and later engaged in farming. He had attained his 82nd year.

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KING- At Kingsbridge, Lancaster county, on the 22nd inst. , after a brief illness of Pneumonia, James A. King, eldest son of Vincent King, age 27 yrs

GRACEY- November 23rd , at Lewisville, Pa of typhoid fever, Alexander Gracey , son of Joseph Gracey

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