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Township, Lancaster County, Pa

"Churches of Today and Yesterday in Southern Lancaster County" by Fellowship of Solanco Churches, Raymond Dunlap, George Herbert, & Richard Yates , Sr. printed 1968

Hilltown Church was a frame church building, built on the south side of the highway (now route 472 leading from Quarryville to Oxford). It was sold around 1903, purchased by a Mr. John Cassidy, who lived near the church. Another person who lived in the neigh-borhood was Mr. Edgar McCollough. The store keeper near by at that time was Mr. Abram Stively. Collins was the name of the Post Office then.

After purchasing the church building, Mr. Cassidy had the build-ing torn down, and the land was used for farming. The Cemetery also was used for farming, and tombstones were torn up and discarded. The Rev. Jobe Brown was the last minister of the church. His wife's name was Elizabeth Brown. The membership of this church was small. After the death of Pastor Brown, Mrs. Brown moved the parson-age building to Brownstown, Pennsylvania, near Nine Points, Lan-caster County, along route 896 This is where Brownstown got its name.

Pastor and Mrs. Brown had six children, two boys and four girls. One of the girls was the late Mary Brown Dickinson, who was mar-ried to the late Mr. John Dickinson.

Some of the members of Hilltown Church were the Rev. Jobe Brown and family, Mrs. Hanna Brown and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Johnson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Isiah Clinch and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Levi Aaron and family. His wife's name was Josephine. Levi Aaron was an uncle of Mr. Edgar Thompson who lives near Atglen, Pennsylvania, RD. (Zion Hill District), who supplied this information. Samuel Hopkins also attended HilltownChurch. Samuel Hopkins was a veteran of the Civil War and took an active part in the Christiana Riot.

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