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Drumore Friends Meeting

Drumore township, Lancaster County, Pa

From the History of Lancaster County by Dr. Frederick Klein, 1926

In 1816 a meetinghouse was erected in Drumore township, about half a mile south of Liberty Square, on land which originally was patented by Moses Irwin, but was then in possession of Jacob Shoemaker, who donated the site to the Society of Friends. Earlier, the Drumore Society had used an old schoolhouse about a mile westward, for their meetings. Early members of the society were Joseph Stubbs, David Parry, Jacob Shoemaker, Robert Clendenin, Isaac Smith, Isaac Bolton, Joseph Smith, Simon Pennock, George Lamborn, Amos Walton, Jesse Lamborn, James Warral and wife, and Ezekiel Atkinson. Ann A. Lamborn is the present superintendent.

"Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County" by Fellowship of Solanco Churches, Raymond Dunlap, George Herbert, & Richard Yates , Sr. printed 1968


In early 1800, a group of Quakers emigrated from Byberry, Mont-gomery, Pennsylvania to Drumore Township, Lancaster County. The following names were in this group:

Ambler Bolton Cutler Coates Lamborn Lukins Parry Pennock Penrose Roberts Shoemaker Smith Tennis Stubbs Brosius

Most of these people affiliated themselves with Little Britain meeting at Penn Hill in what is now Fulton Township. They found that the distance from their homes was so great that it was burdensome to attend the midweek meetings and to attend the First-Day meetings.

By Tenth month 10th, we find on the minutes of Little Britain Monthly Meeting when several of the members of Little Britain Par-ticular Meeting, and who reside in Drumore, request the privilege of holding meeting for divine worship somewhere in their own neigh-borhood. This was according to the usual procedure of the Society of Friends. Committees were appointed to investigate the matter. Finally permission was granted by the Monthly Meeting to hold meetings in a school house on David Parry's land. This was the beginning of Drumore Meeting.

By 8-10-1816 the meeting was officially established. The present structure was built during that year. Three acres of land were pur-chased from and deeded by Jacob Shoemaker and Joyce his wife, for the consideration of $1.00, for a meeting house and burying ground for the use of the said meeting. The Trustees who negotiated this transaction were Joseph Stubbs, David Parry and Samuel Smith.

The first marriage to be performed in the Meeting House was held 12-17-1817. The contracting parties were David Parry and Lydia Richardson.

Some interesting facts concerning Drumore Meeting as found in the Minutes of the Preparative Meeting:

3-8-1871 Israel Tennis and George Smith, who were appointed at a previous meeting, report that they have examined the treasurer's books and find a balance of $ 7.43 and recommend that the sum of $21.05 be raised to defray the expenses of last year.

4-3-1872 Isaac Shoemaker was appointed to act as caretaker of the Meeting House during the coming year for the sum of $20.00.

12-4-1872 The Overseers informed the Meeting that Amos P. Smith has accomplished his marriage with a member by Friends ceremony at the home of her brother without the approbation of the Monthly Meeting, which information was directed to be forwarded to the Monthly Meeting.

Minutes of 2-7-1886 Jason Bolton and George S. Lamborn were appointed as a committee to prepare a minute to be forwarded to the next Monthly Meeting asking for that body's permission to lay down our mid-week meeting; this was granted at a later date.

9-18-1936 It was decided to ask permission of the Monthly Meeting to lay down our Preparative Meeting. Permission was granted in 1936 and the membership transferred the Penn Hill Preparative Meeting at Penn Hill.

Two sessions of Little Britain Monthly Meeting are held each year, viz., July and August.

In 1909 the meeting decided to improve the condition of the Ceme-tery. This was done by soliciting money and establishing a fund. An iron fence was erected around the graveyard and the fund was estab-lished. The income from which the Cemetery and Meeting House Grounds are maintained.

Before the preparative Meeting was laid down the Trustees of the Meetings of the Society of Friends.

An Indulged Meeting is for worship only, and is under the super- Meeting deeded the Meeting House Property to the Drumore Ceme-tery Association which was established in 1909. Now the Cemetery Association owns and maintains the entire property. It is a public Cemetery and anyone who wishes can secure a lot or a single grave in which to be buried. It has always been the only burying ground in this area in which Negroes are permitted to be buried.

The Cemetery Association is active and has a membership of 35 members and maintains its affairs through an active organization.

Glossary of Terms Applicable to Articles Relating to Society of Friends Meetings of the Society of Friends

An Indulged Meeting is for worship only, and is under the super-vision of a Monthly Meeting

A Preparative Meeting is primarily for worship but business may be conducted and presented to the Monthly Meeting. A Monthly Meeting represents the unit of the Society's organization.

Several Indulged and Preparative Meetings may be under the jurisdiction of a Monthly Meeting.

A Quarterly Meeting is a business meeting composed of one or more Monthly Meetings

A Yearly Meeting is a meeting for the transaction of business. It is composed of several Quarterly Meetings. -set up" is a term used to indicate the establishment of a Meeting.

Laid down" is the term used when a Meeting is officially discontinued

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