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Colerain Township Schools History

Ellis & Evans Lancaster Co History Book pgs 567-568:

Colerain accepted the common school system in 1836, and had at that time four hundred and forty-nine taxables. Seven school-houses were built in 1838, and the first public schools were opened in 1839. The average number of pupils in each school was about twenty, and the salary paid to teachers twenty dollars per month. The first board of directors consisted of Cornelius Collins, Robert Ferguson, and Hugh Andrews. Among the first teachers were Algernon Whiteside, Thomas Ferguson, and Joseph McCommon. The latter taught the first term in Mount Eden school-house, then familiarly known as Wilson's school-house. Two more houses were built a few years later. Within the last ten years the school-houses of Colerain have been rebuilt, and they now rank among the best in the county. In the year ending June 5, 1882, Colerain had two hundred and twenty-three male and one hundred and ninety-five female pupils in school, at a cost of eighty-five cents per month for each pupil. The total amount of tax levied for school and building purposes for the same year was three thousand four hundred and five dollars and nineteen cents. The amount paid as teachers' wages was two thousand and ninety-five dollars.

The organization of Colerain public schools for the year ending June 5, 1883, consisted of: School board of directors, John Haverstick, president; Pennington Moore, secretary; Robert Patterson, treasurer; Albert Worth, William H. Hogg, and John Sampson. Teachers, Mary R. Andrews, Mount Eden; Mary C. Stewart, Union; Hannah Wason, Rosedale; Ilena Reynolds, Amity; Miss Coates, Pleasant Grove; Louella M. Swisher, Hope; Jerry Swisher, Harmony; Louella R. Swisher, Salem; Annie M. Barnett, White Plain.

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