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Fulton Township Alumni Association 1904 - 1950



Section I.

Name.-The name of this Association shall be known as Fulton Township Alumni Association.


The Motto of this Association shall be Gradatum (step by step). The color shall be gold.

Sec. 3.

Object.-The object of this Association shall be the encouragement of, friendship and, sociability of its members, and the fostering of spirit for the bettering of our Alma Mater and the perpetuation of the memories of our school days.


Section 1.

This Association shall be composed of the regUlar graduates, male and female of Fulton High School and of the graduates of Southern Lancaster County Joint High School from Fulton Township' starting with the class of 1948. And the graduates of the classes following 1907 shall become members by reason of their graduations, as soon as they have received their diplomas upon the occasion of their annual commencement.


Duties ,and Privileges of Members.

Section 1. It shall be the duty of each member to at. tend all regular meetings of the Association and prepare and deliver all parts of literary programs which shall be assigned to them.

Sec. 2. All members ,of this Association shall be eligible to any office hereinafter to be named. ,

Sec. 3. In case of death of any member of the .Alumni it shal1 be the duty of the Executive Committee to send a floral offering.

Sec. 4. The annual dues shall be 25, cents, to be paid . to the Treasurer On or before the annual meeting. If the dues are not paid on or before the annual meeting the person is not considered a member in good standing of the Alumni for that year. Each member of the Alumni shall be notified at least two weeks before the annual meeting, that they may be prepared to pay. The proceeds to be used for the benefit of the Association.

Sec. 5. Each member of the Alumni shall be entitled to take a friend to the Annual Banquet if desired.


The Officers.

Section I.

The officers of the Association shall consist of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer, no two of whom shall be from the same class except the Treasurer, who may, by reelection, be a member, of a class represented by another office. .

Sec. 2.

The term of office shall be for one year, which should, if possible, include one regular ,meeting.. of the Association.. ,

Sec. 3.

No member shall hold two offices at the same time; the President, Vice-President and Secretary shall be eligible to one re-election. The Treasurer, however, may be reelected indefinitely.

Sec. 4-

Each of the Officers shall be elected by ballot at the regular yearly meeting of the association. .


Duties of Officers.

Section I.

President.-It shall he the duty of the President to preside at ,all meetings ,of the Association ,and enforce a strict, adherence to the Constitution, by-laws and Rules of Order. He shall see that ,all officers and members perform their proper duties; announce all business; receive and submit all proper motions, petitions, resolutions, reports and communications; decide promptly all points of order; call all' special meetings, and announce all votes taken in the Association. He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, and shall appoint all committees unless otherwise ordered by the Association. He shall sign all orders on the Treasurer for payment of money after the Association shall order it paid. At all banquets during his term of office he shall officiate as toastmaster or appoint a toastmaster if he sees fit and on all occasions he shall be master of ceremonies.

Section 2.

The Vice-President shall perform all the duties of the President in the latter's absence.

Sec. 3.

Secretary.-The Secretary shall keep a neat and accurate account. -of the proceedings of the Association, of all decisions and resolutions, which shall be open at all times for inspection of the. members. These minutes shall be approved at the meeting at which the business occurred. He shall notify all members in the community by printed card of all special meetings of the Association, and notify all members of the banquet, and shall, together with the President, sign all orders on the Treasurer.

Sec. 4.

Treasurer-The Treasurer shall give a receipt to his predecessor for all moneys received from him; receive all moneys belonging to the Association and pay all orders drawn on him by the President and, Secretary. He shall keep an, account of all receipts and expenditures according to such system as may from time to time be prescribed by the Association; be responsible for all moneys and property in his possession, and at the end of his term of office make a written report to the Association of the condition of the finances, and at the expiration of his term, deliver to his successor all books, money, papers and property in his hands belonging to the Association.


Place of Meeting and Time.

Section I.

The regular annual meeting of the Association .shall be held at such a place thought best by the Association at such a time as shall be decided upon by a vote of the Association.

Sec. 2.

The Alumni shall give the directors and their wives the privilege of attending the banquet, Also give a complimentary ticket to the High School Principal and guest.

Sec. 3.

Six of the regular members shall at all times constitute a quorum.

Sec. 4.

The President shall be empowered to call a special meeting of the Association at any time and shall be compelled to do so upon the written request of three members. .

Sec. 5.

A majority vote of all members present shall be necessary on all questions, except the revision and amending of the Constitution which shall require the concurrence of two-thirds of all members present.

Sec. 6.

In all elections of officers of the Association any person eligible can be nominated and when the nomination for the said office. of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer shall have been duly made, the Association shall proceed to elect them by ballot.

Sec. 7.

An Executive Committee consisting of three members shall be appointed by the President at the annual meeting to serve during the term of office, together with the President and Secretary.

Class of 1904

Principal *Tillman E. Garber
President-M. Emma (Bradley) Denny, 65 Boulevard, Harrington, Del.
Secretary-Ada E. (Gallagher) Dinsmore, Greene, Pa.
Historian-Sara E. (Holden) Steele, Georgetown, Del., R. D. No.5
L. Zaidee (Ingram) Kirk, 7 E. Brookland Ave., Brookland Terrace, Wilmnington 126, Del.

Class of 1905

Principal- *Tillman E. Garber
MEMBERS President - *Kersey Bradley, Belle Center, Ohio
Secretary-Helen (Wood) Shortlidge, Westtown Boarding School, Westtown, Pa.
Historian-*Ear1 Walton, deceased.
Iva Haines, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary Gregg, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ada Reynolds, deceased.
M. Ethel (Shoemaker) King, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Edgar T. King, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Lewis Gatchell, deceased.
A. Lester Walton, deceased.
*Galen Wood, 5241 Devonshire, St. Louis, Mo.
*Lester C. Paxson, Mt. Ephraim, R. D., N. J.
*J. Arthur Paxson, Greene, Pa.
*William L. Paxson, 113 N. 5th St., Coatesville, Pa.
*Clarence Bowers

Class of 1906

Principal-*Charles E. Workman
Assistant-Matilde (Globisch) Linder
MEMBERS Presiden-*Emmett L. Herr, Peach; Bottom. Pa.
Secretary-Gertrude (Wiley) Smith, Drumore, Pa.
Historian--Ernest Guissinger, deceased.
Josephine Swift 3420 MiddletOn Ave., Cincinnati 20, Ohio
Ada (Drennen) Housekeeper, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ada (Tennis) Gallagher, Oxford, Pa.
Ella (White) Herr, 620 Park Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
*James GilIespie, deceased.
*Maurice Gregg, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Edith (Keene) Neff, Box 372, Bryn Mawr, Pa., c/o
Elijah Hammonds
Elsie (McCullough) Dolan, deceased.

Class of I907

Principal-*Charles E. Workman
AssistantElla V. Townsend, 147 W. State St., Kennett Square, Pa.
President-Dora (Kisiner) Rowe, Midvale, New Castle, Del. R. D. No.2
Secretary-Anna (Bucher) Shoemaker,QuarryvilIe, Pa.
Historian-Sara B. (Gallagher) Bruce, 9 S. Prince St., Lancaster, Pa.
Olive (Shoemaker) Ambler, 225 S. 42nd St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Lula M. (Shoemaker) Ulrich, deceased.
Malinda (Reynolds) Winchester, deceased.

Class of 1908

Principal-*Emanuel L. Heilman
AssistantEIla V. Townsend
President-*D. Lester Gallagher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Secretary-Fannie L. (King) Walton, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Historian-*Norman Wood, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Emaline L (Shoemaker) McSparran, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Edna M. _Walton) Pownall, QuarryvilIe, Pa.
Mary L. _Heeps Wood,Peach Bottom, Pa.
Adaline S; (Paxson) Edwards, Quarryville, Pa.
C. May (Charles)' Lynch
Hattie M. (Ingram) Reinhart, deceased.
*Fred C. Nesbitt, deceased.
Anna M. Wright; 909 Parke Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

Class of 1900

Principal-*William S. Simons, dentist, 620 N. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa.
Assistant_Ella V. Townsend
President-*Gailey Reynolds, 302 Darby Terrace, Darby, Pa.
Secretary and Historian-Alta (King) Groff, . Lancaster R. D. No.4, Pa.
Anna (Runner) Balderson, Colora, Maryland
Euretta (Griest) Gallagher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary E. (Neff) Osborn, 530 Reynolds Ave., Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1910

principal - *William S. Simons
Assistant-Helen (Wood) Shortlidge, Westtown, Pa.
President-Edgar Brown, deceased.
Secretary-Margaret Swift, Quarryville, Pa.
Historian--*Rutter H. Tennis, 33 N. Main St., Port Deposit, Md.
Mary P. (Spence) Giffing, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Stella (Hershour) Smythe
Zeeda (Hess) Ferguson, Kirkwood, Pa.
*James. Gallagher, deceased.
Joseph S. Terrill, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Scott Black, deceased.
Elmer Stump
Alice G. (Smith) Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1911

Principal-Arthur Reeves
Assistant-Helen (Wood) Shortlidge
President And Historian-*William M. Boyd, 2930 Silver Hill Ave., Bait. 7, Md.
Secretary-Lula B. Fite, Nottingham, Pa.
. Sara E. Miller, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Leah (McFann) Eckert, Christiana R. D., Pa.
Mary (Hershour) Haines, 211 Jackson St., Lancaster, Pa.
*Joel C. Swisher, 132 Geneva Ave., Glenside, Pa.
*Joseph H. Swift, deceased.
*Ira J. Patton, , 8100 E. Jefferson Ave., Alden Park Manor, Detroit, Mich.
.Fred F. Paxson, c/o Paxson's Drug Store, Elizabethtown,' Pa.

Class of 1912

Principal-.Samuel Y. Wissler, 47 E. Walnut St., Ephrata, Pa.
Assistant-Edith M. Bair, Hanover, Pa.
President-*Hayes M. Nesbit, 302 So. Jardin St., Shenandoah, Pa.
Secretary-Adelaide Guissinger, Gap, Pa.
Historian-Anna B. (Hilton) Mahaffy, 4710 Warren St., N. W. Washington 16, D. C.
Bertha M. (Brown) Patton. deceased.
Florence (Dougherty) Smith, 42 N. Lime St., Lancaster, Pa.
Mary (Guissinger) Boyd, 2930 Silver Hill Ave., Baltimore 7, Md.
Agnes P. (Harvey) McGuigan, Quarryville, R. D. Pa.
Naomi R. (McGuigan) Brabson, deceased.
Mary R. (Terrill) Halloway, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Roy W. Jones, 2413 Market St., Wilmington, Del.
*Arthur Shoemaker, Ouarryville, R. D. Pa.
Charles Spence, deceased.

CIass of 1914

Principal-Clarence MacKley
Assistant-Helen (Wood) Shortlidge
President-*Ellis C. Cameron, Oxford, Pa.
Secretary-Mary E. (Hilton) Whiteside, Manheim, Pa.
Historian-Edna M. (Kirk) Gilbert, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Lena (Bicknell) Reed, New Providence, Pa.
Alice (Fisher) Wolbert, ' Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Md.
Esther M. (Kirk) Scull, Wrightstown, Pa.
Daniel M. Shoff, 6 East' 25th St., Wilmington, Del.

Class of 1915

Principal-*Earl, Walton
Assistant-Helen (Wood) Shortlidge
President-Lester Bowman, Columbia Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
Secretary-Mary (Patton) Goodrich, 1023 N. Charles St., Baltimore I, Md.
Historian-HelenS. Kirk, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Marian (Ambler) Ankrim, Ouarryville, Pa.
Edith (Bradley) Weaver, deceased.
Mary E. (Patterson) Shoemaker, Ouarryville, Pa.
Stanley Kirk, 417 E. Washington Ave., Newtown; Pa.

Class of 1916

Principal-*Earl Walton
Assistant_Helen (Wood) Shortlidge
President-Jesse Miller, 511 W. 7th St., Wilmington, Del.
Secretary-Mary (Jacobs) Harwood, Cheyney, Pa.
Historian--*John Altland, deceased.
Anna (Ambler) Moore Peach Bottom Pa
*Everett Ambler, Churchtown, Windsor Forge, Pa.

Class of 1917

Principal-*Earl Walton
Assistant-Wilhelmina (Woerner) Globisch, 35 Green St., Lancaster, Pa.
President-*Charles D. Stubbs,
1019 Sterling Ave., Coatesville, Pa.
Secretary-Alice (Hess) Gamble 121 Court St., Newtown, Pa.
Historian--Anna (Bradley) Hawley, 5901 Belona Ave., Baltimore 12, Md.
Emily (Dougherty) Todd, Havre de Grace, Md.
Edith (Jenkins) Atland, Nottingham,Pa:
*Rolla Jenkins, Healdsburg, California

Class of 1918

- Principal-*Earl Walton .
Assistant-Wilhelmina (Woerner) Globisch .
President*Guy H, Stubbs, 406 Dickman Rd., Ft, Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tex.
Secretary-Edith (Spears) Grubb, Beckley, W. Va
Historian--Abbie R. (Shaub) Nesbitt, 130 N. Main St.,. Shenandoah, Pa,
Glenn K. Drennen. 206 W. Unaka St., Johnson City, Tenn.
Grace Hess, Women's Club, Hershey, Pa.
Rachel A. Cameron, Oxford, Pa.
Elizabeth A: Brown, deceased.
John M. MIller, deceased.
*Sara M. (Welsh) Glackin, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Edwin C. Cauffman, 2902 N. Broome St., Wilmington, Del.
*Walter L. King, 328 Kingston Rd., Upper Darby, Pa.
*Russell A. Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
J. Reed Shoemaker, deceased.
S. Rebecca Kirk, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1919

Principal-* Arthur L. Weaver, deceased.
Assistant-Wilhelmina (Woerner) Globisch MEMBERS
President-Elizabeth Herr, Willow Street, Pa.
Secretary-Marguerite (Zimmers) Gallagher,
206 W. Unaka Ave., Johnson City, Tenn.
Historian--Dorothy (Douglas) Booth, Drumore, Pa.
Doris (Cooney) Cauffman,
Mary (Walton) Wagoner, Oxford, Pa.
Esther (Lamborn) Palmer, Concordville, Pa. Alva Lamborn, Holtwood, Pa.
Annabelle (Benedict) Lydell, deceased. Lillian Chambers, Eastburn Heights, Wilmington, Del.

Class of 1920

Principal-* Arthur L. Weaver deceased
Assistant-Wilhelmina (Woerner) 'Globisch
President-Willard King, deceased. Secretary-Grace (Cauffman) Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Historian-Wm. Leiper Burkins, 120 Boxwood Rd:, Woodcrest, Del.
Lillian Hanna
Marian (Glackin) Herr, 526 N'. Duke St., Lancaster, Pa.
Harold Hanna, Quarryyille, Pa.
James Kirk, 3038 Cleveland Ave., Hammond, Ind.
*Harry Frazer, Bellefonte, Pa.
*A. Day Bradley, 66 Dillard Ave, Hastings on the Hudson, N. Y.
Daniel Lewis, deceased. '
*Guy Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1921 '

Principal-*Byron McClung, Stewartstown, Pa.
Assistant-Sara Taylor
President-James Charles, 817 Corinthan Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
Secretary-Edith (Gorsuch) Bicknell, 24 N. Shippen St., Lancaster, Pa.
Historian-Mary (Finnefrock) Brown, Peach Pottom, Pa.
*J. Rankin Wiley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Oscar Wagoner, Oxford, Pa.
Clare Jenkins,74'9' Old Harford Rd., Baltimore, Md.
William Banks, deceased.
- Velma (Jackson) Grubb, Greene, Pa.

Class of 1922

Principal-*Byron McClung, Stewartstown, Pa.
Assistant-Esther (Rheam) Brabson, 529 Reynolds Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
President and Historian-*Robert Coleman, Knowlhan Rd., Media, R. d NO.2, Pa.
Secretary-Helen Ann Walton, '9 Weston Road, Wellesley, Mass.
*Walter Kirk, ,2114 E. Griffith Place, Owensboro" Ky.
Arabelle (Hanna) Harvey, Quarryville, Pa.
Mae (Graybeal) Fisher, Manheim, Pa.
Snowie (Graybeal) Hail, ; 16 Maryland Drive, Montgomery, Ala.
Mae (Miller) Felts, Jarret, R. D., Va.
Mamie Atland' .
Helen Jamison

Class 0f 1923

Principal-*James Drennen, 417 Grove Place, Narberth, Pa.
Assistant-Esther (Rheam), Brabson
President-'-*James Bradley, Peach BottoM, Pa.
Secretary-Sara (Hambleton) Curry
Historian-Marriott Ambler, Lancaster R. D. No.5, Pa.
Rose (Trimble) Yarnall, 344 W. King St., Lancaster, Pa.
Idella (Fite) White, 616 E. Marian St., Lancaster, Pa.
Mildred (Ingram) Evans, 512 Magnolia Ave., Aidan, Pa.
Dorothy (Glackin) Wiggins, 647 New Holland Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
Mary (Glackin) McCrabb, Oxford, Pa.
Grace (Tollinger) Morris, 4213 Chester Ave., Philadelphia, Pa,
Marian (Shoemaker) Denlinger, Quarryville, Pa.
Josephine (Cooney) Barnett, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Frances (Kirk) Brubaker, deceased.

Class of 1924

Principal-*James Drennen
Assistant-Esther (Rheam) Brabson
President-Robert Cauffman, Peach Bottom, Pa;,
Secretary-Edith (King) Quigley, Bart, Pa.
Historian--Bertha (Myers) Lefever, deceased.
Helen (Good) Gehron, Nottingham, Pa.
Estella (Hagan) Douglas, Peach 'Bottom, Pa.
Reba (Herr) Donmoyer, 936 View St." Hagerstown, Md.
Hazel (Kirk) Bergey, 200 Market. St., Perkasie, Pa.
Mary (Jenkins) Gilbert, E. State St., Quarryville, Pa.
Pearl (Lindecamp) Glass, Kirkwood, Pa:,
Myrtle (McCrabb) Brown, Paradise, Pa.
Helen (Milburn) Murray, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Agnes Spence, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*George Brown, 630 High St., Lancaster, Pa.
*Irwin Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Alvin Cooney, Lumberton, N. J.
*James McCrabb, Oxford, Pa.
*J. Gwyn Welch, 620 N. Duke St., Lancaster; Pa.

Clsss of 1925

Principai--*Paul Walker, 229 Palisade Rd., Linden, N. J.
Assistant-Marjorie (Gamble) Walker, 229 Palisade Rd., Linden, N. J.
President-*Grafton Kirk, 4008 Mt. Vernon Blvd., Richmond, Va.
Secretary-Edna (Cooke) Eastburn, ' 6 Roosevelt Ave., Tuxedo Park, Newport, Del.
Emma (Braithmaier) Davis, Street, Md. '
Margaret Patterson, Leacock, Pa.
Belvia (Wagoner) Bauguess, '730 ,6th St., S. E., Washington 20, D. C.
Esther (Herr) Wiley, '7 McLaren St., Red Bank, N. J.
Marian (Cooney) McThenia, Media R. D. No.2, Pa.
Mary (Trimble) Fisher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Esther (Long) Feagles, Warwick, N. Y.
*Ray Hurley, Bell Station, Bowie, Md.
*Edwin Pearthree, Conowingo, Md.
Edgar Brown, '26E. New St., Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1926

Principal-David Johnston, 422 Pine St., West Chester, Pa.
Assistant-Marjorie (Gamble) Walker
President-*Lewis R. Good, 324 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Pa.
Secretary-Ola E. (Welch) Weaver, Conowingo, Md.
Historian--Lauretta Kirk, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Alice L. (Hess) Keefer, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Elizabeth (Baker) Graybeal, Manheim, Pa.
Brucie (Osborne) Leftwich, Whiteford, Md.
*Curtis H. Finnefrock, Rising Sun, Md.
Donald M. Goss, M.S.C., 052059, P. O. Box 444, A. P. O. 957, c/o P. M., San Francisco, California
Pearl (Riley) Miles, Manheim, Pa.

Clsss of 1927

Principal-David Johnston Assistant-Marjorie (Gamble) Walker
President-*Joseph Cauffman, deceased.
Secretary-Adrian Fite,Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer-Virginia Anderson, Leaman Acres, Lancaster R. 7, Pa.
Historian--Marian (Flahart) Nuss, 625 Janet Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
*Harold Bradley, Coudersport, Pa.
*Ralph Shank, Uchland, Pa.

Class of 1928

Principal-* Arthur W. Eshleman, Paradise, Pa.
Assistant-Gladys Buffington
President-*Lewis B. Cauffman, '72 Pine St., Oxford, Pa.
Secretary-Evelyn Spence, , Deshon V. A. Hospital, Butler, Pa.
Treasurer-ornie (Hurley) Phillips, Holtwood, R. D" No. I, Pa,.
Historian-Stella (Miller) Eckman, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ella (King) Oswald, 18 S. Sth St., Oxford, Pa.
*Robert Housekeeper, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Florence (Hooper) Hart, Cumberland, Md.
*Emmett Charles, Oxford, R. D., Pa. Wayne Tollinger, 1424 Kennedy St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
*Lewis Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Paul Coleman, S34 McCullough Ave., Temple City, Calif. c/o Hazel R. Coach
Clarence Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary (McClure) Overton, Lincoln Hwy., Ave. B, Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1929

Principal-* Arthur W. Eshleman, Paradise, Pa.
Assistant-Gladys Buffington
President-*Witmer Cameron, Quarryville, Pa.
'Secretary-Lena (Fite) Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa,
Treasurer-Ruth (Welch) Hawkins, 729 S. 11th St., Fort Pierce, Fla.
Historian-Foorda (Welch) Bell, 529 30th St., West Palm Beach, Fla
Laura (Brown) McSparran, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Virginia Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
John Lindecamp, Peach' Bottom, Pa.
Helen (Deaver) Wade, New Providence, Pa.
*Lloyd Brabson, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Jennie (Tollinger) Leschke, '424 Manor St., Columbia, Pa.
Huel (May) McClure, Drumore, Pa.
Ethel (Jenkins) Greene, Novato, California
*Vaughn Osborne, Lancaster, R. D. NO.2, Pa.
Martha (Eller) McCardle, Willow Street, Pa.
Margaret (Herr) Miller, Willow Street, Pa.
Lieut. Cbarles Young, stationed somewhere in Alaska
Karl Buckson

Class of 1930

Principal-Arthur W.Eshleman
Assistant-Miriam Hershey
Assistant-Kathryn Bork .
President-Gertrude (Herr) Aument, 343 N. Broad St., Lancaster, Pa.
Secretary-Willa (Fite) Lied, . Box 81, New Cumberland, Pa.
Historian-Eleanor (Smith) Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Marguerite (Shank) Steele, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Josephine (Smith) Housekeeper, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Jane (Ingram) Evans, S12 Magnolia Ave., Aidan, Pa.'
Arvilla (Lutman) Pruitt, Oxford, Pa.
Emma (Pearthree) Nicodemus, Millersville, Pa.

Class of 1931

Principal-Arthur W. Eshleman
Assistant-Alma (Weber)' Brandt, 3003 Acton Rd., Parkville, Md.
Assistant-Mary Ellen 'Witmer, Mountville, Pa.
President-Haines L. Brown, 320 Resolution St., Havre de Grace, Md.
Secretary-Marie'M. Murphy, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer-Minnie (Trimble) Keene, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Historian-Sarah E. Good, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Dorothy M. (Hurley) Johnson, Quarryville, Pa.
Clarence W. Andreson, Nottingham, R. D; I, Pa.
W. Paul Ankrum, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Wesley M. Brown, 31 Merrtte Point, Ore., Box 4772
Nora E. (Glackin) Griffith, Nottingham, R. D. I, Pa.
*Ivan R. Hart, Oxford. Pa.
Willis Johnson, deceased.
*Charles F. May, Quarryville, R. D., Pa.
*WorthOwen, Pequea, Pa.
Emma R. (Wiley) Eckman, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*William J. Wiley, 542 First St., Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1932

Principal-* Arthur W. Eshleman
Assistant-Alma (Weber) Brandt
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-* Albert M. Shank, Quarryville, Pa.
Secretary-Ruth (Ulrich) Bucher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer-Helen (Long) Curtis, Yocum Hospital, Chariton, Iowa
*Clayton Gallagher, Cricket Hollow Road, Setauket, L. 1., N. Y.
Gaither Young, Rt. 9, Box 2875A, Whitney Ave., Sacramento, Cal.
John Giffing, 414 Serrana Drive, San Francisco 27, Cal.
*Richard Bradley, Nottingham, Pa.
Grace (Owen) Steinman, Pequea. Pa.
Kathryn (Lindecamp) Martin, New Providence, Pa.
Betsy (Gatchell) Nagaski, 7802 New St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Virginia (Housekeeper) Beck, Holtwood, Pa.
Hazel (McClure) Roth, Lancaster, R. No.5, Pa.
Doris (Badger) Kilby, Peach Bottom, Pa. .'
Nora (Shank) Feiler, Holtwood, Pa. .
Velma(Kirk) Webster, Cheyney, Pa.
Mildred (Herr) Tindall, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary (Good) Bradley, Nottingham, Pa.
Georgia (May) Phillips, Newark, R. No. I, Del.
Mary (Bradley) Osborne, deceased.
Nina (Reeves) White, Street, Md.

Class of 1933

Principal-* Arthur W. Eshleman
Assistant-Alma (Weber) Brandt
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-Clara V. (Young) Hoffman, c/o Main High School, Hamaknopako, Maui
Secretary and Historian--Dorothy (Black) Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer-Erskine Gardner, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Jeannette Welch-I32 Royal Palm Way, Palm Beach, Fla.
Beulah (May) Rodefer, Bel Air, Box 434, Md.
*Kenneth Moore, 1741 East Rd., S. Jacksonville, Fla.
Elmer Miller *Bliss, Osborne, Box 5241, EI Paso, Texas
Ralph Jenkins, deceased.
Esther (Pearthree) Stapf, 519 So. Lime Street, Lancaster, Pa.
*Vance Reinhart, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class Of 1934

Principal-* Arthur W. Eshleman
Assistant-Alma .(Weber) Brandt
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-Helen (Sweigart) Lupoid, 814 E. Madison. St., . Lancaster. Pa.
Secretary-Jean (Witmer) Sweigart, 124 Atkins Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
Treasurer and Historian-Velma (Murphy) Jackson, Perryville, R. D. No. I, Md.
Frank Bradley, deceased.
James Carroll, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Amanda (Grimsey) Harris, 128 W. Biddle St., West Chester, Pa.
Virginia Edwards
Edna (Johnson) Owens, Aberdeen, Md.
Alice Herr, Peach Bottom,Pa.
Austin Gifting, 1919 W. II, Wilmington, Del.
*Philbert Moore, 4IIN. W. 143 St.. Miami, Fla.
Helen (Krauss) Roark, Pennside, New Castle, Del.
Edwin Griest, Kirkwood. Pa.
. *Jack Harvey, 501 North K St., Lakeworth, Fla.
Della (Fischer) Griest, 686 St. Joseph St., Lancaster, Pa.

Class ot 1935

Principal-*Harry K. Gerlach, Spring City, Pa.
Assistant-Alma (Weber) ,Brandt
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-*Thomas Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
SecretarY-Kathryn (Hilton) Wagner, Kirkwood, Pa.
Treasurer--*Edison Blevins, Paradise, Pa.
Historian-Mary (Fry) Ruff, Highrock, York Co., Pa., R. D. No. I
Esther (Fry) Eckman, Conowingo, Md.
*Harry Ankrum, Quarryville, Pa.
Grace Hershour, Peach Bottom,Pa.
Grace (Keene) Kreider, Quarryville, R. D., Pa.
Grace (Harris) Nixon, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Hayes Brown
Mary (Glackin) Garvin, Rising Sun, Md.
Pearl (Hamm) Blevins, Star Route, Mt. Cuba, Del.
Dorothy (Dubble) Adsitt, Bart, Pa.
*A. Preston Smith, Glen Moore Circle, Lancaster, Pa;
*James Sbank, Quarryville, Pa.
Granville Brabson, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Alphonso Boyer, 742 19th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Joel Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Ralph Sweigart, 721 Second St., Lancaster, Pa.
*Robert Ulrich, Quarryville, Pa.

Class ot 1936

Principal-*Harry E. Gerlach
Assistant-Ella S. (Rohrer) Peterson
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-Mary Elizabeth (Reed) Bollinger, Delta, Pa.
Secretary-Myrtle (May) Holbrook, Rising Sun, Md.
Treasurer--*E. Earle Walton, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*J. Maurice Galbreath, 38,21 Kennon St., Houston, Texas ,
Grace V. Badger, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Robert C. Black. deceased.
Rosalind (Bledsoe) (Gray) Morton, 716, Fourth St., Lancaster, Pa.
*Vernon L. Chambers, deceased.
Sara L. (Gifting) Sweigart, 721 Second St., Lancaster, Pa.
Jessie D. (Osborne) Gustafson, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Pauline A. (Sheetz) Scotten, Nottingham, Pa.
Harold W. Smith, Quarryville,' Pa.
Roland R. Reeves, Kennett Square, Pa.

Class ot 1937

Principal-*Harry K. Gerlach
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant-Ella (Rohrer) Peterson
Music-*Samuel S. Hamish
President-Sara (Herr) Wilson, IIII Elm St., Hollidaysburg, Pa.
Secretary-Hazel (Osborne) Kipp, Rosemont, Minnesota
Treasurer-Margaret Galbreath, 6II W. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa.
Velma (Boynes) James, ' 1000 E. Grand St., Elizabeth, N. J.
Edith Brown Ruth (Brown) Webster, Fullerton, R. D., Md.
*Joseph Carroll, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary (Carroll) Troop, 340 N. Plum St., Lancaster, Pa.
Ruth (Giffing) Giffing, 120 Locust St., Oxford, Pa.
Kenneth Grubb. Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Ralph Haga, Oxford, R. D., Pa.
Mary (Herr) Ankrum, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Helen Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Earl Lindecamp, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Louise (Reed) Jacobs, New Providence, Pa.
*EdwardReeves, Avondale, Pa.
*John Reinhart, Rising Sun, Md.
*William Walton, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Alta Young, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Roy Young, deceased.

Class of 1938

Principal---,-*Harry K. Gerlach
Assistant-Mary Ellen' Witmer
Assistant-Ella S. (Rohrer) Peterson
Music-*Marlin R. O'Neal
President-*Elmer Blevins, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Secretary-Janet (Gatchell) Wollaston, Toughkenmon, Pa.
Treasurer-Sara Murphy, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Charles Boyer, 742 N. 19th St., Philadelphia; Pa.
Esther (Boynes) Johnson, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Charles Brown
Jennie (Charles) Hamish, Quarryville, Pa.
Helen (Fry) Benjamin,Conowingo, Md.
*Walter Grubb, deceased. Tyler May, 720 Pacific St., Baltimore, Md.
Elvin Smith, Buffalo, Okla.
*Zelma Reeves, Bel Air, Md.
Helen (Lindamood) Miller, 2120 Glennarm Plaza, Denver, Colo.

Class of 1939

Principal---*Harry K. Gerlach
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant-Dorothy (Breneisen) Gerlach
Music-*Marlin R. O'Neal
President-Margaret Black, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Secretary-Arlene (Miller) Fahnestock, 104 East Vine Street, Lancaster, Pa.
Treasurer and Historian-Marian (Kirk) Halloway, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Evelyn Brown
Belle (Lewis) Sheetz, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ruth (Reed) Hammon, Quarryville, Pa.
*Harold Shoemaker, Quarryville, Pa.
Irene (Stamper) Darrett, 1704 Waverly Way, Lock Raven Apt., Baltimore 12, Md.
*James Stamper (Sgt. F. C.), 33599941, Co. A, 307th Abn. Eng" Bn., 82nd Abn. Div., Ft. Bragg, N. C.
Alberta (Thompson) Maxwell, 532 New St., Oxford, Pa.
Gladys (Thompson) Boddy, 21 8th St., Oxford, Pa.

Class of 1940

Principal-Harry K. Gerlach, Spring City. Pa.
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer, Mountville, Pa.
Assistant-Dorothy (Breneison) Gerlach, Spring City, Pa.
Music-Mr. Holmes
President-Dorothy (Herr) Mariani, Ridley Farms, Morton, Pa.
Vice.President-Carl Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
S ecretary-*Walter Pennington
Treasurer-*Grover Bledsoe, Jr., Lampeter, Pa.
Thelma Badger, 320 N. Franklin St., Lancaster, Pa.
Marian Brown
Thomas Galbreath, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Nellie Graybeal
Dwight Gwaltney, 2514 Van Lennen Ave." Cheyenne, Wyo.
Elsie Harris, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Evelyn (Lewis) Scarborough, 5404 Lynview Ave., Baltimore, Md.
Edith (May) Childress, Newark, R. D. No.3, Del.
*David Murray, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Edison Osborne, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Harvey Sheetz, Quarryville, Pa.
Paul Weaver, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Clayton Wiley, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1941

Principal_Mr. Newpher
Principal-H. Alexander Glasmire
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant-Adele (Seuse) Ewing
President-Sara (Brown) Black, deceased.
Vice-President-Louis Herr, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Secretary-Rebecca S. (Galbraith) Quinn, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer-*Fred C. Black, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Margaret (Boyer) Culbert, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Lewis J. Burk
*Claude H. Evans, Boise, R. No.9, Idaho
Evelyn Mae (Hanna) Farmer, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Greer P. Osborne, deceased.
*J. Donald Smith, 4th St., Oxford, Pa.
Sara I. Smith, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Helen A. Thompson
*Russell I. Wilbar, 202 Pine, St., Oxford, Pa.

Class of 1942

Principal-M. Alexander Glasmire
Assistant_Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant-Marjorie Green
President-Annalee (Johnson) Shekels, 922 West Nevada, St. Paul 3, Minn.
Vice' President-*Robert Cameron, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Secretary-Madge (Young) Fox, 7016 River Drive ,Rd., Baltimore '9, Md.
Treasurer--*Harry Ulrich, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Wilmer Black, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Emma (Boynes) Murray, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Paul Carroll, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Anna (Flora) Kirsch, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Hazel Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Francis, Kirk, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Anna Mae Weaver, 37 Fontain Ave., Bloomfield, N. J.

Class of 1943

Principal-M. Alexander Glasmire
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
President-Aleta (Davis) Wilbar, 202 Pine St., Oxford, Pa.
Vice.President-Mildred (Shoemaker) Reynolds
Secretary-Mabel Brabson, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Treasurer--Harvey Phillips, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Clara (Glackin) Harnish, Aberdeen, R. No. I, Md.
Mary Alice Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Viola (Harris) Beattie,315 Locust St., Lancaster, Pa.

Class of 1944

Principal-William McConnell(Acting Principal)
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant- .
Joseph Bledsoe, 626 Franklin St., Lancaster, Pa.
Mary Louise (Fite) Gentry, Nottingham, Pa.
Esther' (Hershour) Black, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Erma (Murphy) Baylor, 18 W. Main St., Annville, Pa.
Paul Phipps, Peach Bottom, Pa.
*Clyde Shoemaker, Quarryville, Pa.
John J. Trimble, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ross C. Ulrich, Jr., Peach Bottom, Pa.
Harold Vannoy, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Harold Warfel, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Romaine (Wilbar) Tilley, Perry Point Hospital, Perry Point, Md.
Bettejane (Yoder) Tankesley, 301 W. Lemon St., Lancaster, Pa.
Evelyn Young, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1945

Principal-Clarence R. Houseberg (Acting Principal)
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Tressie (Andrews) Wiley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Robert Blevins, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Joy (Cameron) DiMauro, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Grace (Carroll) Fenstermacher, 208 E. Fulton St., Lancaster, Pa. '
Hazel Fisher, 891 Clark St., Lancaster,pa:.
Carl Hess, Peach Bottom,Pa.
Dianne (Pennington) Killeen, 314 Wilson St., Havre de Grace, Md.
Nancy (Trimble) Fisher, 524 Manor St., Lancaster, Pa.
Ozella Weaver, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1946

Principal-Robert E. Seltzer (Acting Principal)
Principal-M. Alexander Glasmire
Assistant-Mary, ,Ellen Witmer
Assistant-, .
Joanne (Grubb) Young, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Huguette (Asso) Lievre, 279 Concord St., Cresskill, N. J.
Mary Virginia Bradley, Peach Bottom, Pa.
D. June (Hess) Myers, 724 First St., Lancaster, Pa.
Katherine (Weaver) Ambler, Drumore, Pa.

Class of 1947

Principal-M. Alexander Glasmire
Assistant-Mary Ellen Witmer
Assistant-Mrs. Albright
Music-Mr. Baughey
Edgar Hess, Peach Bottom,Pa.
Betty (Young) Dunlap, 329 East Chestnut St., Lancaster, Pa.
John Wise, Drumore, Pa.
Charlotte (Shoemaker) Huber, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Clyde Dowell, Peach Bottom, Pa.
1947FultonHigh School was closed Jult 1. 1947. All pupils were enrolled at Southern Lancaster CountY Joint High School, Quarryville, Pa.


Class of 1949

Fulton Members in S. L. C. J. H. S. Class of 1949
'Robert Cochran, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Emma Jane Fisher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Doris (Furches) Brown, Nottingham, Pa.
Barhara Gehron, Nottingham, Pa.
D. June (Hess) Booth. Quarryville, Pa.
Nancy (Jenkins) Gallagher, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Joseph Lindecamp, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Mary Murray, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Ralph Murray, Peach Bottom, Pa.

Class of 1950

Fulton Members in S. L. C. J. H. S. Class of 1950
Doris Carroll, Conowingo, Md.
Eugene Dowell, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Virginia Dowell, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Clyde Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Janet Grubb, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Donald Hess, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Carl Hughes, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Joseph Johnson; Peach Bottom, Pa.
Rosalena Metzger, Quarryville, R. D., Pa.
Jeanne Morris, Holtwood, Pa.
Clair Murphy, Peach Bottom, Pa.
Sarah Weaver, Peach .Bottom, Pa.

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