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The Late Dr Townsend

The late Dr William W. Townsend, who was buried at old West Grove,last Wednesday, studied medicine after reaching middle age,and while he had the care of a family. At that time he was a resident of Little Britain township, Lancaster county, where he carried on farming and taught school during the winter. His health was not good, having been aflicted with asthma from early life.After graduating from Jefferson Medical college he removed to Londongrove, Chester county, and engaged in the practice of medicine. He was for some years resident physician of Chester county almshouse, a position he filled with great ability.Some years since he removed to Bridesburg, where he opened a drugstore and also continued the practice of his profession. He was a man of more than ordinary ability and very sucessful in the practice of medicine.

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The Progenitor of the Boyds in America.

From the Lancaster Inquirer, April 11th

Notwithstanding its sesqui-centennial is almost here, those accustomed to manuscript would pronounce the time stained but remarkably well preserved document now lying open before me as "plain as print" It was written in Ireland on the 2nd of October 1736. It is the Quaker certificate of membership which Samuel Boyd, the progenitor of that large and well known Boyd family, now living in Lancaster York and Chester counties and elsewhere in southeastern Pennsylvania, brought with him to America when he emigrated from near the Giant's Causeway 149 years ago:

From our men's meeting held at Ballynachree in the county of Antrim and North Ireland, 2nd month 10th , 1736. To the Friends of Several Meetings of ye people called Quakers in the providence of Pennsylvania in America or elsewhere

Dear Friends: Our friend Samuel Boyd having for some considerable time past an Inclination to remove himself and family from this to your providence, did acquaint us therewith, and desired we might take his said intentions under our Consideration, which we have done, and hereby signafye unto you that from our Knowledge and Intamate Aquaintance with the said Samuel Boyd (whose parents were innocent crediable friends, under whose care he was Educated in ye profession of truth Amongst us)he hath Behaved hinself soberly, honestly and Innocently, as a christian friend and neighbour amongst us, since, as well as before, their death, and his wife, who is and hath been one of our Society, hath also behaved herself honestly and soberly, since she came amongst us. And the said Samuel and his wife is in love and unity with us at parting, and are free from debt or any scandall so far as we know.

We heartily Recommend them to Gods protecting providence as their surest help and support in these their intentions. We also intreate you that your care may be over and Love towards them, as friends and Members of our Society, for the good of them and family. Believing the Said Samuel will Behave himself(By Gods blessings) worthy of your regard and fellowship.

Signed in behalf of said meeting by : James Moore, Thomas Gregg, William Moore, James Henderson, Joseph Boyd, Lewis Redford, Thomas Evans, John Ranell, John Stirling

Samuel Boyd became a member of Nottingham Meeting. When the Little Britain Meeting - house was built at Oak Hill in 1758 he was one of the committee designated by Nottinham Meeting for that purpose. He long survived, a much respected member of the society. All the Pennsylvania Boyds are descended from him and ex sheriff Stephen W. P. Boyd, late of Fulton township, was his great great grandson.

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Abram MEDCALF was a wagon maker at Oxford about 1800. He was a Jolly fellow and perhaps , was of the same kind of composition as the miller mentioned in Bickerstaff’s “Love in a Village” The verse is

There was a jolly miller Lived on the river Dee;
He danced and sang from morn to night-
no lark as blith as he;
And this the burden of his song
For ever used to be-
‘I care for nobody, no not I,
If nobody cares for me.

About the time Abe worked in his shop, which stood on the ground adjacent to the north end of the old graveyard , the people, some of them at least, were superstitious. They were firm belivers in such nonsense as ghost and supernatural spirits , an if the windows of their house rattled at midnight and they heard the noise , why bless us, under the bed clothes went their heads for fear of seeing a witch astride a broomstick. To be sure this silly thing was fostered by some people until timid ones d ed not look doors after the feable glim had been doused Nightly the male portion of the early dwellers of Cross Roads, who evidently lost on opportunity of cultivating the acquaintance of liqud spirits, would assemble in the small barroom of Hood’s T ern and there by the light of a big fire sit and sip their grog, smoke their pipes and tell ghost stories as the dying candles sparrtered weirdly. Abe Medcalf was full of the very lasest ghost yarns, and knew who had seen the “ little old woman with the igh cap on a broomstick last night He always would up his stories with the Irishmans pray for his son :Protect my son against all witches, wharlo and long nibbed things that halloo ‘whirr lawhaw’ in the night-time” After a good night drink the men lef the tavern and sought their humble dwellings as quitely and as quickly as their legs would allow them . The principal stamping ground for the ghost in these days was in the big woods which covered the land on either side of the road leading to the Brick eeting House. That road now third street , was then, commencing at the corner of third and broad streets , swampy, muddy and full of quick sands. It was such a miserable road that it recieved the odd name of “massacripple” from its early travelers. A n ber of times timber was cut down with which to patch the dangerous sections. Well along this road it was said that ghost were thick and nobody except those compelled ever went on it after nightfall. It was a practice with some of the farmers who had to travel on the massacripple after dark to ride their blind horses for fear the animals would see a ghost and run away with the also terrified rider.

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To The Memory of Florence A. GRYDER

(poem followed)

3 mo. 24th, 1883

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May 15, 1883, at her residence in West Marlborough township, Edith DARLINGTON, in her 86th year

Fifth month 16, 1883, in Fulton township, Lancaster county, after a lingering illness, Ida youngest daughter of William M. Way, in the 19th year of age

April 26, 1883, Near Homeville of catarrah, Freddie, infant son of Wm. W. and Maggie McCLURG, age 5 mo 18 days(poem followed)

May 3, 1883 , in Delta York county,Clara only daughter of Henry and Lottie Baer, age 1 year ,1month 1 day(poem followed by her Aunt M. C.)

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Many Reports from the Fulton Farmers Club

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Recently I enjoyed the privilege of winding up a tall, handsome old clock made by Chandlee, Nottingham, which stands in a cozy room at Franklin LANGDON'S residence at Harrisville near Rising Sun, Cecil county. The clock together with a bible and dictonary, were the presents Robert FINDLEY gave his friend James MAXWELL, of Farmington, when he married Elizabeth PATTON, as the 18th century was waning . This brazen faced time oiece was, the property of Mrs. Langdon, was in the Maxwell family for 90 years, four generations having wound it. If the clock could speak what tales of joy and sorrow it would tell of days long ago. years back it stood in a recess of a room with a gaping fireplace. The roof which sheltered it is on the frame and stone house at Farmington beneath which James Maxwell, his father and Thomas Maxwell, a son of the former, representitves of three generations, were born resided and died in. This old structure is now owned by James Maxwell and John Cameron, descendants of its original possessors.

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Ruthanna C. Coates

Ruthanna Cook COATES , widow of Warrick Coates, passed away Monday forenoon at her home in Russellvillein the 84th year of age. She had been failing for some months, her death resulting from valvular insufficiency of the heart, producing dropsy. Mrs. Coates was a daughter of William and Susan COOK, deceased, who resided for several years at Pleasant Grove, Lancaster county. She was a life member of the Society of Friends and was also an overseer and elder of Homeville monthly. Her husband died March 15, 1897. She leaves one daughter and two sons; Susanna Wood and Pusey Coates of Russellville, Dr. Truman Coates of Oxford. One sister also survives; Mrs Julia A. Brown of west Lafayette, Indiana. The internment will be made Saturday in the burying ground at Homeville Friends Meeting house

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Death of Edwin H. Coates

Edwin H. COATES, a well known citizen of Philadelphia , died at his home in that city on Wedensday last, from a disease of the kidneys. The deceased was a son of Dr. Caleb Coates, and after recieving a common school education learned the trade of tailor, and until a few years ago carried on business. Early in life he became actively interested in several reform movements, but was most prominent in anti slavery and temperance movements. While a member of the Anti - Slavery Society, his house at Sixth and Cherry streets, Philadelphia, was one of the stations on the "underground railroad" the fugitive slaves finding shelter at his house during the day , and at night being passed on their way to Canada. Mr. Coates was a pronounced Republican, and was for years in great demand as a stump speaker. He was a member of the Sons of Temperence. Mr Coates in 1835 married Sarah Dull of Philadelphia, and the nation was blessed with eight children, all of whom are living. He was well known in this vicinity, and about a year ago lectured in Oxford for the benefit of the colored Methodist Church

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COATES - Fifth month 15,1899, in Russelville, Pennsylvania, Ruthanna Coates relict of Warrick Coates, in the 84th year of age Funeral on the seventh day 20th inst at 10 oclock from the residence of her daughter , Susanna WOOD. Burial in Homeville Friends burying ground Relatives and friends invited to attend.

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December 20th ,1886, in Fulton township, Lancaster County, Mary K. HAINES , wife of William P. Haines in her 60th year of age

Twelth month 7th 1886 in Fulton township, Lancaster county, Anna M. WAY, daughter of William M amd Mary E. Way in the 36th year of her age

December 19, 1886 in Philadelphia George BRINTON son of Frank D. and Fanny D. GRAHAM, age 3years and 2 months. Internment in Birmingham burying ground on Wedensday

Esther R. PRESTON , and elder and member of Octoraro Particular and Nottingham Monthly Meeting died 17th of twelth month, of cancer in the lung, in her 69th year. Interred in cemetery attached to her favorite meeting house, on her farm , third day 21st of Twelth month, 1886 sadly missed and deeply mourned SISTER

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Death of Mary K. Haines

On the morning of the 20th inst Mary K. HAINES, wife of William P. Haines, died at her home. She was a daughter of Jacob KIRK of Kirk's Mills, Lancaster County where she remained for many years after her marriage, but after the death of Jeremiah B. Haines - father of William P. Haines- the latter removed to Pleasant Grove with his family and later removed to the farm upon which he now resides. Duringtheir residence at Pleasant Grove the deceaswd became inflicted with disease and the last few years of her life have been years of suffering and sacrafice. Deprived on account thereof of the many pleasures and privliges of life, such as social intercource with near and dear relitives and friends - and being compelled to await the developments of the unfortunate state of health, she displayed a spirit of resignation, humility and fortitude seldom equalled and never surpassed, as the testimony of those around her bear witness. Never murmering, always patient with her lot and more concerned with the welfare of others than her own. The patient suffering of such must meet its rewards.

The relatives and friends of the deceased are invited to attend her funeral from the residence of her husband, near Pleasant Grove at 10 am on fifth day 12th month 23rd, and at Penn Hill Meeting house

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KIRK - HOLLOWAY - fifth month 16, 1883 at the residence of the bride's brother, Alfred Holloway, near Darlington , Md, by Rev. Mr. Smith, Levi B. Kirk of Fulton township, Lancaster county and May R. Holloway of Hartford couny Md.

pg 145 B

Mrs. Rachel HOKE, wife of Hon. Joseph T. Hoke, who died suddenly at her home in Kingwood, West Virginia, on the 1st inst, was the only daughter of Hon. Day WOOD, deceased of Fulton township, Lancaster County. She married Mr. Hoke in 1868 and removed to Virginia. Mr H. who was formerly judge of the court at Keyser , is now a member of West Virginia Legislature.He is a Republican in politics. Mrs Hoke was an esteemable woman

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Nov 7, 1889, at the residence of her son, William HAMILTON, near Gatchelville, York county, Johosheba Coates, widow of the late George COATES, in her 84th year

November 25, 1889, Thaddeus MOGRAN, son of John and Martha Morgan of Drumore township, Lancaster county, funeral on Thursday, Nov 28, at 10 o clock a.m.

Eleventh month 21, 1889, at his residence with William WAY, in the sixth district of Cecil county, Md. James H. SCOTT, in his 52nd year A skillful denist and exemplary in truth

On the 25th inst 11:45 p.m., at the residence of her son, Charles H. STUBBS, M.D., at westbrook, Lancaster county. Rachel H. Stubbs, aged seventy six years.due notice of funeral will be given.

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The Golden Wedding - Read at the 50th anniversary of the marriage of John and Eliza THOMPSON, Cecil county, Md., June 24, 1881(this celebration was postponed from Jan 21, 1881.

Poem followed....

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A Reminiscence

(this will be an absract of this long article)

The home of my Childhood,(written from-->) Normal Illinois Jan 14, 1888

I have thru the kindness of my neighbor Jesse BLACKBURN of this place

...My father Jesse Fell, in the spring of 1816 moved form the immediate neighborhood neighborhood of Toughkenamon, in New Garden township, to a farm he bought on the Octoraro, He bought the place of Jesse Wood.....

twas there in 1816 my father settled with nine children including three that were born on the farm, I being at that time 3 years old. I was the 5th one. All of them except two are today living - the oldest in his 85th year, is inHeppner, Oregan, the youngest died 30 years since, ; the third Jesse Fell, departed this life less than a year since in Normal Illinois; all the rest are living today as I believe. I am in my seventy fifth year. It is sixty one years since I was at our old home, although I carried on blacksmithing at Smedley's shops in 1835 and 1836......

Yours truley Robert FELL

Poem followed

pg 149 b

Jan 6th, 1888, in Little Britain township, Lancaster county, William Eber , infant son of Laura and Ellsworth CARTER, age 6 weeks

First month 11th, 1888 in Fulton township, Lancaster County, of Scarlet Fever , Elva R. daughter of Albert H. and Mary J. BROWN aged 2years 11 months 29 days

pg 152 b

DRENNEN- on the 14th inst , in Fulton township, Lamcaster County,William Drennen in his 81st year

Poem folloed signed JENNIE

DORSEY - IN Rowlandsville Md , Jan 31, 1877 Margaret M. Dorsey age 16 years 9 months

Poem followed dated after poem Feb 15, 1877

TOWSON -On the 16th inst at the residence of his father, Fulton township, Lancaster county, Joseph W. Towson age about 32 years

JONES - Feb 18, in New Castle county Delaware, Annie McDowell Jones, formerly of Cecil county md.

pg 154

Thirty fifth wedding anniversary

A pleasant gathering was held at the residence of Robrt Montgomery, fourth didtrict Cecil county,Md. on the 22nd of May.......

pg 154 b

TAYLOR, June 2, 1882, at the residence of her grandparents, Charles and Mary STANNART, in Philadelphia Mary Ella TAYLOR, daughter of David Taylor, Oxford and the late Rebecca Taylor , deceased aged 16 years 9 months

WILEY - May 27, 1882, East Nottingham, Matilda B. WILEY, wife of John WILEY age 66years 7 months 24 days

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From Delavan (Illinois) Times of Jan 5, sent us by W. C. HAINES, we copy the following obituary lines on the death of Mrs Miriam BAILY who died on the 30th ult age 76 years and 7 days

Mrs. Miriam Bailey was the daughter of William and Rachel BROWN, esteemed members of the Society of Friends. She was born on the 23rd day of December, 1805 in Little Britain township, now Fulton township, Lancaster county Pa She came to Illinios with her parents in 1828, was married to Jeremiah Baily May 18, 1830 This county has been her home except thirteen years in Warren county and two brief residences in St Louis and Springfield. She was the mother of nine children, seven of whom are now living and all are , or have been married . and all but one have families of their own.....

pg 161

Obituary - Amos GRIEST , a well known citizen of Eden township, Died at his residence near Quarryville, on the 8th inst in his 64th year of age, born in Cecil county Md. near the Pa line he learned the trade of blacksmith which he followed in early life. His father John Griest was a member of the Society of Friends .......The family consisted of four sons and a daughter Elwood, Isaac , Amos, Sophia and John- all of whom are now dead. Amos was a gaint in size and strength in in his early years, an adept in all manly sports, and universal favorite with those who knew him.He married a daughter of Jacob Eckman, of Eden township, who with five daughters and a son survive him. He was an unusally kind neighbor and greatly beloved in the family circle - Lancaster Inquirer

pg 161 b

sixth month 30th 1884, at the residence of her grandparents J.D. and H.J. HEADLY near rising Sun Md. Mamie H. REYNOLDS daughter of W. Preston and Harriet M. Reynolds age 5 years 4 months

pg 169

In Memoriam

Elizabeth W. MOORE, wife of Jeremiah Moore after a short illness died of pneumonia at their residence in New London township , 2nd mo 12th day 1874 in her 72nd year, her fueral took place New West Grove meeting house on first day 15th inst......

pg 169 b


RING - May 3, 1882 in West Fallowfield township, George W. Ring age 76 years

FRYLING - May 4, 1882 in Oxford, Andrew Fryling in his 13th year

PRICE- May 6, 1882, in Fulton township, Lancaster county, Joseph PRICE, age about 65 years

McVEY- May 3, 1882, in Fulton township, Lancaster county, Hannah McVEY aged 84 years

MILLER - May 3, 1882, in Coatsville, Benjamin I Miller in his 82nd year

CHEEVERS- April 17, 1882, in Upper Oxford, Thomas T. son of Ella V. Cheevers, age 2 years 3 months

pg 172 b

Obituary Sarah PENNOCK

Died at her residence in Franklin township,Chester county , Pa 8th mo 14, 1886Sarah Pennock

The subject of this notice was born in London Britain township 8th mo11th 1812, She was the daughter of Reuben Hayes and Hannah Bane, her paternal ancestor Henry Hayes emigrated from England and settled where the villiage of Unionville is located in 1705 Her maternal ancestor Alexander Bane emigrated from Wales and located in Goshen, Chester county in 1711

First mo 10, 1844 she was joined in marriage With Joseph E. PENNOCK, a descendant of Christopher Pennock of "Primitive Hall", soon after their marriage they settled in New London, now Franklin township were she resided to the time of her decease, not over three miles from where she was born and spent her girlhood...she was a devoted wife loving mother ...Her remains were interred at old Grove Friends meeting house....She leaves besides her husband three children - Joel W. resides Esast Nottingham, Morris and Margaret B. who reside with their father

pg 173


June 15, 1887, near Elkton, Joshua JACKSON, in the 85th year of age

June 12, 1887, At Gap Lancaster County, Mary B. wife of William D. HOAR, aged about 50 years

June 19, 1887, In Little Britain township, Lancaster County, Fredrick son of John and Susan HESS

Sixth mo 18th 1887, at the residence of her son in law, Burleigh HAMBLETON, Atglen Martha Whitson, widow of Thomas Whitson, in her 87th year.

Sixth month 19th, in Salem Ohio Amos Martindale PASSMORE, Youngest son of John W. & Alice M. Passmore, funeral at the residence of his parents on the 21st

LEE - In memory of our little Blanche, daughter of Leonard W. and Eliza E. Lee, died Feb 10, 1887, age 1 year 11 months, 17 days

Poem followed

The name of the person whose death occured at Eastland on the 13th inst. was Leah F. MOORE, instead of Sarah F. Moore as reported in the last week's press

pg 173 b

A Tribute to our Dead Mother

At her residence in Fulton township, Lancaster County, Pa on Tenth Month 15th, 1887 , Margaret I. TOLLINGER, in the 69th year of her age

poem followed

pg 176

REYNOLDS- In Fulton township, Lancaster county, on the 5th inst. , Mrs. Mary W. Reynolds, age 24 years 6 months

pg 179


MOORE -on the 5th inst., in Drumore township, Lancaster county, Anna Moore wife of Thomas Moore, formerly of Chester county, age about 67 years

BARNARD - On the 8th inst. In west Barlborough township, Catharine Barnard, wife of Enos Barnard, age about 38 years

PENNOCK - In East Nottingham township, Chester county, July 10th Sidney D. Pennock , age 48 years, widow of the late Morton Pennock, of Kennett Square

McDOWELL - Near Elkview, Chester county, on the 14th inst. of cancer Andrew McDowell, age about 75 years

CHANDLER - in Oxford on the 15th inst.Martha A. Chandler wife of Thomas Chandler, aged 35 years 11 months

FLAHARTY- on the 7th inst. in Fulton township, Lancaster county Ashton Flaharty aged about 60 years

GATCHEL - Near Rising Sun Maryland, July 5th after a lingering illness, Job Haines Gatchel , aged 28 years 2 months

ENTRIKEN - At Shomokin, Pa July 11th, of disease of the brain Annie Ella, daughter of Thos. R. and Katie Entriken, age 1 year 5 months nineteen days. West Chester papers please copy.

pg 179 B

SUDDEN DEATH- Jesse IRWIN , a well to do farmer and highly resected citizen of Cecil county, near Lombardville, died very suddenly under very particular circumstances last Saturday. The deceased was present at a trail of skill in wheeling a wheel barrowat a skate while blindfolded, at Lombardville and had taken his turn in the sport. Soon after, while one of his neighbors was trying the game he was greatly diverted at the wide miss made laughed heartily over it. after straightening up he remarked that he believed he had hurt himself laughing , and immediately fell down and expired from, it is supposed , heart disease. He was carried was carried into the residence of Andrew Yerkes and thence taken home. Mr Irwin was 59 years of age , and was a man in robust health, the funeral will take place today wednesday. Burial at Rosebank cemetery.

pg 182

In Memoriam

The following is a tribute to the memory of Jane YOCUM, an approved minister of Plainfield Monthly meeting, Ohio. She was wife of Samuel Yocum, and daughter of Thomas and Jane DEWEES.

poem followed

pg 182 b

BEAR Mrs. Hannah R. Bear died in Columbia at the residence of her son in law Charles McCULLOUGH, at nine o clock of the evening of December 31, of Bright's disease. deceased was formerly of Lancaster and was twice married , her first husband being M.T. Garvin, of Cecil county Maryland, by whom she had one son, M.T. GARVIN,the dry goods merchant of Lancaster. Her second marriage was to the late William J. Baer, cabinet maker of Lancaster, by whom she had three daughters, Ella wife of Robert BEAZLEY, of Lancaster,Clara wife of Charles McCOLLOUGH, and Anna wife of Edward KEESEY, both of Columbia. She also leaves seven grandchildren. Deceased was a Quaker descent and was the daughter of Malchijah and Ellen REYNOLDS HANNUM and was born in Fulton township, Lancaster county in 1842 being one of eleven children of whom the following survive; John A. HANNUM, Elizabeth wife of Joseph KELLEY, both of Chester, and Mary Ellen wife of Edward GRIEST, of Chestnut Level, Lancaster county. Mrs. Bear went a few years from Lancaster to Columbia For a time she conducted a boarding house but has generally made her home with her daughter Mrs. McCollough The funeral held tuesday morning 4th from the residence of her son M.T. Garvin lancaster interment in Lancaster cemetery.

pg 182 c

Josiah REYNOLDS aged 69 years died at his home near Cecil paper mills las Sunday after about two days illness of pneumonia. his remains were interred at West Nottingham on Wednesday


One of the most highly respected citizens of Fulton township, was John Leander Patterson, who died on Friday evening December 31, 1897 in his 75th year He was of Scot Irish descent , the son of Thomas Patterson , who served as commissioner of Lancaster county, for a number of years, and a brother of T. Miller Patterson, ex prision Inspector of the same county. He was born in Aug 1823, when this country was in its infancy of prosperity. When 30 years of age he began the world for himself and in 1853 married Ann Eliza, daughter of James and Margaret BLACK. He was a model farmer and a natural mechanical genius to which his handiwork and beautiful surroundings attest. He had a number of township offices, such as supervisor and school director, and was much interested in the welfare of his community. His social qualities were notable and he was a regular worshiper in Little Britain Church until he was over taken by paralysis in Sept 1896 from which he never recovered. seven children were given him, the oldest Mrs Laura Bockius having passed to rest but two years before to await the coming of her father, who manifested a desire to meet her in the heavenly mansions


Hannah KIRK IRWIN was the second daughter of John and Deborah (BROWN ) KIRK of Penn Hill , Lancaster county, Pa. She married Ellis P. Irwin 12-8-1831. They resided for many years at White Rock, and in Sadsbury, Lancaster county, then moved to Philadelphia where her husband died 12-17-1874. She was a lady of more than ordinary ability and refinment and bore her suffering with great Christian fortitude, being an invalid for about fourteen years and a great sufferer at times for the last nine months She was called from works to reward on the morning of 12-27-1897 She was a consistent member of the Society of Friends and expressed a longing for "the open door" thru which her spirt might float to its eternal home. She was the last of her immediate family and reached the ripe age of 85 years Her remains were laid to rest by the side of her husband on 12-29-1897 in Laural Hill cemetery, Philadelphia

pg 183


The funeral of Levi K. BROWN took place on the 1st instant from his late home at Goshen , Lancaster county. The service was held in Penn Hill Friends Meeting House and the burial in the adjoining graveyard... The ballbears were Walter B. Cook, Charles Moore, Fred Brown, Slater F. Brown, and Levi B. Kirk There was a large attendance of relatives neighbors and friends brought together by a common impulse to pay last tribute of respect to one so long and favorably known. His sons from Philadelphia and Pittsburg were present

pg 184

This page either had no articles or they have since fallen off the page, it is interesting the book used to glue these articles in was an old ledger book and on this page we can read the following names

Ark Haven August 5, 1815

Amount brought forward

Zachariah Wilson

Alexander Hamilton

Robert McCollough

George Jones

Robert ?Aummons

Charles Harris

John Dixon

??James ??Nifrage

John McCollough

pg 185


Elisha GRIEST, a prominent figure in church life died at his home near Fremont, Chester county, Friday July 19, 1895 in the 76th year of his age He was converted about 22 years ago, at which time he joined Mt Zion M.E. Church, Fulton Circuit, from which place he removed his certificate to Union M.E. Church, Fremont about 16 years ago where he held his membership at the time of his demise.......

pg 190

Margaret WARNER died at the home of her son in lawDavid HARRY last Sunday at 1 p m after a few days illness , in the 82nd year of age

pg 194


March 2, 1886 in Coleraine, Lancaster county, Miss Mary HARRAR

Third month10th 1886 in Pocopson, Joseph P. DARLINGTON, in 80th year of age

March 5, 1886 at the residence of J. B. NIEWEG, Elkdale, Peter SCHURCH in his 84th year

March 15 1886 at Oswego Kansas, William WOOD in the 59th year of age Formerly of Lancaster county, Pa

March 15, 1886, near Mechanics Grove , Lancaster county, Ida R. daughter of Amos B. and Esther H. MILLER, aged 16 years 7months and four days

March 12, 1886 in West Grove, at the residence of her brother James A. WILSON, Miss Sallie E. Wilson, daughter of the late Chandler Wilson of New Garden township

WILSON - February 27, 1886, in Little Britain township, Lancaster county, Mrs. Charlotte Wilson, wife of Isaac Wilson , in her 79th year

Poem followed by Her daughters

pg 194 b


Sept 9, 1886, in Steeleville, Chester county, Mary R. JONES, wife of Emmor S. Jones, in her 50th year of age

Sept 3, 1886, at the residence of Mr. Pinkerton, in Baltimore county Maryland, Mrs. Sophia BROUGHTON relict of Dr Henry B . Broughton, late of Cecil county, in her 83rd year

HAND - Sept 7, 1886, in Little Britain township, Lancaster county,of congestion of the lungs Miss Mary Hand age 61 years

pg 194 c

BROWN - The funeral of Rebecca M. Brown will take place 6th day 1st month 27th at 11 am from the residence of Mary A. Brown , Lombard Maryland, burial at Friends burying ground , Brick Meeting house

SMEDLEY - First month 17th 1899, at the residence of her son in law Samuel P. PAXSON, near Wakefeild Lancaster county. Adeline B. Smedley , widow of the late James Smedley, in her 81st year. The burial was on the 20th at Penn Hill burial ground

pg 194 d

Sept 2, 1886, in Hopewell, of Clorera infantum , John M. TERRY , son of George T. and Sallie Terry aged eight months and two weeks

Sept 3, 1886 in Fulton township, Lancaster county, Naylor W. BROWN age 28 years

WITMAN - Sept 7, 1886 in Little Britain township, Lancaster county, Emma Edna, little daughter of William and Emma Witman, aged four years.

pg 196

Funeral of Deborah B. PASSMORE

The funeral of Deborah B. Passmore was held wednesday of last week, services were held at Friend meeting house at Calvert Md......The remains were laid beside those of her husband John W. Passmore Mrs Passmores death occured June 2, at the residence of her son John A. M. Passmore, Philadelphia

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