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Drumore Township, Lancaster County, Pa

"Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County" by Fellowship of Solanco Churches, Raymond Dunlap, George Herbert, & Richard Yates , Sr. printed 1968

"A meeting was called at the residence of Mrs. Sarah Wilkinson in Drumore township, Lancaster County, Pa., on the 29th of May AD. 1876 for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church." These are the words of the opening sentence in the minute-book of the Drumore Baptist Church. The following members of good standing of the Cole rain Baptist Church were entered as constituent members: Margaret R. Watson, John Hastings, Rachael Hastings, John Wat-son, Margaret J. Watson, Sarah R. Wilkinson, George Retzer, Jane Retzer, Joseph D. Moore, Mary Alice Moore, Almus L. Watson, Annie M. Watson, Margaret J. Winters, Nancy Dare, Phebe Wright, Eliza Wright, Annie Retzer, Laura E. Philips, Mary J. Retzer, Eliza-beth Shaw, Clara Hastings, Annie Hastings, Erastus Hastings, Mary Hastings, Thomas Watson, Amanda Guiney, Lizzie Cummings, Mrs. accepted a call to the Drumore Baptist church and be-came their first pastor. He served this church as pastor from 1876 to 1882. He was at one time principal of the Chestnut Level Academy. consecutive Sterret, James N. Westcoat, and Jane Westcoat.

The Rev. W. O. Owens, who was then pastor of the Colerain Baptist Church, year until the church was disbanded When this church was organized, Joseph D. Moore was elected clerk. He served in this capacity from 1876 to 1881. G. W. Wescott served as clerk from 1881 to 1884. F. S. Kinsey was elected clerk in January, 1885, and served each in the early 1920's. One of the last entries in the minute-book states, "The Drumore Baptist Church was sold at public sale Saturday, June 19th, 1926, for the sum $345.00 including ground and grave land."

According to a newspaper report of May, 1913, this property had been donated for the church ground by Mrs. Margaret Watson. She ha y in May. As a rule great crowds gather at these services. Many come from a distance, not only to see their old friends and acquaintances, but to worship God as well." "Sunday, May 25, 1913, was the 37th anniversary. The church was very fortunate in securing their former pastor, Rev. Thomas J. MacKay, of Philadelphia to preach on this occasion. . . . A pleasing feature of the services was the Mechanic Grove Orchestra that was on hand, which greatly added to the singing. Although the crowd was so great in the evening that many were on the outside of the church, the best of order prevailed."

It is evident from the available records that such crowds did not continue to attend the Drumore Baptist Church. Other than the above newspaper clipping, one brief note covers the history of the church from Jan. 19, 1908 to July 24, 1916. This note states, "The Rev. H. T. Denlinger of Lancaster acted as pastor for about 10 years. Since then the pulpit has been filled by a number of supplies. Among them was the Rev. Mr. Teasdale, former pastor of Colerain Baptist Church, including the Rev. Mr. Marsh of Philadelphia." On July 24, 1916, the Rev. Charles J. Faunce was ordained as pas-tor by a council made up of Bros. Joseph D. Moore, F. S. Kinsey and Robert J. B. Moore from Unicorn, and visiting ministers and delegates from Cole rain, West Chester, Conshohocken, Glen Run, Atglen, Hephzilah, Norristown, Parkes burg, Pottstown, Wissinoming, and Olivet of Norristown. He was pastor until May 9, 1921, when he was granted a letter of dismissal after five years service.

From this time on to the above date of sale, sporadic meetings were held with the record showing May Day services in 1921, 1922. and one other year. During this time the graves in the grave yard were moved and the building prepared for sale The writer remembers helping his Uncle George Moore move some graves to the Quarryville Cemetery. He also remembers helping his grandfather fill the baptismal pool and polish the myriad of lamp chimnie's in the' hanging kerosene chandeliers. Perhaps the most vivid memory in that of the Sunday School orchestra composed of his Aunt Edith Helm at the pump organ, his father John Moore on the slide trombone, his Uncles Robert Moore on the clarinet, Russell Moore on the base horn, George Moore on the valve trombone, Frank and George Wesley on violins. They played under the inscription over the pulpit saying, "The Spirit and the Bride say come."

After paying all bills, the last record for this church was a transfer of $42.45 by check to Jno. Olmstead for the Cemetery Fund of the Colerain Baptist Church.d also owned the property which in 1913 was owned by Hays Edwards. In this same report it was stated, "It has been the custom of the church to hold May Day services each year on the last Sun- da and others, the Reverend Doctor B. B. Killikelly, rector of All Saints' Church, Paradise, and Christ Church, Leacock, Lancas- ter County, Pennsylvania, held evening service, and preached in the carpenter

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