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Township, Lancaster County, Pa

"Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County" by Fellowship of Solanco Churches, Raymond Dunlap, George Herbert, & Richard Yates , Sr. printed 1968

The history of the Weaverland Conference or Horning branch of the Mennonite Church dates back to 1893 with Jonas Martin ordained as the first Bishop. This was a very conservative branch of the Men-nonites and was known as the Martinites. As years rolled on, a certain element saw the necessity of having automobiles and another branch was strongly opposed to owning automobiles. This led to another division with those in favor of automobiles becoming known as the Hornings, or the Black Bumpers. The name Hornings came from their Bishop. They have their bumpers and all chromium painted black, therefore, they are also known as Black Bumpers.

In 1958 Jeremiah O. Sensenig bought the Morrison farm near Fairmount and was followed by thirteen other families in the next few years. On May 30, 1962, the first service was held in the Sensenig (Morrison) home. Services were held in various other homes every fourth Sunday for a year. With large and growing families, the need was felt for a church building. A large church was built on the Sensenig farm and the first services were held there August 18, 1963. This Church was dedicated free of debt.

Services are held every other Sunday with Jeremiah O. Sensenig as minister, Noah M. Nolt as deacon, and with a visiting minister from another district present. The services are conducted by singing two or three hymns and then one minister gives the opening message. After the people kneel in silent prayer, the minister who had the opening address makes the end known by a loud Amen. Next, the Deacon reads the text or portion of Scripture chosen by the minister who has the sermon. This is followed by the opportunity being given for testimony by the other peacher and the Deacon. After this there is an audible prayer, a few hymns are sung, and the benediction is pronounced by the preacher who had the sermon. All people who are interested in the Word of God are welcome to come and worship with us. Our membership is 14 families.

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